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Joe Castiglione with Junichi Tazawa and translator C.J. Matsumoto

Aug 14, 2013|

Joe talks with Red Sox reliever Junichi Tazawa about his experiences in the Major Leagues, how much of a help it's been having Koji Uehara around, and his hopes for the season.

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GC you have really pitched well lately pitch so often. I feel like this role of being the seventh and eighth inning man. -- Manitoba hospitals must -- that I that's kind of body heat and actually he did -- Muslims than equipment and you yeah. My team is the simple can regulate. I really like its role I've just wanna contribution to the team as often as possible. And you protect your fastball is back to where it was earlier in the season. Not quite this fast that one just before the all star break but now it seems stronger. That was voted the leader of the season there on the weren't able studios it -- -- in the season's list implement them Edmonton Edmonton. And took him less -- a quick I don't entitlements it's my this season. That as a full time major leaguers yeah there was probably some ups and downs. A few very good right now. -- see how but -- communicating with the manager coaches and teammates. Is that difficult for you are. Can you speak enough English enter it talked baseball. And all -- group puts them -- how many kids of my it was a woman. Have a candidacy. The wind but it -- to -- this but it. So desperately. All the coaches -- very friendly and it's -- put the barrel he speaks a little bit of Japanese so we communicated that way. How by having Koji here is that like having. A Big Brother to help you along on -- I'm on my team at the speed but the new -- that's gotten us old -- miles needs him and I need to attack on him as -- -- -- an assist as the hero also investments that -- achievement is -- -- fifth inning and things. He's a mall like a -- that I really respect so I'm trying to learn as much. From him. And what about life in Boston now for you. Have you been able to adjust okay. Especially with the language barrier. And not -- on the -- you know that anonymous. Muscles. Moment when the man to. And then we -- well yeah it's been five these I really like it -- what. And that city office. But who I wish you continued success. Come on -- become a World Series maybe. I think when you took its flexibility and you get them and you -- -- but -- -- that's my that's out -- haven't you very much.

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