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Ben Cherington on the Sox stretch run

Aug 15, 2013|

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington joined the show to discuss the teams play of late and his concerns down the stretch. He said that the decision to bring up Will Middlebrooks was not a hard one for the baseball people.

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Red Sox lose last night in extra innings are in Toronto it's time now for our front office report brought to you by vita Coco. Newton Wellesley hospital and by celebrity cruises Red Sox general manager bench Harrington on the line hey -- -- you don't. I'm doing good. Yes and more and don't. Good morning outlets start a little bit with that I might might. My sympathy for Mike Napoli he gets a rocket up the middle second baseman makes a diving catch on -- it's a home run in the ninth inning to tie things up. And the Red Sox still end up losing and extras when you're gone bad it seems even that stuff happens to -- Well it's it's very grass form lately and you know he's worked through it then obviously everyone. See the reaction that are on the again so much news. I was very happy -- -- armor on and we just couldn't pull out is we put a lot of those out here that didn't have quite an Arafat's. A John Farrell said of the first base position -- as we might rotate guys through the first base position. I'm not saying we're -- the strict platoon but I feel we can manage his time as best. As possible to keep them fresh he's grinding right now. We're going to look at the best combinations with left and right in -- are you -- than that then do you sit down -- -- you and conference call with the federal trying to decide whether it's time to go to Mike -- whether it's time to go to now over time we go to platoon. All the talk about stuff on the part of -- you know the general rule comes. Posted who's on the scene you know personnel. Decisions strayed -- Ferrer. That John and that would. And then Clinton ultimately. That the -- proper -- -- because there's an imminent but -- the other making certain again. Occasionally are possible. His input that that John's decision and so there's a thousand of those conversations. Makes those decisions them. We have a lot of trust him make those decisions so he's just trying to use these guys that are -- roster yet. There are putting -- that are out there investment possible and -- huge part of the team loses I think it's like he does seem at all. And -- approval stage lately and so just trying to get them get a contract in perhaps a way to get our contract is that in Kimmel -- more breeder. But it'll still still little billionaire a lot. Huge part of the team you know as it -- So you don't expect. Say content and then get rid of four games expect. The job is still Napoli in other words he's. I think it you know I figured that some are will decide to my expectation would be that. You know you'll you'll see. -- and there are some perhaps not -- -- -- Napoli in the -- still. Or reroute some. Stewart goes. And a middle Brooks has been pretty good Bentsen's seat came back up but is there a point or Bogart's played so well that you have to have him up here. Playing some -- because so PS now is over age fifty. I slugging about 500 another home run -- at home run yesterday's first while he's been. Hitting real well as at some point you -- -- is gonna play himself into the majors as a gonna be in next few weeks. Well see it you know it's. I am who understand the while others source talk about lender because he's -- he's really good young players venture away. It's a little surprised that there's it almost seems like. -- -- more talk about him -- less about the pressure on the and we've won a lot of games with the guys that are arm but. We're excited that he's -- not the utility -- AAA and the rule this -- years -- if -- if there -- ways. -- make us a little better and help us -- game so every every you know important. Then wolf will find a way to. Are finally Diaz but. There's got to be -- -- -- roll you know right now we've got Iran or through our position players. Fairly. Distinct role and then general notes -- -- well in general also. I was out of year old son and but certainly to get there and have a guy down there and this is there was the need. Somewhere in the field shortstop or third base something happened either a little. Surely -- -- no hesitation whatsoever. Why wasn't him last week say for example or we as close to calling Europe and so the middle Brooks. They're really you know it does the decision internally. Was really there is that -- is really. That the public narrative it would make it seem we looked at the number of issues and then I am also result like. And that is you know really based based on the recommendation of -- her voice Africa and then there was there was those gas. We have a guy in oak -- to. Has done in the -- was a really good player last year. Hit -- speed bump this year has so many many good young players do. Had to go back to triple -- or are some things and he did. And it wouldn't you know it came time to make a decision very what's the the traders were also shot -- third base. It was pretty clear that or are firm used the right. It is the right etiquette and so. Does not it was raining against. -- You know we love love bogey and nearly a -- But that particular time news is pretty clear that was my -- -- virtual. In a game on the recent homestand Shane Victorino kind of banged hard into the outside wall down by pesky pole. -- right field line almost since then he has. Not been a switch hitter he has hit exclusively from the right hand side and it very well I might add. But I found it interesting he said he was happy that the manager John Ferrell -- allowed him. To switch to basically just the right hand side right now because he could theoretically turning into a a platoon player in right field without that permission. Well he's he's produced and I think that's in our minds you know he's hurt. Then. Playing with more luck club and his bags so this he's still produced he's got -- from our side against -- And obviously you know -- his -- could be. So he -- -- -- -- -- -- forest and I think that the credit to have any concern is figuring out how to help team -- gains despite being. Limited. You get battery yeah it's a couple are I. Suggest we start until the better. But it is it's remarkable what these diamonds and factories so able -- when games you know we haven't built in the hospital and the time credit. You are the ultimate today you know unemotional flat -- baseball guy looking at the you know the big picture at all times not get to -- too low but. -- -- -- -- Just thrilled to -- I mean let's hear it lets you -- thrilled bench Eric did talk about how happy you are with you're closer. Welcome though I'm on the radio you guys -- it. Doesn't bode well they're earning. Not -- You know it's we we obviously. Hoped or thought that we were getting really good relief pitcher signed him because he been that. That really came to stay out of Baltimore starter but the -- -- moved in the -- With Baltimore. And has subsequently to Texas and he's been really give it errors secure mobile -- And he was really didn't pan for a long time producer considered the Japanese Greg acts as the leader. Well it's all changed speeds and this guys that are petition for a long. And card that an admirable but it. -- That said you know yet ease ease in. Even our past look you know we were hoping for -- It's. You know you never -- you'd never -- -- progressive base while these guys wrote. That Beckham actually get to it right away so we won't pay any program that. It's surrogate Hillary walks up about. -- -- scout report real quick if you would on Jose bring you the Cuban first -- I know he's not gonna. Play here this year is in Haiti right now chunky. The -- it looks -- importantly you know PS of like 1270 degree cameras like gates Browner yeah field what are we look at -- this guy. What can't you reluctant scatter report -- were literally just so so normal. And of course and so he's. Gone through the process -- getting cleared them all that there's there's really not much to say it. As many. A player that comes -- -- -- The chance that all the old rules -- do the work we need to do. You know a few months and radio answer that question better but he's and the numbers in Cuba were certainly impressive. I what worries you now with forty games ago what. We heard the excited venture analyses of the concerned event turned what concerned you with forty games left. I think it. Probably the same thing that's concerning all year mostly it's it's helpful helpful starting pitching. Hopefully we. Built. -- -- added enough certainty and strength and depth enough. Cool that will be strong and happy that something happened there but. You know that that prior the thing. That. Can get in the way the quickest. Of -- what we're trying to do and have in the past so. Wednesday helped Paramount productive on the mound. I don't I don't worry at all about this group. You know in the walk our ballpark every -- getting ready to play him. You know where. Morocco and every game or where William. Are mostly games we should learn computers that are accurate way. So it's really you know or stay healthy and get our -- we don't really get all the breaks from stretch as our fair share. You know we're oriented position strong position now because of the work that they are and there are here. -- -- Your team has 28 come from behind wins. We already know about the number of eighteen wins in your final at bat eleven walk off wins at home. As a GM of the team the kind of wish you'd do little more easily once and allow them what you guys have been doing. -- Look to inspect less than before about in the game nights ago but none of us. You know that -- -- not -- are very. Amal hospital watching England. Nor others the or wouldn't. But. You know I would do away in the way of the future it is an item I yet there and you know old. I do think we can take something out. You try to take something out there game. Unit that we have Carter and a lot of things that John. Perilous. You know just. Pretty firm they get the job a certain person is portraying is we're gonna prepare like we're where we're gonna have or around focusing -- gamer and I. And really it has been -- Home just about every day of the season until. So that we've seen that a good feeling and -- as long as we're. Where. Give -- another chance to compete and then. Then bring unity unity out on the leader mark ma am you Lou whatever it. Hey a guy like Justin Morneau is he. If he clears waivers they contain anybody right. Yeah as it you know why not allowed to. Are about players are aware of Europe where where's that they gather the Iran declared ineligible player clear leaders -- In August -- -- be treated it. So he will. It -- specific but a guy like that is it is or is it almost certainty that he'll get traded. -- a -- a free agent at the end of the year -- guy who's a -- the end of the year veteran who clears waivers. Then he's available anybody then it's just opened bidding right. Yeah well you know obviously the where we're in a player put -- over use a -- today. But it it is sided structure where they take it novices via a little party or the other editors. Money involved authority. Bill that would you've really been. -- we really dangerous. We we haven't been that. -- it weren't weren't really that involved in racing. And -- that is because let -- have them right together out there and you have. -- good credentials. Solutions for. You know just it just about every spot. Of course our jobs there he reminds open and keep our eyes out console will continue to do that but -- -- -- -- -- -- as a hitter there. Final question before we let you go where US surprises most of us work that on your team's only day off in like three weeks. You see three of your guys sitting in Toronto watching the gays in the jays play game on Monday. Order about forehand. -- Called quick. Dog lover whatever then absent from get tickets. Are neither new territory. And didn't really surprise. You know. He's probably so yeah sure all of you in the Toronto. And -- it it's a great city it's. Well actually were right. More papers please visit there however the answer. And a couple called city ought to do. But Becker you know I I think probably would choose baseball game or pardon him most. Most days so not really that surprised that it is pretty cool it does say something. You know how much -- like your outlook baseball -- And it becomes about political. And we appreciate time is always thank you. Take care that's bench Harrington the general manager of the Boston Red Sox. Front office report is brought to you by vita Coco Newton Wellesley hospital and by celebrity cruises.

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