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Celtics Summer Cooler with Grande and Max- What does the departure of Fab Melo mean? - Hour 1

Aug 17, 2013|

In the first hour of this edition of the Celtics Summer Cooler, Grande and Max analyze the trade that sent Fab Melo out of Boston. Also in this hour, Max sets the story straight about his history with Larry Bird.

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-- can't believe it's time. In Boston Celtics basketball we've shown in the in Cedric Maxwell. Celtics' summer cooler. And radio WEEI. -- But the musical couple hours to go a little. I think there is the deal last year that we have to talk about there is major news -- this -- -- this is where I went -- this -- where I wanted to -- -- where. I didn't I thought to myself when this side it was presented to me and we were. Asked to do this summer that I was concerned my concern was you know one com. Red Sox you're being a pennant race that will be. Patriots are gonna have all kinds of news going on -- obviously Tim Tebow playing it snaps in the pre season they're going to be pre season games to talk about. It's foreign and there's obviously that the strategy at the Red Sox -- -- -- that we did you know we thought my concern was. It's gonna be it's gonna be awkward especially of the gate count its because what is we just finished mustard. Red Sox yankees is next. That's coming up after the show so I was concerned that it would somehow be awkward to do a couple of hours Celtics and then. Like a gift from a ball. First we got a Doc Rivers thing and -- we got the Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce straight and then. A blockbuster deal goes down midweek in the fab Melo -- is all over. As a member of the -- it is I mean within the context of what it is we're doing here within the context though. Celtics basketball he was interesting that player that was going to be a project we knew that Mel was going to be a -- to -- and evil ones dealing. Twelve doubles. Every night ten blocks and -- has gone crazy and people always being excited about. Back -- quarterback. Today he always excited that the backup quarterback always accessible with them theme he will start to get excited. About fab Melo but some testing to mean something. But it -- -- what's probably the most interesting thing about the move to brings -- the green here. It is a player that's a little bit older it's had a little seasoning when you have not you know you have right now upfront. What went went more than likely you're probably lets him anyway. Which probably is the biggest question or we're not going to -- because there's going to be magic date when the players that are required in the offseason can suddenly be. What what do we do this on the show whether -- number. The guys right now that we pretty much well other than -- and you know trade but let the other of them that number the gas will want to be here. And at opening night or -- don't amount to simple opening night. And how with think that the -- he would who signed a multiyear deal was going to be year and you start going down a lot of people on the -- come up with that you unlock. More than the number that you would have a market. It would not this could be an outrageous listen pressing to be the opening night starter absolutely Celtics if I don't -- played you know if you don't -- Avery Bradley -- -- -- -- back home with him handling the ball and prosecute and it -- she's gonna play. In the pre season. The other interesting thing about the love interest in things that precede victory total. Basketball geek. On media day training camp opens on Monday the game start almost right away the following month. Listen acts Arab -- back at work October 7 at the Monday night at the garden. Which one of the releasing things to me again is going to be first how quickly. Is Brad Stevens up to speed how quickly as he -- in have a team that we're discussing. Which one of these guys even going to be here on opening night what. He's going to need that line he doesn't have a chance. -- to be you know to give up speed that you are what you are yet the role in the war I don't care if you if you can't -- Like the old days likes. It's one -- thing. This is what has happened as a coach he comes to you. Obviously has not been the MBA. -- -- -- -- not stopping because Brad does not have experienced reliable and well wait a minute he's yet another round so we need to change some things up at the NBA go -- And I think that's the interest -- thing about another side ego was Doc Rivers back in New England. Walk off to sell -- their -- at all these little tidbits but I think will be just as interesting talk about the people who. Are going to be here and start at number in those people and you say Solyndra is going to be here you'd look down the line of people want to be here you don't you know. This is mobile clinic so you you got a number of guys right now who went to be on the roster. Jeff Green obviously well -- the media outlets at the table we're gonna do your leading up to. Red Sox yankees game two of the weekend series 61 sounds about Iraq. And again I really wanted to see the reception. Last night. Why why do you beat only because who say what you wanna see the reception. Because you like this the a train wreck. The train wreck. I have never used so many in all the years and professional sports in basketball. In any sport the you can think of one individual. Who lack self awareness went lower degree of self awareness and Alex Rodriguez who was so completely. Oblivious. To what is going on Barry Bonds. I don't you know -- I disagree I don't think Larry I think Barry Bonds knew exactly what was going on Barry Bonds made a deliberate attempt to do when he was doing. Eight rise is one of these I think he would pass why did send us about this stuff because he's just so in the. In the other in right now that there's not being that you can do but it's just tried to. You know swat in the way he would be like a a swarm of a -- Eagles coming that you. And you kill one but there's about a milieu more the go you've gone I don't know what I did just -- stingray. I don't think he sees and I think he sees himself in the mirror and know -- action by 6177797937. We talk about the celtics' roster if you want here. On celtics' summer cooler. The later on we're going to have or are classic putback to kind of pick and each listing a set of games sweeping Texas triangle. In 2008 which was one very important weeks. Of the regular season that led to the championship. We spend a lot of time talking like Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce and their new home with the nets in Brooklyn. Television voice of the Brooklyn nets and the newly minted Syracuse University hall of Famer I neagle was gonna join us in the next hour talk -- about the Mets and that. All sets up good that is truly going to be -- fascinating thing also. Got to spend some time with you at 6177797937. Over the next. Couple of hours Celtics roster shortly is fair game. A couple of people -- In any thing. Well what take it any tidbits right now what he said. -- Are you saying that somehow I mean what the news was absolutely great we ports you know what we will talk about -- but. Things were set -- my got a believe believe when this show we get answered. And I -- you -- I don't think that you know you look at go oh my god we got some breaking news again how many sacks over under how many did you think we would get on that now. Mom. The Iowa we got -- I would -- zero. -- -- -- Very got a text those text lions 37937. I swear it's its latest guys because. If you spent any time with us over the last -- know that we do things a little bit differently we we're a little bit. Inside because I'm not a big believer. Ian did in the fourth wall in 2013. Most of you guys know. Backroom politics how things get you know things everything's online mock -- insult to intelligence obviously you know is which it. -- -- -- We we hear this after via the -- and that hasn't telecast YouTube music in the telecast. Is that possible but I. We could ever go there every day I sit here in the studio and actually having given up texts and -- one because invariably. Listen you guys you know we -- you know we are or where. Of what's going around the Red Sox and the patriots and the Bruins and Jerry -- I mean everything is going on but this is. On in the partnership that we have we the Celtics -- also is that cooler with WE which to a Celtics were -- every week. -- -- And every week and acts like why do you even -- I don't know. And invariably and it's a couple of those two or three. And every week somebody will Texans think why Utah and that's IQ today. I swear I am giving out phone numbers for anybody that's. Though. In the -- The other day that would tell volatile with glee -- important way used to have a show here the big show -- actually years in. I'd never look at its excellent song god text that says something real cruel about mean he didn't -- -- talking about. Actually called them back. I think that -- of people don't realize it was like. -- -- This should joke you do it just joking listen in the Twitter world is great anonymity but if you -- something in one of the hosts on the station. Did your phone number comes with them -- those people. Here's here's here's the text or Max is the man Max for the glory I don't know anyway there was a fab Melo text which is. On the new us from traps they knew it was going to be a project why did they get rid of it. Witches because they and they found out that the project was not going to work. I mean I was a simple thing I start looking fab Melo his skill set for the NBA. Mean he was he was not you know in this room we here. She looked athletic in college. What's he got to the pros and he'd been looking athletic and well well it's like you know at the -- authority Millen quote from back to school if you wanna look and you surround yourself with that people. If you wanna you know you're surround your point college basketball in what had become the big east and Syracuse all the sun. Surrounded by NBA athletes and yet the template but but he still had to play against some of those isn't. He unanimously. To -- You don't have to be completed. UConn just yeah I just looked at the one hand. To -- was this big body guy had a lot but fab Melo. He had opinions. He couldn't run. He remembers I don't -- -- resonate it's true outs when I was. I'm not gonna start our famous discussion about Roberts with yours but the guy that changed it for me boutique. It's actually they don't -- here's -- -- -- and muscular commit the camera than Olympic. Can't Perkins. Is a guy at that first made me rethink. I know you do this a lot because when you world is your first. Fifteen almost twenty years being in the NBA. When he got to come to training camp in the NBA he was 2120 years old you played three or four years of coaching you have a much better gauge what he was going to big. You and I both thought Kendrick Perkins and eighteen years old and kind of turned our heads of the side and says. I don't know about whether it's made me rethink. And not be as quick to judge while the players are committed eighteen and nineteen. As he had no document I'm not as instinctively say boy I don't know let's I don't know but wait. But you also look at some of the eighteenth and nineteenth it gave me anyway -- hole that it comply. The project -- that. But I think also we look at it -- go this way with that today for Bradley. And I looked at Avery Bradley in his skill set what he was doing. He couldn't shoot his his defense was wasn't bad. But all of a sudden he got play he was -- -- Rondo it's turned into this beast of a player who everybody thought could replace -- that. Gabor technologist became more expendable because the acquisition -- the other big guys. -- -- yes that is exactly what what what what are they re coming because who was the roster for the big guys did you yes sellinger. You have Olympic clinic. Iverson that marina PO OK YouTube. You get me to -- some ball with those but that's basically about the begin learning you know are it's overnight our first game is October 7 you have to learn from the -- like other -- Olympic -- -- -- -- his -- like. -- that the guy who played. After -- like exactly what is which you redundant yeah yeah I haven't look at what sported in Boston's vision would A-Rod -- LeBron. To me it's it's clearly LeBron is well yeah the biggest LeBron is now guys got to the point where to boost their elaborate is that grudging respect of the great -- -- in the but -- You know part with that right now. If if if LeBron. The Celtics were neck and neck right now plea for championship. And the problem commits have affected. But because the Red Sox are playing well and they hate the Yankees more than anything else that week we all though is great is the patriots are. Integrates the Celtics have did this town has always been. No one has always been about the Red Sox actually were of the mine to kind of breakdown fab Melo Donte' green trade talk about roster implications. Really -- 1000 with it changes sour shocker against the Celtics close luxury tax thanks so it's really stuff that isn't. Even within the context of basketball isn't -- interest was not content -- basketball but still get under the luxury tax so giving close close their Ian I think that is the big thing because when you. -- Melo had a guaranteed right of in the the year if you -- -- in the first round you have to two years -- to -- so. He still has that you're guarantee he'll go someplace else about what they'll do is probably. It was money waive him and you try to be Trent angle with -- another thing and I I think if you were looking if you were 129 of the teams you're looking fab Melo and he has you know when your last rookie deal whenever. He saw him playing -- There were scouts that saw him during that period of time he was dominating the agenda well the only only thing about people understand this for. It's like stumbling. I've said before when people dominate in the summer league's great. But most the guys who were in the NBA. Aren't going to be and stumbling over a source so. Got your plan against competition. Just like guys in the MBA you might be able to dominate this having. And not making -- did when it comes to the NBA you almost have to dominate that to me summer league was you had to -- when I want to see it was when the player played it was a rookie in the NBA. Anyone back to summer league -- second year. That's when you want to see him we'll -- you go back there and children he graduated in the Nino -- and they think of this way it's hard to relieve dominate in the summer league because. That is a guard or Ian Lee because all they do in front -- -- down issue dealing with from BX. All right call start to pile up we're 6177797937. Your magic wherever you go wildly popular magic that kind of match 6177797937. Al we'll get to them on the other side of the break the first. Obviously it was an interesting week in an interesting time at the and our flagship station. Here WEEI. And -- -- -- this is interest thing if for some review it isn't but a lot of you because you listen to the station for a long time. -- the name -- Jason wolf he's been in the programming here for fifteen years. And that came to an end this week he joined the station stock and -- -- it is preliminary finishing your show. Craig mustard actually predate pregnant the seniority -- now Craig predates. The format going all sports in the fall one immediately. Sports show on the old news form so he technically as the most seniority I interned on net shale. Back in 1981. There's still people around dale is still here from time to time Steve Buckley. Here from time to time and people have been about twenty years. But obviously nobody what a bigger impact the two biggest impacts on this becoming. Going from infancy. And listen in all I've done. What I've done here and spent a lot of years the year some like -- there's no comparison between my contribution and the two people. Most responsible for this becoming the number one sports station. Pretty much when you look at the accomplishments in the ratings in the history of the warm terms of success and ratings and revenue Marconi awards. In order weighs one in Jason wolf is the other and that that tenure came to an end -- like sadness involved and you can make a perfectly good case that -- changes it is important we made the change that happens more in the last couple years. But and that's that's what's. It's the way of. So that's what we're saying right now ladies and gentlemen we're giving them. At their accolades there there a moment because we appreciate what they did to show would not be on if Jason will have been around. I came to town many many years ago many moons ago and Jason -- was one of those deaths have met so. This is our little tribute and we'll go from there and thank you Jason we wish you success and luck. And you know will move on from there will kitchen on the other side which you capsule that will Jason I started here. Pretty much the same time he produced you know Arnold show in 1991. Produced on or relation with Janet Gretzky back at the at this time because obviously when our. Are different ways he does what he does I do and it was it was one that was one of the fun parts for us after -- or. In exile on -- station and nobody can hear us for four years due to come back here and be apart of this you know for the last eight years has been it has been tremendous to get to work with him again so. Jason and and Glenn orbit to most responsible obviously. Time moves on change happens but there obviously what they accomplished. He is. In writing it's there forever they should be very proud we -- we were really proud to work with the to a cripple them in. I'm Jason -- -- best of luck we'll go to your calls next -- celtics' summer cooler on W. Just -- of appreciation and higher. And its legacy continues. To go right your calls a promise of 6177797937. Woodstock -- an eagle later. And relive one of the great moments of the new Big Three are which was the sweep of the Texas triangle. -- 2008 and oh by the way Africa to -- the best part of the show coming up for relief today. He started at last week the week before. The true story. The real story of -- Max got the ball. It's never actually been to school there and today it will it was 77797937. The real story of how he got the ball the back story of why you were in that position firstly it's the very complicated or facts. That you -- you got the ball you did your -- believe Andrew McCain Europe first. Yes glad that your. I think -- got his radio print and radio and a little girl what's the first thing they teach you 1991. And return to radio doubt -- -- hold. -- lol you could give you shot. This is the -- it does is going well I think -- -- -- already better than last week. You do an element right buttons. Ten on the North Shore. Makes me saying yeah did. You flotilla a lot of background -- demanded. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As the sincerely yours and some of the lessons yeah I'm the world breaks real men on the right at summed -- from the field was built on the orbit though law. Power play you know. It's -- that they value the outlook aren't cooking it excellent BA draft it ought to get value. And now I do I think that everyone -- common man you know it again it's a real -- to -- any value in it. College now and with that in you can -- -- -- to -- mistake about really like it Eric I. You're gonna you're you're gonna end up and -- first loss for getting value out outside the lottery is anybody better than Danny -- in the last ten years. -- John Rondo Ryan Gomes. Big baby. Eagle on iron there have been misses in the draft too but -- -- case and there is that he's his percentages that's not a matter of being biased you're seeing a certain way to show me a guy who's in a better percentage -- brought more quality NBA players -- -- outside. Over the last ten years than than Danny you can't do Andrew indicate you're next. Oh my gosh I really do yeah. The night Dennis in lol you're up. Hello good afternoon gentlemen is very good -- talking about a month ago about my favorite. The series here against Philadelphia in 811 with Leon great only shot in the -- Michael let that last -- Shut down Philadelphia. And like it almost -- -- campus fifty years I have a little lost doubt have legal until mighty. File there I looked at Larry -- real world speech and that does Cedric he mentioned five players. Infill -- speech that I played with some of the greatest players that have played basketball game opportunity player that Robert Parish play with Kevin Mikhail. Tiny -- Cedric Maxwell and Dennis Johnson was just one election all remembered he had a lot of praise you even though -- what -- -- begrudgingly. -- Enemy. You know let let let me clear the air right now because this is something that. That is selected this. Think this out there like I don't like layer burner and this simple fact is that -- labor I think one of the things that people get confused about a year. Is if I say anything that compares anybody to Larry it's almost like I'm I'm taking a swipe at. But I don't care who you are there going to be some guys in this league eventually who want to be together they -- You're not that last should not -- in the Huckabee to that the best of the best is going to be somebody coming up the -- a little bit about it. So what Larry Bird -- did this franchise there was you know only way you can say is like Russell. Is the only guy you you'll like like to play. It in this whole thing about you know plan for the longest time I got this is. The senate ladies and gentlemen this is radio. In this Cali gets you especially don't talk radio Glenwood say oh you don't like Larry if people would you would be that they would go crazy. But I opened the really respect Larry elect him as the player. Because he has some deficiencies. Don't don't beat me up because that just. I I was a kid you know and when Larry got here and I even as -- -- I was aware you were so many ways. He was very aware. Of the height around him. Tried is much as he could have played down it seemed to me he didn't he just wanted to obviously want to go to the ball park every day. Play in -- Was there. Resentment towards him in the locker now well I think that it did because of the weight not because of treatments that we now. -- even though I think initially when Larry came to this team I think this was some resentment from -- like me who solar area is too great white hope comedian you know he you've got to prove yourself -- Alert there was a lot of hype around Larry when you first came -- -- -- as they guide me MBA. And you're talking about a guy who hasn't played a game like OK let me let me see what idiots let let me see. I'm more than anybody get a chance to see a first pain. Up close and personal. With Larry knocking down jump shots over me so I don't have any this is big thing about oh my god you hate him now. I happen to respect the guy in happen to watch film over and over again now if I've compared him from time at times from other players and so while this -- skill set. Might be a little bit but other than Larry when I said that about Kevin Garnett or even. When I went on just talk about Dirk Nowitzki it's no ought both those gas and talk about. Dirk and Kevin are going to be hall of famers so. There's no backtracking on my eight you know appraised for those guys or or what -- by the set about letter Butler to me. And I said this over and over again it's a listen what more time. Larry's one of the greatest players to ever -- issues up in professional basketball not just in Boston. But it professional basketball. But more importantly more Sean Brooks and the way of them. Q your regular were dying of Celtics roster as we go in because one of the used to things about it is and again one of the odd things about the mascot transition like that I can really -- -- -- one of the odd things about the show is. Getting listen -- obviously I am I'm really. Very interested. And started this year I'm looking forward to the first game on October 7 and look forward going back to work. And doing something -- I think there's still the there's an element of hang over for the people who quite naturally want to hang on to what was. But I'm very curious to be around and around a new coach -- younger coach with new ideas I am. In the minority -- -- always Sam about this whole idea of the Stevenson Toronto I think everyone is assuming there's going to be. Issues when and I think some of the things around -- in dealing with the Doc Rivers for years are gone. Now he shrugged likely it is great job that. Comcast -- CS any sort of reported or indicated or whatever word we use for saying something that you feel pretty confident about. That Rondo was complain the first month of the season. And I think anything you -- a year. About Rondo in the injury situation is going to be somewhat based in fact it's going to be a lot of conjecture. But the reality is. There is no number of games if you make of a number right now Max and say it's going to be this number of teams that Rondo plays this year I will not be surprised. Whatever that number is the end of the year I'm not gonna be surprise. While will be surprised -- could be off because who. Who would have thought war while we -- You look around and use what Derrick Rose -- would you have said that there growth would not have played one game at all Chicago election. Which you'd ever in your wildest imagination looked at bullet -- you know you would say yeah he's -- play him or he's coming back at this time. So I don't think until the play year. Is comfortable with who he is. At least Denny comes back. And also you look at the situation of trying to give infusion of new players. You not go through rush Rondo back because your team right now is it enough this -- this is where you don't get in trouble. You go to -- the words who are rebuilt the this is -- rebuilding phase so you're not gonna rush Rondo back into the lineup. Because you wanna you -- allow other guys too you know progress in trouble learn and try to be oldest thing. Piece by piece towards you know being a championship contender not gonna do it overnight which would do it. Block by block and that might mean the Rondell -- played is mini games as you might think he would or you know or vice Versa. Since this has -- do think this -- this weekend of everybody. Holding their breath every time Brady drops back throw this is this is the new things the old the old mentality was you know. Ignoring injuries get out there like the new thing now which are terrified of guys getting hurt and everything is getting too fragile. I would I -- my bigger concern would be wrong -- wanting to play perhaps more than mean Rondo loves supply. He loves to play but I think Derrick Rose love to play. It -- not much real but -- put it it it appeared again on the mentality of the player how he feels. When he wants to come back a lot one thing that people always forget John is that if you're happily. People don't want -- excuses audit once he is a 100%. If you're not healthy you don't feel like you're helping you're not gonna get that 100% so. Is damned if you do damned if you don't you come back in the -- is as strong as you work the people want to question you know your ability duels opened things. Was the opening night. On court with the opening night starting. You know you know I didn't write down in the again. A threat that these names of people in the right Jeff Green -- the top of greens -- now I love this again Rondo Jeff Green bath prestige. Sellinger Olympic. Humphries wallets Bogans Brooks. And Jordan. Yeah Brandon. I got pregnant and I met president Gerald Wallace on the -- what did use Cornelius. -- Yeah paper Bradley accordingly by the way everybody -- 122 yeah the name names I haven't even put -- to be the whole scenario so. I think the gas comeback when they did. It's a new era now. The sports. Where is -- particularly Europe. If they said -- coming back of four weeks. You'll come back sometimes and there come hello how war now. Has get second opinions they go -- do other doctors so it brought though decided. To have surgery from the Celtic doctor. When he went to another doctor -- -- feel more comfortable with you didn't have those opportunities when Napoli. They gave you one doctor and that was adopted did you use eating get a second opinion. -- and that's the thing I never really understood it's happened over the last two years is the idea of telling a player when you got hurt. You have heard in the game -- -- tell you the next eight to four weeks and they say you're not playing today. What would make spot wolf first of all. I had a partial tear apart. Because Monday Witten didn't swell up. They kept telling me that goes wrong with two we played the lakers and that might be locked opened and I I went and probably they did the surgery and is that what you. The partial -- the cartilage and in the I have a flap that was stick him in there. Well but -- what site they got the surgery they said well you're UB back in four weeks. If you're going to be back a couple weeks that's it. It and take in consideration that there was -- rightists -- to take in consideration it was anything but. That's just the mentality and now normally they don't do that we'll -- I will take a break we're gonna go back to phone 61777979376177797937. And I'm gonna recent -- in the brightly at least one of outlets about Larry Burnham and gas and phone number. All of them more celtics' summer -- You go see. The CJC in the system like definitely at -- fuel. You say that but he could it -- as I was I was our thoughts on as a mother -- of the I don't like -- but you could you could try and race witnesses let's switch you understand what I'm saying I'm not saying try to give god one don't like. Rap on one flight the issue look the schedule that many long fight we will swap. I'm not all of one slight -- it looked like you don't Obama. Because you and I will try to G occasional like James Taylor. -- LB in the mood for it. Will swap iPods. One time you don't you don't like my pinnacle the Soviet. That's enough though -- -- and he would do 6177797937. Coming up on celtics' number cooler. Our look back in the a new Big Three. 2008 which. In one day we'll play another back story can you with the white. In the middle of that from Houston Dallas that it rockets had a crazy long winning streak -- that went into Houston. And did the winning streak in one in San Antonio the night before and we're flying to Dallas after. And you can criticize. As you want to second guess Doc Rivers decisions over the years of coaching the number one decision I will second guess his tenure here was the decision to fly. From Houston to Dallas. The -- thunderstorms got him twice. -- two lightning shots in our 45 minute -- it was. Unforgettable. -- if -- ever seen players quiet well knows it is. Ask why -- don't want talk music. It was quiet I'll guarantee you -- thin. Blue -- a different player around Dallas Mavericks point for whatever reason. The flight attendant I guarantee -- she was absolutely. You're. In the console -- -- like I -- white knuckles. The very and later on today the first time ever back story why did Max. End -- getting the ball. When championship was won in 2008 because things like that don't just accidentally happen -- -- whole bizarre sequence of events let's get sort of textures I neagle will join us for the later I'll talk but the nets Kevin Garnett and and Paul Pierce. Go to your phone calls and secondly as promised. We got that one it's unbelievable we got that one tax -- as -- one. Of laws like we just the whole speech at the beginning of the that's why this. Can't help is that well we have got to create the show isn't here to weight program they okay you -- radio what's -- -- -- -- the injury -- You believe the other at the okay. Here's decks and -- Cedric. That's that's archery deer bone with a person but you. It into a dramatically. I'm gonna handle players to Cedric you are GO. You can't even begin. The compare Kevin Garnett or Dirk to Larry Bird 1234. Exclamation point. That's like trying to compare Dennis Johnson Jason -- the Magic Johnson. -- exclamation point. As magic said Obama will never be another. What -- use my point about that and it's on this is where you know I'm I'm different from most people. -- Instead of texting nude pic of what to pick up the phone and call let me I'll look at the true number of war 13. Issue the first area called. I mean if you wanna have argument about something all you want debate about some -- of calling. It's very simple yet don't have the have the big ones at the coconuts goalie and the talk about what you want discuss how much of a joke I -- Open the play with a guy I didn't I didn't I -- watching from a far lower. Or whatever I I just know a little bit about the guy in again you didn't hear when I say -- -- one of the core. When you say that's one of the greatest ever to lace up issues of balls that is an actress doesn't it. If people here they wanna hear when it comes when it comes to Larry Jason in Maine you're next on celtics' summer -- -- -- I I would around. Or what old and remember deity so I don't I don't really see you or Larry I -- starting Friday. I'm aware you're speaking about every. You kept saying you respect the air multiplier. And blocked them at a -- I'm curious to. Let their structure and her family between you and -- -- and what what Larry like behind a beer and there was. If you guys don't have to our relationship you know what -- -- -- -- What -- it and I hope you stay in the moment and listen not much Larry and I are are just to -- from -- from two different worlds. So we didn't we have a basketball our relationship but we didn't have a personal relationship where we go out and after that go drinking. As a person I -- respect him as a person and -- as a father as a husband you know all that stuff I respect them but we didn't have that. Buddy buddy I'm going out which you after the game and we were going to celebrate that just wasn't the way it was. We were we were teammates. And and that is basically Kelly how all book that we were great teammates and I love playing with this guy. Theaters that covers. Q what that means -- by thinks that was -- personal relationship that I dislike them but we came from 200. And say how this this is this whole thing started when Dirk Nowitzki started to become truly become Dirk Nowitzki and you know you may do you made the comparison and if you don't. I think it's very hard it's like people here looking at Bobby war. As. As having you know -- and you could make a case if you won the body were the greatest player in history national hockey. Made case the Wayne Gretzky should make -- that Mario LeMieux is it doesn't mean they were perfect players. But there's something different about Bobby yours Larry Bird in this part of the country where. When you when you look at them the idea of somebody saying something that is there's their sacrilege there's. There's a pedestal that you can't even imagine it gets that gets created for America and -- listen he already in so many ways. But kind. Time moves on I mean this is the same way as well most talked about Michael Jordan. People say Michael Jordan a lot of people -- market Jordan's greatest -- I don't -- news. I think that will Chamberlain because they had to change to gain to fit him in I think he was the greatest player of the plate again. Now did Michael win championships yes but to be William -- to Bill Russell now this Bill Russell the greatest army so -- -- your opinion but. I think that because I played the game. A link -- might have a little bit more insight than just the common pretty. You know it's -- thing I I reject the notion that because you -- years. And you play with him whenever that nobody else has an opinion there's no nothing else worthwhile whatever but it is funny to me now. When it comes the Larry that they are can get some people but the blinders. If fact the it doesn't even register with some people's and you say. I played with him I his first NBA practice was one on one against me it doesn't. Something just doesn't. Stinky and it you know what she's talking about it. I mean it was it was like that it about this will feature -- always liked that. That dumb AS Michael -- when he told me on air -- -- going oh my god I was there in 1981 I was there a site. And how what this looks like -- you think any goals. Well if you're gonna play that court that Mac so well I guess I just can't -- a so well what card do you think Andre in the light pale. It's on 77797937. Knows the outcome of the Bob Biehl and cooler we go -- is bucking up the day I guess so the -- -- Today. And keep -- have gone for one obviously is mistress. It's never know when you revert Jim. The next one of my favorite subject none other and Bert Bert well let me tell you about this guy I I don't hold knotted up. That they went on this I beat it beat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I want to hear from him this is there -- good accurate -- very. They had no comparison. Magical walk he walked follow from almost nine. Let's be serious that racquet you know you get an item -- hundred. -- hole. I think Jim Jim wait a minute before you start beating Larry up like -- also give him credit he was eight was it three times. Even be in BP even beat -- I think magic won it twice. Now I understand imagine what what you. Eagle and it would be -- a little different people still now. Lara what we wanna quit and everyone would go to a guy about equipment that -- -- -- He didn't come back when he was when he was sick. And and and what Apollo all and may be all about the little action and was -- Paul -- correct thing. I don't think that the whole you know what and this is what you put me on the other side Jim I happen to agree with some things you're saying. But how we can't beat Larry because I'm telling -- he was one of the greatest players ever to play. Basketball. How did I do want -- if you wanna compare him to magic of what magic might not match its accomplishments. From -- champions series championship standpoint. He did more than Larry in that respect. Well Larry also beat him heads up to OK because I was there we want to 84. -- Randy asked him for -- ago John -- -- Daniel -- tomorrow -- new you ones that come come parent compared magic. Is comparing pocono. It's the same deal maybe. It's only one. And there's only one. -- the rest and -- com. There is. Actually detailed history of what makes that interest later there actually is something to -- and how -- -- -- the two players that I thought it was time. I think the because they're impossible players to compare it makes for an argument here's something that will again if if you look at Larry that way. We Max I often one of the things we argue about is. When you ranking players all time because distinguished -- you can use the argument are right. I've got one game to play who'd -- one or you look at the most accomplish the greatest players in the history of the NBA and magic. Because the owners and Larry because of his back where they suffer on the all time list is longevity as for example we were chronicling. What Kevin Garnett was accomplishing over the last several years we now just finished played an all star level in his eighteenth year in the NBA. Larry played thirteen years the last four or five of which he was I'll say a shell of himself that's a pretty good shells to beat. But obviously he had what the nine years old is a lady where he was in peak physical condition that about. Guard as a random example on the Garnett for comparison is ridiculous to make because. Lately differently and just about every single way. But Kevin Garnett has played at level he's played. For eighteen years as a post Larry Bird playing at that level -- ninth so at some point when you say where is Larry on that list. Is he still in the top ten. Well what I'll do this and -- -- I'm on what we get the labor preschool here on regular praise band like and you can call me to want to. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Saved the MBA -- when they first came Ian. These were two guys who came in this is where you cannot separate. Because when they came in together. It would both colts below both colds and what they deal put their franchises. Day. More than anybody what mother in the NBA players. Bought the UBA it's everybody's house -- and that is a huge difference and that's what you cannot separate the two C one is greater than the other because. I think they also. They have -- each other. Larry said many times they have I would read the paper and see what match idea export magically say how would see what Larry Larry did. Even when they were both rookies together and Larry Bird was the MVP. I mean he was the all Ricky you've heard it here match and the amber and -- Larry emblem magical way. Magic there was a close and and I think -- -- as PR director said no no what -- you -- As it netstat it was during the final step magic went -- obviously when nobody did play in center in 1980 the NBA it's impossible to know you know. Accident and again younger audiences of a long time ago you have to Google but it's hard to comprehend now. The NBA finals -- on tape delay in the seventies the game was going through drug issues on David -- -- in the eighties. It wasn't about saying at this time we -- making in Italy and then look at ten years later yet CBS double header every week. Where Doug asked -- shaker the as a running CBS they would sent out Boston the first game. In LA in the second game and every week basement Celtics lakers double -- all leading to what which was -- in the finals. In the eighties but the league was a completely. Different place too much drug use people's. It was two black a lot of people said because there weren't you know -- is where the whole Larry Bird. Phenomenon was cool and that's that was the public perception -- There's video we have it Larry I mean I'm -- maxim because it let me get -- book let me get -- bubbles like in some of their -- -- taxes a big star of the documentary HBO did about three or four years ago on Larry. And magic and how they how you can't. Separate the two of them and it's really expect some footage of people. Like saying things about why be like man on the street interviews. It's amazing in 198019791981. That people would actually be comfortable saying well you know like to go to games and -- -- a lot of you know -- -- -- it's it's shocking to me. Ellen well aren't you threatening me -- there there's this big discussion right now about the in words the inward well that's what they called the -- during that during the eighties. When they had no white players at all so it was again one of those things you look back on and it doesn't even seem like the way is system that is we are now. My god could you imagine that the way people use them through things around there that's. Are more calls coming up at 61777979. -- -- Celtics a reader today. I an Eagles gonna join us for a talk about the nets and he thought patriots are going to be Super Bowl last year he would think about this. It almost. When he was saying nobody else's -- -- the championship game look back at Texas triangle sweep in 2008. And the real story Max and them getting the ball that is all still to come in the next hour of Celtics.

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