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Sebastian Vollmer, Pats OL, on the first preseason game

Aug 12, 2013|

Sebastian Vollmer joins Mut and Merloni to discuss training camp and the team's first game against the Eagles.

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We talk a lot about. Hobbled this offense and this defense and you -- got a chance to see. On Friday night -- glimpses on all sides of the ball they say defensively. In a little bit more of an -- It'll be fun to watch again this week but maybe Demi Moore the -- will because your play against. A team you're gonna play a week three he said it was more a coaching question but if you're Belichick you mcdaniels. He's shown a lot to the boxing Greg -- is this Belichick's best friend -- -- -- went one on one battles you know I think he's Cuban though it's early on and during that competitive competitiveness through another week of practice -- -- we mentioned some big guys lined up arms of Tommy Kelly Vince Wilfork another big on the -- Sebastian Vollmer. I joining us here in studio was like to finally get out their hit somebody. For real besides what are your teammates not last week in Philly Friday night. It's a legitimate. Leg vigorous and -- Vince and Tommy and you know brought tunnels 'cause all the time to -- looks at the at this those conservatives among males and you know to frustration on the summit there. Over the guys to your left now because they're revolving door right guard the whole time here now and he gets somebody different but it just seems like every year even question marks lasted maybe camp. With the way the allowance for points in -- they sky -- we trust this this guy just one of the great coaches of all time really. Yeah -- -- thanks so you know when I came here you know mom and often -- too much you know he takes in -- good discipline tells it would. You gotta do coaches you Harden and you better do what he says and then if you do you get better. And I think so whenever you -- situations and in another guy comes in neat you know just doing that as best -- can and then you know seems to work out of here. We've got a chance talk Logan -- some of the other guys the offensive line over the years and also the same thing. We love to run block we wanna get out there it's more physical kind of sets the tone. Friday night you guys it is 62 yard run out of the gate and then it was -- fund Ron Ron. The west the way it was that the plan go and and try to establish giving guys a chance to get physical early on and acting in that first drive against Philadelphia. A much there was a plan but you know -- -- -- can happen that way in -- and you -- -- it and so that men and -- and a minister of the linemen and a tournament obviously you wanna run the -- -- -- you wanna conditionality wanna be physical up -- on the -- You know what you can do and then if it works out like that -- can plan on -- was Seneca six -- complain -- first -- we're expecting now every play and picture a picture of spouse right for 62 yards in the first play every game it's ago ago definitely her classic -- -- your job is to protect the men and a senator Tom Brady goes over the transition year do you. You -- different Tom Brady though coming in with maybe some of the you to new guys may be more leadership more vocal than we already know area has been in the past. I don't know how many ligaments and I think is very vocal on you know news takes a -- -- was seriously and and you know I think he makes everyone better and expects the best from him and from us and the thing as long as we do that dispassionate and training camp you know we build a good team and and improve on things have been known and bring in new guys then have him learn and and -- a veteran started. You know get better and investment system development league a lot of new guys on your -- secure what what have you seen in terms of the young receivers three rookies who got a lot of playing time Sebastien on Friday night working with. A veteran and Tom -- trying to establish that offense rhythm early on your precinct. Just think -- done really well. You know amateur -- other -- out -- you know from from what I see. You know become in the come in their work hard to try to do you know the household in in the rom game and in the pals obviously and -- do good job and hopefully you know it can improve and then and did even better from here and I'm sure. And -- and hard this week attempt -- and then then then you know and to improve. Restarted the drug earlier about the the two big fellows in the middle Vinson now Tommy Kelly you go up against them. You know every day here so -- practice would have you seen from this this from forwarded through much of the defense. You know I like -- their physical bunched. You know a good good run -- is definitely -- -- I think Howard Jarvis senator earlier you know to open a mound for the whole slam and he can run through and make some plays and I think that's a -- pass -- -- outside and over Robin Chandler and I think it's a -- of younger group we're going to. In terms of the the from running back mix you have it's it's different this year -- got a guy and really who rushed for thirteen our yards a year ago behind this offensive line. Leon Washington a veteran now part of this -- but then. We -- block we saw Leo and that's second half specifically. It's got I guess almost had this mix of -- the physical running backs and in a galaxy really can do at all. What's it like having -- that different group of different type of style running backs you know to block. For. The -- as over the violent whatever play is called obviously we blogger and doesn't really matter to us who is running back acres of trust and all of them. But I think all those guys have different assets and I didn't get them more powerful runners at the fast as it -- guys so I think it's a good system for all of them in owned all of their. To call these and you know try to take advantage of those those things and they were doing a good job and hopefully you know we can. Continue you know to do that -- and for them and and they're running well. We -- Tim -- come in this one a little bit maybe early in every expected any conceded there was a different offense knows or. They did a different offense for him how is that different for you. In what he is running that read option. Any responsibilities differ for you. Arm. I mean obviously haven't done that. You know too much and -- and the passive at all and now also somewhat of a different blocking scheme for us but there -- you know I don't think so complicated kind of stalled things and you do in practice and you know do you learn these things and in training camp and so it's good that you get an opportunity to actually running in the game and take advantage of that Imus coming to run MX and -- and no -- has has a different -- and you try to take advantage of -- We talk about you know the offensive players obviously tight ends on these guys are lined up next to offensive -- isn't a block they're also -- to pass. What is seen from -- -- felt so far as we saw make a play. You know a big block early in the late make a great catch and run down the Simon looked like -- guy that can help out this feeble blocking and catching the football. Yes are also. Like you're assembling you also -- assumed -- works -- -- -- just -- the system and and he makes plays out there and and that's always a good thing and known that that's what you need people -- an oven and doing their thing trying to make their mark on the team and -- spots and -- we all compete autonomy to semen and what's a force of his. Honestly now couple years so a few years now anybody particular standout going up against on a weekly basis or. You see in the schedule I get this got to deal with here a few weeks another team. Difficult matchup. I'm in which was kind of like that they feel like every Sunday I played at night as an elegant guy so I don't think it's it's it's like one -- particulate. There's so many guys out there that aside. Have so many different qualities -- -- sometimes you know you have to strong died of the fast guys the skating god can do certain things and you know the freaks again and all you know that's that's comets and just avenue weaken and we need to learn more about the SP -- -- the smaller -- that's more outside linebacker -- -- exit. What depends if if I get beat them probably a good. It says that. -- bash him all appreciate taken the time here today camping in town for joint practices and back to work go Friday night pre season thanks a lot -- -- thank you Sebastian Vollmer joining us here in studio portable drive -- and Sebastian -- here to patriots Monday if you missed any of that. He checked out out on demand at WE EDI dot com 6177797937. You can text us. On the AT&T -- lions 37937. We've mentioned them. A couple times and talking with Mayo and -- national we come back. Let's export the outing for Tim Tebow because there's no doubt he came in earlier. Then what the patriots expect a lot of fans expected what did we see from Tim Tebow -- feel better or worse about a making this team we'll talk Tebow the guys next.

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