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Salk and Holley’s Answer the Question- 08/16/13

Aug 16, 2013|

You ask, we answer.

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It's time for answers the question jerk answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question what. Hard everyday we answer your questions brought you by a -- as a restoration specialist if your property your facilities manager an insurance pro -- they are asked to injury have a disaster restoration game plan in place that's 877461. The 1111 or ARS. Serve dot com. Guys -- into today what is the most pathetic thing you ever cheated that. And now -- seem like a cheater -- yeah I'm trying to think what you're never cheated anything now I've achieved its stock cops on them. Two pathetic girlfriends now at all. I knew that that's a stark in high school. In French class. I put the that. The book next to my desk I like. Open invite open and didn't -- it cost -- so basically you have the book quite open yet just staring at the words on the book yet they're the same -- and and nom. And then a few years later I ran into might buy French Brothers said oh yes so and so teacher was telling the entire class how you did -- yeah. Whatever -- like Kadima. The pal gamers have to hit the ball back and forth and make up your score. No -- to have cheated when I was a kid I used to get those how to beat like Pacman out of the -- down. I used to get those books that she. -- down. Yeah I think OK so and I was like super young like 45 years old. I got so frustrated with the -- you tonight is broke the damn thing open. And I took it apart they're not to. It would tell me what you had done it I mean they could tell -- with a lot at creek and couldn't get it after that there never could be just as it internally afterward does that kind of he'd be Contra with the thirty extra guys like you to use the -- code and then end up winning the games that count as cheating. Or did they put that in the game for you so it doesn't count. Right the loop of loopholes the loophole moments she and also taking its interest to 49ers in tech mobile and heading out who's a tight end. -- just Bo Jackson with the raiders have a there was one play with the 49 she -- Jones that Brett Jones -- the thing you could do a double dribble or you was sort of jump like you're jumping out of bounds area alignment and it would shoot back in it for the recliner. If a woman -- askew liquor feet would you do that. And on how awful woman is and how nastier -- I think it is always know. Yeah I'm I'm not a I'm not a -- and a -- boot record either a football all the things that people have kind of weird. Weird little quirks about two feet to the woman to stay in the weeks that that Rex Ryan thing was enlightening because I had no idea and it people's -- that. Didn't Craig -- do the imitation of that. And I am unaware of -- you've never seen this now -- Craig -- did a video -- 99% sure -- -- -- this up maybe -- -- he's got -- computer open there's a YouTube video Craig Breslow essentially making fun of Rex Ryan -- doing -- whole thing like a video that surfaced of his -- feel like he's going to -- be a guest on -- Sunday -- -- hale -- as a really funny you should see -- I am -- I think -- him rubble looking up. No crap to me that question please. Now what is the best song that has the -- that is a question. Is this song they have a question of the song it's title is a question. Is that disarm what her. Tribe called quest wouldn't just be what what's better -- This is great this is pretty terrible question bio dad this is totally gives you can't think of one well all need to give him Alex has been -- so it's a bad question Dole's dole would everybody's raving about mr. Harvard -- that's -- but as soon as he gets -- to put to bed -- I feel -- save to this question. That's where. Let's athlete to Boston fans hate the most. -- that is a good question. Korean person that -- all. Built here bill MB IQ how do you hate curry moved out. He's jumping off the odd diving boards and shouted back in the day now our A-Rod. Is it it's. I don't like how I feel like the will to have Akron -- violence committed against bill and beards and the second -- I don't know I thought I expect that I. -- thing -- -- top three look at it. What is the acceptable what is the acceptable time to give a wedding gift after the wedding. A year isn't it I don't know this is PS Bradford went to a wedding you know to still is not given a gift. What he also says he can provide the name of the -- if you deny this are fine give us actually -- -- -- I need an answer for -- well please give the name and inadequate I don't have -- and the guy said he could provide our ultimate kind of divisive and just I'm turned away FR a -- anyway I think it was a small wedding then how how long to -- yet after a small wedding. -- a good friend while at the -- and -- matter well if I wasn't invited. Oh you weren't invited you don't ever have to -- but if you have friends. There you -- right now there he didn't think enough has go to frenzy is. She I don't know they didn't think enough of you to invite you pouch launched -- venture -- and -- number. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you think that you did you not diminish him against. Is that something you all know I mean from the godfather for its -- also clearly didn't hold it against -- father of -- child that's really yeah. She each I don't know what exactly that means but. There is a morally adrift minute hand in the world wow this like Craig Breslow. Video is called I have a pretty -- yeah it's him right yes it's really well actually it's him it's really fine. Some other answers -- Kurt Rambis. -- -- Bernard while hockey gains. And Bucky gets finished Tiki thing you know Paul Samuelson now. Nice -- -- all that old saying -- it's just as much or are -- he answered that he into the guy's career Matt -- and Matt -- should be on the list. Over the last time yearly physical altercation. Almost today. -- if you if in honor of A-Rod descend torque coming to town which animal would be the best across with a human. Well we we -- did well the bunkers. At I don't know if there's no human and that at the -- you know wall or aren't good answered the same way I did last time we visited the scientific very very would be genetic alteration. And question which is to say a monkey with four bucks. Why would that be great just because the monkey with four -- and if so where were that you felt myself -- -- didn't hit it. We're with the human element be that well if you -- face of books about that before human -- -- out now they'll be disgusting c'mon get your mind the better next question. I don't see if the guy is not given the the name personally apologize either used as me and him. I hit this I don't go that many weddings I think -- -- in 2002 -- probably because it didn't give -- maybe that's why he's such a -- guy now. He's still upset about the fact he didn't give the gift for his wedding he's taking it out on the rest of us ever sent a thanks a lot wrong though the law -- that's a reason for the bitterness artwork done for today if you're coming down to the park tonight. A good opportunity to boot -- Have some fun to -- -- festive -- in buyer need for Kelly like wild fire this hash tags and -- that your Fenway Park. Thank you guys rob Bradford out spear for hanging out all day Michael will be back on Monday will be act Gillette Stadium Ohio bill -- -- -- we think right. Late around 5 o'clock that's the expectation. If I'm wrong. I don't know. Some -- gonna time out CO Monday by.

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