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How will Alex Rodriguez be received in his return to Fenway Park?

Aug 16, 2013|

Mike Salk, Rob Bradford and Alex Speier debate what the reception will be like for the embattled slugger tonight as he returns to Fenway for the first time since his suspension. The guys believe he may face a chorus of boos as he takes the field tonight.

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Nerds or not that's that I got with me today rob Bradford now it's fear WEEI dot com baseball -- -- Earl Everett Fenway Park. Preparing ourselves. Ourselves. For the Red Sox and yankees this weekend guys get to -- it's great to be here Mike. The Mike now. Now what you're in this heat so as you -- what will you do to be like Michael -- today. You a couple of hours of your nitrous New Orleans fashion now. Now I've lacked the sartorial splendor -- -- -- -- while you are better dressed than rob because robbed him directly today from the big Fenway. Red Sox yankees media baseball game which you know once again for the second time this decade. Sets up a feature that's not drove it the second time in the last unless I'm excited being in the Internet -- and even in the really intensified the rivalry through the rivalry had its second it's almost tense moment almost. Policy bench -- because it really wants him. There weren't enough players who were on the bench to be a -- -- -- right well. So what happened was that there was a collision at home plate that tied the game completed -- great comeback by the Boston team. Tied the game and the catcher for New York -- To market and so. He got up after your -- gear of the Spanish radio network you're seeing that your would be involved yet it wasn't for us yet. It was -- good play clean plate barrel in the catcher got up celebrated fired up or when fired up great comeback. And -- up -- bad. Also -- to catcher walked slowly toward our doctor. And I say this is not going to be you know and now but -- cooler heads prevailed then came back in. And now finish what you were thrown out as being the next one up -- there's a possibility that situation they just -- right after you so that's good thing you're here -- I was in the moment you think that you're batting helmet at that point rob Bradford yeah would argue that baseball wanna make sure that it was -- you were in a batting helmet. Not widget based here -- collisions and everything. Apparently well and we -- -- thank god they're they're -- on regular writes songs about this comeback. And you were indeed the author of the walk that doesn't matter Alex that if you're just to the -- -- game of baseball was the real winner which you hit the walk off it did you put the helmet after. Hot CNET -- back -- makes him and the guy who can fight if if if I was thinking about why the Yankees media might have been still on edge and I wonder if it's just the whole Iran effect has finally gotten to them like today's news coming out that Iran has burned. Like if there's any breach has left to one group in society in baseball he's found a way to alienate now yet in another group of people it will -- bridge over the river quiet until Saturday at a -- at the so. Well I mean yes it's did you think that was gonna stop when he was gonna take this seamless. Appeal. Yeah I figured that would be the end of the year everybody would -- -- it it was going to be great month and after months and then you're gonna glide into the post season and -- Okay you get a suspension and welcome back from the suspension. And -- -- forget everything and -- go on its merry way and B I figured everything would -- well perhaps all's well that ends well for Alex Rodriguez. I really like the story today enemy of the way I look at it. This is a guy who is who is being pushed off a ledge. And instead of falling off -- -- is looking around for anything and anybody else that he can drag down with them -- in the story of a -- to me. Is one of the guy that always wanted to be liked by everybody. And has always sort of had difficulty. Because he's tried to be liked by everybody in the great example courses should actually for the Dominican Republic fortunately for the United States in the World Baseball Classic I don't wanna offend anybody wanna make sure everybody loves me so -- that the minicamp and kind of American -- really know what to do so just please like -- at the end and understand opened with a fairness to photograph and it says. It can create quite the same controversy but but. I've always said this about Iraq in regards to complain and feel how it felt like he was just a little bit off. Just a little bit off whether it's the Bronson Arroyo thing. Okay good intentions but your little off in terms of executing it. Going into second base. And in breaking up a double play when you know the guy clearly it's not is not made to do that right now a little off the calling up the the pop up in Toronto you know a little off. And that's like seem to be his entire life. Which is bizarre because he has you know there was there was a time when no one was as precise -- big game -- as -- I mean he was the greatest player alive for a period of time and whether that was artificially or not there was no one. Else who could replicate his employee -- precise though a man clearly what he was the greatest player -- -- unbelievable offensively he was you know what what he was able to accomplish on the field when he was at shortstop. It was it was remarkably natural that was greatness I mean -- -- says it was natural. Yeah let it it came out that the clock existed in the fashion defensively that it didn't exist in all of those other instances that you're identifying it's like. It's like that's where the game came to him in a way that he didn't force it into it was an all the other aspects of the game that he was kind of. Out of sorts nevertheless I I guess that I'm agreeing with -- that's the point is and you look at a player like Dustin -- I guess Dustin Pedroia will be the opposite end of the spectrum where. The instincts are there and or -- I wanna say someone from the Yankee Derek Jeter. Dirt cedar instincts are there youth get the feeling that in instances like we decided whether it's a pop up whether it's hitting -- club whether it's. Going inferred double play breaking it up he's gonna do the right thing. A-Rod was always gonna do the wrong. What I love about this part of the story is like anybody who can't stand Alex Rodriguez. It's kind of fun to watch the and chronicles sort of the the ultimate downfall of this guy that was at one point the greatest player in the game and believed to be the shining example of legitimacy in baseball anti bond right exactly he was supposed to be the the polar opposite -- on the to sort of chronicle all the ways in which he's turned people off in the different groups of people that he's turned off from the look you've got. Anybody who loves baseball for statistical reasons in the history of the game. Done he's completely turned off -- group they turn on him because nobody knows whether or not what he's done is legitimate over the years you have his teammates in New York completely at this point turn on him speak end and the organization as a whole with the whole Brian Cashman yellen animate cursing at them. A-Rod getting a second opinion he's not supposed to get the back and forth with Brian Cashman in the organization that. It just doesn't belong there anymore and as few others along the way below what matters is how the pulse of rights -- things go well exactly and in the back group already doesn't like him but now really -- in all players -- John Lackey squawking about him today which can reaching here in the second. But just the idea that when he was going down he tried to rat out as many other people as he could just take them down with them. Anybody who was saying that he is the hero here that he's the whistle blower that he's turning himself in and allow you know that is so far this. This thing from true. He did not go to the Miami new times and say hey I got a great story for you that you guys are already following the pick -- the story they implicated him in this idiot says hey I got an idea if I'm gonna go down -- dragged down the former MVP and a teammate of mine and some other people that I know did this and drag them down with me what a joke about a jerk and that's. Lot off Bobby give you another little off it just came to me the the 2007 World Series. Remember. 2007 World Series created the Red Sox are on the outskirts of clinching this growth it chipped it chipped. Well what the news that pops up -- around the sixth inning or something. Yeah six sevenths okay -- opting out of his contract. It's -- just a little off the. As there anybody left for Alex Rodriguez. To offend or to turn off in baseball you guys can jump in today 61777979837. I'm fascinated to see the reaction. Here at Fenway tonight there are times when you come down to -- in the afternoon. For a series and there's a different buzz in the air bust of the -- it was I don't know whether -- that's I don't think you're does that that's more like flat -- if I understand the different story and buzz and flat -- by offering. But time to come down here there's a little extra buzz and I don't really know how to describe it except that you can sense it. Right often peaks series with the Yankees that would always create a little extra buzz any any series in September with -- another team that. Is is a potential playoff -- is gonna create a little extra because. A player that's being introduced for the first time we Daisuke made its first. Appearance at Fenway Park ton of extra buzz just in the area you can. Just sort of sense it. Do you feel any of that today because this Yankee team isn't all that good the Red Sox coming off a lousy road trip they're still in first place with the Yankees aren't real challenger. But you do have the fascination. Of Alex Rodriguez in here. Well first off the Yankees are at least kind of thrusting themselves back into into relevance because they've been on amidst all of -- return here's the crazy part they're playing well. And don't necessarily often -- the Soriano who suddenly hit like fifteen home runs in the last like twelve team twelve. At -- or something he's been remarkable. But yes so the Yankees are kind of the Yankees are right there they are the epicenter of the baseball world. Both in terms of pushing where the playoff picture is going. And in terms of the fact that A-Rod A-Rod A-Rod that's all we're hearing about as the lead for Major League Baseball over over a period of weeks in so that's relevant. As an add in the fact that the Red Sox are indeed. At this kind of pivotal stretch right in the middle of it really they've just completed the one road trip. And now they have three games at home just three bizarre before they go on the road for this West Coast swing. And all of a sudden to meet at least I -- to the park with a with the kind of different level of. Curiosity is certainly that Michael Barry Bonds is here and that that would be to me that the biggest similarities I remember when bonds was here is covering the team the guys at the time. And you nailed might. -- was I remember that Aaron well at any kind of laughed about afterward down hi -- stuck it to the meeting leader from Mark Russell lawsuit and just remember for political leaked that there was going to be this out. Pouring of real hatred for Barry Bonds the great jerked the great evil villain of baseball. Not only had he not -- -- -- the fraudulent home run king and eroded read game of shadows but also he said some nasty things about Boston specifically how we would never wanna play here and I remember being here that night there was nothing nasty about it it was a fun festive atmosphere as everybody came out together as if they were you know blowing -- hundred giants like well. Back as the he'll how're we gonna make fun of him how're we gonna have almost an hour we gonna. Be part of this great circus environment and and make fun of this guy but nobody hated them I didn't sense -- -- don't real. -- all prepared -- know. Barry Bonds is and is tied closely to the Red Sox is now it's very bright. And will that said still you're gonna get the -- when he comes up getting the boos everytime he comes up but that in after the first at -- it becomes the game and it as Alex said. I think the the buzz around this game around this series yes a large part about Alex Rodriguez but in the larger part. I think because the Red Sox situation. I think that event. All of a sudden people are waking up and understanding what how many games left it's because this 38 now 39 yes although like that high thirties. And you waking up you've lost some games that you think you should of won you know that the playoffs art I certainly bull. This is an important important time against us. A team with with a notable player a hot player and you have to win these game -- -- 777979. Victory seven rob Bradford Alex beer with meal today. At Fenway Park is Alex Rodriguez in the Yankees in town for the game tonight Tom is in Boston hi Tom. Yeah organize your mother another -- -- -- migrating any -- imagination but these guys describe. Her. I. Are we which she's always gotta go -- to make sure you listen of those arm and Curt Schilling GPS remember I get the GPS with -- silly voice. I try to get the -- that Marlee Matlin what would they wouldn't have -- -- taught me how. What I would call that that pop fly when you live on second base -- thought that was the brilliant move by the weather everybody question that I. Because he's a jerk and everybody else out here -- he's a jerk. Because he's a jerk Tom that's why because what he does things that might be okay with somebody else does them he doesn't the wrong way he doesn't with this like. Little boy sense of entitlement it's obnoxious it comes off as arrogant. And just and just has dropped stated I thought perfectly he's just off. Off a little bad. It cleared I don't disagree with -- well but I thought their particular incident. It was loaded with a great based. Bob let let you know EBB. You heard the reaction from players throughout baseball. And -- problem under recruited liked it -- have a -- -- -- hear from -- father did yeah did you hear from anybody else's and that was a great play. Jessica just everybody I didn't hear anybody else really Nadal now -- is there was it was throughout baseball then that was it for me it was it was the old unwritten rule. And a number -- them hidden ball trick or Eugene -- are you -- an outfielder and. And yet it is and yet it is because they all say it as. They try to get to make those rules you know they write play the game they reach that level and they get to make those rules and they decided that the way he did it the way he went about it. Wasn't the right way to do it and that's just. It seems so typical of him a guy who thinks that all these things. Are just like the way everybody else is doing and on everyone's gonna like because -- play in the game hard to exit everybody looks at him to shakes her head and say. Now now I don't like that at all. You're kind of jerk yeah and part of it is also the fact that it's always been he he played hard and work really hard let's let's not discount the fact that even amidst. Whatever whatever he did do with with regards beauties. He was incredibly hard worker but that he would shine the spotlight on himself forever Trot Nixon freaking out like not freaking out Britain in spring training and in 2005 also known as when. When the New York media asked -- every ever Red Sox player to take shots that Iraqi sediment attempting to hit it -- You Trot Nixon was it was kind of just dismissive of the fact that Iran to have this interviewer he is like when other when other players are taking their kids to school I more gas -- yeah well you know. A-Rod as a complete jerk and I'm going to continue taking my kids to explode and I hope that he enters tonight's life where no one likes to basically a cluster of. I'm in it and does anybody like him when he got to see some fans I guess they're some in New Orleans a camp I mean not everyone has a camp. I guess the camp and I advocate of camp leaked that stuff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And try to I bit I would be surprised that I think fit. You see that throughout baseball if guys have history -- you talked about what A-Rod was before all the stuff happen. He had plenty of friends in and long long time France and -- think a lot of those guys are just gonna turn their backs on him because that's not how baseball works. That legacy about data for receipt -- batting practice today. Some guys -- go over and say I don't and you know very there's also a sense that he is -- in the New York clubhouse I know of attachment had the comments but he did it. There's a sense that there you know that there is a kind of familiarity. That there that there about a kind of roll their eyes at the absurdity and and embrace him for what he is or at least in some quarters how does not even possible. And honestly. How is it possible. Because Gutierrez you know what -- be in not to the same level but there are flawed people on every clubhouse. Fly it in ways that the teammates know about and we don't know absolutely and so and you say well how how can you what how can you embrace your teammate when you know there's so plot. Well this is baseball. That's how were usually once they stop being teammates you get the real story I mean -- I understand the idea that the team is going to come before whatever personal disagreement you would have with somebody who was on your team but that doesn't mean your real true feelings that they like the guy you may be able to convince yourself for awhile hey this guys some -- team so I've got to handle this the right way and say the right things. We usually afterwards talked to a guy say what was really going on them like. I can't believe I ever had to work with him I can't believe that that was ever thank you believe that I have to say nice things and buy into the fact but I did because he was my team. That not everybody agrees to see some the text messages here 37. 937 -- you call a jerk like you know personally he's not a jerk he's insecure and he's in a bad place in his life. Well maybe except -- whatever for whatever the reason maybe it's due to insecurity maybe because he's a bad guy he made some really bad choices. And the moment he was asked. To take responsibility for those choices and the moment the -- -- what they were closing in on him to actually have to take that responsibility. He not only tried to get out of it. Which I think plenty of people would do he tried to drag other people into -- as well that's the pretty. And that's where it becomes -- can you hear stories alleged stories about. The joining foundations again steroids. And and things like that. It is so and then you have almost -- pile up yet again all alleged we all we have to say that. But that's when you lead to say that I was a real jerk for doing that. And if this is true about his camp. That's that's the jerky move every time I hear you say his camp I think of him running like that I -- for kids like. -- there's a whole bunch of little kids out there can't be around trying to create -- culture and to review -- a -- what do you think you probably did that as well -- -- bisphenol A-Rod TP IFF I thought -- -- they -- and I think that -- -- questions -- the AT&T -- I think there might be -- -- question for the open -- today -- all of that goes on in -- able to act like if you are invited to camp -- What do you think goes on -- you cannot use the open Mike -- bottom right corner of the WEEI live -- for either your android or for your iPhone -- open Mike brought you by AT&T nation's fastest and now the most reliable. Four GL TE network what do you think goes on that at camp Iraq if he really worked half -- they arrive there. Who goes there. One of the campers like toward the counselors for what goes on at camp erotic but they -- and however -- -- not our business that it 61777979237. Jays and Boston hijacked. The object. I so I I love -- Brett Clark seem like terrible I'm. Did that feel like utility guy who. Great. Week here and there and all of a sudden what is practical -- and -- real accurately and all that out my big. Concern about these guys are getting into that she's got a -- to -- might also did not -- attention getting she at all. Well I mean first of all I understand your concern I think there's a lot of people right now coming off a four and six road trip that are gonna wonder exactly what this team is made -- I think that's like a conversation that we plan to have even in the next few minutes but. To say that they've been exposed. Alex has an interesting take on the Red Sox lineup. It's actually one of the deeper ones in terms of not having holes that we've seen in quite some time I mean the fact of the matter is they have. I believe at this point eight guys within OPS plus meaning OPS compared to league average -- Over a hundred and that means 100 his league average. So they have basically eight different players who performed at something that represents above league average standard -- very few teams in baseball history they can make that kind of claim. Which is part of the reason why I get the idea that that people think the Red Sox are you know they're hollow that there Ortiz and everyone else. But they have that depth thing I think we underage too much with a talk in depth all year -- I mean it's not just one through nine are in the pitching staff for Europe the bullpen. It's guys have come into feeling any dealing with the injuries. I didn't play -- -- Clay Buchholz for how long now we watched Tampa Bay lose their version of Clay Buchholz in that more and they -- out immediately but within a week dropped six straight games -- David Price when they lost him that's exactly -- it -- -- and that it makes sense they don't have a huge -- when you don't have -- huge -- -- a lot harder to have -- but the Red -- still and it seems to have -- one of their great -- all year long to -- -- your calls. A where the Sox are out right now coming off before and six road trip didn't expose legitimate holes or is it just a little blip on the radar screen that. As they go on their merry way and attempt to win the American League east this year 61777979837. It is salt -- would Bradford and spear here on W yet.

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