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A tribute to Jason Wolfe, WEEI Program Director

Aug 15, 2013|

Program director Jason Wolfe leaves behind a great legacy at WEEI in which the station experienced countless years of success. Wolfe also worked tirelessly with the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radiothon year after year and helped raised millions for cancer patients. The Mut and Merloni crew pay tribute to their boss in this segment.

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What's on tap that Asia -- It's time for Mike Malone is mullah its own. What's on tap -- -- Lou 937. WE DI by now you've seen the a press release. Courtesy of our parent station. Parent company Entercom and on WEEI dot com was 22 years ago this month. Other Jason wolf for our program director joined WE yeah I would launch that Sports Radio station today is his last day spent 22 years here. Fluid W. Red Sox won two World Series patriots won three Super Bowls and pretty from -- letter today that he posted on Twitter Jason L wolf. The Celtics won a championship went to a second MB finals Bruins won a Stanley Cup may have -- the finals. This past season. And it's a crazy crazy business and I looked down here with Jason's accomplished and 22 years in ethnic. You spent 22 years in this business. One station and watch it grow from. What one person said it would never last said the number one sports station in the country for appeared a time. That's as you had a damn good career. And I don't know where he's gonna go next but Jason wolf is that a hell of a career in his career purity EI bittersweet and today's final day there and that's him. Wolf will be fine you know because he's as good at what it does the exit 42 years you don't stay in business. If you're not good much like you know and the big ol' lefty you -- -- WE IU in a Jason wolf. They ran this place. Made decisions. Yeah I I personally I think of for bring in bringing me into this business and it played a key role that help male with a lot of things I think to speak for a lot of people here. In the station in the studio so. You he'll be missed. Unfortunately. You know the company goes in different directions. We'll continue to plug away continue to move forward I think Jason wolf would be just fine and whatever he does next thank you for taking a shot member being in a it junior UConn -- like him intern ship here and a voicemail on a fraternity house phone. Okay from Jason wolf -- at -- to call back at by it was a prank. I was a prank call for my -- and it turns out I'd like for an internship with the big show. -- -- -- with those guys and watch charges to which -- you know that -- that I'm sure a lot of people wish you recruited jewelry from the junior college. -- yeah I junior Summers one ID I interviews like this out. I know. -- -- -- In the big east do you think Jason at least gotten some from Syracuse. Night touching I've buddy Jeff by remain like you -- a message for -- Jason wolf is that a real me. On -- -- and -- want. To your crap at me right it's not sure it did and at an opportunity entered here and at that shot a million. Put this will show together and and one of the things he doesn't even mention was he brought four Marconi the station. Well I sixth nomination we can say all that. But I'll be honest the -- I'm gonna remember the most. You know besides I'm sure he has and how. Much -- a Syracuse home -- Well I think Jimmy Fund and the Jimmy Fund radio telethon right I'm gonna think Jason wolf reduce the event to wakes weeks it's the most important thing we do it all the money that's radio station he's raised over 31 million dollars. The Jimmy Fund. Over the telephone that we have come appear a couple of weeks 31 million dollars on that was on believe that was his baby Betemit analogy he would put it on -- We're here for a couple of days in and it's a difficult couple of days -- on radio and meet a lot of the patients and doctors. Hearing their stories. But in the end you know what it's for and you feel really good about it. And he is recognized for his terrorists the Jimmy Fund a couple of years ago at Fenway Park as he should be I mean people didn't see the work Jason did to put that thing together. With the scheduling. And making short work like clock work that was Jason that event. Touted a couple chances to work now. That was Jason is a big -- guy any. In Basra and vote 31 million dollars for the Jimmy Fund. Tissue be missed and he he worked hard he cared. He cared about this company cared about the success this company and that he he will be missed and now hats off to wolf acknowledgment that this company the Jimmy Fund. And -- we gotta get out here assault and holly are coming up its salt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sausage -- that copyright chair at Gillette Stadium a couple of days ago they'll be on this afternoon beginning at two here on Sports Radio WEEI. Have created it is yeah. All. Watch tomorrow than others. Do you -- these. Let me read. Then again. Tremendous show. I do. Well I have to do. Thought. We're now. You drive. -- -- -- Cap will. Long the fire away. I did. -- Where. Stick around for -- cannot. Sports Radio 93 point seven to. Com.

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