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Tom Brady: "I feel better with age"

Aug 12, 2013|

Patriots QB Tom Brady joined Dale and Kirk to discuss his first preseason game Friday. Tom said that he feels better physically today then he did when he was 27.

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Well the patriots began the pre season on Friday a win over the Philadelphia Eagles in Philadelphia. On our patriots Monday we talk now with a quarterback in the England patriots Tom Brady brought to you by northeast electrical distributors. -- dale Arnold and Kirk men hand and pretty and see how are. Good morning. You thank you nice to talk to -- Let's be honest here did drop the talk your way into the starting lineup on Friday night. At. You know I really enjoyed playing and you know anytime I get the play is great for me. Yeah I think that preceded it -- court and that actually get out there and you player real game for the first time in seven months so. Just -- kitten. Who -- -- play it later. Of the temple again now earlier the first -- -- -- thing. You know the play clock in the game -- game situations and real -- and tackling and so works on it to get out there and and play and you know the more you play the more comfortable you get that goal is to be as ready you can possibly be so -- -- the Hilton since September. Yet you had over seven hours of practice time against the Eagles against another team and it's not the same as the game. You've got the red non contact Jersey on and all that stuff. But I get the sense that -- seven hours were more important and better for you even than an exhibition game what about. Whether they're very important yes. -- differ. -- against those guys and and we. No we practiced quite a bit again and you know briefcase doesn't look that was done against any team so. -- -- a pretty good feel for their team in the strength and her weaknesses and so forth and we don't have the plate and sure this week -- should go up against Kevin basically play -- and it certainly -- a year about a Pietrus. -- -- got some last year that. It was it was a fun week for a certain. In Philadelphia really -- our -- a 100% focused on what we need to do it for all of them. And that was. It was a good week and -- brought certain place. You know halfway decent win this was a very good with and the week. How important this time Tom especially getting in that first pre season game I guess to some extent. To get some chemistry going just to get to know these young guys better Tompkins and -- in the boys you know weren't last year saying he had gronkowski and Hernandez and Welker would have been as big -- deal. If he didn't place say yourself that first exhibition game. They're bigger here slug US -- just say let's just say the coaches that congress in this one out tonight okay I know these guys have a chemistry these guest was a bigger deal to play in this game because you have the rookies here at least you know to sort of further this. Chemistry. Yeah well it's important to get out there for game action with. With all the players so. You know it's. Ball security and you know the way that these also are under attack the football. Game and very different across. So the security of the ball. That partying in the temple and it. You know we talk about this he'd be an effort when you get to these games don't dispute differ between plays it's different during the play. Now things are just happen or hyper speed so your mind got to be out here. Everything's got beat up so that you can be ample and the you know that's. Only had you know I don't the point that he put in -- some might -- so -- the other guys played a little bit more. But it felt like if say your or your -- what coach thinks we need us to do in order prepare. -- be -- when we play. Did you know going into the game that you -- gonna run the ball the entire first series or was that just have a product of how the game started and how how the team was running. We never really know you know we are we have an idea that first played in usually. But what do you know we broke our six yard run and then. You know Josh was just decided that they -- -- And to be -- run the ball in the first series it was. You know great here are gratifying for everybody in the that's that's great I mean it. Offered simple on being -- and aggressors starts at right on the football so well here but around the football we -- a pretty low on money for governor. -- to be -- -- community we're going to be challenged weak side camp loose. It finished last year ranked number what kind of not run so. You know we only had one game and we had a one sample -- so to speak -- See how that. Already -- not asking you -- in our camp follower. All those things play out you know can't put out murky so there are giving us a little better and better indication of where we're. The misperception. Maybe more national than local panic because the use of the big reason obviously the big numbers he put up in and wet west and all those guys. Does -- pass pass -- team meal western secretly ran the ball 300 times. From a thirteen hundred yards I mean this seems to me to -- team that wants to run the football. Certainly there are you know. We were -- first Serb forces in you have an illegal last year so. About. Reverend Russell always. It is so critical for the success here you know it's so critical for the top election. The statue right that would -- rigor that a lot of it on let's go our situation they're short yard situation that the team situation. That. And all the good you can run for all of you can't place for now. Seven on -- I put on and I -- expert who went on a consistent basis it's. To art so they hand the ball off to somewhat back to watch them right down the field -- -- that's what you want in York city. We -- analysts in that -- -- for your you know what we're actually go to the ball wouldn't get over there. What's it like working with Danny Amendola and beyond the fact that he's built like him similarly. It's certainly our hero he -- super day he got here just. Com and wanna learn from. Our second caution. And act a little the Albert say about football and watched a lot of gains and he's like a lot of gains from last year. And we see games together. It's it's just constant communication between the two of us because. You really need to be able to anticipate what each other you fortunately east but it could be on the field and practice every day. -- very hard workers so. It's literally on. How we packed turnover at the that your position and the president position and that's part of what happened that -- -- every single -- so. Got a vehicle. It was Eric Johnson. Take it from what -- what they what people may perceive as not relief strength apart and make the retractable so we have put a lot of time and we'll. -- started post practice time in a walk through in the film room and try it for a really make it a crash course on the dispute the -- -- your position. Chemistry between a wide receiver and quarterback is it's something that all you can almost sense can be -- from the very beginning has there been an instance in your time with the patriots. Where you you know you've gone out there with a a new wide receiver and got this just doesn't feel right is that it's not there. And -- found out you were wrong and there was more chemistry than you thought. Or thought it -- takes work and I don't think it's ever. Football you're challenging. You know think that you -- figured out he certainly one of the peak and you know the first week of August either so. It's constant building process and I mean you -- still learned earlier you know is. -- the depth and quality your team through October and November. There were so far from where we're going to be. We're we're we're just. It off on the first hole we got a lot to -- a lot more goes so. We're just we're gonna stay I mean I think we. We've only had an opportunity really through our 20/20 five actually in the spring and we take that geragos but it is used salmon except the guys that are out there. We see improvement that we alternate with one another we just. Got to be able to continue to do that because it. I think the other week in other train moves fast and yeah you you never wanted to let our and so you -- it yeah I get on board that you gotta -- fit to do whatever coach boats that deficit Youkilis. -- that every other he has done the exact same thing. What did you think of mallet and Tebow on Friday. You don't. I'm not a big evaluate -- you know I. I think it's unfair. I mean I really enjoyed both those guys they both worked very hard and there are severe acute you know we spent so much on the other quarterback the -- so. You know I'm always cheer for them. -- date they've both won -- lost their -- at best they could possibly be so. It's -- yeah it's a building process all myself. The alliance for Campbell constantly trying to be better make improvements and -- not about -- urinating purpose that. I have because of the comments of Logan Mankins I I specifically tried to watch more of Nate sold Wally was in there on Friday Logan said. This guy has improved greatly from last year to this year I assume as the quarterback playing behind him using the same sort of thing. What is native I'm such a great shot he got there when he first got here -- early. The swing tackle -- behind Matt Light and and Sebastien and wait to try and its first year. Surprise we have let -- that ultimate arbiter practiced -- you're light on tight end at one point I was sort of passes them. You kind of learn what it is so he's. -- always willing and able to do whatever. You know court both checked out and could -- our -- nearly early settled at Miller Park this last year and continued through this year he's been her -- him and reliable it. Really been a consistent player well so. You know then. Throughout the number of course for our years ago. He's really. He's really done a great job so it's it's. It's as if the quarterback Clark -- all of Logan. And eight and Bryant went out here -- actually got. You know activities at best group in -- -- belies are really guys that I. Rely on the parent are right so much trust and confidence that they are going to be able to excuse there are ignorant and they released at the -- twelve -- fourteen so. They're they're all great guys great keep it. So time to 36 now ranked fourteenth year in New England is that right you're the senior athlete. Embossed on the -- that are out now that pierce is gone to the longest tenured athlete Boston. So I picked up. Men's health there was -- see you on the cover there and I learned you gonna play another fourteen years. You're gonna play to your -- years old and I felt I didn't. Are -- that was. It's. More Fletcher he you know Europe apart but -- -- a bit I. I. You know wolf he would certainly if I feel it's their right you're out on this planet water like here and so. Much like myself -- plate at you physically work as subtle as well what was interpreted so I'll I look I. I thought I love became my beloved player and -- the preparation. I loved being termites in May it there's a lot of things that are under control as an athlete he. Injuries split over whether the team watching your that you have bigger part and I've been fortunate to play. You know first mister Kraft and Charlotte and the and the craft and we play under coach -- -- And I couldn't. Ask for a better. Career and experience. Well. Do you feel -- Do you feel different than Santa it's hard to compare but at this age different when you woke up when you -- 2720. Do you feel the sort of aches and pains and bumps and maybe it's different in August you can answer to but does it feel different than say ten years ago. Yes definitely and the biggest difference is I feel better now than I used to -- soul -- incurred in part he has. I'd I'd always liked it and prepare -- audience prepare myself that I don't go through that I don't. I don't buy into the fact if you're still commuter route -- feel -- for the restaurant so yeah. Try to live my life and I think. You know what I have learned over the years and -- My everyday lives and so that. I can make up but still good morning and be excited about to work but it's really lifestyle decision and you know there is certain that side here that I'd say that really work for me and now. You know both of you would contribute -- at some -- -- other athletes and younger players and that's soccer actually -- -- strongly about because I I see so many athletes the bet you say the exact same thing that you just set like our border site but I feel like crap but based on my experience. You know played fourteen years I haven't had that accident so a -- -- the you know -- that message to other people. Final question before we let you go I was challenged by one of my Twitter followers to ask -- the really tough questions so here goes. What was with Julian -- woman's belly -- and ask Ryan -- -- -- captured what was with that. Sure yeah in warmup we had his belly shirt on -- -- -- -- shirt or some what was that the deal Dan -- charities that are. Is -- it is. In my locker it's so elaborate give him some crap about that because right I didn't see that -- its feet hit you when it got to where they're very long with me around. A massive fire their part brought out of that locker so he doesn't compare so adept use. Our favorite Julie and president -- fairly surprised. It's hanging in that locker somewhere you've got to find it today. Find out there Tom we appreciate time is always good luck this weekend against Tampa Bay in the rest of the season. Take care that is a patriots quarterback Tom Brady brought you by northeast electrical distributors. We'll take quick break we'll open up the lines will bring you guys in it's dale and Kirk in for DNC's Sports Radio W media.

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