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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 08/13/13

Aug 13, 2013|

You ask, we answer. Today featuring Tom E Curran. And Pee, lots of pee.

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It's. Time or answer the question jerk answer the question whit Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question -- Up with Tom Curran today so all in WEEI acts that will be back here again tomorrow. As they practice wild world on the air. Tom theorizes that will be full pads hopefully some hitting so I was thankful that we some vacuum cleaners and I think -- vacuum -- tomorrow -- -- Wendell. We have zone -- -- -- that -- to maintain the noise from the first two point seven hours we've looked like. More important things and actually yours actually if you you do confuse. Can -- answer questions please Tom I don't. To deal. It's a long story but usually it's what's a guy that's for market those. In the coming in these introduced maverick with a guy you kind of what's up guy again. Don't know I was just think it's funny you guys got up the vacuum is vacuuming once a week it's a once a week chore or more -- once a month. Is that directed to me to ever want to everyone can answer other vacuuming up on not Keiko is dog here is used. Far too evident afford to that's that's the that's when vacuuming occurs today threshold of -- had you know what. My dog is -- to plug -- Iowa voters well. I'm gonna get after it. When I still too much dog here and you know my wife might feel a little bit more prone to it to get -- after earlier she. She's a once a week where there needs are not for the first of its interest in this show seems to attract people yeah it was cents earlier and he's got his -- the -- Always got to apology that a dog. You know if other -- which is like a poem he don't bother enabling every -- are good dogs. The right size to his -- they ship. We've you know got to go French don't -- same size that they don't ship justly. Next question. What is the best piece of advice he would give to aspiring sports -- Now read that we got to come from -- -- rest of -- agreed to you -- read if you're reading not getting any better -- you wanna know how to write you got to read. How much of how much of the sports journalist though. Do you think is about writing verses. Well. Now may have. Not as much as it used to be because the only path into the business used to be writing was being very simple. You wrote for small paper in mineral for a bigger one and two big one -- to a a metro of of some sort -- at the Providence journal and then. Now it's different you can write the -- not gonna have an editor so you can have. Everyone thinks are gonna be the next Phil Simmons Bill Simmons was all once in A generation. Type guy who's out when everybody else that debt and and he did very well you know I think that Bill Simmons. You know probably -- a lot of people's perceptions as to how things could be done but I think -- If you wanna be good communicators. You'll understand how to put things together if you wanted to stay with the next question -- you got to read baby I'd be curious -- what the best way what you would say is the best advice you'd give to somebody. In terms of the reporting part. What's the best way to becoming too do the reporting growth there is that what it is -- their house so. -- a lot of phone calls since you have to make that you don't wanna make you you remember early when you had to make. You didn't want to that you were able to. Yes this does I don't want them -- you always have to try to get the other side and now that's the other thing that's gone away because of the time -- differences it's good news cycle is constant. So you don't have. Twelve to eighteen hours to work on a story where you can get both sides if you have one side you're right to use that side then you might or might not circle back and get the other side. That's a difference to. This is fascinating for everyone next question they gave me Marcus can you wanna hook -- -- ladies brawl with your off Ben has actually playing. Tic tac toes welteke. Normal that is that the view toward I'm -- and I would like to take questions -- that question. And I unhook my ladies brawl with my offhand yeah. -- you do that with your non dominant hand won't let you do anything in my hands on amount us. Now barely -- nine a tiger do it right can you do it without looking. Yes are you better -- if you look. No I'm actually that it will not looking. Really get because I'm Richard around the girl to do I you're used to -- I'm used to doing it without looking if you ever have the opportunity to do -- looking though is he's. Yes it. Yep I'm looking at some details on. What's your main hand being used for a moment if you future often these great questions grabbing. Next question. Good technically that's at this past Jason Duff is the one who use and it the other day if you've got a handful of apple that right. Right on TV she is way too hot forum she's absolutely beautiful he -- like a cool battle and -- are serious uncle and guy is a weird looking dude though he's a little -- don't think. Ranger blue cheese for buffalo wings next question. -- it is -- the next question it's blue cheese yeah exactly ranch plus. Yeah I can't stand the -- in the bush she's. Interest by Gallup Obuchi's kind of goes sideways on me pretty Israeli Sampras since not like -- -- California at that that's not only good thing that nods. But the Bobble head yeah. Like rich like rich French Fries. Pizza. -- valuable these Stanley feel. I get a buffalo chicken pizza -- expertise to heavy to be real heavy coming out of pocket some ranch in which he's. Together well I know I just -- and really not on every -- now. That's enough for the Rangers Ehrlich who authors the 13 rates of -- -- just mix it up. Those who knows what's coming this club and we don't ball -- from some pages here we have you mention -- on -- -- is that how you operate maybe I'm just trying to give some local flavor and I don't need to have something given back to. I get that 1% off the -- to please. Next question it doesn't work. Those markets via. Has ever punched Kurt wrote it -- point in the world. Timmy current. Karate chop -- in the -- activity would be fourteen years fourteen years old yours on it and because he's. He thinks he's gonna go to quote unquote do you scholarship OK so he sits there. All freaking day on the couch playing call of duty win in nukes. Just to get harriers and to sit there and I'll poke poke poke poke. And I asked if I can play you know graphics controller and finally just right jobs in the neck out of that and I punched. It was a with your kids abusing you could commercial where these cities slap in the back -- my head. -- -- -- expert on pulled the tickets let me talk in the now -- to violent video games what you need to do you need to hire rendered to -- it is well. He's pretty good though you hire somebody to some video game. At this idea. He's acted had a tree -- victory critical duty. It is very. But. The real. He stood with. Him next. To you because it's -- Your favorite times watching game 1 o'clock four walks -- -- there's. Different because if -- would much rather have every game Sunday at one. Will say it's him when he. He -- this. Late night and day. That's the Euro over. So gassed from the weekend there's things that are there he's goes to put accepted that's it. The footballs on the West Coast. 10 AM 10 AM 1 PM. Monday night games -- 530. I'm gonna do it to the -- spot on the West Coast we watch it. It's better. I'll -- these -- in the west -- I've watched football for that he'll -- That day. It is too early you know it's all for now it is so great being on the first four if you wanna watch the like that it's actually gets its review it sounds like it's a sense. It's also like I've. Ever missed -- fish tacos and -- Else. Next -- I would owns Tom. And -- -- -- If that with a throw punches the best way to secure that it. I tried something last night that I didn't think like you would broccoli to purchase of on the ball so I didn't do that I know I look like that. I have one of those small -- entrance of the last Clinton. Hussein general frank really. And I definitely think you're pretty different but broccoli try to I I -- That's a I was home and Heather had a stint. -- Right now so if I was discussing it progress -- a blocked a drive that along damaged and -- to just tried to Heather I'm not going to try this it will not like I hate the taste of rock. Sure -- she kinda gives me like. Guilt trip that she's got to turn my sleeve those that don't try brought Bill -- if I guess now Canada spit all the rights and I like Paris final try the cameras abruptly it looks like kind of super charge our guys eat broccoli. So I tried the damn thing. He's not. All you taste is like that roast at east lake Butler and a hair or whatever smell like burned here just smelled like for nothing it just not like it is the foreign. I -- probably 45 points. What was this woman's -- again that's my wife that would be my wife Heather. That settlement don't do that to just but I -- it now I feel terrible about really feel like he should have no taste whatsoever to isolate the bad taste it taste -- like you know what something the tether reel them. With them but getting grilled chicken I'm sure that just -- sit around at 6 o'clock listened to his radio show the producers are. Have what are doing your tactics what was the -- the rose broccoli is not something when it. Really go down that road again can't. Rows of things that need to be revealed every piece is I actually kind nearly as you're starches don't be roasted vegetables don't let you literally choose vegetables because if you don't trust in the east are. If you roast them their bearable. Do -- I like Saturday specials drowning any particularly any irony vegetables only -- done matrix superffoods. -- I hate. Bodies that are asylum there -- -- to get a zones over and over the DNC OK. You're not green stuff like -- vitamin -- out around I'll I hear I just like she's meat and potatoes of soil like she's mean to -- what's that Scarborough. When you're -- well. What does that. A you have for resistance to him last night I was at the -- Mike clearly don't not -- resistance -- Brady had said that he used resistance bands that don't work out so I don't try to. And I pulled this freak of resistance -- like Texas thinks tight enough and think snapped stab me in the if Brady jumped off a bridge would you jump on average if he said it would work. But the next question our final question what is your favorite -- drink. However I mean you just talked about the free or whatever it is. -- not when we still appeared in it talking about -- -- -- is just a goalie you're talking about that I was -- tandem with -- this analogous -- -- -- too stupid to look stupid introduced him because that's the worst -- as a -- -- -- yeah -- do or how much did. I mean -- only so many at both -- for release all. I was a bunch of the fourth floor. Shows you -- guys dual data come up with this stuff you're gonna have to do it all day tomorrow to pity. Sorry about that everybody. -- that's gonna do it for us today I've ending the show right out of a little -- -- those -- -- up next we will be back tomorrow 2 o'clock here at Gillette Stadium. Patriots practice going on in the background that as we as we speak to you guys we'll see you tomorrow night. I mean you just talked about the premiere whatever it is. -- that's -- we still feared and it talking about or a -- is just don't go to.

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