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Red Sox Manager John Farrell with Salk and Holley

Aug 14, 2013|

We speak with John Farrell for our weekly interview. We focus specifically on the struggles of Mike Napoli, and John breaks the news with us that Napoli will be moved down in the Sox order.

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You gonna do another one of those things we yeah. -- -- -- OK -- to order me around like that. You were the most bizarre human being it really is is fascinating to work with him particularly -- to me the freak Doug. I don't listen anything Doug says that's my first rule of doing romo's but he just roughed up cook. Up a John Ferrell joins us here in just the second promised seed we get another sports flash Tom Curran will -- later in the show I like that. I would like that to -- anything as good as what you did yesterday will be ready for that -- to John Farrell is brought to you brought to you by -- insurance town fair tire. And by -- hockey comes off a nice win their last night and and the guy that stands out John house to be Shane Victorino you ever seen a guy that's small. With an arm as strong as his. Thought if -- were on this -- he might have put the safety right now about that could be described as the best. They I tell you what did I think that's one area of his game that is. Maybe surpassed all of our. Initial thoughts on not only do the strength but the accuracy how quick he gets from -- you know how quick he gets rid of the ball. And his instincts. Always seem to put him of the good position and he's just an -- defensively force field want to keep running. Well good question if it he keeps creating opportunities for him throw people out there and and maybe just because people view him as a as a center fielder and sometimes say well you put center fielder in right field. The arm strength might not be there. What would it allows him to do that there's somebody more balls that he has the ability -- -- have is momentum coming through it. Where he gets everything high and because he's such an explosive guy. You know he's quick to recover or or change directions to create a momentum in -- -- off a very strong throw and that was the case last month -- -- -- While we're talking about a he's been batting right handed against righty -- -- some of that has to do we said with the with a hamstring it's been bothering him. What kind of conversations which you have with him before that occurs about it. Well it was actually during the game and this was back to any airs on series when the Diamondbacks were in town and and you know his right. I just can't get the power off my backside tournament left -- -- -- would you think of and your right -- eventual last -- -- did the goes well when I started which had been nineteen this isn't personal for someone to bring that up just. To me in exudes confidence that they obviously hit right handed. And I felt well if you feel like -- butterfly he goes well his next at bat comes up where. There's nobody on and if it's two outs and as you know it's not and RBIs situation goes in my tried -- -- ago. It's not like I hadn't held the key to at all he just he brought it forward and and so he lined a single up the middle and just kind of marvel at someone's ability to change on the fly like that. And the thing about it is he feels more confident from the right side of the plate when he cities so regardless of -- his left handed pitchers going against him I think he's in a better place mentally. And then you look at them on base from the right side I think he's been hit 45 times by pitchers. Right handed pitchers because when he stand right on top of the plate as we crowd that. -- -- given opposing pitcher that much room to work with. And he's taken a number of good swings against right in the position right side. You know as one of the things Lou was mentioning right before we jumped on the here and Maloney was -- thought that may have been. -- it because he's a little more uncomfortable or unfamiliar in that role trying to make sure he can guard against slider from the right -- it was leaning -- he gets hit a few times. Could be keep the other the one thing as we've all come to find out he's fearless whether he's playing defense or Weathers in the box I mean. He knows if he gets hit with a pitch here you know -- brush it off and move on doll line. So to seal ball achieved its breaking away from I'm sure he's gonna track it a little bit more Ernie might stay on it was his front shoulder a little bit longer and and if that puts him in a position to. You know to take a fastball that might be running into him you all off the elbow -- the back of the -- -- something. -- It's worked for a. Hey John Tucker from Comcast sports net. Mike and I were talking a little bit previously -- cultivate an atmosphere in which a player can have that kind of confidence. To be in a position to go ahead for instance you righty there's switch hitter against right handed pitcher. How would -- has that we knew in his first season with the Red Sox -- the head. To cultivate that go ahead. I did -- a combination of -- and I think you can it's all inclusive. And what I mean by that is I don't think this is my responsibility or or the result of one person there's no way can be we know we're talk about 25 players. -- staff members. Front office. We have a common goal to tie it in the end to achieve that goal we felt like the clubhouse was one area that needed to be addressed and well the biggest impact on our clubhouse has been the the players inside so. -- and to his credit and his staff they've selected the right guys. The thing that we set out in spring training was so let's insurer. And do whatever we can that the game tonight is the most important thing so all of our focus all of our energies are addressed to that not. Maybe some of the other personal things that might be around a given team. So it by getting the right guys who were strong teammates. Those that care for one another and willing to sacrifice in the game being the most important thing. Over time that is continued to grow and cultivated doesn't happen overnight. But I think there's a freedom for every guy in here to speak his mind and ultimately play the game. Play the game as it's unfolding in front of us. And let's look to execute whatever calls for and in the case of chain it was like hey I'm banged up what about me hit right handed -- And it tells them about. It you have to have a lot of could stuff. To go ahead -- work when you're the guy who was gonna have danced forward if he looks awful striking out one other thing I would ask is is. How fluid is that. Atmosphere chemistry. Selflessness because it's it can come and can go you always have to stay on top that. Well. I I and I make sure that I'm I'm president in the clubhouse a lot and that's not to be looking over guy's shoulder but to know that there's not. You know with the proverbial open door policy which had a blast Norman and you can walk through when it's. Take the money in here he would sums on your mind or there's something that I sense all ask you guys and say let's let's talk about this. Because the -- as long as the player is really mind if he's gonna go out and give you the best effort possible and in using -- the Victorino example. You know where I would have to pat answer questions so that -- they're tangible reasons forward and not hiding anything will be in. As candid as possible and we feel like hey this is the best situation we can make out of today. Well there's another obvious example here that would be Mike Napoli I mean everyone knows he's struggling right now at the plate. What kind of conversations are you having with him. Well there was one that took place just a few minutes ago and we've moved him down the seven hole today. I wanted to him to know that's what we recognize he's grinding and he's working through a stretch where things haven't gone his way. We haven't lost confidence in him and yet we feel like there's opportunities -- present themselves where he's come up and some big spots that. You know as a mentioned but I mentioned to him today you gonna put down -- seven hole that'll put Gomes in the five hole behind Ortiz drew was in the six hole. We still wanna protect their right left the alternating two lineup because we're going up against a team with. Three left handers in the bullpen and don't wanna get over closed on one side or the other but I just felt like is Mike is working through this. You know he's he's he's he's dropped down a lot of and we -- fiction spots form throughout the course of a given week to get him off his feet deep impression possible. Do you make how do you decide what's the right course of action with somebody I -- on one hand if you gotta have accountability right -- -- is there's got to be competition for every spot. You wanna make sure that that that it's not okay. To to not live up to expectations but on the other hand you got to try to. To have confidence in the guy and know that he's done it before it can do it again how do you decide when to move some down went to give someone a break when somebody just can't do the job anymore. Well partly too because we live it every -- -- guys I think are. Well one they're very aware of what's taking place around -- they don't wanna perform they all want to contribute that that. Those are givens and I don't throw that out there just because we take it for granted because we know for a fact that guys work their tail off and they want to contribute. But it's been dealing with any situation good veteran different with a player if I keep the player in the forefront in my mind and and it's it's about him. Not about me. But it's about him and how we can best use him to contribute. Then that the conversation is gonna take -- natural course. And it's gonna come out on the right and I firmly believe that I have to trust that that's that's that's my approach does to dealing with every. Individual player -- with different situations so. Mike aware that he's Smart guys been around awhile and and you know while it might be disappointed initially. His comments back to Mears who'd listen all I want to do was win in whatever you feel like his rights. Set up a right -- nomination Omar I'm on board so from my standpoint you couldn't ask for any better response honestly. At age and that's exactly what I was gonna ask because that's what the most important aspect of it is after you make the decision is Cubs player reaction. -- -- -- -- it must be. Satisfying might not be the reward quality it must. Big Q feel like things are being on the way you want to do -- that is the reaction he got the right guys around you. Well that last point is the most important one as we've got the right people because. You know -- Witten when you're investing in a player -- promote your contractor you're drafting people through the amateur draft were ultimately betting on people. And we have to find out and do our due diligence on the person first and foremost. Not to not to take for granted the talent should but if you got the right people. I think in the end you're gonna meet the challenges in the rough spots that every team -- can -- count. Clearly -- middle Brooks has been hit the ball well since he's come back what changes have you seen what's been different other than the results. He's more confident more relaxed I think in the box. So you know he went through some challenging times during the year. He's you know the majors the major leagues that was taken away. Bats are good for us. So every week's. And -- every you know he's still a work in progress with -- -- a little bit more to plate meaning he's not. Setting up in the box with -- as much of an open stance. And I think that's just allow on the bat head you know the plane of the swing to the strike from the view of -- more flat a couple of ball particularly the ball away enough pulling off as much. We saw the double to right field last night he stays on another pitch -- he's doing it's hard to 56 hole for another base hit. And I think he's finally realizing that I'm just going out there to again play the game and contribute in any way possible breaking up a double play late in the game after the base hit. It made him a handful of plays a couple of diving plays his glove side last night. So he's played a little bit more freer mind. And they just so much more relaxed in the box. Time now for Mohegan Sun -- -- John Farrell contest question and today's that question comes from Christopher Clark who's in West Bridgewater to ask you this job. Could you share some examples of how managing this current Red Sox team differs from managing the Blue Jays over the last couple years. I'm good question one who their leaders. A greater. Pool. -- of pool a pool of depth of players. I don't know pose substantial. We we we have a greater number of players to step in. In and keep our performance I think relatively even. And that's not to be critical in the past. Or what was with the Blue Jays who were fortunate to be a situation where as we've gone in to player number 4445. That level of talent it has it has been greater than an -- -- that huge drop off you threw an experience. Or just overall depth particularly on the pitching side in. To me that's probably the biggest difference. At all is that you know we've used nineteen different relievers this year. And I think 44 different players and total. And injuries are gonna happen performances are gonna shift and you've got to make changes but to be -- -- -- -- that. Secondary groups that additional eighteen or nineteen players. You know above the 25 guys we broke camp with that's been the biggest difference. Real point in your season where you know your couple in your your start to come down the homestretch here in to mid August now where you're starting to look at how guys might handle themselves in. Not just pressure situations put extra pressure situations that could present themselves for the next couple weeks and months. Well I think we do some situations already where we've had to respond. It inside it individual games or. You'd you know given where we might be in the standings -- mean people might say you know while you're scoreboard watch and honestly. And I'm not afraid to say it are I want these words that every dark days you've been happy for the last six days -- us. Well I mean we're in a pretty decent stretch right now even though you know we've we've only won you know six out of the last ten. We haven't been on one of those nine and one streaks where you're starting gain some ground on core or create some separation between you. But we've had some things fall our way and we're not in control of everything except how we played tonight. So you know it. I guess it goes back to the matches given the players first day of spring training we've we've focused on tonight's tilt the clear answer your question. I'm not really too concerned with what's coming down the line and we have to take care of business every day we walk on the field and I've actually approach again today. John Mora overlooking the Gillette Stadium practice fields right now with the Patriots and Bucs are going through joint practice. Do you ever get a chance to turn your attention away from baseball and maybe talk to bill dollars decorating the Patriots as a reserve time after the season when you can -- be a football -- You know what I haven't really I know there is no training -- going on. You know you read some things but. We're sort of close to the ability to what was on the Red Sox ideas that -- do that all the bills at the end of the year you became a football fears that a gamble a little. They have so I don't know but I would -- I was that -- I can talk about gambling obviously but good to tell you you know. You -- you live is it becomes our lives so you know you're consumed by and I'll be -- -- to -- the biggest personal challenge I have is trying to strike a balance with my own time. And trying to find that hour in the day where I can you know either go for a run get my work out -- just kind of you know walk throughs and thoughts -- anticipate some situations that might come up today that I can walk through and how I might. -- handling them but other than that then then you're in the mix of it you're you're. It's kind of taken you. You know it's funny our pro was gonna bring this up a little later but our steam producer Ben here young men believes that as we watch this practice he can throw the ball more accurately. We make quicker release and maybe with a stronger arm than Tim Tebow cannot or whether he's right or not we're gonna dig into a little bit later. But if if the common fan who played a little bit of baseball in their life high school baseball maybe. Was asked to go out there and play for your team for one game is there anything he could do without screwing up. Well as the ball wasn't hit two home. Or if he is. So we can really wild and threw four straight balls okay. -- took his base possibly everything's possible. I I'd probably I'd I'd -- bank of the guys we have in our clubhouse first. You're gonna go those 25 over this number 26 hey we appreciated John always good to -- yet we'll do it again next week. Okay guys report to -- aren't there you go there's John Ferrell is brought to buyer -- insurance town fair tire. And by -- -- congrats to Christopher Clark. For being selected he is when he midweek overnight stay Mohegan Sun is now eligible to in the end of the season grand prize an overnight stay at dinner or John Farrell and the salt -- -- show. At Mohegan Sun but WEEI dot com slash -- he can every week to submit your question for the manager -- -- -- John Ferrell. Roger by Mohegan Sun boss and I betcha didn't know the Mohegan Sun has. Three any casinos in how many table games. I can mediate 325. All game I -- humanity to want. -- -- -- How many slots. Just off the top here and 1003 eighths or 6000. Slots and -- 40 do you want -- -- fortitude table locker room as well create your moments. At Mohegan Sun dot com some good stuff there from John Farrell I'll tell you what the cheering is here training camp coming up next assault and -- what Tom Curran and WB.

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