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Aug 14, 2013|

Mike Reiss joins Mut and Merloni from Gillette Stadium to talk all things Patriots. Reiss discusses the Patriots young receivers, the secondary and Tim Tebow.

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Here at Gillette Stadium Butler got a 37 WEEI it's gonna sound weird it's a Wednesday. It's pre season but today for us is technically patriots Friday because the patriots play. On Friday and Mike Reese has been a big part of our patriots Friday's. Joins us here studio with Bob Mann great to be here my -- Like to be in your presence what a great day well you know we're a great until they're praising him sandwich right now to -- around them so it was great the entire segment you guys are talking about framing him stuff I've got to set here. Also right now old friends go -- some. People you've been here every day since this thing started if you had a postcard it's so far with the second pre season game Mike coming up on Friday. How would you postcard patriots training -- before. Let's say I am not the biggest issue coming into camp with these young receivers and how they would look you know with Tom Brady gonna throw the ball to that being the top storyline and I would say at this point just to stay with that you know I think it's probably -- better turf than I thought it would I think the young guys we got a glimpse of them Friday night. In Philadelphia you know Aaron Dobson six foot 3200 pound said bigger taller longer receiver get down the field. Can real pumpkins undrafted free agent out of Cincinnati opening semis has been consistent I think that's been the key sometimes a guy wolf flash early and then sort of taper off. Been very good Josh Boyce the fourth round pick out of Texas Christian fast in and Dolan as advertised you know and that Wes Welker type role. -- Julian Edelman. And there's your receiver pictured tinian and looks pretty good I think they'll probably still be some growing pains there always are. -- young guys but to me that was a stop top story lines coming in and and it's look better and I thought. Violates a mentally with the element there's one game but right away go Tompkins readily go it's obstinate. If you get a decent top Dobson seems to be that that guy that talked it's very late in the field that voice the quicker -- -- it's important that we hear is just. He's just good you know it's definitely visit the blazing speed is not small quick guy either he just brings a lot -- Tom -- to those guys that probably. He's forced to write unlike other years he has to develop love that guys and I love that part of it because it it's almost like they didn't want to do it this way remember today. Tried to sign Emanuel Sanders of the Steelers got to offer sheet. They always try to go to the veterans that Chad Ochocinco is the Brandon Lloyd but by circumstance. They sort of got caught into the situation where they have to rely on the rookie so to me. That's sort of fun because we never really seen that from the Bill Belichick coached team. -- you mentioned Andelman -- do I thought it was interesting in a pre season opener. Didn't play with the first unit often so I thought you know it was right off the bat like we're going with the young guys and specific that Tompkins. Why is he undressed and I think that's the question now you know what. If the guy so good why I didn't know team even the patriots. Not pick him somewhere in the draft. Older right 25 years old which is older for rookie yeah had some trouble only a fifteen to seventeen year old -- seven arrests at her -- yeah -- get a little trouble and have been arrested seven times but you know. You have that issues and then modest production at Cincinnati and it wasn't like he lit it up you know in college so you put all those things together and you can see why he would have been. You know slipping to the draft but it looks like they they gotta gotta work with the and I think the concern was because we just don't see it you just don't know the other players that -- come through. Haven't performed that maybe because he did it need to because he had other weapons -- these guys need to. In tablet Tom Brady currently playing longer five years four years by whatever it is. Haven't rookies or first to second year players panic. Eluded him as well you know giddy and excited candidate I thought I'd let you get older but I look at these young receivers that -- -- for the next 34 years. It's almost like the this teacher student type a dynamic where he asked to be the teacher and he's got these students and I think in a way at at first it was probably for Brady like come on you know on the and I only have so many years right here. You know I wanna be throwing to the older guys you know the Welker is the branches. I think once he got here and sort of realize this is what it was he invested in it and I think he's almost been invigorated if you buy a new challenge in his career and -- seen a lot rate in fourteen years in the NFL. But he never seen something like this I can't think of another year where they're gonna have. Three -- rookie receivers this'll be the youngest overall. Receiving corps that the patriots have had under Belichick and great people don't leave -- the got it Lou's gonna take in the third round of the fantasy football draft this year -- side -- about this Jose got I. You got immediately ES PM boston.com Michael -- back to the offseason note DA's. You guys writing about as a team how good this kid -- didn't know how did he go one draft and if it -- for entries. He would have been drafted and he took a bunch of first team reps yesterday with this offense without gronkowski contention the first six weeks. Is there are chances acts -- felt as the starting tight end for Tom Brady opening day against buffalo he could be I think the thing with such -- does look at his size person foreign policy six -- you savage. He -- 260 pounds really actually almost more like 255. -- he's like. Tall wiry almost like a basketball player whereas like gronkowski when he is gronkowski. He's he's a little thicker via and so we blocking game -- have we talked on the summit BM Eagles players and they were saying so it felt of them was more like a receiver. Then like a grown husky take a tight end who's a little bit bigger can can battle in the trenches. I'm not that set field can't but I think he's more of actually the move guy like. More like Hernandez a means a lot taller than Hernandez and and probably has that bigger -- radius than Hernandez. Not a shift the as Hernandez but maybe would feel more of that type role as like put Ballard Jake Allen ordered Daniel fells are. Even you know -- -- do we into that sort of gronkowski. On the line of scrimmage roll gets -- -- on the move a little bit in motion down the field could he runs very well doesn't. Talk early on about that though that maybe the practice squad if he's performing level now we never get there. If he's performing at their level why would you want him there right and we need some help there anyways -- do you have for. The -- Ballard. Is he as he helped the fels is a bit of a cap hit -- as -- that you see that carried forward I don't not. Forte to answer the first question is gronkowski you know is -- on the roster or does he stay on the physically unable to perform list that he stays on that. Physically unable to perform -- he doesn't count. Against the 53 man roster so let's just say he starts on the PUP list which we don't know but let's just say he does that's where he is now. I think it would be three maximum. In terms of tight ends and part of that is I think they're gonna -- five running backs we salvage your point I think he does all the states Vickie stays because of the special teams value there so I think they -- five there you -- if you gonna keep Tebow and I know that's a hot button topic. That's the recorder out while here radio right the right. So that would be three quarterbacks are you have to trim somewhere in the way -- look at the tight ends it's like I'm with you on said filled in terms of he has. Some special quality you know like where he runs well he's got good size he catches the ball well I think he has to stay. I think Ballard they're managing you only played twelve snaps against the Eagles he's been limited in practice. But I think they look at him as their best blocker -- say he stays -- and I'd say pick one of the other two guys fell zero home and our newly. And the money -- you mentioned as a factor both those guys that are up over a million Ballard at 630000. Both guys are two times the player of Ballard and you know economic sometimes come into the decision. Talking of like Greece habeas via boston.com here at Gillette Stadium the the offensive line is something we talk about and I don't there they've gone -- exhibition on the right side but. The first couple plays its Philadelphia Mike. -- -- looks like Alice a different player but he show like this level of confidence and -- blocks early is that something. You see consistency consistently from him. These first couple weeks of camp I think that's -- that's fair Matt I think the offensive line start with the coach on -- Scarnecchia you know -- -- doesn't he just does so much with you know no matter what he gets them at their fifth string. Right guard in the air for that team you know when they're running for 200 plus yards. Offensive line pretty strong I think they'll get better I always try not to read too much until late. The injuries -- -- sure because I remember thinking. In two years ago when they had all sorts of trouble last year they -- all -- you're -- look bad and and even -- you know and Brian Waters came in two years ago you saw how quickly can. Plug it up I think that's probably pretty good place to start with Scarnecchia good system. And that but I agree -- there it looks to me like as a left tackle we could start to maybe talk about him this year if he continues on the step progression as one of the. The best in the league you're talking about the running game I think that it will be a good running game like that the backs and that what did the different things they bring to a team in the success of it. But it was it last year when a team looks across BC Brady -- those weapons. The personnel might have been a little bit different you know he's even if it's broken Hernandez lined -- together you still think it pass. Might have allowed them to open up holes and we those references observed that buffalo game with the adjustable quarters refused to give in the past and -- small got the small cut back there. How much of that do you think inflated to their success and you expected to be a little bit differently teams go after this year. Well I think it comes down of the titans lose that's the interesting part so like for them like -- that those two games like the specific to the buffalo game I remember that like buffalo played. A basically a dime defense yet they were so small out there and the patriot tethered to a tight ends out on the field and they said if you're gonna play dime. Again start to tight end package which is gonna run right through you. My question -- this offense this year is how much will they do that too tight ends because I thought I felt like they were doing it before because of the special talents of gronkowski. And Hernandez together. I think this year the special talents if they didn't young receivers grow like I think they might. Can be that receivers I think maybe more three receiver packages. And then you got to see how well they run out of like the nick you know out of that that package against the nickel vs two tight ends against the smaller. Every year you guys do a thing where he sort of project who's gonna play base in the practice for pre season game you guys have got this thing down. So you tell me how much his -- and forget all about it for roster -- point. Should they overreact to see a guy like carbon rookie from rikers seem really get the playing time over tea towels -- minute a second round pick county about Wilson last year. It raised a lot of eyebrows because of a draft for perspective nationally. Was little on a lot of guys boards the fact apartments now apparently playing ahead of him on the depth chart is that a sign that. Wilson's been bumped out here a little bit he's in danger of either losing playing time or not making the rock. Her second -- safety I think that's very fair you know -- my point on the defense this year has been there done that for them to take the next step that that people wanna see intake is more of a dominant unit. They need their second year guys Chandler Jones Donta -- in particular. To take that double growth that Belichick often talks about in your second year when you have a full year in the system to grow mentally and physically and become go from being solid players which I think would all agree they were last year. To dean changing difference makers so apply that the tape on Wilson who also -- -- second year player 48 overall in the second round. And you see him -- going in the wrong direction I think that's. Very fair to say and I think you'll make the team because he's on special teams he plays on all those units. But then when you look out you see -- majority Adrian Wilson. Steve Gregory in the out Iran -- playing over a guy that in his second year should be going in the other direction that also raises my antennas. Tucked below that depth at safety terrible reading in the -- yesterday seventh seventh. That's a demo reported quarter an awful awful lot with great -- behind him if you Wilson behind him. It who everybody at this depth at safety. You read too much into that or is it just this at some point in game in June we might need you but it's your chance he says you know what till dinner comes back. I might put -- over there on not the first wide receivers just believe this him. But the second yeah I think there's a chance -- that according they have confidence in at both spots I think it's more than even just standard it's also goes down -- Ras I Dowling I mean. Talk about it on Wilson has maybe a little bit of a guy sliding back -- Another disappointment to the team I mean second round pick first pick of the second round. In 2011 and looked like he had a good spring. Looked like he started can't fairly well and then gets injured and he's been off the field for the last week didn't play in the pre season opener so. You know you lose dinner -- some uncertainty there -- student injured right now but also the legal uncertainty. Dowling who may be relying on as the fourth corner this year hasn't been out on the field all of a sudden your numbers get fined a little bit. And you're relying on a third round pick and Logan Ryan and I directors at cornerback may be more than you want to and that leads and to. Slide according over there and -- in the some of the veterans at safety to fill -- equally comfortable doing. I think everybody agrees that McCord is better safety -- front of the week and movies that quarter plays safety seemed like. That's in the trendy and if those looking at safeties. But we sometimes get you straight to the district is depth at safety. Would -- feel comfortable with that -- you rather have look forty over the top of the lesser quarter to protect that is -- the -- rather have that safety if all things were equal just as he's Smart he's sort of a leader back there but I think. You know corner. You have a look at your other options it's Kyle Arrington and then your next guy in this either. Mark weeks -- right or maybe Logan Ryan we remember mark -- call from the AFC championship game and trying to cover. In crumbled in in the slot. Didn't look too good you know so I think people McCord yet corner that you can move Barrington into the slot. And well it's not exactly what you want it's probably the best of of what would be I guess you'd say a bad situation if you thought it get out of here at. It Tebow question from me you wrong. I I read what you wrote yesterday about bill Belichick's appearance on this radius agent could agree more I'm convinced now. Tim Tebow is the third quarterback he does certain things good but they just USC quarterback candidates backed not a specialty player. That -- -- you know having a a third quarterback active every game all the time at an extra 46 minutes at a 45 in a longer emergency. Here's my wild thought that Tim Tebow becomes. I'm trying to think of the it that Ross been thrown. Where he's here he's basically on the team but there are some weeks where because of roster space he actually gets cut. And all these teams had a chance to sign Tim Tebow -- Tim Tebow always nobody wanted the patriots took a shot on. Is that anywhere a possibility they sort of a patriot all year Mike but there are some weeks where. He's not part of the roster at some weeks where he hangs around for 123 weeks and that is back. All the roster to help them rep as a scout team quarterback. For a different team could see that I guess the central and stuff was always because there were other injuries you're on the team which I guess they're inevitable like I guess I could see data and I've gone back and forth on -- when he first signed by. The guys that maybe 33% chance that he makes that team and then. You know our first step roster projections which are always fun you know that we did I didn't put them. On the Italian and then I watched him here in and I thought about it and I said. If you're judging him based on running the offense that Tom Brady and Ryan -- -- he shouldn't make that team but that's I don't think that's the way they're viewing and you know I think they're viewing him as saying. You know he can prepare us on the scout team for that. Option type offenses that we're gonna see and he's a good locker room guy. And between that value in the idea of a third layer of insurance you know god forbid for them if something happen to Brady and then now it. You know we could be competitive with him running a different type of offense I put all those things together and I guess I've sort of gone from 33%. Tim you know closer to 75% range that. Yes -- is no chance of Brady's healthy that he's that he's in these gains my opinion but if Brady does go down you know I. I could see them put him in formality in certain situations you know -- you know -- a quarterback that has really proven himself so maybe people could fit. I just think it's unfortunate. Then you know he could play six of the sixteen preceding quarters here for six those orders -- offense. They're running back wide receiver offensive line they -- doing it different offense for us. You know whatever it is percentage of the pre season ought to be spent thirty minutes -- different office we -- third string quarterback gets strip and they do it for DTL I get it. And it's very does go down you'll probably use him in certain situations. But these these every minute out there and -- field means something that these guys and what they're working -- and it taken away from somebody really fine tuning this office to learn is. Yes but that -- there's probably some truth that I think the guys that are most affected are probably like the lower level receivers you know that are trying to break -- in the second half of these -- and and I guess you could say also to you know some of the younger receivers that. Played a little longer in that pre season opener. I'm a I think overall although I think what you get out of it is probably greater. Then what you would get out of -- if like you have your other third string quarterback in here before in my calf you know I I keep going back to that. They have a third string quarterback before they -- Tivo that probably no one even knew who he was in no one really talked about it. And probably turned off you know a lot of people turned off the TV if you were to come into the game. At the end of the pre season gains -- I know exactly what you're saying there is some truth to it I mean at what they it was totally different you sorry it when he came -- the end of the second quarter but he did not function very well in the in the traditional Patriots offense first drive of the third quarter. They start running the option at a very nice run on third and six of the twelve yard run in which. Nor safety went -- I mean you really we don't talk about it for the sort of an unconventional play but that was a really nice run in which a rookie safety trying to win a job for the Eagles it. Didn't come close to being able to wrap the guy out so. -- sort of look at it and say. Compared T boat like a -- you know when you're measuring up and I I see more upside. If you ever get to that point and you know as we know they've carried out two quarterbacks three the last four players with sort of tells us that the third quarterback isn't that vital of the position. As you Britain and obviously to -- -- about the rest this pre season his performance. I thought was a lot like we all expected heart and good -- accuracy still not there how it performs against the Tampa defense on Friday night. Will be a lot of fun to watch Mike -- habeas PM boston.com. Like appreciate that I'll be talking throughout the year the fourth my will take a break we'll come back we'll -- what's not -- at salt and copy current live. Here are delighted to hear on Sports Radio WE yeah.

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