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Bill Belichick: I think we're making progess

Aug 12, 2013|

Mike Salk has his maiden voyage interviewing Patriots coach Bill Belichick alongside Matt Chatham filling in for Michael Holley. We discuss the Patriots performances in pre-season week 1, the addition of Tommy Kelly to the defense and much more.

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Are my apologies Vince Wilfork was here very briefly. Poland coach walked out or have built this after this early the better to mental join us right after Bill Belichick coach. Gets priority as soon as he walked in Vince was kind enough to give up the seat but feel about that Vince sat seats a little bit night takeover by. Those -- the breaks coach -- here as he will be every Monday. Guys -- couple weeks in now you got to see your team in this practice situation with Philadelphia and then in the game are you happy with where you guys are. Well I don't know if that's right word like I think we're making progress and we along way to go but players are working hard I think we're pretty good condition and we had a good week of Philadelphia. This will be another great opportunity force in Tampa this week and to see if we can keep. Improving as a team that we we a long way to go. What do you get out of those joint practices and and then the intensity level change you see a big change. When you go from the joint practices with a team to actually playing a game against -- Of course gather at the games are marched there are much higher our competitive level but the practices are good because we go over a lot of situations that don't come opening games. Especially in the at the end of the first effort into the game more a lot of a lot of players that would normally be and that's it we in those situations in practice. A lot of blitzes and things like that that we don't necessarily in the game against him practice so. There's a lot of good opportunities there and then the Houston -- some things on the team that. The deceased from somebody else is still stuff that you do that the successor agency somebody else's schemes and also their players and those match -- so whether it's your experience. Along those lines coach when you have. Again in my class like last Friday where the couple good situations came up you get the backup situation yet upon its there was the time before halftime when it you know there was the quick one minute segment -- real -- him. Fuel glory chicken fingers -- changer or rural rural script for what you need to have MC in those practices are. Now now I've seen in game I think they've either got better we need coaching up a little more but. Do you sort of like a master list -- like I would like to see about the public to see him in the situation commencement. No ma'am we've actually worked on on those situations and several loans that didn't come off Visio we can't really control what happens in the game whatever we get we get and if we get another one up for yet another fact of situation hopefully you'll. Be able. Execute well but then if we don't we we coach off the one that we have and and stop practices but. I think whatever we get we we try to take advantage island and write whatever we don't then we probably need keep you know rehearse and that to make sure that one of those -- we have. One of the radio story lines of your pre season here has been in the new group of wide receivers and how they're going to adapt to with Tom Brady. How do you judge that -- when you're watching a group of young guys how -- you judging to see how that is going. Well thank you judge each each player individually and -- progress American us some guys. So I'm gonna start fast then fizzle out some -- start slow and come on once things come together some guys -- come up and down so. Don't think it's -- it's -- that time we've found a couple weeks of camp three going back to the rookies. And we've got. And three more sold to see how the whole you know the whole body of experiences in the body work plays out and I don't think you can really evaluate data you have to look at you know longer period of time. And players have done in other under stress now they're tired there you know it's day after day that they've got a lot of football and I think that helps to level the the valuation model that it's not. You know guys can you hang in there and continue to push through it and you know perform at a good level or day you know get worn down or you know that. It's it's just went whatever their level is usually starts it. You know somewhere between that second and fourth week of training camp and then pre season so and I think we're seeing that. Long lines asserted that. Stroller and we talked about quite a bit looking for the of the players that make that significant jump between your wanting your two and a guy that obviously out of the clear bias as a linebacker and into the wind kind of guy I'd I'd love to watch channel Jones progression throughout last season and has been intrigued about how he might be used this year. One of things are really come on the -- kind of cool. Comparable comparable. Body type and I was look who's gonna Willie got that I knew that cement 65 to 265275. -- -- What's been really impressive for me is seeing Chandler actually place some five technique please some true defensive end in the 34. At a wider body type something I really hadn't seen before he's really looked -- not only hold up but to maybe drive occupied a little bit about what you saw Chandler and how is minimal can do both roles. He's got a lot of versatility met as you know he's so got a good line and he's strong on deceptively strong for size. But the point isn't that advantage of leverage that. You know those long arms and then. Long legs just just can give you and you mention Willie and that's another guy who took advantage of that. That his tight -- in this great leverage and that -- here you know has been on the and the lines with some five technique. As -- for a little bit and our our sub package he certainly way ahead where it was last year with as your experience that -- understanding of our defense and that are standing with the teams try to do against them so. He's really made a lot of progress and his versatility has done and -- force he's -- can do a lot of things he's a Smart guy. Simon -- a problem then and he's learned to play as you say on the bigger tackles on the wider on the titles on guidance and announced they slow votes votes and he's done good -- here. Interest in you bring up the long arms and -- we are talking about earlier with Tommy Kelly and tall guy longer arms plane inside look and added dimensions can he bring your defense of life. Well it's tough matchup for those so a lot of listeners and arts those 6162. Kind of guys. Against the 65 go along Armisen and you know they're just. Able to. -- had stories of swim techniques and it's it's a tough itself matchup on the shoreline so. Thank Tommy's you know brings a good element of experience. Playing strength and also. Length in there that's that's good that's period. Talking to Bill Belichick as we will every single Monday Matt Chatham in with me today. He talked about wide receivers we brought up brought them up earlier I think a fan I'm watching the wide receivers on seeing who catches the ball I'm seeing who's open. Who catches the ball what they do after they catch the ball. But I know there's more to the position than now when you watch this group the blocking the other things what he's seen from them from that from the outside of that standpoint. Well if you hit it on the catching the ball it's been able to get open create separations got a ball and then you know what you can do it with the ball in hand some guys are elusive. Return tied runners and other guys aren't but. And then of course it's in a lot of assignments and dependability in the right place the right times the quarterback knows where you or make our adjustments and in the running game it's that's you know taking care of force guys are. I don't what the play is -- you know blocking an increase in non opportunism second low but the receivers as a group they're very good job against Philadelphia. We broke off -- couple long runs and it was because of their blocking in that that got the runner into the secondary or got to that opportunity cute to get to the corner. And and then go one on one with you know most basic sciences a horror. You know safety that's the deep safety and those are those are huge opportunities for on the backs and then it kind of space so. The running game and that's that's a big part of it and these guys you know overalls a group or are -- they're tough they. Hasn't size they're aggressive and not afraid you know throw around in there and that's and good all camp though it really showed up from Philadelphia. It seemed as if Brady had some early trust for Kimbrel tokens a guy that maybe a lot of us didn't know a lot about coming in that. Undrafted guy he certainly looks the part what have you seen from. Well I think -- rolls on a good job force upon you know he's -- and every day works hard and you know I think Tom's. Mean look we threw -- over 500 passes in the spring and I'm sure we've thrown at least that many so far this this training camp so. You know it's a lot of snaps a lot of while balls to somebody you know receivers tight ends backs so -- read coverages making adjustments so. A degree in battery -- way to go and then we got a very competitive group. We'll set -- all plays out how they how they fit together as a group as well. A -- -- -- -- here and I'm I'm secretly hoping you don't remember this but. Early -- and yeah exactly early pre season game. In my career here believe that a section for storm if you. In late in the pre season schedule we actually got to stop late in the fourth quarter game and we know how much situation football's important around himself that we work on. And actually made the tackle to get us off the field left about a minute on the clock and we were down by two so we needed three right in like a bonehead I. Ran into the -- in the game and did you call a play that kind of news. I think you -- -- that we had no one of those against Philadelphia to -- well you know before -- often culpable open. That honor if the partner in the that the drug known exactly so along those lines you're one of these young players comparable I was at that point you've. Had an okay campy trying to make a name for yourself -- -- -- to a dumb ass thing like that when -- looking for from academic and these next couple weeks for mr. reestablish himself that you trust him. Well as soon you know make good decisions and and that's certainly a big part of our game is known for all of -- coaches players and averages -- others. It's not just talent it's its effort and decision making and you know we just we got to make the right ones certainly as it relates to the rule little -- as it relates to a what to do with the ball all security. In our responsibilities maintain and what we're supposed to do before we. You know go to try to help somebody else and make sure that we've got our our secure are blocked or whatever it is so. You know despite consistency look everybody yeah there's that that plays there but that place. Including coaches. But it's about consistency about -- eliminate the -- 1000. -- a lot more good ones on the outside of the -- on the other side but the ground. You know everybody says it means the reason we're gonna make him please excuse possible. You've seen a lot of running quarterbacks in your day -- quarterbacks who can run the ball certainly the last year or so this idea of the zone read option is really cropped up as an NFL hall. More of an NFL. Type of style of offense. How similar is it to what's been out there in the past how different is it what are its chances of success -- -- Well it's good question. All will see how it goes across the board certainly presents. A little bit of a problem in the run defense because it it actually creates and other gaps so you know he used to be able to. They six blockers you put seven guys down a few there's some blockers you put eight guys down and you have one more than they did but. Now the quarterback as a potential -- that -- guy. You know is now it's it's an even fight as those that you haven't won more than an -- to -- announced that city and state has got to account for the quarterbacks -- I think that that changes your you know your run defense a little bit and concepts. From a standpoint similar to you know an option teams in college that that do that as well so. Announced it's a little different for some we haven't seen a lot of until last couple years while that was the same type of thing but it was. Usually with a player who wasn't very good passer now we have guys who can run and also throws so. You have to be able to found them both the with the the field in. You know the vertical. The -- field vertically so that's that is challenging. We saw some similar things that you with Tim Tebow once he stepped into the game as a quarterback and I want. Pretend to understand the x.s and o.s of it but we somewhere on the ball little bit more certainly than you would with Palmer with Ryan and their quarterback. How how do you balance that how do you balance how much time to a lot for the types of plays that he can run. Because anything that you would do that way it would take time away from what everybody else is doing it. And yet I would assume that's the best chance you have to win while he's in the games how do you balance that is that coach. Well it's it's something they have to look at and near -- As you say that time management decisions they make are important there you -- waste a lot of time on something that doesn't benefit you that same time you wanna. Try to be prepared for. And take advantage of some of the players' skills that you have so. I don't think it's on common we've had those type of things and our offense before. And and it's. On this a little bit different but it's not we're not trying to reinvent the gamer I think we're just trying to. Take advantage of particular player's skill and and that's no different then as -- we would do with a tight end or receiver run back to. Has a skill that we will try to take advantage of and not say Tim is you're right the first kind of running quarterback we've really had here since castle and as we know castle gain a lot of yards in 2000. Eight when he was quarterback has the as a runner and we have a very good rushing offense -- your. But a lot of it was not a lot of that a big part of it was due to the Jersey and and so. You know I think there were hopefully flexible enough offensively to try to take advantage of whoever we have in the Cayman. And can certainly could run assume he's in there will probably them care. The few times does the creative coaching side you get kind of excited about that doing some different things that you haven't done before and may be experimenting with Josh and coming up some different ideas. Well served that they can and -- can help our team and if they can take advantage of as the senate the skill that a player has you know one not not use that so. And -- have a lot of experience. Making those decisions and you know whether you get the ball back or keep never pitches and all of those kind of things notes it's not like really Toronto. Teach in those things he sees -- along is gonna you know -- the timing and so forth that. It's been noted is it's that it creates you know there's just nothing to put pressure on the defense in English as -- next. You know I think one thing Vince's Vince's. You know a -- Kampman and he's done a great job force this year as he's done every year. You know he gives us great leadership -- that he's in good condition he takes office apps out there. You know and and it's always rated ago. They do that the couple two minute drills in practice and you know we never came out and I think -- -- people realize just how many how many plays he plays and now party plays and he's terrific athlete. Very Smart football where color the linebacker that can you know see backfield sets he plays recognize things. College linebacker would do but you know it does a -- line of scrimmage so. And he's pretty well versed. In all those things and sure he can handle any any defense of questions scheme more. You know how we're different offenses and -- others. One point in the Philadelphia -- pretty unusual where they actually read -- didn't block them. So you know that he was that he was the three -- -- you know taken -- the back they would core -- captain. That he didn't and they would and is thrown back and so. And I know he's seen that and courses career but not much lately. Right he's expecting anyway he's expecting a block these acronym -- -- -- you know the other Italy employment yet they have the Walter brown and you know he chased and then amid the talk over about the earth but it's. And it's unusual for defense -- like mats of sept Crosslin -- and nobody talks -- -- -- and you know you think of screen and thank it and you know something's up because it has done. Well he had no problems jumping out of your seat today and how much he said coaches in I'm out he will join us next coach thanks so much talk again next week a -- -- thank you aren't illegal Vince Wilfork up next alcohol -- Matt -- here and WEEI.

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