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Dave O Brien, Red Sox PBP: On the first place Sox

Aug 15, 2013|

Dave O Brien joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Sox loss last night, Napoli's homerun, and the pitching staff.

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Dave O'Brien on the call. But he's Red Sox games -- we joked stately old -- grandy in some guy named -- Maloney and Dave O'Brien joins us here on the AT&T hotline. Are we surprised they've last night I'll start with the blue jays game that Mike Napoli. Was in a lot of the start that he stayed in the -- never got pinch hit for came up with a huge two run home run late. -- surprised that none of that to be honest with you because I think when you watch the reaction of his teammates. To the home run that he hit. It's just something that I don't think John Farrell can contemplate at least not now now the Red Sox -- Down a game with three to play. In this in the division standings -- the game or something like that I think obviously there are certain mood that need to be made -- You see how popular he is with the team. And and the togetherness in this group out tight they are in terms of chemistry. Is a major reason why they are sold in the middle of August I don't think you can make that kind of remove I don't think you can bench Mike Napoli and know that. Everyone's crying happy over sixteen a lot of men left on base and has a chance Mike -- -- woman on base and anybody in baseball this year. I get all of that but you can't do that right there you just can't. Yeah OBI thought last night -- game to -- -- pollution before place that I thought you know more difficult but could have been named that learn Maine and you -- stop work with Jon Lester throwing the ball first place you really you really do we got there early with them. Oh my goodness I mean that's on my back out. And grab that that responsibly get them pumped -- not getting it done but. You know John it's in the scouting reports right it's in every scouting report I talked a couple of scouts yesterday. Up in Toronto who said yeah we put it in the -- every single time. Now whether or not teams are real good with manipulating. -- growing problems but. It looked at -- first round of the playoffs or second round of the post season if he makes a throw or two like that and caught -- game all the sudden. -- -- this great hue and cry but we've all been watching it now for a couple of years it's a big problem. Artsy weren't surprised Napoli was in that he stated we surprise when David Ortiz in the ninth inning -- a bunt down try to get on base bases clear nobody out. -- shocked I was shocked poppy didn't swing the bat there I know that pitchers stops diesels. They can be tough on him in and he knew how he's gonna work him and all of that but. You know it's not a horrible idea it would shift on that to grab yourself a base hit. But going to be good -- obviously wasn't a good on it surprised me I think it shocked Toronto. -- -- not well enough so that they you know club that didn't get the out at first base but I want David Ortiz went in the -- there I don't true. Well Heidi you know that I don't I always do but net situation again it only to do was next cute it's an easy hit that -- job to get nobody sees that said it's tough lefty but I want to ask you more about the tenth inning. When a commercial gets on second base and obviously the plan was to get allow Rio probably walk -- in the pitch that radio I'm just guessing but. Some managers don't like to do that right they just don't like the put the bases loaded and bring in a new fresh arm especially young -- on records you'll maybe Breslow might have been better suited for that. We surprised that once international was on second base that they then go -- and walked the bases loaded. That's that he was gonna go I did end and that was part of me too that we wanted to see. And I know he's young and he hasn't pitched much but I kind of like -- pup -- to see Britain in that game. At some point two warp or you cigarette -- who's just been. I mean he's on under the radar I think with most fans but he's he's pretty much automatic you very rarely makes a mistake. And never throws anything in the middle of the plate so yeah that's what I was looking for that's what I suspected John would do and it's -- not to do. What's her spot -- -- Toronto Dave -- the John Ferrell was not a great exit for him meet. He was there called this his dream job of the stuff that I read is that Toronto fans still. Upset about it still a bad taste about the after John Ferrell in their opinion left them high and drive he felt the same thing these last couple nights in Toronto. It's less -- a little bit from where was in April when it was pretty nasty. And John didn't really wanna show its face but he's having fun with it now the Toronto star which is a tabloid here. Ran a poll and John was dying to see the results W get a great kick out of it and the poll was should the the blue jays fire John Gibbons and hire back John Farrell with QB for the movie that was one of the options. The third option on that list of things to do was Farrell -- And and you could vote for any of that. And -- showed me in his office this ball he couldn't wait to see how it turned out so clearly he's gotten over it and he's still have a good time of the but I'm not sure. Toronto fans have yet -- they feel jilted and and what added I think insult to the injury. Is that John came in first place and has a real good chance to win the division and they hate that. You know all week. Bench Eric exonerated today's that the that the call -- a woman of Brooks was an easy one and those lot of noise publicly about Bogart's both of them it was always easy -- Testament we always talked about how it's it's will's job to lose but I think there was some concern with how is handling that promote -- demotion. To AAA. Do you think it was that easy the entire time -- think Willis section make it -- on them the way was point. Well he did I think that there were there was some focus problems there and you know he got into a a couple of Twitter things and they -- There's some things they were looking forward to see maturity wise maybe. And I think he proved that he was gonna be fine there and he rectified those things and yeah he -- was an off the charts for the pop stocks but he was okay. Yes and I think I've noticed a little bit of a difference and sees he's come back. I don't know what you'd call it but he seems to have a better sense of himself. I think it swings in better shape than what the last time we saw he's got a couple of big hits on this road trip. I don't think it was at a lay up but I think it was easier because -- is a shortstop. And he's going to be your shortstop next year and he's going to be shortstop hopefully for many years to come. Why mess with him -- move him to another position. Why risk a young kid who played in the majors loosing confidence in you know little body you can lose guy. Right away if if people -- for 25 with a lot of strikeouts his first Major League call up you don't wanna do that on. Aside the decision made sense for me right from the get go. I would like to see him look at match Ottawa look at Ellsbury in 2007 Dave and I see young guys that come up and and add some pop I get the long term it's probably best of -- Brooks figures -- thirty next year Bogart's is there. At short you see him play pretty much every day and with the national games you -- -- ESP NEC you're right field is across baseball. I opportunist pop a can you rank where Shane Victorino is in terms of playing defense in right field right now from the guys you -- day in and day out -- Well he's he's sent an incredible season as far as I'm concerned that he's responsible for the many saved runs as any right fielder in the game I don't have the numbers to back that up. Every team has the different metrics defensively. They can say whatever they want but OK this I don't think anybody makes a better. Consistent accurate scroll to the bases or home plate and -- I'm not saying he has Andre dawson's arm but he has a really really good arm. Far beyond average. You don't said that the other day we had a on the start of the game show he said. I so why is that you can make these throw all the time consistently. And repeat that over and over and it was great I think for young fans to hear he said. It's because I work yet I work at it every day he actually will work at throwing to bases from the outfield in pregame stuff. And you don't see that from many outfielders anymore even the guys with a cannon for an arm and he really does take great pride event. I was in -- office a few weeks ago and somebody brought in the media a ballot for baseball America ranking the best players at their position. And John's job was to rank the top three. Ready to those positions that he -- chain victory -- as one of the top three outfielders in the American League. That's the regard he's held inside that clubhouse and I think he's done a marvelous season against the guy. A little bit underrated you know people don't talk about change necessarily -- -- -- -- -- the Red -- says. He's number 12 or three reason they are where they are but I think he is when he's in the game. There's a great deal more energy and and -- you can do with him because of -- wheels and because he's a real good -- product that you -- with anybody else -- right field. You know only a look at this American League east and I think you know way if Campo wasn't stock right one in six their last 78 they can be lead in this division of the Red Sox. At a nice hot stretch they could have a six game lead and it seems like neither team kind of want to take him meanwhile. The Yankees got to get hot sets up a big weakened here that it deceive is different look to this team to look at the lineup especially the new additions. Beaulieu and -- believe Soriano swinging the bat obviously in the got granderson back in the and I had big game against the angels on Monday the angels a dreadful by the way so. You can you can only dropped so much from that series and Soriano driving and all those runs but I agreed the Yankees are different. And even with a rod is as much as we don't like to praise that he's better than anybody else they have their third base we all know that. This schedule coming up for the Red Sox is very very rough I mean it with 39 games left after tonight three with the Yankees -- hot team. Right back on the road on the West Coast. The giants and LA in San Francisco you know they're out of that they could face -- Madison Bom Gartner it was an all star that that you can always sure that you now than the Dodgers nobody playing better than them. And after that you still -- 91 Baltimore three with Detroit and another series the Tampa Bay. I think it's going to get incredibly tight you're right -- if if the red the Red Sox are. 45 on the road trip if Tippett -- and tank for a little while this whole thing would look different -- not feel much different going in the Yankees series. On the reason we talks so much on the show about the schedule and the the rays and the Orioles maybe the Yankees here at some point David because they're such a difference between winning your division. And going in as the wild card you saw up close. Like two years ago already came down to missy played game for the Red Sox they losing game 162 last year with the new playoff format. Two wild cards playing a one game playoff to gain in -- I year later now deal like this format the liked the idea that if you don't win your division one of the two wild cards not a series. But a best of one for chance to play and a series in the playoffs. Now I I'm not a big fan of it and I and I would hated if if I were broadcasting for a team that had the play in that one game. And a really good season would be Roland good baseball should be determined by theories and not individual teams. And you know I think there have to be a reward for winning your division you know and and I thought Giambi had a great quarter on that I read the papers today said. A wild card means you're supposed to be added disadvantage. You know at the end of the day in and that's really what needs to needs to be rectified their bit. You know in in terms of whether the Red Sox are at all that that's what you have to come down to from me. He's got to win the division and everything has to come down to that. Yankees in town this weekend can be a lot of fun out some Rigas vick's return to Fenway Park keys Dave O'Brien here. Right here on 937 WEEI Dave we appreciate it and I guess you. Ask stick Leona help out Lester with the throws over to first base tonight for the game because you're just like -- you -- him I think. Awful just awful I own up to it I own that it's on my back will get it done -- we'll get it done John Arnold. -- I'd Dave O'Brien is joining us here on the AT&T hotline -- wanna tell you that AT&T the nation's fastest and now the most reliable. Four GL TE network. It is AT&T 6177797937. The phone number AT&T text line. 37937. The Celtics have made a trade that whole whole whole whole trade big guy that. -- was so excited they took in the draft I mean this was his guy this was his pinkie and now they have discard it and completely. Off the roster. Say about that --

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