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Defensive End Chandler Jones with Salk and Holley

Aug 14, 2013|

We discuss all things Patriots training camp with second year defensive end Chandler Jones. Jones also issues the first public calming word about the Tom Brady injury: 'He's Tom Brady, he's going to be fine."

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Before I ask you this question about the defense -- -- we talked to somebody. Who's actually on this Patriots defense Chandler Jones kind enough to join us from the practice field right downstairs from us patriots defensive end Jim how -- I don't go well what. Mocha thanks for doing this with -- us we appreciate it come into camp. -- healthy this year after the ankle injury that did that cut short the season the in the last year are you feeling so far. Don't go don't don't critically rated is that the -- -- actually. Crypto hey -- what's up its top current. -- -- -- things going with Tampa how is it different this week from being locked up. With the Philadelphia Eagles. You know you just pick what you learned what you did learn from last week in this industry over the next week in Europe that we deliberately set. What what did you learn or not learned last week. I'm not a good. Come together -- -- did what we learn what we Hitler but come together on one you know them there that -- A little bit of experience that we book bearing and you and you -- -- they -- the guys lineup next who are not better than than you -- get a good chemistry. It's not about experience in coming out of Syracuse obviously your pass rush ability -- intangibles degree as a guy locker room and -- these guys are things that. Who brought the NFL. Name for me a pass rush boo that you do not have -- this time last year. Today at the great question that you that you US thank you not not not that a -- that -- But how to do woman is that is that you have flats well wanna get across. They'll be most effective answer to give you if it how to build profitable though it. Maybe add -- to be -- speed and didn't probably know when they do not do it and every place. -- Nolan and certain all the Latin that's what you -- calm rational level not what moved out of school. It's only and is it much more film study to allow you to do that. In terms of when you get on the field you say okay well -- -- -- that this guy up from previous swim move early by doing XY NC or do you still have to feel it during the game. Boats habitable allowed a lot of zone but he -- in the game you know sometimes you don't see what you get down under and again to be 100% in the last. Jim what do you like best about your role in this defense. What are about the royal roads it's still my job and it's funny because that's -- -- one of the things that they'll vote that the silly comment. Do your job and work in and that figured I would do in the best of our eyes now. -- that to us it was a to somebody else -- the horn player and both revenue. All right well we had an interview here yesterday we had to keep to leave talking to Gisele song wanna make sure. We we know exactly what you're doing what you're talking to the -- supermodels walking around. Our noted this is the rebel the -- there. Well definitely not a supermodel and in that case you know we're talking to bella check into Wilfork about you the other day and one of the things they brought up is is your ability. To stand your ground in in playing run defense not just what you do in the passing game coming off the edge. But standing your ground that your size how is not part of the game been for you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jail is such an upbeat guy in your enthusiasm is he's really infectious shows that you face when you interact with people off the field. How hard is it for you get pissed off when you on the field. -- -- and admit it's funny that this would not elegant and even on the remote spot and -- it. But I don't know that the great quarterback that's what that turn off an emblem on the pillow off the bill would end up so like. My personality is the outgoing person the person that come. You know all the ones who autograph and competently manage it hallowed be noted that I had you know spoke up it's sad note there is -- -- -- -- -- driver -- to that they didn't sweater and all the books immediate thing. I've been awkward or wobble and with that we like about -- you know every green coming in on people are people's government and everything. -- -- -- Our focus and get ready for care and you know to get ready for this season the outlook uses US focus -- -- -- and a -- -- -- -- a few weeks -- this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The most addicted to. Go to people who cannot live without literati teammates. Our own but the good question thank the good question that the great questioner yeah. Austin is going to be. Not a lot of light armored unit has been on what -- -- -- our Lola problem there's been a lot of movement not a lot of haven't been around so I didn't want anyone predicted. It was a react what was the reaction today in the sideline when Tom Brady limped off. I didn't hear about it -- let. No did did did you guys were you unaware of the fact that he that he went to the locker room I just found out via your order okay well. Now that I tell you Tom Brady limped to the locker in the middle practiced today -- how how would you react to that. -- -- -- -- They let me ask you this night dental dot but I'm gonna ask you this anyway it would that be something that you would have heard a blow. In the last. It happened around 330. After an hour ago. If there was a dire situation with a player you're practice which you probably heard about it but now. Whatever but I I won't find out about until later there was an independent power Powell Colin Powell -- -- -- -- -- -- -- hear about it until. I got in the locker room. -- let us -- which it down there. If there's anything wrong yet can you play reporter for a cure. Because there are not that I could never do it never -- Belichick's that we had permission but you might have -- -- what are find out what Florida. We have special permission from Belichick he said as long as we were working together us with -- you -- you any information you find out about Brady's -- you can give to us no problem. Are there. I. They Chandler appreciate you taking a few minutes after practice we'll talk to cement are not beer. Aren't there you go I don't know whether he really believe that. Team like we almost like he's almost gonna tell us. But then at the end he just and a you kind of remember he wasn't -- -- -- -- because you believe them for 12 that he didn't know that Tom Brady went out of practice I do knee -- -- do you do -- Tom -- at least practice they don't -- us. If he just walks off the field and drizzle power they didn't have to stop practice Ricardo yes I do every defense and offense to segregated oftentimes appointment different fields. That it's it was Bucs defense against Patriots offense. Yes I -- That's just don't think that. I don't think it's going to be epic while I certainly neither does he hear the confidence of the voices Tom Brady he'll be fine I mean. And that that actually makes sense that a note saying somebody's name means that they can overcome what could be serious knee injury and didn't work forum in 2008 it wasn't like hey I'm Tom Brady -- can overcome the fact. The Bernard Pollard just ended my season just doesn't work that way but. He did walk off under his own power there's no reason to panic at least not yet. But Tom Brady did leave practice today at the went off the field we'll continue to monitor did you get any updates and I'm sure the patriots are going to be open to giving us as soon as they now. Are coming up like -- -- as to this course is still but the defense we have a chance to get to it would do that next wash your calls you guys are on the phone or 617. 7797937. Your thoughts on Brady going down on quarterback options at setter would do that coming -- alcoholic but W --

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