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Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 2 of the preseason, quarterback draft strategy and position battles

Aug 14, 2013|

Pete Davidson, Chief Fantasy Football Writer from Rotobahn.com, sat down with WEEI's Jim Hackett once again to help get you prepared for your Fantasy Football Drafts. In this podcast, Pete and Jim review the quarterback drafting strategy and how it will impact your draft. The guys also take a deeper look at some of the evolving positional battles in training camps across the league heading into week 2 of the Preseason.

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This is the fantasy -- -- This -- home. Presented by a Mohegan Sun -- We'll back to the second edition of the W. PI this football podcast presented by our friends here at Mohegan Sun a world that play I'm Jim Hackett and I'm joined as always by our fantasy football expert. Pete Davidson the chief Tennessee football writer for Radovan -- on the fast tracked to fantasy football domination allied unity. Are you doing pretty well Jimmy had a little. It paid -- explosions boring but. But opted certain sect about half hour ago since it -- -- they say it started dating like I I guess you do what the other listeners to. The fact that credit ago going to watch 3000 hours of football and a couple days it's the tickets -- on -- we appreciated here. I don't are kept it here. So let's sons now that you're feeling better we'll use the hour does that the -- the medication will work. To our advantage and dive right -- you wrote an article. This week it was posted on WEEI dot com with some QB rankings heading into the second week of the pre season some interest -- stuff so that's a great way to start. And done and -- -- before you actually get into the rankings. I'm more interest and I think our listeners will be very interested in. In terms of the strategy you know about drafting quarterbacks there obviously huge point getters every week there's some marquee names out there. But in the drafts the strategy about when to get a quarterback. And why you go about your strategy is really important to people because it's a position they can make or break you on drastic. -- that's true I think -- you know the drafting quarterbacks you have to have a certain mindset. I mean obviously you always want the best players you can get. But there you know -- just as we mentioned in the article there other positions that are you know the tougher to get when you get into the deeper parts the draft where his quarterback. You can feel literally in any round I mean you could actually take -- starting quarterback with the last. -- -- -- -- draft I don't think that's the best way to do it you can do it whereas. Go try to go try and take your top running back in the last round. Now I can't I can't be done and you'll -- you did instant instant formula for our furloughs sassy as. Ludwick and I think that that I I would like people that these sort of keep in the back of their mind you know that you go through any round and people bought your first second -- any -- Take a look at the highest scoring player available it will always be a quarterback EU so. You're always gonna have that temptation you look at what's available along those points for the quarterback to do that but you can only play that card what's. You know and you know one of the things I like to. What I visualize by draft how I'd like to think of my quarterback position in the draft. I I sort of look at it as a bailout position. And went on drafting up you know it's it's you know it's I I sort of think as my earlier -- is jabs and setting up the right hand in the quarterback is my right hand. But I don't wanna just come out start throwing hay makers structure. There are certain things you have to get in the draft and you don't get them early. You're gonna be taking risks late or even risks in the middle but you don't wanna take passing up. More secure options -- higher upside options and other. Position and playing and playing catch up the whole draft which is never -- we've all been there exactly it's not a for the week came. Too many dangerous players and got to got to got to so again that quarterback pick if I think about it as the hammer okay. But the mid -- but but it's it's what news camera it's like a B it's staying at one time and it's like OK with so. What you actually take that -- you use it it's -- because every did you take for example if you take. Tom went a little will go to New England saying I note number -- probably goes a little bit higher in Boston area drafts you know say that in Chicago where chair. You know you take a guy like Brady in the first round. -- -- come back up in the third the fourth round in May -- you know Aaron Rodgers still on the board paid many still on the board leadership -- -- -- while. You know look what I could add up by just waited. No just people that do that. Right and meanwhile what actually get a ticket that point in my can look at -- Chris I agree or something. Meanwhile in the first round you could -- CJ Spiller Trent Richardson died you know it's it can really drastically affect the overall quality team meanwhile again if you hold that ever and you keep it. And you know essentially. You know. It's not having ever did not always about using ever write about making sure you have when you need so. You know. You'll only one QB keep that ever you wait when all the locks starters are dried up when you're looking at the running backs in the receivers like you know. I can get. This quality player probably next round and round after that and maybe even for around you know -- we're getting to a point now are these receivers look more like third receivers EU. Then you know really solid second receivers at that point. And that's the point I think and I know Jim you've been an offensive football draft so this feeling you're looking around like now I wanna pick our local topic I love Skype they just I just like these guys yeah. That's when if you if you keep that ever. Now all of a sudden instead of taking you know you know. A prospector only okay US. You draft Russell Wilson yeah Colin -- verdict. Or that Stafford or make you get real lucky and Matt Ryan slipped or what have you but you're sitting there and you've got. Two -- starters are running back to lock starters -- receiver. Maybe you got another really good player in the fifth -- Eric Decker somebody like that. And quarterback sit in the sixth round to come back around and you take a guy like Russell Wilson. You're you're just in great position. And meanwhile all the other people that around maybe or maybe one other persons playing this change strategy you but you look around yourself everybody else is taking. You know certain receivers running backs that maybe will be good maybe they won't mean you're taking a lot starter. Yeah it's it's Smart I think it's also important to tear them you know it's a tear your quarterbacks or if you're gonna take that strategy. You may be look for your quarterback in the fifth the sixth round right. Maybe there isn't a collection of names that your interest today and you mentioned a few Russell Wilson Stafford may be Romo or -- locker in there. In when those names start to fall do you agree. But what's your thought on May be paying him back in -- -- Russell Wilson's guy I want I've got him kind of in the same. -- As Stafford or Roma. I mean for me personally and I wrote -- we really went out of our way to make a point our top tier I. -- off the top my head I want to -- eight quarterbacks. About and what are they deep. -- -- -- are they all exactly the same -- I don't know exactly the same you know obviously I do like -- a little bit better than Russell Wilson. But I'm telling yet there's a decent chance at the end of this year Russell Wilson has more -- -- absolutely possible whereas when you look at the other positions you're taking in those various areas of the draft. You know you're in the second round were you might consider it got where a lot of people will take breeze. Well the passing up Dez Bryant and import or AJ green or which ever you lead receiver you happened you know fancy. OK I try to take that receiver and then get like again a guy like Wilson or. Even Tony Romo in the seventh round OK if you wanna go like -- twelve and eleven frank quarterbacks even if it would -- as quarterback heavy I'm very comfortable doing that. But if I stick my receiver or taking their quarterback. Election Dez -- AJ green Julio Jones anymore. I'm now taking. Help offer at a guy like -- taking Cecil shorts maybe Europe taking -- Hilton. But these players don't have the dependability the durability and the touchdown upside. But guys are desperate to become -- -- went -- -- -- -- -- it's a great point to Smart. Strategy in one thing when you look at the rankings. That's interesting is that it's a lot of compression isn't it there's a lot of people that. You know there's at the top guys see you know the usual suspects breeze. Rogers. Manning Cam Newton you know Brady for a long time that might clips a certain number of points but then after that. What I've seen the -- maybe even starting last year maybe the year before the compression between numbers five and used to be twelve now it's more like you know 1416 dare I say eighteen isn't that great in terms of the points -- to get. I think what's even when you had three or four elite quarterbacks. And in your head you know. Still he had adept at its position but you maybe get a decent drop off between three and four but had 567. You know what it was really clear that maybe. You know Peyton. You know Brady. Brees and Rodgers were sort of clearly at the top. Even -- First record backs was a mistake. Greed is even meant to go 34 years back it was a mistake to pick a quarterback in the first round because that's the scarcity at the running back position specifically. It's gonna come preaching your backside. In the fourth -- fifth round when you're sitting -- going. It doesn't matter what the best player in the board is right now I have to take a running back right that's a bad position. It set -- -- deposition to the end and I've been in there with. Can picture I mean hey I've. It's put it trial and error on my end to. You know sometimes you know you'll learn through our -- so hopefully -- listen -- them. That's good and dumb so what's so taking all that advice and I think the simple wise strategy can look at some of the actual. Players on the ranking of where they fall. Before I do that you mentioned the name I just have to put this out there that your your number eleven ranked quarterback is Tony Romo for those listening always remember. He's not your NFL quarterback. You don't need to worry about a man and then the first playoff game should they -- -- those cowboys make the playoffs and then he'll probably lose it. Because your Tennessee football championship for the long since gone by then six and is -- these. And is well back in the NFL playoffs do not align right -- at a time like so that's beautiful thing for you. Tony Romo can be clutch for you week sixteen when you're title and then he can go. You know tag only wants to get -- and then on January and you're not gonna care. Absolutely absolutely so let's go to us some of the quarterbacks that -- before eleven and on. Gonna start the top why wouldn't we did the the battle now between the top three that you see out there is often between Drew Brees Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning and of those three light breeze that the best tells why. Well. -- that -- -- important thing to really get into here and I actually got a couple emails this morning and lastly I don't number eighty. Some folks unhappy with him at six I think. I won't name any of the people by -- who says it's help but I don't. I think the important thing just. This is might might sort of pseudo apology to all patriots fans and the Brady is -- suspects -- You know -- said quarterbacks -- quarterback one. Are separated by a percentage point and that's all -- guys don't breathe in around one and I take -- Brady around four. I'm kick in the tail. Yes that's -- let the deal also you know Brady we think maybe these are security guy apologized to all the local new englanders but tell you what -- like he's one of the best values on the -- So. And he's really the first value that you. That correctly you look at he may be run to. Right and previous by the British Open and -- well slipping because everybody's worried about his receivers you know -- tight imposition and the wide receiver position. Now we're still trying to figure out the details on which guys who -- a lot of the most profanity you know Campbell Tompkins is -- -- -- monkey wrench. In my life because the more I watch -- the more -- like and it's it's it's it's. It's making it tough to pin down where these guys gonna play what the snap -- are going to be but you know at the details to the -- -- -- The take away for this in terms of quarterbacks. Is what we've said a couple of months ago is to bring them before. That's why he's got -- -- you know I mean obviously. If gronkowski isn't gonna miss any regular season time is values can get a -- You know up -- Brady push him out of Matt Ryan I know that. Gronkowski can be out there we want. And I. Which actually least tuition discussion which we don't have to get into an increase in depth here. But the one thing that in the back of my mind spokesman about the patriots right now in terms of assessing their talent is we're working -- -- -- -- Paribas EU. It would be so nice if we can get -- in the field to see where these guys are lining up with Gradkowski in there. Yeah because I think for the patriots clearly there's going to be potentially -- or all of the cities in the world with about the world without ground. And you know we -- look at the way they're doing things now and if our county comes back -- -- It'll be like when Rocky Balboa switched off parts of the big fight and I don't want to but I'll ask not what the like I don't affiliate yourself -- you know that's one thing that I think people should keep in mind that we -- has just for. You know projecting other teams involved but also offense defense you know when you. They're there it's gonna be some risk going all in on some of these receivers if we haven't seen them play in the house because. Things are gonna change. Well that's a great point in -- it's always been the point you regardless of the fact that there's. A likely the three headed rookie monster at receiver this year it's always been the case since -- been on the team when he's there when he's out it's it's a stark difference. On the human they had more horses like -- right not as. Right yeah obvious differences we do Hernandez would pick up the slack we -- Welker would pick up the slack we didn't expect -- Slater to come out of nowhere. You know and you know with these rookies these guys they're not gonna get -- when the community. These guys are cut -- yeah that's you know and now that I've you know the the -- about conferences it was really hard to get good footage of a guy. But since his -- sort of come up there's more footage out there that you can watch and I gotta tell you more watchable more like you got really good feet quick feet which allowed him to defeat the -- which means he can really play anywhere you did. Maybe he's big and off I mean he's not tops and big but he certainly big enough to put the position he's got the height you know which one. On any -- everything's so right now. You know it's. There's no way you can dismiss Campbell -- you know the hard thing it's figuring out where to put it in a fantasy draft. You know what he's moving our board you know he -- up reports steadily. You know if he keeps this up over the next two weeks so probably move -- more. Interest and I -- having said that now it was gonna give the listeners a quick recap of your 1234. -- and it's five for quarterbacks that's with a guys sets the commence a while we focus our time bread with a value right so the top five Drew Brees Aaron Rodgers Peyton Manning. Cam Newton Matt Ryan. In as we've talked about at the outset you know dangerous straps strategy to pick a quarterback early so than the value start to come and I guess if it's not a region depending upon where what what round here and probably starts with 567 Matt Ryan Tom Brady. Colin -- neck and then you get to Griffin. Russell Wilson. Matthew Stafford rounding out the top ten so. Back to your point about values and and if some in my draft of whether permanent auction -- and a snake draft. What rounds in my starting to see these. Quarterback rankings are two emerging in what -- should target them. What you're actually industry trapped -- she got a very. That's what it's really good at way to ask a question actually because I think once saying that that average draft position can't. Replicate our individual weeks of individual leaks have personalities you know we nightly dry no quarterbacks to go earlier I actually right no that's. The owners are really. Really well informed they're more cutthroat. They're value based that I know quarterbacks and let you so when we used to do an article that I get primed to rewrite one for the summer out that'll do it again but the articles called know your week. You know and there are several key things always have to know usually the trading week. Nephew played a lead or you know you can make deals. And value based approach works great you can load up you can take too many running backs are too many receivers -- -- getting good value. You can get the trademark in -- came out later the right if you play a league that you know doesn't make trades. Did you have to be really careful and overloading you know at a particular position you know this is forced quarterback scope. You know when -- league is important. But just playing the tractor in -- if you don't know the week beat. Reactive that the quarterback position. And be the boss still slow we we've we've seen it contrasts are you see these runs with a they're tied and runs a quarterback runs. You conceal it in one piece of advice I would always get if you can be alive -- draft. He makes such a difference having done one wants. Long distance on the phone just doesn't it's -- -- It's been a larger have to -- -- to draft board -- attracted drafted I mean that's that's the best way to draft the way the NFL teams do with themselves. But -- -- book which states that probably my most straps and our you know you're -- a little draft room. And did you know it's a little bit more difficult to keep afloat draft to see everybody to your left and right -- draft what they have. I tend to try to chart my draft even when I'm drafting a line. Because it really helps me see if it above the middle of the -- would let let's look at quarterback specifically for the middle of the fifth round. Let's say -- the seven draft position. And I look at teams 89101112. Which they only one of them. Doesn't have a quarterback right. A -- and a look at the board that I see a capitals there -- their RG three is still there. While -- -- -- these guys do something really stupid -- hurt their own teams. There's going to be one of these guys taken. When when it goes away from me when it comes back right right -- quarterback there. -- -- let it slip because I can see the board and I can see what's gonna happen over the next you have friends put together. Maybe get you third running back there. Exactly so that's what sort of saying you know you play the trap door in and the idea. You know I had I had one person that you Belgian and he said so you tell -- to just -- quarterback position. And no -- I don't know I don't know that is absolutely -- what you should do it's it's up at the quarterback position has been devalued that it doesn't matter. It's that the way you go about winning the position. -- different views about patience and it's about playing the draft -- so if you -- quarterbacks are going. Just apply the same principle sort of took the position that I mentioned earlier you don't. -- not taking quarterbacks until the -- starters have dried up. You know I would be realistic about -- starter think of a guy would be hard to treat for. You know Carol if you -- at -- -- like -- I would be a tough got to get the trade. He's probably pretty good people -- starter take that got over the quarterback the fact that other people are taking them either okay EU. We're about. Yes -- -- -- they're so good either so what I do is I continue to be patient the minute I get to a point where I look at my draft board -- say you know. I don't love any of these guys I've got a nice space Libya had to retreat running backs and receivers to get to Jimmy Graham in the second whatever. Now I could instead of just saying all right -- I got one of the good quarterbacks thank god maybe I'm actually got starting quarterback. Yeah decent I don't know problem being the guy to take the first -- backed by authorities have to running back sure. And receiver right now so again you know in a draft where everybody really patient. You do you just play the same exact game. And what you can do is when you're that guy who sort of breaks the damn maybe Brees went in the first writers with the second everybody's been really patient now we're you know late fourth round or something. Beautiful and take a QB. And then. All the tragedies probably go over the next round of the half when it comes back to -- hopefully I guess -- and so on another position. The important thing is I've got bedrock getting most it's I think you really need to get out of the first three rounds ideally with at least two running back. There's no question about it and you know it's it did give a live example last year. Before I had my quarterback who won a minor leagues I had Foster. Made Peterson this is obviously an auction Reich he'd never be able to pull that off. Well I'm sure the ratio you actually could but I got you. Yet and I got. Sproles I believe so 33 there and then two receivers. And may have you had three receivers and I got picked up Andrew Luck now coming out of the trapped -- a little worried it might look you know rookie. But it worked out. It did you know what -- even if flock has been a typical rookie. You would have been able to get a quarterback right. You had the means I actually know what you are talking about the but play an athlete you have the means to go get what you -- a little bit if it really wasn't going to be a problem. But yeah and in the -- the only -- and the funny thing is there you -- the guy who waited. And -- if you did the ability to win the position by the biggest margin because since you didn't pay. And since lucky if you borderline QB one production. But it just look at the value -- -- you know you you know it's human out there and bought days. You know but not least 40000 dollar touring sedan. We'll go back churned out from last week you know that at every crisis. Yep absolutely not absolutely January effect so as as we look at this now let's look at some of the value people you know who are some of the -- debate is if let's let's assume that the listeners are taking this advice. To hang him back. Give them a sense of some of the people that you like that again you can get that Volkswagen deciding that by the end of the year driving an Audi -- four. Again get a feel for the team you have to okay what kind of team -- build -- right now. You know let's start with a guy who's actually -- to secure one guy in our rankings but here's a guy who is not really I had some drafts. But also can actually slipped pretty low and some good draft and that's RG three -- -- It's funny normally I don't like to take injury risks in the fact that it is you know he's a mobile quarterback and his injuries to his -- as we. That's fearless mobile quarterback -- where we want to get hurt right. I mean clearly there's some concern with RG three could take him and he competed but the -- what what last year it was the best quarterback for fantasy until we got hurt pretty much he certainly was the best of the first of the season so. And I you know based on what I've seen so far the limited footage we've seen Griffin looks like he's -- you know pretty decent mobility right now. But I think it'll be even better tomorrow from that too -- I am more concerned at this point about re injury and and not performing. So I've started to get intrigued by Eric C three -- -- there in the sixth seventh round that I really like what I've done so far -- have got three backs two receivers. I'm thinking all right now I get upside at the QB position like real upside like this guy might be the best. Yeah out think and pull the trigger on RG three and here's the reason is that the kickers important. Quarterback is so deep. I can take RG three and 678 wherever he happens to be where I feel like the timing is right. To accurately and I can pick up. Ben Roethlisberger yeah -- he's only gonna be like me adding there -- -- heck I can wait even longer than that and I can pick up you know. Sam Bradford Carson Palmer. You know Joseph Flacco -- just let them ranked ninety yes 5% upside option I mean I think clearly there's a little bit of an issue with. Weapons yet republic Brady a little more concerned about what's going on that with the -- you know and as luck but let's face it Joseph -- not -- I mean he's. You know we don't know how good is the news you know it is billion dollar Qaeda has got a contract and you know Gorbachev -- -- -- a couple days but. I think when you look at the stages in their career that their act. Tom Brady is an OC at practice. You know I mean it's one of the reasons I said this. You know a couple into going -- on the one thing you can count on with -- he's gonna bring these guys up to speed and self. I mean she's gonna demand so much these rookie receivers he's not gonna let them slack off. I just to me that gives you comfort level but it don't have with all these unknowns. In Baltimore I don't trust. Flacco. To necessarily. Make a -- -- -- -- she doesn't like to crack the whip on these players you know it. You know I -- -- I could draw you know certainly Flacco has a lot of upside because I do like some of these guys you know. -- It's you know it's got to play out and I like what they did with -- in doubt scored bringing those guys and I think that's really what they had to do. But that's more about the -- winning games -- throws on third down back kind of things up so much offense. I agree I think. Says. Which -- to your question your right and -- you know. Griffin at the guided me who really present opportunity. But again it only works if you follow the plan that we're talking about and let him -- -- If you're jumping up in the fourth round -- Griffin you're probably making a mistake. Again get burned yes I have patients right patients wins the race and having said that. In examining some of the quarterbacks that are on the list. There are some position all that interesting developments at some of the on the teams have new faces or -- Oppositional battle saw one of our pick one they'll want you talk a little bit about and give some insight as it's an interesting development. And then -- -- down a little bit and talk about a position battle -- we get into some of the other oppositional battles at different positions on different teams so her. Having said all that. The eighteenth ranked quarterback on your list is Carson Palmer -- got a new address. In Arizona with the cardinals that is a receiver there it was just been mired in terrible quarterback play for way too long and Larry FitzGerald and interested. It just get a little bit of a scouting report on what you've seen happening in Arizona. And the quarterback play with Carson Palmer. Yeah that would mean sadly. Don't really spend any time cardinals' camp put thanks but the other word at a campus is you know this is pretty good I mean I don't really need to see Carson Palmer player that offense really. To believe it I mean he he -- what -- likes to do -- head coach and you know he's really that classic stand and deliver quarterback yet you know I mean for the you can needle and pick Carson Palmer is not a perfect player but if there's one thing he can do is stand tall in the pocket and deliver. -- I'd I'd I'd always been a little bit of the -- -- what -- they feel like sometimes you can battle and what pressured by. If you watched if you watch him play every week Lester like I did. I mean she got to the point at that later came -- didn't matter anymore but he stopped staying in there making throws. Really showed some toughness and so for him to get to a team like Arizona and yes I'm trying to get started to question since. Certainly particulate Arizona where. They've improved internal protection on that line he should be able at least to be able to you know step up in that pocket. And for him to be able to throw to guys like FitzGerald well obviously. Little wonder which trailed but the peripheral guys on that team or the players under Roberts not a bad player. -- get results no doubt is a numbers guy yeah. But Michael Floyd is one of our I mean we were at wrote about we -- right stuff on Michael Floyd back in March. People. And last year till he was on the news on the draft well last year. Yet but to meet this. You know they usually like to last year but I mean to me to break -- got this year and you know the rest sort of caught up to -- and other. The cause -- the break out pretty much everywhere now as it ADP has gone from about 190. To about ninety could still the last couple weeks and he really jumped and rightly so I mean. It's a bit of a projection could get done it. Mean she's just -- she's got all the ability needs and for him to be playing against single coverage most of the time I just can't imagine him not making big plays the most weeks. And you know -- -- you know put him in -- which Gerald and got Robertson -- solid guy you know I think rob counselors -- guys who can do some damage. Like him. Good upcoming -- identity and. Is that a guy that we like really ever since he came into the league. Although there's just no reason he can't be good fantasy quarterback the only thing I worry about as you know the agent and the potential for injury did you -- is sixteen weeks or Carson Palmer. I'd be willing to let him be my quarterback and a twelve team league that we speak with the idea obviously. That I'm really gonna stock up -- other positions have a lot of upside options for the over you know the rest -- our lineup is gonna kick tail. And then at quarterback I'll be able to play matchups with Palmer put it -- I would also probably at a guy like a Sam Bradford and you know maybe a third option it's a little bit more stable. But you know that's the beauty of if you weighed -- quarterbacks -- enough I don't -- necessarily saying this is the best strategy. But the quarterback so elderly people are taken back -- early and there's good players to take real good upside players. You can pull off pro quarterback and once you build a team that's like really deep. You know you've got just started running back and started receivers here. You don't have to take as many flyers deep to try to get upside at those positions you can add three quarterbacks. It's it's a it's a great it's a great strategy in its it's a very. Smart approach -- strategic approach when you look at the rankings and you've got. Some pretty decent names 18192021. Carson Palmer Joseph Flacco Michael Vick -- shot -- -- -- -- listeners some shot. There's other guys I mean I had to like -- start of a plan to. -- he heed the advice scene of the patient. And -- draft to the positions that are the most demanding early in the quarterbacks in there and even it at the bottom of the list and there's guys that don't you wouldn't be. Too sad to have as your as your third quarterback you know as as that ultra security blanket I mean if Philip Rivers at 29 -- sandy it was a massive terrible offensive line. But in all -- she is my third quarterback and at a pretty stacked lineup of running backs and receivers that's a pretty good about the pad the debt and. -- base I'm like roster Riverside you know it is. I'm maybe a little higher but a lot. No -- it is looking at the name you know that was basically yeah I mean I think but but just took place at the same basic point you bring -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's not among the top 240. Players being drafted right now and I mean right now he's a prime candidate for our drafting in reverse. Column that I'll be putting out you know probably next week it'll start you know he'll be in the first part of it which is the undrafted patrolling the depths. Article right now that he's one of those guys I mean I quite frankly I think he will move up. A little bit but. It didn't win another guy he could be like Le prix last year I mean he will be because Andrew Luck my but he's got. The advantage you might have over a guy like what is -- sketch it's just keep running in an offensive head coach got Norv Turner. You know who. To say what you want about Norv Turner as a head coach if you just let it coordinate. There's not too many people better yet and he's quarterback friendly coordinator. You can look around at Sweden's weapons gosh. You talked about the last two -- -- like it's and so you know the idea that I can take -- -- in the twentieth round. You know -- I'm feeling like pretty Teflon the quarterback position there's nothing other teams can do me to shut me down. You know it's going to be wrong I want to aim high I woke one of the top -- I -- -- if you look at our. -- materials and go for quarterbacks and -- I want one of those pure one quarterbacks. I just wanna pay the right price. But I'm not afraid I'm willing to push the envelope because what's the worst case scenario. The worst case scenario is what you said you know what -- probably like Tony Romo. Or Andrew Luck that's probably your worst case scenario. I'm pretty good pretty good stuff. I want to transition into some oppositional battles and other positions but before you do what a perfect way to -- Let's look at oppositional battle at the quarterback position I'm curious. What do you think should happen in Philadelphia with Michael Vick and nick Fultz. Good question I don't even know they've ruled out Barkley but I think I pretty much not -- Barkley probably is the long -- court no doubt. Although I'm not I don't this fall relative to principles actually are drastic but from the prior -- as far as this year goes. It's hard to see them not going with respect to start -- -- you know and I think -- actually goes right into the discussion where we've been having just now. I mean if Michael Vick is healthy and starting. We quality you're drafting the week before the season. You know electric -- starter -- -- -- -- -- -- that the issue is going to be. That he's probably going to get hurt so. You need to have a plan B and probably the poignancy and yet they're pretty good -- EU but you know -- Michael Vick is starting for chip Kelly's offense. It gosh he could he. Easily be the best quarterback offensive football outsiders can -- possible and it's you know. In the end because the thing is in chip Kelly's offense they may unleash -- -- -- really just before they may say we want you. You two run. So. There's no way I'm living Michael -- You know I get into the fifth and fifteenth sixteenth round of Michael -- sitting there no matter who might have a quarterback. In fact perhaps even more so I have RG for -- I'll just taken off the board of mutually upped its. Dads as value imminent saying it's an upside to -- why wouldn't you -- that's an interest think. So pick your lowest right now and then I think fools could win the job but is it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. For them not to use up to tread on expire -- you know I think he helps them the most getting out of the box. He can win games by himself to -- day experts think it makes sense for them to start -- at least early on. SE what you have you know I -- him and in the index makes perfect sense the new coach and he's got an offensive mind but offensive weapons in particular deployments. Yes true in any other thing I think you know not that I wanna get knee deep into the hole Riley Cooper mask -- what does that have to do offensive football really but. Vick seems to have. -- really taken a leadership role that whole situation and you know I it's it's possible that that really improved his standing with the coaches. Deputies stood up that I didn't say just the right thing about -- that it'll hurt but he also said we're team got to bring everything together and it seemed like he was one of the guys everybody was listening to and so that Arkansas. Just just from a leadership standpoint it would be best to let him play early. The interest and how times change and it's. It's just that much it's it's just in camp to keep an alien. He's a guy who can be -- judgmental it's obvious. Yes very true very true. All right so that's a look at -- deposition a battle that will keep an eye unwritten and inform. And so -- are now no doubt some turn over the Timmy Mac -- burdened. -- line up now so it's just things to look at and that can't. Let's look at some other camps so there's a lot of offensives. Opportunity out there for some young players and some new players wearing some new laundry. And we talked about this a little bit last week and I don't wanna be redundant but I'm just fascinated with what's going on with the Packers and that running back. You know catch kernel that -- change that goes there and it seems like every time they make that change it's the right change its I don't know what. What they're do one over there in terms of how to find these people and how they know exactly when to deploy them to you that Iran -- a long time and it just -- site. Well I'd love to sit here and you know. Say I know exactly what's gonna happen but I'd be lying. I mean obviously I think the guy you want for offensive upside -- Seattle that there's any question. But I think the you know the potentially under reported. Elements of that -- -- right now to me and I'm just I'm really just thinking but you know what -- go down to tackle. Protection is going to be even more of an issue for them it was a month ago EU. And you know. He did. What's gonna be interesting in that backfield -- gonna come down to snaps played OK all the backed into a lot of things they want them to do in the passing game and in the running game. As a receiver as a runner. Well I mean are we kidding the most crucial element to the Packers without question on both sides of the ball Roger. And Aaron Rodgers getting hit. Is that candidate and the running back who will reduce the number of -- -- Rodgers but most. Maybe the back to please the most or at least the back to please the most you know in. Situations and wanna throw the football sure so. You know -- sort of get back to the guy we were talking about last week toward parents let you know he may be the best pass -- -- they got in that group you know you can Franklin certainly has potential in the quickness to do it but he's not real big he's a rookie. -- He had adequate but you know I think we have to see him do it in the game we haven't yet. Alex green pretty good Castro actually -- -- could be a factor and I think starches -- in that area yeah so. One of the reasons greens surpassed him in the past and. You know people forget out there was a third round traffic and he probably goes higher fumes from a bigger program. That -- don't look the reality with Austria's that there is pretty ACL green and -- a sea of green right. And you know until we see green on the field in games. Looking like the rookie. At least in terms is movement you know he's just. You know he's an idea more than a reality. And and that's what -- is actually right now I mean I would love to sit here and tell everybody I know what's gonna happen just draft this guy. And if I if I was forced again it would be -- but I think this is the backfield. It is you know the next two weeks is going to be just huge. And and and when you when you what let's say let's forecast out a couple weeks and somebody emerges look at it it's Lacey maybe it's Harris. Where do you put you know obviously the top of the running back -- we know. Pretty firmly you know who -- a top. Twenty guys I think it's a little money after that whatever the numbers right money right around one yeah that's and that's that's my feeling is well. Where the Green Day guys where's the top Green Day guys in terms of new whomever emerges what do they -- I think to me again at least he should be the guy but but until he gets healthy respect security of playing in the preceding games it's hard to just. By -- fully and they needed to what we -- talk about pass protection so. Could it could really see end up being a first and second down back -- each -- -- field every time they get into a situation where the defense knows it and throw. Another -- we deliver this value EU. If if -- is lighting it up and he's you know doing a good job at all phases of the game and the three down player that they say he can be. Oh gosh I mean -- -- jumps up in the -- You know maybe even middle hyper and just you know I mean it is. It there's no question that eighty least he has the talent to be in the first round draft next year. He's got back -- itself. You know I I know I'm not the only Tennessee football guy out there trying hard to buy into Eddie lacy you know I just. You know I'm publish only person that I do wanna see a little bit first. And just seeing a salute to keep them tonight on for for keeper leagues to me and I dynasties at capsule that's right we wanna date. Sticking with running backs and throwing a Bonior the talk to me about the New York Jets running back situation with Jack. -- couldn't talk about a little -- -- help me here. -- -- and I didn't think -- is frank interviews or shrink government but you know there is there is. -- some new names in new faces there and it greens out ivories in but doesn't necessarily mean he's got the job block stuff so I just -- -- I think I mean you do what he has to because everybody in that building. It really needs Chris Ivory to play and play well I mean the GM is you know the it's the -- with the new -- GM. Is his signature moves really have work. I mean other -- draft picks in the -- trade in the registry battle because on the new GM I think it's on the old -- right toner chair. Well if you look at what addicted with the players that are actually here in terms of free agency is his moves -- David Gardner's retired. I mean. I'm going to start of that. Mike Goodson who I think we went through the last podcast is just. Completely imploded you'd studied in the practice cities like where's Waldo they won't even really place going on with him and nobody's seen about a month. Now what's left of John Griffin is a guy that. That we have little bond that we specifically I really liked Joseph Griffin used to play UMass some of our listeners may remember him from. From UMass sure he broke his foot in the preceding game you -- -- -- really showed. Some of his wheels it was it was a real shame and so right now Joseph McKnight has got dehydration -- problems Yeltsin has some issues in terms of just. You know -- football intelligence. And so when the jets have a a running back right now it's ivory and it's Bob Powell. Yeah how has that good god I mean I don't even know where I mean if something happens to Powell. We may not even that is. The big guy who heads up play a lot of steps for the jets right now you might reputable pollster bill it's it's that's scary but it's ivory owns this thing but it. We've been trouble for. There's absolutely no historical precedent for this guy staying on the field and staying available. That his his career high in carries I believe is 122. Which is which is rookie year with the saints. You know broke he went he never went over -- carries a year in college. Humble Leo he's got such when he just shows you so much when like in those moments. When -- Owens gave me chance last year and the year before that bank. He's a little dramatic he's got a -- The ability to do it on Thursday Sunday and Monday night Indio under the big lights and show real burst. The -- right just that it's this kind of crumple from the air in terms of his health. Yeah I mean it if you can if you can promised the jets 300 carries Chris Ivory they're gonna look like geniuses. If they -- -- look good. You're talking about almost three times he carries that he's never put up so you really have to take a leap of faith. You know it's that Dubai into Chris Ivory let the good news for fantasy owners is that I very I mean I wrote in our initial rankings -- ivory was in the third round. You know I was sort of like. Almost but what you capability and because if you stop -- -- -- I mean he's just just no way you can get this guy in the third round on message that we were basically just screaming avoid avoid avoid. But now he has moved to fool around back in he's now in the fifth. He's getting to the point where I've got to running backs in my pocket. And now talking about my backup running back reflects options yeah now it's starting to get to the point where you know attempt to block a little bit on the ground. He's now looking like more of an upside option then. Did your program -- option -- you know so she's moving into that area where he's on the radar for me. I think I'd probably need him to get even into the sixes sevens for me to actually pull the trigger picture I don't think he's a team record anymore. But it's just I mean I look at what would you say objection and you can probably feel and freaking out a little bit right now so it it's. It's it's just really hard to buy into and staying healthy and then beat you come out on the other side you look at Powell okay he goes down what happens. You know -- house probably a little underrated. But only a little. Easy doctor could be that the next great thing right. So. The jets right now it's still very limited upside all round I'd see the irony is that I mean people just. I mean they give the jets really get ripped on for their receiving group. Right now it's the strength of so it's going to be quarterbacks -- worse and running the actual worst right now you're hoping for upside with guys like Stephen Hill and Jeremy Carolina opened Santonio Holmes gets healthy in Braylon Edwards can stay healthy and those guys are better than they might not so great the help -- as if it's -- touching that line from my animal house. You know congratulations carruthers took the prize so to try to -- have to and I feel it. If hope that the jets -- The writers here the total about one point eight GPA and let's zero point zero right right right there and and and I -- Daniel Simpson day all flattened completely. So that's where do and it's gonna that's a perfect way to get off that to you know get off the -- please let's look at. -- not one thing with a gesture this one player with the jets that. If you're really deeply to keep an eye on this one -- quite gates I like Scalia and he's been on a rural Bondsman and I think he's finally starting to get it a little bit. And again I'm talking you know keep twelve team league's fourteenth -- weeks late in the draft. You know if the jet offense -- in just a little bit they say they're gonna throw a lot. You know -- -- points kept the same sort of points so you know I do expect you got a target leaked -- if you search flashing in the next couple weeks. I'm -- opportunity just to weigh in on something here to listeners that aren't as familiar. With the -- on strategy and I'm I'm sure you're getting a sense about you know value stocking up -- the right positions early wading back in trying to get people of upside. I watches T easier drafting in reverse article because I think that really defines kind of where you come from in terms of your finesse football strategy how you view that we think our values are. -- that that article becoming -- radavan soon. So that when people listen to the podcast and hearing names like Clyde gates and why this talk about Chris Ivory that it makes some sense. Right well I used to -- drafting reverse right now for 2013 it's a concept doesn't even exist I mean you can't really do drafting and reversed. Until we get. Really well established average draft position. -- hard to do in the second week of the pre season. Yeah well I mean I could do it right now and a year from now I'd look like a genius because. I know the players that are going to be moving up any DP. In 22 weeks from now it's going to be a lot harder because. -- know what it's like me I was prepared to draft admit. Right but average draft position as everybody who dress -- -- football teams and the average fantasy football player is doing their homework now. You know last week of July 1 couple weeks of August which is why you see guys like Michael Floyd screaming up -- You know screaming up -- sports okay it's gonna keep happening over the next two weeks now two weeks from now or actually. Next week I mean I hope to get the first one out late next week. At that point once GDP is a tighter and smarter and everybody really making good -- today think it's a little bit tougher to pick out. Which guys are out flyers in terms of value. Positive out -- if you well yeah the book but what drafting in reverse is. Yeah I I came to this conclusion late in the late nineties -- -- tyrant leader to back that sure. Together. If I got to put -- like I was over preparing. For the for the top fifty top hundred players like it just like I don't there's nothing else they need to know and these guys yeah but but yeah I'm spending time reading about them you know. And this is back in the you know the Internet this. It's a great point is -- pick up a magazine and you know it's just magazine -- each woman have the top same 5200 guys. Well hey I got the point where in the back when I don't like you know I'm re learning the same information over and over what I need to do -- become an expert at the things I don't know as well and and that's the second half of draft switched. Most publications you know. They're trying to sell things they're not trying to talk about -- -- things. So I I think I started focusing solely on the second half of traps and really trying to clean up and it works really well. So that I -- what I slip by preparation. -- From the back into the front of the draft. If you do that not using your rankings. Because that's second -- -- -- -- your players are ranked but we do it using average draft position. In you start really looking at what what can I gently it's worked anything right right. And you know what what's you know we use the last couple years it's OK I can -- -- receivers pretty late I can get quarterbacks. As late as I want there's high and -- -- I can get defense is very likely okay I know what I can get late. Which grew up we move up to the middle draft what can I get here OK I can get anything except I am quarterbacks high and running backs and receivers OK let's. So now I know what I need to get in the first part of the draft that I can't get them late it's just. It's just sort of flipping flipping upside down you know it's sort of like that scene from. But dead poet's society so you know you make -- stand up on the desk thanks and look at the room from a different point of view it's what that's what we're doing with the draft. It's an article it's an article worth and viewing. And it's and spending some time on I think it just helps kind of shaped the way you go into the draft that that's tonight Soledad coming during a look at no. I don't need to panic early I don't I don't need to overspend and only to overreach because our people guys need to be patient. And he -- trust my rankings and in my research and let it kind of company. Yeah I mean and the other thing the article -- and I I know this is our -- -- part of the article is that we -- sleepers we -- I can look at these guys yeah. They're not getting drafted -- You know one year you know at Michael Vick can Johnny Knox you know they both had two years and you know BenJarvus green Ellis was on the list when you're united go on an ad -- about -- but you know Cecil shorts. Braylon -- you know public last year it's the type Hilton you know it's watching guys you know and that's where our methodology also. You know we're not a -- model. Site so when we see talent we don't have to sit there and try to find talent it's like that talent to build a -- model to try to figure out what's gonna happen we just go. Disguised bombs he's going to a place for the quarterback they need to receive you know this go to work and what the staff says -- art. So yeah. You know I think. Are heavy scouting approach definitely helps us especially with rookies on and second first year players when you get to the end of via the draft. Gossip then that's great insight now on a loop it back to some of the position battles now speaking of rookies right -- how our draft approach. Really works with -- -- in targeting rookies. And name a couple positional battles we got a few more minutes so if it picks some you know pick one it to start maybe a second one. Where you think. -- the rookies are muddying things that are really interest in Solana on a kind of shoot through a couple that I noticed well. Now I'll tell you Obama's nominee Elena name a couple of don't want the listeners to be able -- -- -- on their go to wrote about see for themselves. The wide receivers in the -- The wide receivers in Carolina. The wide receivers here and when one of the privacy was of the bill's very interest in the wide receivers at the rate over the ravens. And the running backs with the Broncos and Eagles so you know to go through all bomb but it is something we had that kind of strikes you or some things please. And now. Well you know what -- also let's talk -- the -- for second because that brings us would what a lot of our. Different strategies sort of converge when you talk about the saints -- You know quarterback value are we looking to draft Drew Brees no not really -- he's gonna go before comfortable drafting him. But then you look at the rookie thing there are some rookies there that we -- and we think there mr. price. -- what Kenny stills. And we get into the position that battle involving still like armed. The receivers in New Orleans. Are a little bit like the receivers and knowing. For a couple reasons first of all. The Brady -- the Brady effect we are talking about what you might not get the Brady effect with Joseph Flacco not -- against Flacco. Got pretty yet. I think -- came effect and it's a double team with patent briefs for the -- okay yeah I mean you know. You thought you know you've got approached -- in college when you get New Orleans those guys are going to be to work. And -- -- yeah he's back and you know if it provokes have been reading go to -- during the offseason and we -- the parlance of contents. In April may June. -- trapped Kenny stills a lot of our guys we really felt. Just wasn't getting enough respect. And it continued the NFL teams also did not give him much respect to the fifth round pick. But we really feel like she really had -- maybe even second round talent I'd like to me he looks like. He reminds me a little bit of Santonio Holmes. But probably without the narcissism. On always does yeah I think we're we're -- -- steps so. You'll look at a guy like -- you look at the fact that nobody really talking about this guy and now he's -- been brought along quick by you know patent by at least. He's a guy where. We see a lot of positive indicators and right now he's not really being drafted. So and Meachem is gone and Devery Henderson gone. That they had indicated that she got that you to -- when he brought that up. Devery Henderson just got cut. Wouldn't surprise me if he's in New Orleans by the end of the -- bomb me that you could get cut because you've got a glut of guys that they don't really like in San Diego announced the recent injuries can keep each region on the roster for awhile. But as well as things currently stand. With the saints. Much like with the patriots I think people are really underestimating the problem excuse me overestimated the problem. Interest and -- quarterbacks that make it happen. Great quarterbacks they've got Colston still have where it's more they obviously have Graham. And when it comes to replacing the Meachem position if you will and the Devery Henderson position if you will. Still get a step that is our topic is an electoral problem and nick toon is another guy. A little bit more of a possession guy then. You -- Meachem or Anderson or stills but I think you know they'll incorporate music good player. So -- they still have people look at stretched the field. They they also are fourteen little brother. There's things -- -- -- -- shall become the problem is. You're going to put it put it in the bread -- it comes out some. Of them but you know what they can just you know. Final -- -- something that -- did he can he can and everything we -- debit Devery Henderson to drop to keep the league so you know they still have guys -- can stretch the field. I think still. Although he's being marketed as just the guys contrast the feel I think he can do other things and really wouldn't surprise me. If Kenny stills was. You know a legit fantasy factor I think we've got third receiver upside -- while I really do interest and or or auditorium on that one but. You got to trust your scouting reports she got to trust -- with which accuse the player. Where do you think you'll like them in terms of rounds. The last one around my house. I think that's gonna depend a little bit on what happened over the next couple weeks. Excuse me but right now. I mean you'd probably go by our rankings but I mean I've I've. I think I'd look at him as a wide receiver for five -- let me and I'm very aggressive like I trust my board. I don't always necessarily. You know it took it it I don't necessarily expect everybody to reach brutal -- and so you know jump on every. You know singles sleeper that I like. It right now -- -- in forty different player to. You know that that's. That's about where I've valued at right now. But he's definitely got targeting once they get past what they've built my team and I feel very comfortable with things he's one of the guys that -- -- in the you know I mean that was into the twenty round draft so. What -- in between round draft fifteen presently yeah you know something like that. -- let's look at one more those transitional battles and stand receivers if if if it got kind of like the -- overflowing with that. We talked that we -- Carolina the pats the bills. The ravens. A court. It was a Carolina built pats ravens yeah. Let's go to Carolina actually to I thought there are actually some some developments there. Bit of a blast from the past I bet you anything you remember this name. David get -- so sure yeah. I guess the guys were great rookie year jumped ahead of -- fell for those who call. Armed -- -- ACL I think toward the end of that season. And really disappeared. You know 2011 was the losses in 2012 with a loss season. He was healthy enough to play but it was -- I guess it was sort of like -- thing yeah I can play but not me he. Based on what we saw the last preceding game he start -- you know he's got a kick back and he's playing well also get -- could be a guy who watched. Again when you're talking about really really deep sleepers and big leagues. He's got electric bill especially Dominik since they signed from the giants is to make tactical player -- seven hamstring trouble he's always a guy who gets banged up. So maybe there's going to be an opportunity. And then the other guy that this flashing down there as a guide that we were talking about and you. You know why I opted to do that -- Can't police. -- -- is a guy as I've always liked and I have been keeping an Ohio but. -- -- Edwards you. This is a guy it was a college quarterback who. Was doing the full learning curve that receiver in at the end of the level was not you know -- -- an -- toward. And you know like a lot of these guys sometimes they find a way to like a guy like brats that it doesn't really turn into a receiver. But he does so many things and specials and can wildcat and do you think you can you tell Brady gets an NFL roster that was sure if you copper. That's what got 21 billion account. I did not only because of his impact player share. And having the jets were none too happy in the -- made a mistake but. -- that hasn't -- with Edwards that he could've been that type of player but then what two years after -- -- in the draft Newton well -- They're going to need for a lot right wildcat quarterback and I think. Our conference our quarterback can do anything we want to do. Armed and the other thing about Edwards is that you would trust a whole bunch offensive coordinators and receivers coaches you know change I think it's. You know people talk about changing systems but when you're learning the position. It's got to be even harder to change positions course. What would be just you have to go to these systems but. You know one thing about watching like you know wrote about we watch every snap. And one thing we noticed that the very -- in the last year is that you know and advocates on the field as -- what Chris. You know if he's catching the ball away from his body doing a lot of things that we like -- receivers do. That he wasn't doing before. So you know we follow them through the off season and he had agreed OT eight -- mini camp and when you look at the roster when you look at Newton and you look at the things that Cam Newton desperately needs. He needs some actual weapons in the passing game especially maybe from the slot some guys with really good -- after the catch potential. And that's what Edwards really can do so if you can stay healthy I think he got to trust the other day if that ends up being minor. You know he can be a really. Come out of nowhere guy. And candles felt so it was late in draft and the fellows who right. To be taken over it seems. Well I. I I actually disagree on that I don't I I sort of feel like what -- could actually be another breakout player. I don't have the kind of confidence from this you have to get brittle so lean on and -- just sitting there it was so that's Thompson and that's possible. I sort of feel like the last two years so it's been working with Newton has been the starter. I think last year would've been a better year for the opening it he got a pretty bad case of turf -- that we nine. And then not back to reopen this season a little bit. If if Newton really is taking it to the next level and if they're really gonna have been throwing the ball more than they do plaster. I think of so right now as decent value you just it's just as as maybe fifty fantasy receiver was wide with you know with with third receiver ups. Good stuff he has always good stuff we appreciated. Make sure. All you listeners that you checked out WEEI dot com more articles will be coming from Pete. From -- -- on wrote a bond dot com this great stuff happening every day multiple times a day and will be back may be as early as later this week. With some new material. Such a -- Pete on the second edition of the 2013. WB EI fantasy football podcast. You can find it and W yet dot com to features our weekly conversation. Without Tennessee football expert Pete Davidson the chief Tennessee football writer. For -- -- dot com picture you're perfectly ready for offensive football drafts visit -- dot com for all the updated position rankings that you need. In -- is it now 500 where you'd draft university to have that right. Yeah I mean you know players sort of 500 I mean you could probably move them around in the rankings -- -- would notice but yeah I mean you know that would like to get there. The full the full database. Fun to look at. And it's did that'll get you ready fear drastic check out roto Von dot com -- spell for you it's RO TO DN EH NN dot com brutal on dot com. And check on WEEI dot com each and every week is -- the drafts again podcasts coming more articles coming in throughout the season check back. Clare -- roster updates rankings and creation targets the waiver wire covered all season long so thanks for tuning in index representing sponsor Mohegan Sun. A world that play and again Pete were creeping closer we'll be there on Friday August 23. It's an obvious Tennessee football questions live broadcast WEEI -- salt can always show Tedy Bruschi will be there. But we know you draft fanatics want to talk to -- We'll see you there to see you there Mohegan Sun -- world to play.

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