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Salk and Holley’s Four at Four- 08/16/13

Aug 16, 2013|

We look at some new issues that we haven’t covered yet. Topics include: Seahawks flying high in the ratings, HGH testing NFL players, snakes in the clubhouse and more.

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-- Now word -- and Ali swollen painful rate roller board or the. More fun for me. -- -- -- We solved Kelly. Funds rate W. -- our first of all taxer camping Iran would not be like Michael Jackson's camp -- why would you go there -- why would anybody go that that is not the Iraq that is not the knock on Iraq's second of all. Jonny Gomes is a pretty good this polar opposite of -- Yes that's a good one he's a pretty good polar opposite yeah early unheralded guy used likes to talk baseball and you just. -- sudden there was a Joseph Hagerty tweed this couple weeks ago and said I didn't realize until watching him all year long how much fun the full Jonny Gomes experiences. It's not true but he's under appreciated until you watch him every day you wouldn't get it at all. -- out all that when he was signed in November I was doing what he's signing in popular in November like this usually -- kind January February. -- -- like credit me he fits exactly what you wanted what they needed he's done everything we thought he would then when we got. The Seattle Seahawks played their first pre season game a couple days ago and draw forty rating. A forty rating 40% of people in Seattle were watching the Seahawks play in the pre season. So clearly there's some fervor for the Seahawks in Seattle with -- they're legit Super Bowl contender to be -- the other 60% -- watching the -- that -- I just -- -- and -- we're -- push away from the Mike and his -- they're pretty good man they're pretty -- -- likely -- -- what was that like it was a delicious it was a dream come true -- it was like -- it was like -- it was like you seduced by Pete -- it was like being in candy land and it was likely it was that -- now it was never seduced by Pete Carroll. Although I guess by the end I feel better about him than I did at the beginning. Completely seduced by Russell Wilson yes they are legit Super Bowl contender they are few seconds away from go to the NFC championship game a year ago they're certainly it's capable of beating San Francisco or Atlanta. Or any of the good teams in the NFC coming Iran horse -- a blight ran back. Marshall when march on its on the team's ticket tackle these so I sort of a back calling yet if you sports science is pretty from the watched these crazy. -- everybody agrees our -- he's Smart he's real weird guy there. Well. Yes I am the NFL is going to start testing former players for each -- levels to get a baseline of each DH for current players. How do you feel about. HGH testing in the NFL British Tony Gonzales count right now is he a former player term playing like he's not playing yet but he's back on our roster. This account is current or former club like that based on. I'd like that baseline that's that's done immediately the stupid question there is an already huge testing in the -- you -- the story -- -- so that when -- -- when they reached their. CBA agreement. They agreed to put HGH testing and that was. How long ago. You're two years ago now it's never actually been put it. They're saying they wonder why exactly one of the big one of the big sticking points. Is that they want Roger Goodell the players want Roger Goodell removed as the and as is typical of Roger Goodell he says no because he's such a medical maniacal insane person that everything is all about him so he is a note that over and over. That's a -- with a baseball is before football. And we list everyone talks about this everyone keeps saying it the double standard the football player gets operates GH home. Four days four weeks off you come back nothing ever happened but in baseball. -- -- based on Jason Grimsley test positive again the start of the investigations. He's the most important player in baseball history jewels and dreams of branded for life nevermind that the defense the player of the year got -- not to worry about that. Three. We have to the question by the weather no you did not it was a question how do you feel about -- -- we tell I feel like they really need HGH testing in the NFL but I think -- everyone in the NFL's on -- short what are we supposed to say I'm against that. Well some duels and now I don't wanna see my football players suspended for each year time. There's two monsters. A relatively monsters they are monsters and they continue to be monsters and the continued use -- Yates. If they don't like you don't untested if they get I think. Stuff. Forget the -- question I get off of the HGH and they're not as big strong fast as they are right now does that mean they can be allowed once again to hit defenseless receivers across the middle. Because of that becomes legal again I'm told -- -- do all the testing you want. Ranked number three the Tampa Bay Rays welcomed a large visitors their clubhouse the other day Joseph Maddon brought 820 foot python to the clubhouse to motivate his players did. -- is the year of the snake after all. Could a twenty foot python motivate you to play baseball. However it was the python weren't skinny jeans. That's elected that's you'd like the next step for Joba noted for his varsity jacket had an affair -- he also got dressed up for each -- -- What's the question I would -- -- would it motivate you to play today he grounded -- motivate his players could it it could a twenty foot -- motivate you to do anything when he -- -- -- to motivate me to not be in the clubhouse to. Guarantee I would not be there I would not looking at it I wouldn't advocate on animal that is not a fun thing. I think -- much rather have beer -- -- club dizzy feet or more of the pirate that he was carrying around the shoulder a couple of weeks ago at the end of it the -- -- some -- apparently -- the now I'll say that that's where you gonna get guys motivated. Parents -- if you don't you have some sort of rodent that you. Put out middle clubhouse yup -- funny I just imagine the scene in road trip Wear down green -- feeding that -- to the snake that we're on the same wave. -- back when I was. -- and today it is time to celebrate being a virgin who does the vote excuse me. A repeat that today it's time to celebrate -- virgin who does the vote we're talking about Tim -- that doesn't vote I don't know does anyone would. Evaporated -- about it. It is Madonna is 55 birthday today and I don't like to note there's been any celebrity that is age worse. Than the material girl. Is present company excluded. And empathy you're considered a celebrity bust -- you got -- -- -- talk about I look better now that I used to log a prompt area the I'm getting younger by the -- -- defense. I happen to create Shiite. Is there -- why side. It's not this is an example I saw Roseanne on the doctors yesterday. -- because candidate TV so terrible -- and so that's doing it why Roseanne Roseanne -- she agent -- but she wasn't good to begin with nine public Otis Nixon -- in -- last. Otis Nixon I'm sure is aging terribly wherever he is like I looked a hundred when he was here. That's a tough fight that's imminent Benjamin button with -- Exactly it's going to -- that's a cute that's a good question I guess you have to look at this look at players who celebrity's. Minus eleven -- belly spilled out there at the cop car. Wasn't pretty it doesn't look like he could jump to line -- that couple text messages share. Shares against appreciating battling which is actually looked -- pretty good for how old you should really old as the chair like seventy. Yeah I saw Harrison Ford on Conan. Does he vote. He looks weird. These two if you think they look at -- and earrings to doing the thing like Bob Costas kind of has that Dan Patrick kind of has Botox will yet we just sort of start looking like a woman as you get older like you kind of start like. Melding into the middle where you're no longer really like defined as one gender or the other really Bob Costas is building really hope we just heard the -- -- sort of -- right come down and kick your ass like he did -- is like four or five where's he gonna do to -- use unused radio and here's the thing that extra I. I actually lol I'm a huge Bob Costas fan I don't know if it was all the kinda thing I actually like nobody is sort of becoming -- it means that the tradition of this show. I look Bob Costas person. -- There's there's some great. We -- attacks out here Kathleen Turner yeah man she she sounds like command Melanie Griffith. -- -- and Courtney Cox terrorist front worst of the Greg Oden -- -- -- that's not fair he's like 23 years old. That's terrible Steven -- aging badly still out on stage. I don't think he's -- -- hawks are pretty old and he's been that he's been and harassment forever the fact that he's alive means that he's aging well. Think about what that I did back in the day you re I remember talking about those rock box. Talking about like I read the Stephen Pierson from that regard and the things that Steven Tyler and harassment did in the air date is a horrifying the fact that he's alive at all shocking new age poorly but didn't have. After he was Meg Ryan. She just made a terrible good -- terrible terrible decision. What was the does that upper left. Which is doing where she pulled the upper lip up to her nose. That's sounds an awful lot and as you can perfectly fine and and she didn't talk about that -- thing people do they hold their. You know it's like the fish things they look like Bryan Corey or something extra. Orton spoke Craig can't -- it isn't like yeah right they just a little off. It it just seems like somebody who could do when they -- at some point. Yeah I would -- -- to get the upper lip of all that the guy like Cameron DS she's not -- well now. I don't think she was ever really that good looking -- and in a mask but I think I think from -- -- I've talked to people who met her in person even in the height of her popularity. And said that she was it was all -- like in person in the skin was really really bad and she really need a lot of help and search mustache or news media assumptions being asked Carrie -- a good answer. Carrie Fisher and his government agent right now who's -- Lohan yeah. She's like 24 years old with the public the Hannah Montana checked pretty bad news desire the what's the stuff she does. Coke now the other I mean that but what's the other stuff she does not and that weird what's that weird stuff -- to us now salvia thank you. The -- tell you that now I -- -- -- that well you know intern -- dollar of that stuff art that is Ford reported a.

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