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Aqib Talib, Patriots CB: "My bad man, I had to say hi to Gisele"

Aug 14, 2013|

Talib joins Mut and Merloni and besides being distracted by Gisele Bundchen, he discusses practicing against his old team and how he's feeling more comfortable in the Patriots system.

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Joint practice at number one patriots of bucks rapid appeared Gillette Sports Radio WEEI salt can holing. Come your way at 2 o'clock would like silken top. Tom Brady's pretty famous it was not the most famous person here practice today. His wife Gisele Bundchen was here practiced it and -- to receive her -- I only have -- -- confirmation I'm waiting for one of these -- photo the or -- -- good website to have to. Waiting for one of these reporters Jeff how one alert in the jails Gisele was here I follow him on Twitter so whether it's your cell. Michael Reese. Tommy current Chris price elect one of them to get us a scatter report on -- Which you Wear it here to -- Kinda rainy very overcast. To a practice she was among. A couple thousand fans it's still made the way out here which is amazing to me that. -- -- be amazed at this point but this this dean's popularity. Is so much that even in this sort of weather. People come -- watch this team practice and they were here today and Gisele was here today. If she got the patriots. And the box joining us a live from the practice field. A couple of minutes left and our show guy played for the bucks in for the patriots I keep to leave on the program achieved but a little -- you. And I was like track's signature old team here at Gillette Stadium today. But a lot of fun man illiterate I'm much trauma and not a lot of familiar straight. -- -- -- -- -- No -- familiar face Vincent Jackson you Mike Williams they're different guy last week. The show on Jackson different challenges this week with these guys. Yet different look you know Matt -- of this mosque speedy guy. If we want them bigger bigger receivers they -- sitting over here is not so definite different on the court though. -- for you what would you rather see across you on offense you want the short speedy guy you want the tall maybe slower guy to defend. I don't know. Let me just. Let them any MO MM and I understand how did you dale. Not so this does not take it -- would say yet if Israel more than and its all good. I I would regret that you you is this short fast receiver for the tall slower receiver what does Aqib -- wanna go up against. Men -- it don't matter to me man I'm among among about a competition and so. I look forward to at all. Eagle to get some of these young wide receivers the patriots have here. They still pressing you on a daily basis. Yeah man we take him out of medical red outfit today so. May they come out and Google are gonna got a bit out of the quarterback the coach you know so -- and not again. -- about your group you here for half the year last year you feel like -- whole off season and and be able to recite here for this year. It's up we want a better position to be ready to go for a week want. Yet -- government does. Get a longer look at the playbook and but it communication with the you know better understand that a decent quality and it all the traffic and that new house. This young at defensive back group go like young guys you're a veteran you -- way to try to work with that guys like -- second year Logan Ryan. A rookie -- even try to get these guys. On the same page at this defense. Am not don't go out and I'm like man I'm just mom and -- Levi that we like come on UEFA -- that part of our man Saturday. You can't question I have romantic I'm glad it got quick with a look from the I have yet. Become -- during the mid mid season last year and you'll get some very low but during the week but now you hearing camp goal of against Tom Brady you played foes for the man last year -- like you can't this year seeing him. Every single day try to defend Tom Brady. Man it in the -- match some Smart about Manny gets that. And check some and you immediately checked it right back at Womack yeah US era Smart guy. You jump you jump but he routes a Brady so far can't take -- back the other way. They yeah I'll I'll keep well lately I took my airport here. You come on -- work at a couple integrated out today he it's overcast still a couple thousand fans. Show up here does happen in Tampa -- -- for the bucks. I can't comment on -- my eyes -- I got a shot every moment babies it's. I'm -- you cannot remember the man knows the viewing viewing a -- and great. So you're you picked off Tom Brady here practice and notes at the once or twice you don't talk trash him at all. Now malathion Alitalia China Akamai and and kill -- you come out compiled. I'll always appreciate it appreciate take the time cable talk during the year. -- they go cue to leave joining us here live from the practice field and that they get on -- but reloaded show tonight a 37 W we talked of for a half hour. About anything you want talk about -- he did he did stop the conversations ability to joke right that just you know I didn't just imagine that no.

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