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Boston strong continues

Aug 16, 2013|

Gerry, Dale and Kirk opened the show discussing the great news that the Richard family returned home.

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Where is Neil Diamond when we need him. Because brother love's traveling salvation show -- come out of Fenway Park tonight and that's the only time I'll call for Neil Diamond is is just the play brother love's traveling salvation show got lots of good songs they'll let out and just just -- today and it's Jonny -- doesn't wanna play and John MacKey doesn't -- play him. Jake Peavy was a little more measured -- has the right to appeal listening. But he's going to be here tonight I had a I didn't in your view with the New York Times last night and -- are all else I don't think I ever let it. I don't I you know this was a first. In -- long and not so illustrious career I didn't interviewed the New York Times and it was strange I'll tell you why. Jeff Bowman. -- -- Oh I was there had to be some thought it was going to be opportunity -- -- so that's. Alba Jennifer and at that the first its first New York Times I've ever bought I swear to god all day at a rate that was that you don't -- -- That was created out I was terrific and the photos mated to the photos on real. Some side stuff and yet as -- rehabilitation. And -- and I was in the hospital and these guys were around an attempt to -- for two months. All around. And he liked them they became friendly guys Tim -- and New York Times and he did -- I bought it I recommended it. It was a first minute certain I took that section out the just moments action from the restaurant isn't and watering. Your average so anyway. He said in the -- once talked to you we talk to us that you write about it might pertain to Jeff and maybe June reopening of the form restaurant in. The four month anniversary so like that so he calls -- wanna -- about. Rod come to Boston ago. And here's what went insane ago not really big deal is. My miss insult and I know you'll get real you know. Even -- -- Altman will know what the responses that's true but I said business. There's a lot of people standing and cheering him. Really are. There's that is priceless -- -- a lot of people standing and cheering and you hear the -- if A-Rod we're hitting for thirty. And the Yankees are coming in them you know eight game winning streak idiotic story I'm not quoted at least in this morning's paper -- all getting it quote I don't know it's an online pacers Sunday peace or whatever it coming out on Sunday. Whatever I said. It can't be it was all about the reaction to Iran and I said this level east to pathetic. Really hate. It's not like he's this prominent villain. As he comes to Boston is as the worst it is the worst thing is happening and now we just mocked you just that he's not -- right he's not good enough to be. Truly needed now. It's an image and Joe Cannon like this is a big you know he whacked the ball out of brand Bronson Arroyo's hand and yelling for the pop and behind another veteran tech giant Ameritech -- in his face ago. Well to be honest I think the story this week that hampered the most is. Thank god for unanswered prayers to use of perks line that in 2000 and for now. What beat the trade trade trade arrangement that was three right -- tournament Rica's Manny was involved. -- -- know. -- the crib with the Rangers and I love was part of it is okay so is no doubt is 2000 tree. In 2003. And Nomar was going to Texas and and I thought it was -- did did you sure absolutely I told rookie I was the best player and -- taught English this is great to get shortstop negative number three hitter you get. The guy who who you can count on for ten years and Fenway Park and I thought it was a terrific move that the union stepped in its optic. And I said that's -- in their room writing saying what a shame that they wrote won't become -- here. Think that now and how much that would extend it and the 300 million dollar extension butts probably probably. And this would be the Red Sox problem that's 38 girls. With four years left -- -- -- dying on your cheat up they might not give them those bonuses for impasse and Willie Mays. Which I'm hoping he kind of root for that to happen -- -- that it did that Obama's is a joke now anyways it doesn't matter parents third or fourth place finish is six million dollars. Reach of each of them and it's only got twelve awarded no estimates hold a celebration to forget that -- a celebration I guess in the Bud Selig will be there apparently. What a moment and it's 660 were pretty sure -- add twelve more ago you got a twelve via six what are what are going to 660 gets six million. That's it though he's not get the support to what 714 will be. It's 54 more -- for years for a Japanese gonna sit out next is -- is this year. And so coming back on the -- and added that if you aren't 54. 66 home runs away right now you'll be back on the Jews. On the GM's jeopardy is never tested positive so whatever's on us to continue beyond when he gets back it's only choice he has. What yet it was December of 2003 -- detector and right Nomar was involved you play is involved problems the glories trade. And I told the -- -- times that you know people glad he's not planned for its box. But do you get the sense that it's going to be re you the region real all the guys are no hate no derision yes. I mean people can't in my opinion people will be able oh wait for the opportunity to mock this guy. Hash tag a whole -- that's a good word dale mocking hate rather donating them pay hatred now because like you said he's too pathetic. And I love all about making. We have the Yankee for an yesterday I love this notion that he's better than the third base unit and a 27 million innocent but it's supposed to be the greatest player ever. I hope he's -- who would have appeared in the new -- they had. Laynce Nix XX was there so gee he's better than Laynce Nix. That's what you got going for you now if your A-Rod if you're a Yankee fan that. Your guy this legend in this highest paid player in sports history. He's better than Laynce Nix which -- contract might not be the worst in baseball people stool sample source might be wars and up fast and you know -- Polls is worse actually it's definitely worse conservatives is get the relief for a year to. Plus peace. Already old. India in those already breaking out again when he's forty the only clinic it's thirty million in 2021. And a lot of excitement and as they get paid afterwards Kabila and the routers -- ambassador shaking hands. You know. I have a feeling check Clark myopia on the something that the year two years from now will be -- -- -- Clark his job back. Yes would that be funny but before we get the other stuff because you mentioned Jeff Bowman. It gives me the natural segue and let me just do this now because it -- Just look at page three Boston Herald today. Just look looking at its feet look if you look at this the globe have -- some of the game. The globe that are -- at a pitched three of The Herald I think I think they actually do I'll I'll say I do its online and we to it's you'll see that little smiling face and that little Angel and you take a lot. At the family picture. Martin Richard and and his mom and his dad his brother and his sister pages in the -- that don't know. And you know and -- the way I think I look at this and I am telling a Breeden the story of the statement with him in a much crime and ethnic and these Alex Jones info wars Mac it's. Our. Our electronic. Want us to believe that this was an inside job -- it was in east peace deal on every street corner that this was the apartment. And -- and -- that he does Alex Jones lunatic has 220000. Twitter followers he has he's on them like hundred stations at least his followers and disciples. Breed. These rats and listen to shows in the east these people they look at currency yeah the government did it -- what you know we we all of daughters I just look at her and I think of you know. I think of -- -- -- to bill Richard you know he's gonna go to bed every night. You know it wasn't really the only picture here and his son is dead in his wife is blind and his daughter lost her leg -- mean each and she said twelve surgery -- surged to seven. And think about this now. The family wouldn't go home until like all all able -- -- rehab. She just got finally released they finally got to spend their first nights at home. In their own bets which had to be still. Incredibly difficult 'cause mart everything not area is better as they say in the statement everything is a difficult because they always asked the question what would Martin thing what would Martin do. How would he. Fitting in here and and we react to this and every moment of every day every meal what would Martin -- this restaurant. What would Maarten thank in this TV show. And that's the burden they -- for ever. And -- and it's it's a great statement that the fan of them craft that was was that a mom. Is -- it was database was so well done and so poignant and amid talk about the and they still don't understand. Every days and why did this happen minute I am I talked to Jeff about in the Clinton. You think about these two Muslim maggots who's decided that you know because it is the war in Afghanistan are. Iraq that you know will blow up a little kid in Boston might have been nice Rolling Stone cover -- an aerospace that's I don't know I think that she's not tussle there all right of those soulful eyes on the -- Richard has more courage. In her little finger. And anybody at Rolling Stone has ever amassed combined and and as I said yeah look at that angelic face. And you see your smiling and she's got her crutches and her new prosthetic left leg and she's -- started to dance again. Dad said right you know almost wade is is carried on her. Normal lag at this point which you just know this kid is just images. Sale you'd ever -- kid you have any. You know procedures. Were on -- -- like this -- twelve -- the mindset -- now one surgery for your child as -- breast traumatic you take -- entity and embrace -- -- on your knees literally maybe -- you know that -- can improve this just get her through -- they run a fever high -- right in -- earth and I -- silly -- and you can bring your coffin and ego. What does that. -- -- twelve surgeries for his hundreds of physical therapy. She said here's his -- that is a great picture in the globe -- got two kids. She's got so much courage. And it's I said it it kind of bit fat in you're talking about. Jeff Bowman and just sort of there it is front page of Boston Globe this morning yeah. Yeah -- globes at the same it's the same pictures at the family released the follow though you know it it both. Outlets have the exact same. But it just sort of played into what you were talking about she's so young men. You know my daughter's sixth and I don't know what life's going to be like in terms of figuring out. -- brother was what happened is so yeah it but in Lincoln and Kirk it's a great question but to me it all goes back to why. The kid. Ever mean get him his her mind around why -- why the -- well these two low lifes who grew up and in Cambridge. On the dole -- or is she decided acquitted because all of the war in. Afghanistan. I guess there's a war Iraq right now. The war in Afghanistan. Because we went there are necessary knocked on the towers. And we went -- That to free the people who don't try talent concerts sell out Gerri what happened was. The parents to go to the kids' eyes rest wrestle against it's all -- now let's all make sense I think she'll be -- that killed her brother. Because of there was a war 101000 miles away and and and the US attempt to free the people of Afghanistan killed in Afghanistan she. How could any kid let's look -- L -- and any kid ever understand why her leg is gone wire -- has gone to come -- that. It's like. You know. Amy Lawrence for him so armed you know the funeral over the ever makes sense if you don't -- and there is date yet there's not it's it. Justice unending quest where you're trying to make sense of -- trying to understand why it happened. And you never will -- it doesn't make any sense at all. And in this case or in some case you do have -- people like Alex Jones are people like role in the Rolling Stone the the the joke carts on a fan club. Make and at worst -- salt in your wounds that will never heal and I mean it the physical part look at sea legs and you say the moms -- in the ninety's that's -- that's brutal. But the emotional mental side of it is worse in some ways -- to its -- where every day anyway in a bad looking out the clouds and why again why again did these two -- -- do this to -- there was a certain. Irony of timing of the Richard Stanley statement in the release of the -- chain. It comes the morning after. The reopening -- -- Which was almost the epicenter of what this well what happened there I believe. I've if memory serves me correctly Martin was outside of that restaurant where where he was. And it's the rest problem boils too in street where much much of the damage took place and it reopened last night triumphantly. And Carlos was there and I'm Matt Chatham and Joseph Andrews seat two who were two guys who carried victims from the scene of the blast. And got them to medical help where there and it was kind of a triumphant you know what screw you guys were coming back -- come -- back better than ever. And it's sort of played into what the Richard family put out today which was basically a screw you guys. Our family is disrupted forever but this little seven year old girl is tougher than any. I went to my calendar to confirm that as a form and worst in months right four months. Rocket. Four months it feels like four years feels like. It's that part of that's. Part of the city for a long time for months. And I guess the healing is amazing thing that the whole look and and Richard watching I was with Jeff on the 99. Day he had and -- was -- that they watch him. Walk across -- room with his new prosthetics in 99. -- Which I am I -- -- -- was a possible pick and in the year two years who gave his prosthetic maybe he'll -- or maybe in five years. We'll get around Rome 1990s. -- room not no one in the -- he's not doing stairs yet. But the progress the fight in on the resilience some these people and and were just look at -- -- Points and musical. And cheese. Danson and -- know she's dornin now insist on her -- as far as she wants to go which she's starting dancing now that is the good -- don't you think will be seen a year two years five years from now on the progress she's -- what an amazing -- an amazing family. And then you know I hope they get to see the day that we -- cute. As you know has no closure and -- Were sick leave that concept -- subtly. Closure for people -- -- but I hope they do get in says that they do get to watch. Someday joke -- Put to death put down I hope they can pursue that animal put notes probably in some great satisfaction to know that he ran over other -- them. -- that was compared with general swells toward the kill this Romeo and that was sent omitted just missed it just doesn't -- was a lot there's only twelve out. That's about it it will take quote -- didn't put his men and there but Richards named Jane Rich's name not. 111000 words. Didn't have room for -- little angel's name. Will take quick break welcome back we'll talk about it port road trip for the Boston Red Sox as the Yankees come to town tonight we'll talk about Tom Brady's. Return to the practice field with no ill effects but a knee brace firmly Intel. We've got that more still to come out we'll talk to jolt Sherman in the 9 o'clock hour today -- will talk to us about the A-Rod return to Fenway Park and what's going on around the Yankees and all that will get to your calls as well -- just human it's Sports Radio W the.

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