Aug 13, 2013|

John Saucier takes us through some of the best and biggest Flash screw ups of 2013.

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This is -- On the import of flash bash and we're back resolves many here are counting down when you lose some sports flies through all 122013. Coming in I never -- -- you -- stop sooner -- job. I've screwed that up completely start over. Around count myself down. Think -- gonna kill my headphones those and knows god cannot start over and yes you were on the air. Coming in at number three it's yours truly you know I didn't avoid this list but sometimes there's his words Europeans today. Fifteen -- teams -- common sense points. Companies send story takes none for the patriots though. I'm trying to get for you right now but I still think I did say. Our number two on the countdown a blast on the -- our old friend Michael Leslie who's gonna show you who's up next visiting bookmark WEEI dot com on your mobile phone today. More from. Worried for it. We wait for it. More from John Roddick coming up next Mike Leslie and that's the sports slash there you go might get nailed it and finally on the flash countdown and number one sports slash global 23 team. This is solid one and its Christian -- Campbell the classic what's the score again Rangers beat up on the after -- six to one the a's scored. Three runs in the eighth -- dvd. They -- The Who they beat. All dead air is so much fun. Okay what was the score -- 64. Speak now world -- -- homer for Oakland is eighteenth in the year and there you have a good job sports plus two so when you thirteen.

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