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Vince Wilfork with Salk and Holley

Aug 12, 2013|

Mike Salk with Matt Chatham filling in speak with Vince Wilfork after pre-season game #1. We ask Vince about his new line mate Tommy Kelly, how the defense has progressed in this past-offseason, and whether or not he watches hard knocks.

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-- all from coach Belichick active Vince Wilfork got so goes here in the afternoon fox from Matt Chatham is in today for Michael hall here in WEEI. Are no nonsense conversation with the coach by the way. Was brought to you as always by as the allies do Tedy Bruschi did he get affordable dependable life insurance from SP ally the company. That is protected over one million family since 1907 go to SN BL I dot com and do it today. Only as we asked the coach what we needed to ask you about. Trying get his sense of what what he would do if you're interviewing you and he started it with a play in the Philadelphia game the other night. Reading a blocked you know they just that nobody wanted to touch you they just let you go at the line of scrimmage what do you think and is a defense. -- in the moment it's now known as a defense you always talk you know blog look for some audio common. Com -- call wham blocks as blocks oh. House -- You know wasn't surprised at them like I know was in the win because there have been by the -- -- so. A visit to statin to feed hand O phenomena like you know what is even Arafat they want in the guy. Those wannabes got freeze on right Vick keep the ball on the markets haekkerup. I just I just took -- -- a minor -- we can now -- it at all to hear altered. Now Renault automated. In practice -- -- -- -- they gave us a lot of different looks as a defense and it was good forces you know -- -- team is because we never know. We might lead him my -- was similarities to what would be shown so. I think it was a good you know good game for us it was a good week Brett is when we campaign against different at all friends in dispute is going to be even more ovitz announced with a team discriminated. You know the home run are just -- who knows they might put them in the -- -- team more bigger more physical. And after in his state more like old school ground I Petit. -- was going you know two weeks in the room we use -- look at different office and so will be good for his vote. Well over the years -- we've had and guys like curable column most recently branded -- guys were undrafted guys came in the main impact and I know sort of that. -- spot the guys behind you the Jarvis green's the anti pleasant back in the day like there's always that kind of third or fourth guy and then to have a pretty crew of crucial role. We don't know Marcus foursome that while he was here for a year of practice squad. Coach is just suggest some culture was -- -- what do we now know while -- forced -- oval on a core group small these young guys look like the Canaveral honesty you know what I mean although home. It is practices than in any they'd do it with the US army from special teams -- defense is sometimes show tunes on me. If you put in front only wanna learn the fares vary. Just impressive of how -- -- work is listening to a coaching in this into older guys talk about. What they need to do you bear. What they need to do to oppose as a ballclub so. And we don't know who's one raft from the revenues is is in about it I mean we have we definitely have to go Thursday. To property -- take it to the next level as them you know all of these guys economies would markers and GO ones. Sky I mean we have a once in Gaza complacent football what is is going to be. Matter of time would be to showcase her with a comfortable with the going in and out of different defenses. View being culpable put those dozen -- so. But actually what they were committed tails off on activities -- east opponent feel trying to get better and as. As a team that's what you want to as in the visit us which ones live every day you wanna try to get better and then he noticed what you're doing. As a fan I think when I think of the patriots we might think of a couple of adjectives that describe the patriots a year a year overall. We get to see the personality of the team every single year you a couple of weeks in now. Get that get the sense as to who the guys are you're gonna play out in the field a year and interact with each other. What's your sense of the personality of this year's team. I mean. Just talk workers -- mean. Everything's not perfect. We differ in that where we need to be right now put RT would you ever want to you know -- -- guys in the locker room there. For details all know come to work every day don't complain. On the respect they have won on -- the respect they have for the game. On the respect just in general they have towards to is going to work and being accountable. Well you know excellent Mormaset you see that -- frustrated that you pissed off. When as an app you wanna see that you don't wanna see your data schools -- -- -- just walk away from -- because that shows a sign of weakness these initials on it they really don't care. When you have guys really ticked off and you know amok Leach's trip. -- -- -- -- -- -- in the and I think his team we have a lot of pass and one of the things that we always speak about heaven as is -- pages of -- more football for football team. And him being known itself you know -- those three we can go a long ways and so for you know we've we've shown we can mean will be mainly itself where we can come out of practice and a couple of days. And put new things Ian Gold. Go out and make adjustments when we need to so who does -- -- the -- to build on. One of the things that I think fans don't get inside you don't get to see is some of the communication happens on the field I think it's been really nice for this particular group. From last year's as you guys are -- grown together. It's off the luxury to have the world is kind of separated in three groups the front middle Lima the linebackers in the back -- And it seems from the outside that you guys have sort of unique situation and have a guy like you that. Could -- talked in the last segment about a new you'll occasionally see some backfield sets or some fancy stuff that you often don't see from the front and remember Bobby Hamilton was was a guy -- would be out there you -- know about which usually don't give it. It seems like you've got. Yourself on the front end. Jerod is kind of your leader in the middle and then -- on the back in word that sort of luxury not just depending in the pouring Rodney to give us a call and tell her what to do kind of thing work. You -- -- -- of -- highlight some things for routing of three groups. You know and there's there's there's a big positive for this to me. You know won't be going against these Tina won on the littlest. It's not easy for you knew about who's here in the calls just so you know. Just say something and in upfront market in the front. On -- to him beckoning you have a linebackers. He just takes so much pressure often -- complete. Or if you Marcum looks -- -- no you know our signal calls or whatever it may be. When you only have to talk to us right blockages cupid you're from silent so that's a must read it we have as as a human error in -- -- -- -- plus for us you know that. Debt builders out -- so -- -- kind of new -- just don't understand how tough that is for. A middle back of the may -- called me to chase to turn around these guys behind you it's Jason Knowles and -- boss now. And also now which is -- it's -- -- awful you know there have been allowed back plea where you know you just get the call them and make it. Talking on the front did you know Becky you know -- you -- have backers and if he wants sick from there boom he made it's it from there we go from the bush. His death was some positive that we have to you know the guys you know we work our tails off to -- always wants more football and you know here once a month it. Only Kelly is everything he can be and if he if he really is everything that he is in the perfect world. What does it do for your position to have someone like him next. It would two from badges propositions. What his defense is to put our defense and -- the situation. And asked is this even wanted to come in step. He's he's been around he's been around the game for a long time. He you know how to play the game you just to the Wii play you love he had passed support. And as one would guess one of the things that we love our view we love that you guys have the passion and love for the game. Any we have -- guys like him he's definitely one of them that you can just -- the way he comes to where. On the way he plays the way you talk I mean -- student of the game. I mean he's a total package and especially being in my room is it's not just new Rob Ninkovich -- -- you know now we have Tommy. Because we have a wants a young Gaza through channel come into his own. I would just to France in the Arab policy on kicks so. Is due for those -- to see you know see all of us not just neo -- you know is now we have another eviction in the game they've been around for long term. He can -- some knowledge so. It's only to have their own salute you you know in a locker room and in to a film room that is always a big big positive for us. You watch hard knocks we watch that stuff and that there are west USC responsible. What do with -- as -- as best best best my best what I watch and see you won't watched you last week did the Oklahoma adrenaline the in the Cincinnati practice and they had. Alongside Jermaine Gresham tight and on the other side you know lack in their big bad defense and defense tackle and let those two guys go after John you'll watch them like that now. It's -- there's five -- return him. The last thing you wanna do is watch others are OK you are powerful lawyer I have a -- Marbury did you creative work McCain's new notes. You know look at him even by ideals of Peruvians who -- my opponent that I consistently don't go home pizzas and -- our -- I. I've got a list of all right fair enough -- all right hey -- thank you so much we appreciate you and around little overtime and -- given up the space to that allows we allot more to do here a talk a lot more patriots and answer the question about 25 minutes if you got a question text it to 37937. Matt -- answered it is -- -- at Foxboro on WE.

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