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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 08/12/13

Aug 12, 2013|

Salk and special guest Matt Chatham take your questions, and sometimes even give answers. The best hotdog in MA is in MENDON

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It's. Time for answer the question -- answer the question itself can Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer that question -- Are we do it to the question today from Foxboro with Matt Chatham which is a fun time and it's been hit on avenue aren't stupid talk some football and here in the on field perspective of what you saw Friday night from your post. There for channel four into the question brought to buy heiress restoration specialists. If you're a property your facilities manager insurance broke call Erez. To maturity of a disaster restoration game plan in place call 877. 4611111. Or simply go to AR NS server. Dot -- you understand how this works people ask us questions while we have to advance that was very simple. Question and answer it's very simple I think you can handle an excellent. Is no more complicated than anything you did during your time here in this building probably one that was the first question that area -- do you understand the concept of this game. Yes -- were good to go expressed. Guys what is worse leaving the house about brushing your teeth. Or -- or -- or without putting on dealer. I think it's the dealer and you can survive. Now brushing. Yet -- ways around that the Europe spent bullet you can choose to throw -- -- among your armpit that doesn't hurt to also work -- -- by the time you eat breakfast whatever sort of nighttime morning -- you have. Should kind of disappear under the weight of whatever you have for -- you think that it should people around -- -- victim but there's no other -- or -- putting on deodorant do you executives normally around them in his heels of the -- -- people -- Probably -- -- -- -- partly to rub -- of the migrant but I don't know what it is having a problem at home my my wife when she was pregnant. A while ago used. Natural deodorant but she was afraid of you wants to work right exactly -- yet by which I mean the ones that don't or an RR eighteen month old Avery. Somehow. Miss located. Heather's deodorant regular the -- that kids are legal -- she gets into the -- terminals and you can't find anything of the last day or so my wife has been using the the natural -- to want to -- So that's the problem happened in my house and the problem. Let's learn woods that's really depict how can the actual wider bed field. You go to your energy orders. It -- the stream of three. Next question. But it is really is. -- -- -- But making sure you don't have an import -- fact -- -- -- -- no need to but it just it was a natural view. Not what is your opinion on the takeout tipping protocol that we had his big debate on this a week or so -- after Drew Brees. Tip -- just like three dollars on seven -- dollar bill aren't. And he was chastised bored by the person at the restaurant. I did not tip on on fact they got taken -- and they did not. I believe I am -- generous. You in tipper got I was I mean now I mean I'm always I start at 20% epic and sort of -- were all come on come with a the Euro. Cameras were dogs -- the Reza I sort of the reservoir dogs a sort of a -- to your -- mystery I think I'm as well. -- think we touched on the segment the but anyways I start with a number ten and then -- chip away at the number as things go -- either positively or negative positive that you might leave at 10% of its bad service yeah we started point in my right over 12% tournament started when he can't we work our way down each little -- my. Pull you down to fifteen which means he did a decent job and I mean if there's. Multiple problems were working way to under the terms of -- that's -- -- Take out. I thought that's what we're paying for your rights are part of it if they didn't drive me there who's the best slippery place. Past differently. I'd really we don't we do we win in the outlook due -- the bills really -- -- -- the news right now we will throw cards and kind of agreed to a certain numbers of the normal back. That's network nobody to sort of throw an extra hundred just immaculate just to make you look -- a little bit more money than everybody else the kind of guy who built a moat around the house or something -- you know anybody like that. Answer the question -- of these three Super Bowl teams you played on who threw the best super power. -- so I mean there's really no different metric my favorite. Personally it was probably you'd the second with a second one was -- -- coolest little moments -- And this is not. Easy like Sunday morning given him growth business. Who -- easy like this ever averaging Lional Richie of The Commodores. Yeah exactly it was of commerce get it right yeah it's the question is about being factually I usually correct it's The Commodores not this is a Wikipedia. So no one I believe it was the second one one of you sort of lost to VIP view if you can -- for normal -- -- room was. Actual line and -- in just a piano in the off rooms and maybe a small party of 25 people. And he sat there completely content that is real access. -- cool just off the side. You know playing easy changes to Wear them -- what -- staff and that was super -- a lot of the stuff that happened that post party you think it was at the apartment there in Houston and that was like I gotta go on stage with there Grossman a bunch of friends there and I think will be key thing. It was not Smart and they were all good but that was one this sort of X which one had the Kid Rock about personal on -- the world was at the Jacksonville. Maybe Jacksonville. I arrive later in Jacksonville. Here's your on the busting things. -- I had a friend had a friend who was there and execute on stage and introduced that is to open for a that'll change but. Let's get -- that's what he does -- of that the lines of him for next question. Which player did you play with that you would most want on your side in -- more. Well. You know -- sneaky. Steve Neal Steve meals again this. Has the skill to go to the ground in the ex wrestler right exactly he's got a little MMA in them and I got -- less awful -- myself and I kind of dig. Stand up punctures that always know it's gonna go to on the -- necessarily mean in in -- people played dirty and that's kind of part of especially growing number that usually happens. All the people -- -- the big guys so in the event that went down and Steve agreed got to know who else is on the list. Over it here I mean it's knowledge you know I'd feel KK go wrong I -- I listen to be honest in most wars -- -- -- number of guys on the streets. It's not it's not terribly an issue but I think if you rule we were in the balance or in the world in my -- -- that some of the quarterback to play and -- -- -- fan of -- They don't I don't necessarily they're not even in the conversation this is not the program were ordered back from June you know throw the first punch and he's a bad asked. It is able that it was better I'm really disappointed understand that it relies a multimillion most of my life most of my belief about college football is based on the I imagine every cultural so I don't know we just did whatever I know what I know and I imagine that everything is exactly. Like the program I imagine every coach to be sort of bedraggled like right -- con is. And just sort of like every day something -- was coming out on the he's got to deal with some -- -- is done something dome I imagine it to be just like that James and the beast and I don't want your that is not the program of the area to exploit that is a different movie. John freeze. -- still see John answer apartment was it was and how about that I'll look at the next question what is your favorite place. To an excellent question. Commodities I you know and I there's a guy here locally in Bellingham area namely Mary Joseph Austin stories -- the court is -- -- these days. But he goes next level easily do from Arkansas. To -- Engineers is super Smart dude he says -- retire and open up this topic jump to look him up on -- I think is Larry -- fire -- what makes the hot dogs. He'd he smokes so people smoke these kinds of foods that you use mosquito mr. exact with the uses. And -- put the ball well for an extended an attempt a huge dog food and axles economists guy makes one of the best efforts have ever had in my life. He's the sort of -- neighborhood boy he's bounced around that the the court and a fiery a year ago and found a new location and it's reflects what happens in smoke hot dogs. -- -- -- the fire center or on the other they sort of you know. They move demanded action and OK so this is one of the best and he's. I've always thought of -- and is being one of the great hot -- capital of the year and some people may like to Chicago hot dog with the sport peppers and all that things went out to men in Seattle they they put cream cheese on -- ha I'm telling -- it sounds -- was really good -- the they'd like shoots cream -- out of a little guy on the and they just rip of cream cheese on the hot dog and a tuna and cream cheese it's better than you that. Next question who would you save at first if they were drowning your dog or your wife. The wife from the second. Here's what's interest and we both the French -- -- they sink like a rock so essentially I would need to save the dial my wife should be able to slam. This is true point yeah for a Pulitzer just rocks please go right floor. So yes but I feel like it's no real national. Problem are you short. So you don't know if you're white can -- -- -- -- vacation whether she's always got -- because I think that scientists in the water it's more what -- thing so you never like gone to a resort why some with your wife and my -- -- on the on each fares is that you won't go in the coal ash in the pool boats as well. Just swimming just the kind of thing you literally don't know if your wife can swim I'm gonna limits issue can. I don't know that's a whole. I got sold in the moment not going I don't want yeah. You're -- -- the fact that you said your wife instead of your dog which earns you points but if your wife is listening I would argue you're probably in trouble at the -- this -- not knowing whether or not she can swim. And to a one of those sort of obamacare kind of calculations I think my talks near the end of panel he would. He would not make for political we don't go. I wanted to say and I think that I think he's. Close enough that done that it would be wasted if I had to worry where she still plenty of good years left for the life -- SeaWorld would dare forget it I'm going after young dog instead of your life however understand where things now. Next question. Matt can you explain to techniques three technique it senator what the strategy in theory are behind them. To check via odd odd numbers mean journey GAAP. 135. Technique is confusing thing what it appears that I think people get caught up they think technique technique is style your plane. Technique now. You know did detect a five technique is the name of the guys who lines up in the five hole. It's it's it's -- closed its annoying that they collect a little bit but just just like we hear even numbers the guys lined up head up to a guy. A -- technique is as its head up to go our four lines and up to tackle zeros it's it can boast that considered and even number which my teachers that I aftermath scissors now. That call it even for the purpose kind of discussion. Five technique once a pop outside of outside chain of taxing that they don't you come up and -- right -- outside shade of the tackle. Who handles the finances in your home you or your wife. My wife -- that we both have or MBA which she was she's actually my district for those blows. Bookkeeping stuff for Joyner foundation that can ever. Calling -- keeping track of that did it was business skyscrapers and he's always been the number ones of the family and she was -- she the one running over the weekend. Yes Trafalis much -- pictures -- his -- -- it was really good -- and -- my boyfriend and you're -- the crowd though interest found. -- is kind of shocking obviously it's super supportive. Environment. Were there for a often. Had a bunch runners Joey Anders foundation number 63 and a reduction of 65 guys you run. -- I'm not built for that matters -- you can run seven miles -- Walk of life -- when there and you know. -- think that is a really long shore up its act. But now that there's that final -- that sort of famous on the beach and I was sort struck by how supportive everyone is along the way. This is that your wrong it's about -- about the cancer on these things of people about when the raise money for. You don't stop. -- -- -- It was like this super supportive clapping group just could turn on your side. So all your success at getting -- to answer your questions is only temporary. He's generous during the pre season do you think he'll be as successful when the real games start. Was he -- answer questions that I did -- -- that it was pretty solid today I am tomorrow on the theory. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If it doesn't go out all his fault or great when it was you know live it doesn't go well it's entirely on all it's our final question here. Well here's to -- put these two together who was the funniest locker room guy you played with and who was the best pure apple you ever play. Funny pure athlete is torture statute requires exactly. Funny guy. Larry Izzo is his own kind of -- funny Josh always makes me laugh Josh is funny dude you know Malaga celebrity's going to be jokes you're kind of guy he's a more obvious answer but. Players a friend is now down in New Yorkers especially coach is still there are stories just haven't dropped the name and everyone you know. He's crazy he's legitimately crazy but he is an issue that's pure athlete mr. athlete while Tebucky Jones probably -- balky -- -- usually explosive. Good basketball players will be -- another huge and so moment tasting of the day you know normally do this. Complete safety received the MD's. Big frame the guy -- could -- -- initially in the NC these these -- who was the worst pure athlete that was a good player. Tommy I mean that's that's outside the court outside the quarterback position. Worst -- -- was still. That is so his bald like how well. As he would argue implement them to court that -- don't -- a smaller on a lot of maturity basketball games so all right who was it. Or. Roasted and whatnot it's a horrible answer but I can't think it was truly battle. -- That's gonna do for us today I would a lot of baseball talk coming up rob and Alex. We're gonna have your Bradford now XP you're talking baseball Red Sox. In bad need of winning and off stage tonight but after losing three out of four. Think we'll talk more about this tomorrow Tom -- -- with me for the next couple days to do wanna get. Some baseball hockey in what what is it with the -- is it just a bad 33 out of four games or is this the beginning of more major problems. It on the -- more remark was obviously a ton of more football talk Matt thank you very much it was fun having UN and western getting yelled up otherwise receive text messages because you she says I've taken more lessons in view. And you can't back -- right -- guy here. What that really means is don't come home tonight without doing something nice don't -- are these cigarettes actually are at that's Matt Chatham in today for all four hours a lot of phone will be back tomorrow Tom Curran at once again from Foxboro this is -- -- WE yeah.

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