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Jared Remy, son of Jerry Remy, arrested for murder

Aug 16, 2013|

Mut and Merloni listen to the DA's press conference on Jared Remy and give the latest details surrounding the arrest.

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This was just a couple of minutes ago. They Middlesex County district attorney holding a press conference on the courthouse steps addressing the media for the first. The lawyer -- gentlemen. -- you know last night surely the point 9 o'clock -- him police department responded to multiple 911 calls. -- for our residence at 1203 -- hill road. In -- him upon arrival they discovered it female later identified as Jennifer my talent. Outside the apartment miss my town and sustain. Multiple stab wounds immediately begin an investigation as a result of that investigation into giving -- witnesses in the collection of evidence. Individual identified as Jared Brittany. Date of birth 9778. Was placed under arrest. The charges have been mr. -- may be arraigned this morning and the charges of murder assault battery and domestic situation. In assault with a dangerous weapon. We'll be arraigned this morning at the -- him district court. Thank you. Police received a call 911 calls. Arrived and discovered that. Your kids have been a struggle playing both inside and outside. Mr. -- does have a doping case from earlier this week yes. At this point we believe that it gives us. It's some sort of romantic relationship. Girlfriend boyfriend -- us tonight. Mr. Ramey was released on Wednesday. Quit date and personal recognizance with a veiled warning. No abuse when it. He'll beat it beat. -- recommendation on Wednesday it was made based totality of the circumstances. The singular count in that case as well as conversations with investigating officers didn't miss much time. Witnesses. Based on the as we make recommendations every day in cases. Based on information known to us at that time. They'll be some discussion I believe it -- some discussion on -- later this morning perhaps with respect to Iraq. That determination is made as in every case based any information known to. Police in the prosecutors at that time we make that recommendation that recommendation is made that boy it also takes into account. Totality of information. There was conversation -- my top ranks -- senate. -- away his conversation with respect Tom Hanks and it seems. This data is not at -- been an activist and didn't do was -- an active restraining order. On Wednesday. As far as we know it's. He was young child and -- yes. That child is with the department -- till the end -- is yes. We believe it to be her child tax. I don't know that it received multiple it was a -- The lead to a neighbor's home. Mr. -- was arrested. It's. He was taken to the hospital. Later last night I guess by some minor injuries. He may -- be a while industry when this morning. I. She was just got an outside the continent -- patio. The area. -- ago that is a middle sect that district attorney Marian T Ryan. Telling reporters there to -- press conference outside the Waltham police headquarters. The latest -- on this situation. And it is a chilling chilling story prayers and thoughts go out to the -- family in the -- family. Who I just can't imagine from either side today the -- families lost. Jennifer. And the -- family in dealing with this all the sudden Jerry comes home road trip and this is. It -- father out walks and this I would guess at some point here this morning. I'm Marian Wright is taking heat today and a lot of heat there's a lot of unanswered questions because what she alluded to and that was on Wednesday night. -- Remy was released on personal recognizance. He was at that point brought in for domestic assault. Domestic violence against the now deceased girlfriend Jennifer Martell. He's released and if she said the bill recommendation the recognizance was based on totality of circumstances including. Our recommendation made by -- office now you also murders day. There was not it active restraining order as of Wednesday -- made me immediately think. Was there ever restraining order Jennifer Martel had against Jared -- just headed expired she never quite got that far so he gets out -- He fired him they were together. There it is we'll devote the relationship you know obviously talk about a bad dude here you know and then. There under a lot of heat for for letting him go over this but you talk to the girlfriend. You know and they do let him walk. And they the he's arrested on the scene. You know when they walked in New -- he's a multiple stab wounds -- there and of the back patio and cops come in their estimates are missing but the girl there. Little baby there who was old enough to as one of the neighbors are saying was just don't sell lemonade just the other day. Yeah and it back -- you look at it through the committee Jerry -- in just you know 2005 he's charged missile battery but domestic violence incident. He's accused of punching his girlfriend to face thrown itself for better and -- Internet back stomach can face. He as the 20052005. This is a bad -- to pick any history bring him in on Tuesday. You see why they're under origin is also involve the Red Sox and work with them. Think security for awhile they had to fire him because use involved in this you know steroids it was you deal with steroids and everything else is employee in 2008. Investigation and get rid of him in 2009. Just a bad guy and he's gonna get what's coming to home. I'm just an awful awful scene he admitted to beating up a former girlfriend -- -- and in the globe story they did kind of a retrospective and he admitted there yet that's behind me. I'm past that unfortunately once and and -- the visual. Of Jerry Remy in this case does not. Is not good it's this guy in the picture the globe is usually -- on Twitter is of him a couple of years ago. Jacked out of his mind appearing to be -- up beyond belief like you would CA professional wrestler like you would see. You know a guy got your local GM who's just. Insanely huge. And it just. It just it's a sad story to think that you know they let him go on Wednesday. After he's brought in on domestic violence against Jennifer Martell. And she's dead this morning. And they arrest him they walked in -- debt and just arrest him on the scene you know. It feels almost opening shot doesn't like this is not. In this is not going to be a CSI in a cold case it's going to be. Jerry Remy murdered and yeah -- really pretty much got everything in -- don't imagine you stood there and seen. She's standing there bleeding. Yeah I think they got to you know in their discuss talk about I don't the unity Jerry Remy in the telecast for awhile. Dealing with this. Also -- human was an engaged couple weeks ago that July 31. Jury room his daughter -- -- was was arrested. There for a apparently each paying -- of dormant the boyfriend room one gain entry officers were called upon should they got there she is out of control it Federer strainer there actually. Mason her face she's ticketed scream and kick -- -- officer in the in the bought. The later kicked one in the groin and later on try to gimmick Arctic the same one in the groin again was arrested. There was like 31 this year. -- In enforcing -- go through some some some tough fairly situation look Jerry Della. A lot the last couple years -- his own health and it looked like he was back on track innings helping -- back two of the games he missed some time. Earlier this year had the flu infection and kept them away from the games back and it sound like he was into -- satellite that he was. You know feeling healthy again but I agree I can't imagine we're gonna -- Jerry -- on our red sock broadcast. The rest of the year. I'm so far nests and has not issued comment on this so whether or not they expect. Jerry Remy in the Booth if we get any news NASA will certainly pass along we expect there'd be more news today. As you heard Mary in -- say. She is asked the question about Pryor's you know for 2005 when she Sydney. Expect news on that so -- it feel like they'll be another press copper it'll bring you want the news as it happens fueled up that will update -- story. Throughout the course of the day and thoughts for the -- -- family Jennifer Martell bid today in -- -- The son of Jerry Remy arrested. On murder charges be -- I'll listen up on sale now and get my purse dot com is an overnight staying. At 1862. Seasons. On main bed and breakfast in stock average -- -- -- 65 dollars on line and enjoy your stay in this -- Greek. Revival Eric in nestled in the -- -- pitcher overnight stay 1862. Seasons on the main bed and breakfast. We're just a 129. Dollars right now and get my purse dot com. Brought to you by -- and Maloney and the WEEI Sports Radio network on terms of the Jarrett ran the story Jerry Remy arrested today. And charged with killing his girlfriend last night in cold blood she was stabbed to death. Are on their patio in their apartment in Waltham police showed up. And found her dead and arrested him immediately. The arraignment today it was not televised Karen Anderson. Of WBZ has a series are reports that wanted to read for you here today to give you an update of how things went. In the courtroom we -- question earlier you know why we see arrested and held on on Tuesday. What was the situation there care Nasr reports the -- artist was charged with pushing Jennifer. Into a mirror in a bathroom. Was a rain on Wednesday morning in the same quarters back in today and eventually was released on his own recognizance. I'm from Karen Anderson police -- Jared -- on patio stabbing Jennifer repeatedly with a knife. One person tried to help and rentals -- a knife at them so it's oral people. Saw -- on patio stabbing Jennifer repeatedly with a knife one person tried to help and -- swung the knife in him. I'm Karen reported that during the arraignment -- was looking down not moving no expression when talking about his daughter. With Martell was reported that -- Jennifer mark tells daughter was was at the apartment when this killing took place. What turns out that it was the daughter of Jared -- and Jennifer boy hero for -- that four years old. Karen Anderson went -- -- -- prosecutors said that Jerry Remy was covered in blood when they arrived at the scene. Was -- is being held without bail today prosecutor described a long protracted struggle. In released townhouse kitchen there is living room by door outside on patio. -- -- attorney claimed on Jared grammys the cuts on Jerry Remy said were quote defensive wounds. Assistant DA says Jerry Remy was angry and sought to control the actions of Martell. Jeremy was not in court for -- -- murder arraignment the attorney Peter bella said the -- family is devastated. Our prosecutor when -- blood patterns revealed -- use great force and effort in stabbing -- over and over again. On those the reports from Karen Anderson on the arrest and arraignment of Jared -- today being held without bail connection with the murder of Jennifer -- last. You know also doubled to fifteen criminal complaints from 1998. To 2011. Has reported by Fox25. If some details on August the accusation range from assault battery with a dangerous weapon to possession of a hypodermic needle. For the assault and battery complaints involve women. Also records show it to restraining orders had been taken out against -- -- And there was no active restraining order against him in front as of Friday so. -- for salt battery charges against women and two restraining orders. Already. We'll go back to the question earlier I guess they don't know the exact definition of the law would need a lawyer to help -- But I was under the belief that in cases like this -- domestic violence. The woman's word. Was in some cases not enough to release. Release that the man and this case you heard from Mary Ryan the DEA Middlesex County. Say that Jennifer mark tells words. Helped get Jared -- No bail and get him released to his own recognizance on Wednesday when he was accused of pushing her into or -- and was brought in in hell. When you read that rap sheet -- in terms of the other criminal cases against him in the criminal. Filings there and you say four of the fifteen. Involve women domestic abuse. To -- -- be a case where again the exact law. Just Jennifer -- saying yeah that's going to be OK I love him we have a daughter together I elected released I feel safe around him. What would be an off. Shouldn't seem to be enough in that case. And did the -- of me now is of a guy that was a really evil dude. And who appears community very heinous act in Waltham last night -- if you follow Jerry Remy on Twitter. Military. Underscore -- it's. Each weeded out to while ago but our goal -- its job in meeting its John another guy actually tweets on a lot of things. Different promotions or wherever it goes on says it's John it's difficult to common after the news this morning our thoughts and prayers court the -- family unit at all. No word yet from -- and on terms. Of Jerry Remy doing the games tonight he's obviously the colored guy -- and for these games will see. I would find it really -- hard. The believe he'll be back at any point this year you know -- dealt with his own personal health issues the last couple years you appear to be doing better. And I would guess with this storm may Nazi Jerry Remy again this year with completely. -- understand that so I urge you because there was no TV coverage of this. I'm Karen Anderson on Twitter WBZ. Was the one filing the reports from inside the courtroom. And -- all those details. In terms of the prosecutor describing a long protracted struggle. In -- -- kitchens stairs living room by door outside on patio. And the one that. These are freaks me out the most about the anger in Jared -- -- prosecutors are in the crime scene. Slash and stab wounds on -- tells head neck legs body and hands the blood pattern reveals a strong sign of forced and then this one. People as implore people. -- -- on patio stabbing Jennifer repeatedly with a knife. One person tried to help and -- -- and -- him. OpenId mark -- Sayer has spoken out the mother of Jennifer -- tell she said that. Jennifer daughter told her I was planning my escape. This was on Wednesday should don't worry I'm planning my escape. According to the mother -- Martell and of course you know this is gonna -- because he was just released she says prosecutors not -- the job they failed. She be alive today if they put him away. Come. She won on -- she went back to the house to get her stuff. And that's when he killed -- and that's why he killed her because she called the cops on him. So -- it's -- -- pay much tells terminated custody of little girl. Boston Herald dot com as the pitcher of Jennifer -- and it in the daughter. That's chaired Arianna -- -- shared revenues four year old girl. The no luster mother lose her father and grandmother pretty much just as determined to custody. Patty Martel in terms of the custody she went on today talking about the she's quoted as saying I'm worried he be let out on bond. I don't want him to get its hands on her talking about. On their daughter if he gets out that the first we will try to do is getter he just traumatized his daughter for the rest of her life. On that from adding -- today. And certainly as we get more information we'll pass it along. But it appears to be horrific story of murdering cold one and that the here patty -- tell tell the mother. I'm Jennifer -- She was trying to get away it would fortunately. Unable to in this case that their daughter. I can't match. Be there at that house when this happens and on believable story and per squad to the -- failing him. And Jerry Remy his family dealing with this today. In dealing with the news comes home to Ronald off road trip -- He comes back and 61777979837. Your phone number eighteen -- text line. At 37937. That the news on Jarrett -- meet today's beginning you'll hear it here. We come back some news and Alex Rodriguez you know is already being called rat. And is being called up for ratting out his teammates. Bob nightingale says baseball's got new information on when he used performance enhancing drugs that's next -- no more Iraq.

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