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Jerod Mayo, Pats LB, on Cary Williams' comments about Patriots

Aug 12, 2013|

Sebastian Vollmer joins Mut and Merloni to discuss training camp and the team's first game against the Eagles, and responds to Cary Williams.

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Butler and ID 37 WEEI live -- to -- stadium patriots Monday. Patriots won and all the pre season a wins a win Jerod Mayo joining us here in studio on a patriots money what's going comments -- mansion. Have a good day nice weather it's beautiful. Did these joint practices you know mean as much is. We think they be we'll look at and say it's great chance to get in there and it gains speed early on -- what are you view these things. You know I enjoy a not only because you get those game reps in practice but it also breaks the monotony of you know coming out here every day gone to the same group of guys every -- so. I like on the window and what the last couple years and it's been good for. It -- -- -- -- -- to -- talking local young wide receivers and going up against them and also building the team chemistry together is you hope against him you beat him up. And then when they're out there against the Eagles now you pulling for them even more you help them even more does it do that as well. I definitely know it gets competitive out here practice and Gaza those kind of blue vs white out here appraisal going against common offense and they're going against us and no anytime you get into a game that mr. may now or off fight for one goal that's wonderful. -- couple Eagles players came and afterwards it was you know it got it got pretty heated there you know I felt like you guys secular Williams -- amounts of like the patriots tried to. Bully us did it feel like that that they get to whether -- fights during those practices last week you know not a drug you know Gaza rocket just compete on every -- It's football you know half a physical game -- is going -- planning and the wind. -- the game the other night against Philadelphia guys -- -- -- it defensively of people look at that insane attic of some yards to get out Vanilla is is it just. Pretty much one on one battles you just got to go out they're doing also things early you know what we're just out there. You know. Working. On technique and things like you know if we do on Pearl Harbor you wanna make -- Gaza to attack him without getting off blocks and it is doing the basic things before you start getting too much in the scheme do you. Think that's something that tackling wise because a -- less pads. Practicing you guys can have right now is that something that comes along I think -- camp is that tough to do early on I mean we tackle every day. Noah that's one thing caused those it is is this very high on in this price and tackling and and just overall you know fundamentals of the game you know protecting the football things like -- a -- we do a lot of work on things like that they're trying to shelves even -- They're trying to Philadelphia to take chip Kelly's college offensive organ translated to the NFL you saw an up close to me some practice things off Friday night. Can it work can you play that style look of shock on read option up temple temple the entire game. And have a work in the NFL or everyone's an athlete like the pact and where you go up against. Yes Arizona State one week and not that good defensively. Everybody in the NFL and the entirely hold athletes and that work in this league. -- you know only time would you know. I'm a big fan of the huddle you know anytime you can get into a huddle you can calm guys down you can talk about the plays before but. You know it's good to be able to change you know change the tempo of the game as well I'm not sure they're being overworked and tired and my awards at the -- You know it's -- what this defense and taking strides last year at the end of the year and been relying on them this year you guys taken the next step how much. The talent is there now it's more about knowing the system and being that veteran going to be in the right spots obvious that bill from new year for you guys. A nine time look at you know good defenses in the past they've always had a group of guys have been together for no long period of time in. -- hopefully ever want to stay healthy you wouldn't go out there and and progressed each and every day no mention of the weekend and take those drives. -- progressing means. An old guy like you know twenty aero you're undertones. I look up how are you veteran. Or at least I got quietly glad you're older but. If you knew quite what your age compared the young the youth and its defense. You're you're not the old guy but the veteran of the -- -- take a different role does that mean something different now that. You look -- these young players around to helping them out being more of a leader or seeing these old Noah. I brought them try to do my job every day you know we talk about each and every morning you know go out do your job and everything must have -- in place and has tried to receive Dutch anti terror differently from year one year to obviously is more comfortable -- -- he knows what to expect not only on the field but also in the film room. He's a Smart guy and he's really -- -- us. With the young kick his image any calls on TV all game long -- this guy around. What you see from him. You know Jamie's command on good judges listened to the coaching and listen to some of the older players. Obviously we have a long way to go not in -- -- everyone not just you Cilic is a defense you guys got better as the year one -- last year it felt like. It's something you maybe build off of that were playing better at the end of the year the applying to be getting easier is there any carry over from season -- season. With this defense there is there is carry over the same time this team is is totally different from last year's team but. We do best from veteran players who played a lot of football force last year we got comfortable some of the new additions that we added mid season so. I was at the way -- This impact and Tommy Kelly yesterday with the second of the day in the game. You see him next to big events in the big guys capital. It got it. For you come out to the middle on the depression according to him so that's the best way to disrupt you with those two fellows in between. But he opened the door for you get in their line. Are definitely you know those Gaza a -- blessing -- Gaza blessings from me note for any linebacker by. They're good players and hopefully stay healthy that is upon I remembered it was a actually Ray -- for years ago and that when when they drafted -- And he was that you I need someone to find -- I take on these big offense I'm coming through. That doesn't make it does make a difference for -- guys knowing some officer -- has hit one of those guys first before they climb up to give you that extra second to read play I got -- a veteran second or an agent Wilson got a lot of productive years in Arizona what do you see what you see from him so far can. Amanda is the guy going out there kind of spread the knowledge you know he can -- -- -- come from a different schemes so. But he's learned a laughable he knows the game of football not -- under the brand -- -- a good step by step guys you don't understand him and he's he's dead. The gut focused resident it's often it's going up against Tom Brady needs young wide receivers. The guy is that he's got a new -- him out of your -- stud failed or not to have to be raving about this guy. What do you see -- Sony's pictures chasing them around the -- Anderson is what receivers I mean he's commodities and every day's gotten better every day you know we don't get married and practice and he's his where's ours. Terms of -- -- joint practice last week the Eagles -- played them in the regular season a book you do you're gonna see this team. Will be different field because a team you're gonna see during the regular season are we three well obviously you know were probably -- and you know try to get a a physical scatter report -- -- by. On the Hamachi -- has a far more requests -- because -- I don't know we'll see whatever is called we're gonna play where Rezko. Be interesting to see this thing more pre season football back home on Friday -- -- joining us here studio and I appreciate not an old man of veterans have ordered that veteran. -- drive -- joining us -- studio patriots Monday it's what Lou 937. WEEI.

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