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Bill Madden, NY Daily News, on ARod and the Yanks

Aug 16, 2013|

Bill Madden joins the show to talk about ARod, the troubles in the Yankees organization, and Brian Cashman's poor job developing young talent.

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An oral shorthanded around here this beast it's this week. -- write the copy for town fair tire arena that's -- the products you -- -- nobody he probably didn't rule but his batting average is all. And it's and it's in I Alex here. Not to mention is always steady hand -- -- you definitely wrote it oh yeah. Want to hear you say you know posting shows doing TV at Bally's. Right up our final -- from what little I love it. Final Fridays summer which is depressing at the Yankees which is always good build Matt York daily news. I thought -- -- Red Sox yankees the Yankees get back in this but the and turn back you know surprise. Alex Rodriguez and the reports today. He had a hand -- leaking names including his own teammates huge capacity of Yahoo! in regards the -- Genesis and build joint this year. On the AT eight the outline built like -- -- Boston or you. Good I guess that you guys have been all over the story -- investigating Iran and the list steroids about Genesis. Were you surprised when the report came out that sixty minutes as information about a potentially Iran. Leaking out names of other players through Yahoo! and -- Actually we weren't because we reported the story first back in April and nobody apparently noticed that. We didn't have the specific names but we reported. That. It was all part of our whole. Investigative piece that we would building on the track -- these papers were being titled. By the people stole them from Sony boxes by Genesis clinic and they called a memorabilia dealer wind you up here in New York. And and basically tried to sell these papers and then we did more investigating and we found out that. Alex Rodriguez had in fact. Through its people purchase. These papers and we were told also a time. That he was going to -- names. Of other players. That we're in these papers we did most especially those names or percent to subsequently came out. Surprisingly. A couple of days later. And -- -- reported that Brian Brohm was suddenly on this list of people so. I guess is that. Pretty much -- confirmation by the sixty minutes of our story back in April. -- you would further details that it was broad enough. Well all people love Francisco's -- valley Iran's own teammate. Yeah bill and obviously what they rods two -- eleven game suspension -- -- put down on him you knew that there was a good case they said there was a good case and now it seems like. -- getting more morbid details of what they're talking about when you read that. They have proof that he used PDs throughout 2010 all the way through 2012 season. We hear more of the case that it will be as it gets a -- continues. Well I wouldn't be surprised them enough and this looks like it's an all out war between these two camps. We've already been well aware of all the shenanigans Iran's been calling since this whole thing started coming down a couple of weeks ago going all the factors. Conspiracy theory about the Yankees try to keep them off the field and bring in this bogus stock will not focus doctor -- doctor out of nowhere. Two disclaim the Yankees MR INS honest. Quad injury that was a couple of weeks ago that was course epic story that. And that all these other things that the -- -- crime and trust factor. MLB -- -- -- -- against A-Rod and only here rather then why are they coming down on in the way they're coming down on what this kind of a penalty. And the so because that's I guess or MLB -- Finally you know. I can't say or shortly coming out of MLB that's certainly. Does a lot of information -- that MLB apparently has. In regard Choo -- why they have levied this kind of a suspension. On Iraq. You a lot of people go by a strong opinions on any -- and I'm sure. You know his teammates that might be a couple of their -- comes back in the locker room that just don't agree with that but he still on that team he still on the line up he's still hitting fourth those. Probably few pats in the back. What now when you hear the news of that he read it out Francisco's her -- one of his own teammates how does that change or does it. Well arm. You guys know how players are. They they tend. Basically not be fully aware of what is news -- illegal things and I don't know how much they. I'm going -- I'm actually reading this -- you can't mention now I mean that's all over the place on television radio and and certainly in the newspapers but. I think probably the Yankee players -- can -- be happy with -- -- that they want this guy around but that probably won't say anything publicly. But the fact of the matter is. He wasn't the most popular person MacWorld must begin with the action now it's probably. Pretty much unanimous. As to their feelings just. Whether or not discussion he'd be around them on and I'm sure that the technical vote itself you know. And they say tick them off a lot votes -- -- Well and you say that we're talking to bill map of the daily news the -- agreed to a 100% that I can't believe the players are happy with this Joseph Girardi bill as a former player. Is there any chance in your mind that. Joseph just decide this weekend -- I'm not gonna play I'm gonna -- should down you get a -- rat out your teammates we're gonna figure all the stuff found and until then. I camp which out there on the field for the. Well it's a typical situations for Girardi and really that sugar. Yankee teammate because of the fact that you know. You're the stove league guilty in you know innocent until proven guilty part of this whole thing and there -- -- lawyer rob court while they're McCormack also today he's denying that this happened. I think that's rather ironic and it was Ryan -- A -- one or does this happen. Well that makes another interesting little political positioning -- I I think Girardi has to probably take the attitude that. While the Missouri these -- allegations. There are only allegations that we have no. We have no -- hero among the Yankees whether or not true and now we just have to Mubarak and college exact kind of approach on this that's -- I believe we will. Nobel meanwhile this Yankee team has got a complete different look you know in the middle of that order. You know sub Vernon Wells and all -- bay and Hafner you know you -- granderson back in story out chair and A-Rod Morley presence than anybody else they had their for -- -- feel like they give back in this thing a New York. Well I would the only way to get back into this thing is that the rest of the division continues to flounder. And that's pretty much with Scotland even the Red Sox are playing record -- for right now. And I think everybody felt from the beginning that the Red Sox were accountable because you know they're not super king but they just. It's finding ways to keep winning. Bunting that you look at Tampa -- that your problems with -- starting rotation -- but that was full speed or strength. The Orioles have opened probably along. And you know these kids are all flawed. That's the Yankees are justice laws. -- you know. It's not like it's nearly insurmountable position for them because of the fact that the rest of the position that there's no great teams in this position. I don't think that they can get back into it -- you know obviously they got us with threats such as weak and have a legitimate. To be a lot of anyway it legitimate contenders for the wild card and I'd be very surprised if that happens. It -- -- here we're talking about Jon Lester struggles and -- we've gotten. Response of some Yankee fans buddy Andy Pettitte sand in his 462 ER raid. 124 earnings this year it it is it if he can turn it around if he can right the ship this team. Has a shot as it that simple as saying to get back giving you think your colleagues happy that it. But involves Allegheny -- how to right the ship here and and pitch better the final 67 weeks. Lot of about any -- I think CC sabathia is more. A fall into the category. CC sabathia spoke to be the case this -- and then. Mediocre passed over last -- starts. I think they -- CC sabathia who emerged as a dominant -- eight Kuroda. And that hasn't happened there. They've I don't know what their record has surpassed his last seven -- starts but it doesn't articulate. And I think you much more important. In terms. Getting back into this thing and and the creditors because and they cut that was what started to begin with this season and so. It's their number one guy as a is that probably most troublesome. The Yankees -- command of the way he's been pitching so well. We don't got a bit impressed -- -- Brian Cashman did with this team this year Vernon Wells not crazy about their contract to get him for. You know Arlene authentic -- role player so be -- a couple of months. Soriano what you're paying him next year I think is pretty much nothing in Mark Reynolds they get some big home run still into -- basically September. Four for the Orioles last year is he getting credit for what he's done this year or she's getting blamed for putting himself in the situation is on the big contracts. While I think I think and everything will Brian Cashman is that the blame for it is the lack of player development on the Yankees fared over the last ten years -- so. You can take. You can take Gardner. And Robertson. As probably the only as the only two guys that they've gotten out of the draft to a over achieved what they draft for. Later he didn't -- what -- what the what the Yankees need going into and actually they need a certain extent but -- shortstop. They -- they may your second baseman and they don't -- canal they need -- first patient. They need at least one outfielder and they -- probably two starting pitchers. That's a very no amount of talent that they need and all because they don't develop their own players. They have done an abysmal job in the draft and student. And they've done an even worse job of player development and the best example watching your view about player development is Austin Jackson. It was a high -- -- -- yankees. And they traded him in the Curtis Granderson to go because they basically gave up while they didn't think this packet and it was never gonna hit in the major lakes. He's what one of the best defense percent of children in the game if not -- fast. And it was but he -- that kind of reputation in the minority as well. But they could not figure out a way. To keep this how to hit the target that one year and now he's one of the best players in the game. And that's a classic example of the Yankees player development. They just do terrible up and that's Cashman back from comes on the test rules. On the Castro watched because he was the one -- told George Steinbrenner. Ten years ago whatever was. That he could not remain as general manager unless she was given control model and department. Well we -- kanell bill that's the last one for me -- talk about. The ability to re sign -- it sounds like from all indications he wants to set the market has gotten a representation. He wants to be the highest paid guy he wants to set the standard at second base is today. Is it a -- that no matter what he asked for the Yankees will basically agreed to wit and help on set that market its second case. I would say you know there's no way that will happen. I think the Yankees as much as they meet this guy. They have been very badly burned by the Alex Rodriguez contract and I am not about to -- into another one of these long term contract and I'm talking about. Six or more years of twenty million dollars a year which is what he's looking or. And especially with a thirty year old player. I mean that's a proven fact what he's kind of contracts. Of six or more years to players are you more. All the wind up being disasters every one of them. So. I -- -- -- is about probably make him an offer along the lines of -- Pedroia offered a Red Sox. Even though they know Pedroia has a better player. And more important twisting. And I say that because the -- already has won MVP award. And he is the place -- let's watch. He's the guy it's almost like it's -- and so -- part I don't know how many tickets Roddick and those cells. I will say this is an important player for the Yankees but I don't believe that you'll see the Yankees getting into anything. Of six or more years at twenty million dollars a year and I say. I would. Looking around baseball and hearing and talking to people I talked around FaceBook. I thank -- Albert Pujols contract has really got. These owners think twice about these crazy long term -- even -- -- franchise player. And because of that the only thing that would interfere in the Yankees trying to bring back to know. -- -- reasonable contract along the joy airlines would be the one dumb owner and I don't know of one dollar bond is going to be out there's him. -- great inside Kabul they rot in the Yankees should be an interesting weekend if -- does play the reaction to get from the Fenway fans here and I appreciate the time today thanks so much. Bill Matt -- is joining us here on the eighteenth the hotline AT&T forgy LTE speeds. Up at ten times faster in the three G it's AT&T rethink possible sees predecessor. A bill man on the radio not scream back and.

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