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Joel Sherman on Alex Rodriguez's return to Fenway

Aug 16, 2013|

The great columnist of the New York Post Joel Sherman joined the show to discuss Alex Rodriguez. He said he would be shocked if even 1 percent of Fenway was supporting him tonight.

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Hi Alex Rodriguez is coming to town tonight with a New York Yankees and suddenly it's not the biggest story that we thought it was going to be on everybody's minds but. Sixty minutes is in short it's an even bigger story than we thought it was going to be joining us right now a guy who. Paris the Yankees on a regular basis and always has great information shall Sherman joins as the morning Joseph how are. I'm doing great guys thanks for having me on. Well I guess sixty minutes made sure that it's going to be an even bigger circus tonight that we thought isn't it. Got to get the biggest -- the button at some point it rearrangement that I hate to -- that term what the rendering on steroids now so. It's it's like being in any year here at the wanting I would say it. If you think this is big. You know the sixty minutes I say that all sides are complete war with each other. It would -- scratching the -- if we're gonna go to the finish line here and you're not going to be settlement before and Alex Rodriguez -- Major League Baseball has spent. On the Ballard and millions of dollars to make -- case. Specifically -- cases about out Rodriguez because everyone else has accepted their suspension and and Alex Rodriguez has earned on our money on investigators. Multiple -- -- crisis managers public relations man and I don't think he did that could just try to mitigate problem I think we've done that to go on the attack. And so this is going to be war -- -- for quite awhile. About what -- a relationship with his teammates -- -- -- did a except them when he came back awkwardly. A couple of weeks ago and now now that we know we thank you ma'am -- and outs or belly. Will it be any differently just be a man and an island in the Yankee club house. Yeah -- Gary you've been around a long time you're in note that -- is players tend not to beat deep thinkers and you know they say they say one thing we want to drug -- to gain it like everyone hates congress -- lost their congressmen. You know because it -- to -- their district and so out tribute it's helping them win -- looking now I know there's guys in the clubhouse don't feel like having. You know beat -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- them all the iron straight probably argued -- you'd be enough bankers to be offended by the idea that. Eat -- getting play. But in general most idol like I like Alex you know it playing you got a couple of yesterday -- he. Plain and what will be able B it's it's not exactly. An -- that you're built with -- -- a lot. -- curiosity how popular figures assessor belly and that in that locker room. I would not. Describe him as popular. You know I wouldn't say -- but you know it was not a guy who people will rally around except for the day that. Again think about more than what final score of the game of the ultra reader ratted him out some kind of -- attempt. And -- is an allegation right now it's one I think really after example Alex secure. It feels so guilty on every new allegation -- I'm a law that we just go ahead and assume he's done every the -- auditor and and -- it could turn out that you are. But you know he's done that I do think it's not with the players in general an elite club out. Specific or fall further if he would actually ratting out other players there's some bold attempt to say that -- it. We're talking to Joel Sherman of the New York Post you can follow him on on Twitter app Jules Sherman one. I can't help but wonder what the end game is for A-Rod and and my guess here has been all along he's just trying to save. As much of the contract. Post suspension as he possibly can is that -- is that thirtieth thank. I think that's probably one and 18 is to try to -- the most are noted. People want other people actually sports. -- the -- single dimensional figures and had one goal. I know report it it is the worst of what we heard or even apple while we heard about Alex Rodriguez. If true and -- is a -- like Al optionally done what they follow what white people like well well well what would you be -- in select. I know a lot of people what their outs and they cheat on their ballots -- a certain extent. No you know -- there are people are multi dimensional like that out all the dimensional. I really do think. The thing you look back. It's -- it all I think he loved the game I think he he's a gym rat you got watching you are talking about the players and I think it flying. He could say the market possible war. And play -- -- -- to was 18 which is one of the reasons I think he went ahead and older equipment being able quite a -- British. When it it's healthy it he probably ever going to be played baseball for the. Hey hey obviously his closest to the end of the year close to the end when it's over Joseph what do you think. -- does with the rest of his life. You know I I know people -- airport try to portray him as someone who had a lot. In the future you know they want portray him at the atmosphere and how is ordered to -- -- and you know not you know you're the kind of guy who want to beat you with -- You know -- night Taylor who have briefcase and I think he'll attempt that. -- -- think he is a person who doesn't need the spotlight in the -- they're. And he's got a gigantic ego and got -- epic Greek intricately insecurities. And you know like I don't. It just ill from the likes the next forty years it on its -- it is right now the guilt rigor that's going to be or. Pretty as well and you know like. Like I see some group on reality show like that could reflecting you're gonna ring boxing quote they Canseco loud like few that the kids are. You know I just. You know like -- Think it can be short for them the signal got a golf money. Go to Europe live on and I learned it during and not have to worry about it I think -- be kinda guy I think it's a little. Eating what's going on now which it. Quite -- and very well. And I think -- could affect what people say well -- -- except there -- even though. He's he's our control or eat eat the alternate battle against the sports league and I think going. Think about anyone else to ever or sports league I think no one will that ever -- like air. By the -- it's designed. And you know you're -- mitigate some of the suspension which I think it's a real possibility. I think -- more information come public and his victory you'll be pyrrhic it will you'll -- burn if you win. -- -- -- -- -- you really do think that shall mean the guys who fight these celebrity boxing things like Emanuel Lewis and Alan Kelly goes sake I like that they are like that Iraq has made to date 353. Million dollars in his career you just don't think. The go down to Florida or somewhere else and just stay out of it. Look at it I think altering -- possibility all we're doing is trying to make educated guesses right now. Buy -- I think he's a guy who argued very very all our. Where -- The phone doesn't rain anymore. And -- -- fair and I will be skeptical I kicked. I think like you what the guy that you asked about the popularity and I think she thinks he's a lot more you know -- -- -- -- -- -- the leadership. And I will -- well a lot more popular -- years. But the did. Stops and the peaceful for money no matter how much of the money -- are -- there are some questions about how much of the money remains a matter how much of the money remain. Don't only a lot he's not a popular man acting and certainly not a popular. The Yankees. In the does feel like the Yankees are in the race to huge shall and they in the hunt the playoff hunt right now. You know it doesn't. You know I wrote a couple of days ago I I think he's even out the gate give me -- I think this is still true today. It's best record in the Major League. And -- kind of like like. Really the definition of mediocre right yourself that your your right in the middle thirteen. And the question is. 8888 or it's all are out of a wild course the second while or -- reward potential record. In the tenth worst record in baseball and they are all kinds of advantages. That being one of the bottom ten teams up for what you get a top ten draft pick which they have not had and they took her during 1992. -- -- again it's like I know wolf fine players who were trapped in the second or third round but generally the best. American born player in the -- -- -- it in the top ten. And so there were being a bit to the second thing you can get. You pit stop these and to some degree the Red Sox it's like these in which they're -- a lot of heat and I think you're gonna go out and addressed then. Would multiple players in free agency and -- most of those players will be players you don't -- compensation tight too but I think some of that will at the top ten. Pick your first round pick his protect and I don't I think you are not replacing -- story. Where they should give up the top ten being to get young Al. You know the majority of their roster or die too long ago played their best team that -- Andy -- generally at this point. And the worst place to -- -- what you -- aux. Baseball which is. Good enough that good but not great and better not to be bad but not bad enough to all the lottery to get picked to change history what -- between. The eleventh and not making the playoffs like the 1920 point first team. But you're not good leader had no they're not completely thank -- enough talent too much pride. But if there's an economic well despite being much much better -- falling all away into bottom. Does that make sense for them to give can know 160 million bucks. You know it's so this is one of those great questions -- you know I really feel like I argue -- which is. Can -- he ever report to completely. Go -- what was. You know brought -- there and they surround him well liquid thinking that. They're offering the better data outlook for the majority if you -- just like Curtis Granderson got healthy. They treated for Soriano. Right he -- come back more not -- at the 2006. He's certainly better entry mixing David Adams at least. Crude you know which are all out of -- and look -- applicants so like if you have Robinson though you do a good job. And around him which version you know might now. All AD. And you know my car you don't like to -- good job with the lineup the long he'll probably have a pretty at all. If they elect and go. It's going to be proper to do that in the short term on the other hand. No doubt the three really long term contract -- on their -- -- all -- -- -- about the I would say they're all periods or disasters right now and the contracts in general. Total war. And so the question is that -- -- -- like the Yankees not care about having could fuel with the back for five years of a bad contract. And how to beat good in the short term and just walked the first or like yours. Or -- -- any including the Yankees straight to -- dumb thing to do and we're gonna get out but is doing -- thing. Final question -- before were much ago today in the papers here in Boston Jonny Gomes and John Lackey. Kind of repeating what we've already heard from Evan Longoria say it's not right today -- plain mean we understand their rules in place and that they allowed to play during this. This appeal but it's not right that he's playing. Is he getting do you think as narcissistic as he has -- think he understands that that feeling is spreading throughout baseball and especially in the American League. I think it does sound like -- club at the illusion. And again -- in keeping popular. You know I I think we think he fires people in camp who don't -- him what you want to -- and so incubator essentially by what he wants. Here and it PR people keep telling him to smile. And say while it simply you know what I heard cheers -- we are the what are you eighty yen. You know like that I've gotten a lot of text messages of support from players and -- -- one or two from guys like him but. You know I don't nobody sees the big picture on the other hand. Again democracy and rules are not for the majority of them minorities and -- Dirty and ugly that other guy the suspension he's still playing. Almost eight she can cute. And appeal and it may state all. What it has. -- clinging to its -- has on him. They're pretty soon he's going to -- wait for very long time to the root that this career I think people to be patient and think there are rules in place. -- -- -- -- Who if you want -- happy if you want cities there but the rules -- rules and he's just following the -- If he's dirty and it'll be hat the golf it will matter in a couple. But he can't fire me so I'll break the news to him it won't be 2080 tonight. Now now now a lot of my question is is that even 991. And one might a little happy. Jolie always appreciate the time thank you for taking time to join us. Or. Shall Sherman from the New York Post you can follow him on Twitter app Jules Sherman one. Talking about the the return of A-Rod to Fenway Park tonight. Or maybe as the -- of Bentley will be chanting when he stepped to the plate it won't be. Mean. It will be a rat maybe that's the only chance to avoid a happy one draw. There's a lot of people standing and cheering. -- Probably in -- -- -- Anyway you know what it. It takes a backseat it's under a cloud. The Red Sox yankees a run against -- first place for its talks is under a cloud because this is now. This is the next big thing you were wondered or Curtis was asking what's the next big thing to come around and the big story now that the what do you Bolger has been disposed of here it is. I've never seen a year like this and in this city as -- in my lifetime. Quick break will get some more calls would you guys and by the way is as -- said earlier as if there isn't enough else going on. Oscar this story -- will be indicted for premeditated murder on Monday. That's coming down the pipe as well I mean just like one thing after another it's. One of those deals where he didn't -- a -- off a lot of thought into his crime. Now I think they got him even though he's rich and famous and then let's hope so yeah I think they got him. And that sounds like they got Jerry -- to wolf Eminem and we give the latest we get all the details we'll get to that what we -- back not pretty. Here on Sports Radio W media.

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