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Tom Brady injured

Aug 15, 2013|

Dale, Gerry and Kirk opened the show discussing Tom Brady's knee injury. Dale wondered why he did not have his knee brace on.

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Dennis and Callahan bit of a scare today at patriots practice. Tom Brady stayed down following an incomplete pass he was holding his left -- Which on Dennis burns up -- over his left knee isn't hurt all that badly but I help these scared into. Great keep it Jerry -- -- line drive off at 12 o'clock. Good morning -- the body -- hey -- I hate barrel on the three point seven WEI. Fifty to beat the crap bottom that's a lot done here tomorrow right. I'm just gonna keep playing the Daryl think until I'm done here tomorrow and absolutely I just wanted to be right you. America is involved some of coach -- golf well thought I'd forgotten. -- committed Dennis and Callahan everybody I'm not. John Dennis he's still on May -- and Daryl I'm Darryl but I'm very happy at the end here with my pals Gerry Callahan. Per minute guys today good morning you to do next alien. That we all -- well. Well we get to that we have to get them to. Open for 66. Some experts that are we waited eighteen days today I can never keep a straight Estes. We do I remember I was I was sitting. In the stadium a couple of years ago yeah as a fan when that the patriots were playing Kansas City Chiefs. And I saw Marcus Pollard roll and it Tom Brady's knee Bernard out market -- Bernard Marcus -- -- -- -- Bernard Pollard and I remember. Everybody sort of hold your breath but. You seem give up than -- that add maybe it's in -- -- a big deal. And the next thing you know they're saying on playing in the season and and you realize that's -- patriots and your season was -- now. Is it turns out they performed remarkably well with Matt Cassel at quarterback better than any of us -- expected finished the season. With a great record and still lost in the tiebreaker at the end of the year. But that's what we all like yesterday we all well yesterday at our police and is -- yes. Obviously it is and we were here I'm -- -- on on Twitter for when he -- this is why team -- year. Still doesn't explain what he was here is not good -- -- -- be good -- server purpose but. When you first heard it if they can -- lead someone you know bag in -- these people used word tweaked. But -- agreeing -- approve of you said -- He's not a week he was in more pain. Yesterday -- he was when Bernard Pollard it. Bernard call him he knew he was hurt he knew it was serious but wasn't one of those rising screaming things. I saw on the video says all this is real he's holding his knee. And and in in -- That you're going to be in serious thing. Would you agree -- different take when you first turn that when he saw that it. When I when I first heard it and yeah I was driving in the -- and I'm Rick and I were doing them the Bruins summer show yes some sit in the green room with that. At first time we looked at the grainy is approved -- for. And from the distance you couldn't tell by set to act I said you know the shouldn't be that big deal because he's got a brace -- At. Tell me explained to me how the New England Patriots. About -- yesterday by Forbes magazine at 11 point eight billion dollars. It if Tom Brady got hurt goes to one billion dollars right explain to me how they let that quarterback a lot on the field without a knee -- it's a great question. I mean you can't say like how many people with that toppled on you're not take in the field without two -- about that on top. No it is on Tom I remember when Brady got hurt a couple of years ago against Kansas City for a Boston College announcement from that day. Eight forward all of their quarterbacks would Wear a brace on their front throwing all of their line minority Dade and -- both. But -- quarterbacks from that point on would Wear a brace on their front row and what was your reaction that accepts about how find out why what made you look. Is it really that much of an MP impediment that really affectionate you view your game that much that you would take that chance. It's now -- -- -- that I admire my -- -- picture on the front page of the globe sports section shows the offensive linemen standing over Brady. They have braces on both of their legs as you would expect. He's got a great sleeve on his left front throwing lights brighten. And I am -- are you kidding me. Now. You get the whole idea of well he's got the written on contractors. Right. I mean I hit him. Lasted upper -- and hit him right at any did the whole philosophy talked about Rick -- for just a moment a Bill Belichick crony right. Now. Certain he would never do anything you know to hurt the patriots quarterback. I mean there's a certain cold that coaches live by right. The same code. -- a year ago in the season opener the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are trailing the New York football giants 41 to thirteen. Or second slap in the knee. Eli Manning is gonna take any. And he gets blasted. By the Tampa Bay defensive lineman setting up a whole bunch of stuff. We're not gonna quit this is the way coach and -- players some people were upset about it I guess that's that's the way it goes I don't have any any hesitation if that's the way we play until clean hard football -- -- C games over. -- -- idiotic clean host a parallel with that yesterday though. There's a philosophy though that Greg she you know has hear about his football team its older -- flooding. I'm working up my hope I think Jimmy is recognized previous owner offered at some point I'll know I am just tell -- I'm gonna show you this works its way forward now. Later in the week last year after the she on oh cup you just -- Melissa stark from ESPN has a one on one sit down interview with Greg Shia. One. Arguments suspending it this week is that it is an unwritten rule that you don't do that in the NFL I think most of the time when people's. Get angry there's usually either miscommunication and missed expectations. And I don't think they understood what our expectations were why we did it. I think being misinterpreted it if it was something violent and -- but a lot of people thought that and I have to answer to people I know if I do something that's right. I can go to bed at night -- into anything. That is -- right than I have no problem and I believe what we did was right next week next year are you doing it again. It's like any other play we -- playbook and I think that time is right quote. So you call a halt drilling the quarterback on a -- down. It was a stupid. Macho. Thing to start mean when he it is kind of thing I regret afterwards just angry you -- -- when he sat down Melissa stark I expected him to say you know that we it was. I apologize to pump oh art work it out with tomko went -- -- apologize right. I've probably won't do it again. But she isn't that. You know in the macho thing that -- I public good hard clean football that's why it happened yesterday. One yesterday it's funny because Greg -- don't talk about. What they had decided going into the game well coach -- taken and I we. Stressed -- teams let him throw the football rush the professor go by him don't don't get around them. And I can't take that and see what happens but look at tape let's. -- -- okay. Now what that means in plain and bush is that if Adrian Claiborne gets a round. Neitzel Altria. He is gonna run by break right he is not an adrenaline in the solar plex as he's gonna run by him that's what that means okay. But it also means that -- locked up with sold there somewhere in the vicinity of Tom Brady's legs. He's not gonna stop. -- green Claiborne come I'm sorry guys. Euros yes there -- a quarterback. A man I mean he got a guy on his feet on the sales and my instinct is to keep going so that's what I do. He he was not Maria remorseful but in a lot of -- on its heels. Likes older you keep all so didn't really think that Adrian Claiborne -- gonna -- I'd -- stop. Pushing the 648325. Pound guy because he might fall in the Tom Brady. Well who thinks like that -- Are you gonna suggest they shouldn't have joint practice that's exactly where on the office because someone fell yes Tom Brady's leg and didn't hurt seriously but what do we call it call and a sprained. But the brewers -- -- as murderous as more tweeting out sources called that more of the bureau's public joint practices -- the quarterback customers neighbor's well and the race -- that's. I you'll never -- with a knee -- on again but I -- if -- -- joint practice the next thing you know Vince Wilfork which is penciled in the wrong. You're absolutely wrong. And and and here's my premise here. Not then you'll know you liked -- well how about this well for Tommy Charlie Kelly they taught me Kelly any defense -- delighted you want -- -- any guy you want. He's locked up with Neitzel -- in an in eleven against eleven play against the patriots off -- Think she's ever gonna let it get to the point. Which are even close to Tom Brady I think it's instinctual I think suggests it's just a degree -- -- -- down the sort of falls down advocate someone that falls and he trips over them I mean it's it's not the joint practice I'm and I agrees Seattle -- -- -- He doesn't mind this at all and Adrian Claiborne doesn't mind this at all you tell me in the annoyed that people were asking him. All these questions that was such a big deal. -- -- -- All the players mostly opposition plays the Brady is this Demi god duties above everyone else and a little injury to his legacy -- National crisis. Bigger than than anything in the news -- the news of every every industry is did timidity and interact. Yank it off -- which by the way I think and Curtis made ribeiro point to a last night's and that. It -- -- value number it is. It's. Obviously unfathomable but this team's worth one point eight billion you're joking -- what would that be worth the Brady were gone a lot less less. And he took a pay cut and he only makes what every makes. -- make. This year I went -- than that the latest when he when he took a pay cut. He's a guy for a grand less than twenty million he's worth. And times he's -- Unfathomable money what. What he means to this team and not just you know in the no opening game against buffalo in -- overall what he has brought to this team if it's more you know worth more than. Would Belichick makes and if you know any any play and play -- in any sport. Who's worth more than -- grudges is Hillary's -- one million may be LeBron James -- not right those. And base their habits and I'm not sure it is slow LeBron James because you know they won a title before he got Dwayne wade. Was there Pat Riley was there yet. They could have attracted somebody else I mean. Brady such an enormously wouldn't be better than LeBron James but they could of angled. No four to bring in another star player Rite -- to play with Bausch. To be a contender to be a hot ticket in Miami mature the value of the team. Would be all that different Brady. He's here alternative -- would have been Matt Cassel or Brian Hoyer or Ryan mallet right. I mean with Tim Tebow clearly be worth one point -- bill also Ryan mallet is is -- is now looks like it's still -- AFC east now -- -- -- they -- Super Bowl conversation is over with Brady but it's the same thing as a couple years ago that it all they want and -- what I mean they've won eleven with castle look at the schedule schedule was easy. They didn't make the playoffs and it wouldn't have. Done that every year I know Belichick's wonderful coach but Brady. Is -- easy. -- one of the great coaches of all time because he has Tom Brady all the great coaches of all time. It was a single -- and have a guy have a quarterback it is kind of this effort Joseph -- yes common thread. Joseph Gibbs is now Larry and rights can and although. -- -- and was an MVP right. -- -- give -- more like the other guys who need them but there was this this this this sort of backlash they installed this. You know fear yesterday you have red -- wrote about it and Wetzel wrote about it. People panic too much now were supposed to do not know they don't panic enough and enough. But what is it is if you're fan what is your reaction supposed to be fewer Tom Brady left with a knee injury from practice. Knee injury this brightness in the cup awarding it you'll find affordable -- is also some pause and take some time. This. I hate that you'd just take a breath. Now we don't let me wait until we get all in -- ice that have this problem with you dale at all and your co -- when you played. Moment 5% -- for an act and then take a breath with those rules of coal and yes. Everybody just on. -- -- -- vocal -- -- come on that's -- we do. Come Davis -- again it's not. We do it's not how we react. I think there's no such thing as an overreaction to a Tom Brady injury if it's that neat if he cares if he's out. You're a and and as -- won at the baseline mean consider the Vegas line that this team is a Super Bowl contender one of the top two -- three. Debts to win at all right. I'd say I mean we we've done this all the time and the odds and the second. Behind say they won't report -- yesterday except Cisco C. A New England Denver area you know -- Teamsters for a moment happen if there are legit Super Bowl contender Brady goes down. There nine and seventeen point. Probably -- AFC east help cynical figure in my when may be -- goes right they went ten and may be them that went seven games right we never ever happen with Tom Brady he is as important as any. Player in sports. And he's and the great pre season and he feels better than average he told you guys. And at age 36 and he goes down it's. Hopeless it's hopeless. When you first heard that Brady got hurt yesterday. And we hadn't seen the greens recruiter. Where was silent -- her own. When you first heard you hadn't seen the film yet it's like OK you know I got knocked out there when you saw the film -- Just think there was a little more traffic around the quarterback than what you were expecting -- -- got a -- non contact Jersey on. It -- think there was more bodies around is beaten lags. And then I heard Tim Hasselbeck on ESPN talking about this and he said look I've been involved in these these joint practices before. He said it's different. It's not the same. Even though you've got the red non -- in non contractors on the defensive lineman to really give it I was guy agreed on that regard he does like orange hair you. Heard Claiborne viewed it did appear at all but he can now Brady's and and then they went to one of his teammates -- figure who another lineman in these I hope he's OK. Right. -- it was like so they want healthy for -- -- Yeah that would go out of business -- game what that's one of the great myths in sports I think that teammates that players and other teams care about the health of their opponent that we want everyone to be healthy. There were while people in the room holding their breath and gasping in all that -- Ethnic and in new York and buffalo Miami. A thicket in Denver and and everywhere every other city in the NFL sent out hope PA's sealed his blown out again. They can't say they won't say it. So why would Adrian Claiborne who was responsible for this. Feeling differently that you have to play them in the regular season they were hoping for the worst and we go through this you re with the -- We all we want everyone to be healthy but I don't go well. And the point I was making was if if it's just a patriots practice. There is nowhere near the traffic on Tom Brady that you saw on that the -- -- It's not even close they don't allow it to get there right because they know this is our entire cities. That guy right there he gets hurt we got no chance. Bay Buccaneers know that to let's. Ball you know I I don't get to get him in the in between the one in the -- -- get ice older but a push sold back and it's like Paul didn't Pollard ever felt that all of a -- it was say -- -- with him yesterday -- equipment. -- -- at the eyesight was kind of -- that they would actually be sure he wasn't in the middle of that. I mean he called the skins that you put on the wall when you -- on their belt dealt. It was a -- on his wall he's -- he's very proud leader. He hurt Gradkowski he did that intentionally -- -- Murkowski and he did it. He hurt Ridley he's hurt Brady he was new year Welker when he went down. -- that we -- assassin. Like he is when Europe just hit man that hurt people. Mean you're hurt and some of the best you're affecting the team's fortunes in the literally. And that's part of the job when your Bernard Pollard and I don't think. Adrian Claiborne feels all that differently when your defensive player here on main act commuter killer. You want to see guys go down you wanna hurt them hit them so hard that they don't get up. It's the reason why -- not sure of the joint practices are worth it. Yeah just that. Now Brady gets to throw against guys who don't know all of his cadences and they don't know all of his signals. By the way he's not gonna do the normal stuff because they played in week three any. The Philadelphia thing I understood this when I didn't understand even before Brady we talked about on Monday it thank you to do CD eight to dale rail against this Monday they'll we know we did regularly get guys it doesn't make sense. -- -- street seems strange. This particular team but deterioration in this so that is the the boredom and camp it breaks up the board and it brings a little edge to -- real now I don't just stop doing it they'll do it again next year. Of course bill let things like this right that's not gonna slow down like an appealing Bill Belichick was hold his breath shortly oh absolutely and I was -- it it was that moment and I was obviously following on Twitter and look at the on line looking at that footage that you hear the kid on the girls all know we have that you gotta get this. Get it off the the band video. I mean that was kind of the -- the sentiments -- on the -- England. But did you keep repeating what we were all saying how did you feel like that that this guy that. He's sees almost two important means to import you saying there -- the season winning seven of what anyone else you wouldn't say about any other guy and the team except him. I mean it close this and I loved -- they thought that god forbid he goes now let their second best player just walk away Wes Welker has walked away. Because -- -- and someone said this the other day because this NFL network and Jeremiah. Known that is. And -- the going to be the guys who said his what you do he just couldn't put the season in Brady's hands and let him figure out. The way most fans view this patriot team say. Oh -- he's gone yeah with the greatest tight immediately the greatest season tight -- over hand right -- and is gone -- gone so. Brady's back at what about the linemen can't bring it figured out what about the defense that doesn't matter -- -- outscored him he has this is all. At this age after all these years where you say that Brady nothing else the first athlete I think in town. Where you get rid of him. Since major championship aspirations are gone I mean you know something right now Pedro. Had you had chilling -- and what's on his prime 2000 and you thought you heard and number I thought about it with bird -- definitely certain bird you know played with him yet today he was acquitted of that team a little -- but he had a hall of famers around him. Had to go to what is what is Brady have. Mean he has -- it's just wrong. Way too early season hole I will for Wes Welker is a hall of Famer. They just let -- -- Wilfork he's a hall of Famer in 98 he thought that he's on the beat -- channel -- -- Under the radar type because -- read -- statistics. But yet. And on offense. A lot. Not a lot but do do you think -- -- say Mallon said the worst happened yesterday mount your quarterback. -- picked him in the AFC east. I would say. They're co favorites among them get serious about -- and I'd say the most clicked the O nine and seven and lose the first round of the playoffs and would beast that would be some pain involved and not. Blue yes plus Mondays are now watching and to be known and it be like watching don't like watching Mark Sanchez are watching Ryan can help growing pains in -- and me -- would have made that Brady would have made that -- of the beasts acts -- -- The -- come in and he wouldn't be pretty he is the most important in sports. That's all there are lies damn lies and giants fans. One Texan on the eighteenth he text line from 86 -- you pats fans are unreal. Who wishes anyone in injury winning game being a giant -- won we beat the pats twice. We want it helped the and I are one of the great -- -- good description of the and I -- law I am not like. Around an ex players all the time when you're arguing -- -- the Nazis and guys like that. In their -- you the truth. You know and they they didn't want the other team's best player all to be -- And they they try to insure the other day tomorrow they hoped. He didn't get up it was imminent end his career path. Anybody they -- this happens and am entitled the clock still evident over the fact that he broke -- conflict. Bernard Pollard we Christina -- -- -- -- I want them assign him. Bernard Paul probably hasn't had a good night father Greg in his eyes and Serena -- that knocked Stephen Root. Remotely out. Out cold like out out there and when they watch on film I'm Charles teammates had. -- -- with the way that are. Way too hot. -- -- -- it's a game we want everyone to be healthy in the film room Bernie. Pollard is he his teammates say. Use them and you largest year killer -- -- and we'd love and -- in on the raiders in the month. Jack hate him. The colts in the Bob Mike Curtis did that meet the one of that kind of thing behind. Me and in the walls in the film -- Okay -- say it. -- -- Claiborne look remorseful that he looks well and a text or who was there said there were two scuffles on the field before the injury. It happens but it -- team stuff. Within the team at that level and and they said you know we're not gonna fight. When. Scuffle with our -- at a piano and Belichick made the deal. Flights or flights they sit down and ten minutes later this fight gentleman's rules. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- line -- 37937. We think it's okay he was at meetings last night according Ed werder he's supposed to be at practice today at one thing. Was different was he can plan and a couple more snaps. And then he went away math just doesn't feel right away eighty walked right pass shoot you knew it was over will take quick break we'll get the call to you guys coming up next we have not forgotten the Red Sox. You know it's gone bad if -- Mike Napoli hit line drives the second baseman make diving catches on you'll hit home runs. And then you lose and walk off fashion anyway we'll get to that as well Sports Radio W the.

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