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The Patriots Running Game Off to a Great Start in Philadelphia

Aug 10, 2013|

Chris Vallani discuss the Patriots win over the Philadelphia Eagles last night. The Patriots running backs combined for 248 yards and 3 rushing touchdowns. Shane Vereen also caught a pass for a TD from Tom Brady.

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It's Sports Radio WEEI. Chris colliding with you -- a beautiful Saturday afternoon here on WEEI WUPI dot com. It be hanging out at you until after 6 o'clock tonight a lot to catch up on the past week in sports -- catch up on. Really the past 24 hours with patriots on the field for the first time. Jake Peavy on the field in a Red Sox uniform for the second time suffice to say did not go as well as his Red Sox debut. I feel like I have a whole week to catch up on I was out last week on vacation just got back today. Sun burned. Recharged ready to go weeks sitting on not. The beach that'll do it. Ready to -- of sports -- -- 617779. At 7937617. 7797937. The phone number -- TT -- slide -- 37937. It's 37937. He hit me up on Twitter. Chris Maloney 44 crystal like forty were plenty. To get to today including the patriots pre season game number 10 win in Philadelphia. We saw the Red Sox blow a three run lead last night disastrous sixth inning the Sox. As they lose to any red hot Kansas City Royals team it's very much in play -- picture especially the way they've been playing over the past three weeks or weeks. And that we see a lot of especially with the patriots a lot of continuity. It in many of the story lines in many of the things that we've been talking about over the past few years. Which is pax -- 6177797937. Will be getting today at a getting into that all -- where's the afternoon. Analyst its pre season football. You're gonna overreact to just about everything. -- the main thing you wanna see in the pre season especially if your patriots spanning nearly UT is projected to be very good. The main thing you wanna see is guys just getting out of there healthy you wanna see complete lack of injuries. Are these were pre season games or at least the re re good to see any kind of substantial time for Tom Brady for the first team mop and spurs team defense. Pre season football we've been dying to see just an NFL fans team strap on the pads and -- somebody that's in a different color uniform. And finally we get to -- so there's got to be nitpicking is going to be. What are you -- cards to ballot the pats why it is an area of concern. Or question mark for the patriots. But I still think. And I basked in multiple people there and in many people -- cover the patriots am I being too optimistic might be eight in over the top even hockey. -- with my opinion on the wing and patriots. Even with all the questions that we're gonna delve into eight to. Overriding. Need tree its concerns of Europe at spent the two biggest things in my mind that -- worried about. Coming into 2013. Season are as follows and they're in this sort number one does that help with Tom Brady. And that goes that -- you want number twelve LP all sixteen games and I think were all operating under the premise that if Tom Brady's healthy. He's going to be effective and certainly shown no signs of receding no signs of being on on a decline. If anything he's been more patient over these past several years even if the numbers haven't ban. Quite as eye popping relative to the rest of the league the patient seen numbers have been here for Brady so you want Tom Brady. Healthy and we expect to -- help the -- on appeal. He's going to be able to produce he's going to be the Tom Brady did that come to expect that's concerned that's worry number one each and every week. And that's a lot of teams -- they're they're quarterback's eyes heavily patriots do. They're gonna be worried about keeping you know Aaron Rodgers -- Green -- about keeping Drew Brees LP in New Orleans so Tom Brady's health concern number one. And number two. What first round playoff matchup -- against -- state. And I really do think it's that that extreme. -- England patriots they're going to make the playoffs. They're going to and again this is given the first part this is given Tom Brady's health we understand that but. They're going to be a playoff team to win the AFC east if you win the division -- a home game. -- and it's going to be a -- but if you win the division. Week one of the playoffs were -- with a playoffs to get by your hosting game Gillette Stadium. What's that match up going to be is it going to be a team that you worry about pressuring the quarterback in. Is going to be eighteen -- just don't think the patriots match up well against maybe somebody lose to the regular season. That's concern number two for the patriots. So as I watch. The first pre season game last night is we continue to watch these pre season games were to continue. And story lines and different points of conversation. In -- topics with the patriots. Things that are particularly good things that are particularly concerning. But barring any injury to Tom Brady which is concern number one this is going to be a playoff team and his team's gonna win the AFC east -- got home playoff game. And that's as much a comment on the rest of the division as it is on and the excellence of doing and patriots. I mean Miami the team a lot of people say they you hear this a lot -- with teams that are becoming and the dolphins were top ten defense last year. Your second year quarterback Ryan TNL. They obviously lost a lot in terms their running game with Reggie Bush now alliance by. You look at that -- here will -- be better than people think it will be better than they were last year there -- seven win team last year. Could they win they can they win nine of the challenge for a playoff spot. I think they probably could. Are they gonna win the division again win eleven or twelve games that challenged the patriots the AFC's bouncy. The jets or mass. And Buffalo's got a new coach. New quarterback Kevin Cobb EJ Manuel they're gonna be competing for time in new improvements at wide receiver they could be slightly better. There than people maybe give them credit -- pushing a 500 team at high end. That's got to -- so it is we go through the pre season as we go through this season. It still comes down to. Just one simple truth and if -- NB. If Tom Brady's healthy we expected to be effective. If that happens and you're gonna see the patriots winning the division getting a first round playoff matchup Gillette Stadium -- up passport January. What's guy just to sit just five months 7979837617. Sevenths. 97937. Crystal line with -- Sports Radio WE yeah I that that's the overriding point. And if for me at least the jumping off point all he -- discussion. There were a lot of takeaways the world lot of things to look at. From last night's pre season game and the biggest one. Is a positive one you have to love the way the first team offense with Tom Brady ran through there. They're two drives couple. Tom Brady looked. And comfortable as you'd expect seven -- eight. Spread the ball around the breakout star from last night was Kimbrel Tompkins who looked very comfortable running the offense this star on the offense of climate that entire unit. Played very very well as a unit they ran the ball well behind the offensive -- short yardage situations especially behind sold her. I sold are also had the the break out block on Steven -- run it sixty yards or 62 so the way that first team offense ran. Was very encouraging. And you also saw the patriots brought a lot of double tight end sets. Early in the game which was a big surprise for a couple of reasons first the end and now they've they've had as bad a year as -- isn't lies at the tight end position that's obvious but. They still ran a lot of double tight end sets last year with Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski out -- big chunks of the year. And they have a better group of tight ends make a lot of people give them credit for even with Hernandez obviously not coming back. Gronkowski a delayed start of the season but he will play it seems unless something else comes up he will play at least the majority of the season for the patriots this year. They have a better group of tight ends. Then most teams in the NFL. With guys like Daniel fells with Jake Ballard. Late last night catching passes but he was able to get out of appealed a little bit and coming off -- CL injury. Hopefully get more into the flow this -- and the next couple weeks unfold in the pre season he's a big physical. Pass catching tight -- he's not wrong but he's got that similar skill set he just doesn't quite have the ability. Of a Rob Gronkowski Michael Coleman Allen -- -- name I think I learn how to pronounce like yesterday just got that one down I'm always excited when a Boston outburst try. He -- to pull back a little bit but he's another guy you'll see a little bit. In terms of a tight and that's second tight -- he played that role lot last year so a lot of double tight end sets a lot of the same for the patriots spreading it out. Running the ball a little bit. And Tom Brady's gonna find open wide receivers that was probably the biggest optimistic take that you get half from last night's game and that's what you expect right. I mean the patriots have been an elite offensive team with Tom Brady for a decade now especially the latter half of this decade. As Brady into so it's a 2007. And online. As Brady's maturity in two. In elite quarterback and he's matured into a guy who's consistently among the most efficient passers in the NFL what you saw last night. And I think what we're gonna continue to see through these last couple pre season games which in my mind can't get through and fast enough. And then into week one is a lot of the same from New England Patriots especially when it comes to the offensive side of the football. And for as bad as this offseason was for the -- and it was terrible couldn't have gotten much worse. It was terrible. With Tom Brady healthy. And with the weapons that they have. At wide receiver with the guys they have a tight -- which frankly even with Rob Gronkowski. Starting the year on the on the injured list to be does begin play week one. They've got a better group of tight ends -- most of the teams in the NFL. They they are very deep the tide and the deep on the offensive line as we saw last night. -- -- Ridley -- -- -- -- they've got some guys to be around the football as well and behind this offensive line that's something you expect to at least I expect. The be consistent part of is -- the patriots -- to keep Brady healthy. And then we can reconvene January as opposed received that first round playoff matchup it's going to be 6177797937617. 7797937. Crystal -- taking your phone calls. All the way up until Red Sox pregame get into the Red Sox -- T. A rough one for them last night they'll continue their series with Kansas City Royals tonight the first pitch will be just after 7 o'clock pregame. At 645 across WE yeah I. Red Sox radio network let's get some call 61777979837. And Richard Providence is gonna lead to stop order -- I -- that this thing is. It sounds like he had a nice vacation there. It was great I I sat on the beach I watched the seals I hope that there were no sharks following the seals and and I just relaxed and now it's now it's back to the grind. -- That what you'll love the idea that the patriots let that the first few drugs at all. I think. You know if you like almost like they're not even missing a beat. Without Welker and are mandated and gronkowski. I think this is a very dangerous -- I'm hoping being at Packers fan I'm hoping that will finally see -- Tom Brady. Aaron Rodgers showdown. The in the Super Bowl. As the end. -- wondering if you don't mind me asking how did my idea Packers -- last night. I did the Green Bay Packers do last night at a beyond had just got back from vacation. Okay -- -- wondering if they had it right there I mean they're they're they're your team to send you know -- -- Packers did last -- well I need yet I. I didn't I didn't find out anything because this wondering if you had the corporate definitely not a problem. Yeah I mean a pre season football I gotta be honest with you it is does in the Packers I've shot out last -- seventeen to nothing's obviously their seasons going down in flames quickly they have no chance whatsoever but a -- -- pre season football your Packers -- is -- -- the patriots he -- -- -- -- playoff team upgraded their divisions -- tougher than -- -- in the AFC east. Ought not to say they're gonna win the division. Right by. The same token keep -- out the -- -- yeah they were out. Shot out man seventy nothings can be along year I'm like four and while. In about the wrote directed and -- like those pesky laurels. Play a very tough you know you know going back you know -- You know since I was like a teenager like those royals Kansas City Royals. Play tough but it doesn't matter what kind of the team they have it almost seems like whenever they play us that they get up for it and they and they play it you know right down to those to the wire it seems like many times. Yeah and and right now rich to be honest we did their plane everybody tougher and what's Kansas City won eighteen out of 23. I think is the number I mean they've been on fire they've taken four out of five against the Red Sox so far this year they're pitching an answer -- comes Downey's who Bruce Chen did. The other night and last night it was just stringing together some hits. But they're getting good starting pitching for the most part last I was the exception. But even in not getting great starting pitching and Casey. And Santana getting chased him what the fourth inning. You get a lot in terms of the -- -- to get a lot of balance and your team it's just they're hot right now I'm in Red Sox ran into the rays in the Iran fire. And right at Kansas city's team its plane -- right back playoff conversation let's get to -- before the break 6177797937. John for Chicago's up next to John. -- -- -- I'm responding to your question about which team would you least like to the in the playoffs. And my feeling is is the team with the best defense because based on what I saw last night. Is that the patriot -- didn't give up point. And so that the only way they're gonna win a playoff game or guilty and then play -- is gonna have to outscored the other team. And and so. That debt and I hope they can wanted to last year I want no part of Baltimore Ravens. -- that would be my thinking at this point in time just watching that one game last night. Is I don't want that he had seen with a good defense because the patriot is gonna have to out score whoever it is. That they say. Yeah John I think as we talked about it and it's going up Rich's point as well as you see a lot of continuity. With the patriots in terms of offense. What will beat the patriots are what will be picked up this match out. I still think it's a team like you Sega has a good defense to get after Tom Brady and frankly teams that can control. On on their offensive line. If they have a strong offensive line and can run the football control the game that way. That's one of the biggest ways to neutralize Tom Brady have extended drive stay on the field keep him off the field. Give him ten possessions instead of -- eat. Over the course of the game and then when he's out there get after. You know get in the pocket and and try to disrupt Brady it in the same way that I think we're gonna see a lot of continuity with the patriots and I think it's gonna look like. Like it did last night. It going even early in the season even without Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez and Wes Welker. I think you're gonna see. Not -- it's still gonna be among the best in the game. They're still gonna be efficient still going to be moving the ball ball efficiently. And the question a lot of them will be on the other side of the ball in which teams will give them the most trouble. While we get after Tom Brady and it's just like any quarterback their completion percentage they're patient -- numbers. Are gonna go way down if you get defensive lineman in the backfield but you can rush Tom Brady in a particular. If you can rush Tom Brady with three or four. And drop seven or eight into coverage those are the teams and those are you lead defense is and that's what Baltimore's able to do. Or was able to do last year and they've done in the past against the patriots. Those -- the defense is. They're gonna give the patriots the most trouble and in most effectively be able to neutralize 820. Minutes we're talking patriots playoff matches in matchups in January. That's got to be record. If it's not I really wanna know what it 617. 77979376177797937. AT&T text line. Is 37937. Were talking patriots and Red Sox crystal -- with Sports Radio WEEI. Think we go a lot of corruption overrun and actually a good correction of receivers tight -- quarterback from. There were able to give good bounce off so. And vomiting on the ball that I -- someone else so. You know we've been blocked well receiver walk -- -- You could post. It's critical eye on the ball and know your running. We had big runs we had short yardage run where we need to get the ballroom on the goal line so. And that's that establishes the identity of the team how well you how will you stop the run. And all those guys did a great job is big strong powerful runners that. You want the ball in the hands -- when to get rid of what golf but placing hundreds senate since he got here. Cheney doing at the -- doing it you know Brandon makes myself. -- -- Well from bill -- Jack -- Tom Brady is well talking about patriots rushing game and and they ran the ball quite a bit -- -- forty yards on 31 carries for the patriots running the football. Last night that 3122. Win over the Eagles -- line with -- Sports Radio WEEI 617. 7797937617. 7797937. Well Gary applied to particular idea eleven carries a 101 yards recently. And the longest run of the day in 62 yarder on the -- and a 51 yarder. And -- really ended up with nineteen yards but really the the in your Bill Belichick mentioned it. The short yardage situations -- Tom Brady just managed it short yardage situations where. Eight defense knows or at least as strong premonition. That the patriots are gonna run those were particularly impressive. And when it comes to extending drives third short and patriots especially with how much they'll throw the ball on first down. Built by themselves and second short third and short situations often. If you can run the ball or 13 to consistently and they did a lot. Behind its older last night especially early on game when when the starters were in. That's something that just helps your -- that mean -- opened things up completely patriots ran the ball more than most last year and it is offensive line is is good is. We think it's going to be and it looks talented and it looks deep. Then they should be able to run the ball pretty effectively against most teams this season as well 6177797937. Would get back to call god in Medford up next storage on. How secret. Whole idea I'm well I originally are gonna talk about all I never not seem to be something that guard -- but they sort of he would help me with that -- part of them bringing up middle books because I would recommend that our live there might act. There's the -- can -- out you passed away without anyone picking a map Michael Young. Michael Young maybe they should go after him but maybe this this is -- bad and we'll have to wait and -- but act. I'm just a little disappointed right now in the way they they show you know they use these. I've run in these gains to be wired at this point integrated. Key in that city is a lot is made in the past. I hate to lose. One out of league games peaking in. I had fifteen I would look at this road trip widows blew everybody else's on the West Coast except for the Yankees. The Red Sox for the poor little bit of ground. In between them -- And then nearest competitor that. And they -- -- -- that by losing. And I think I hit we believe that the drivers can actually -- Tampa Bay. And we we if we had been it would take. These past two games he -- to -- put it. Opt out of my head of the ways. Yeah and I know it's frustrating anytime you do lose to the Astros but the Astros do win a third of their games and in the gap every now and then the blind squirrel finds the acorn their -- Edit the the Sox took two out of three they had that they showed just how putrid Houston bullpen isn't that second game I think is still going and went fifteen and and yet they run into Burris can pitch rate. A couple of nights ago Kansas city's on fire right now so all and ought to pick the road trips then all that bad I mean I -- I'm not in the net I mean I was a bit disappointed about last night. Is it that -- that demean. Any product and definitely and I had been been met the move it up too many men on base again. In did that back that. The that these that the practice to the action on them NAFTA PD. And -- you and so back. The Brooklyn came in I was sent them. That the up and that they get that won six writing and that was the difference in the game now. I know that that toward Kansas -- -- to want to socialize I would hope that they can at least one. And at that -- that. Few. The next couple of games that they they have group -- because they need to -- Is it easy to. Nowadays. Out at least one seems to play that led to opt out and we'll play anybody else. Well are all it comes down to the banks of the -- called on all comes down to just keep winning -- to keep winning series. And Kansas City playing great baseball right now they -- to raise. We're playing out of their minds for about three weeks or so around the all star break just keep winning series the Sox. I mean last night was a Jake Peavy was kind of the ugly side of Jake Peavy and he clearly wasn't locating from the beginning of and he actually did well up until that that sixth -- he did well to keep. The Red Sox in -- given how he just wasn't locating at all. And Sox offense obviously gave him more than enough support they left guys on base you put six runs up -- -- its hand in the Fort -- You should be able to win that game you put yourself in a position to win the game and it's frustrating when you don't. And yes Craig breslaw always aid to -- and at times in some hairy situation to get his team out of jams he didn't do that last night. But by the same token used Witten that spot by a -- Jake Peavy really struggled. By the fact that he really. Didn't locate at all everything was up. In the sixth -- any get yourself -- a situation where -- to jam and it just kind of snowballed from there and give the royals credit a lot of timely hitting. I mean -- -- -- balls were hit very hard. Yet the -- sits there were essentially ground balls. That the second hit there the first run third straight hit the peavy gave up with a pitch that was I high up and out of the strike zone. Off the other way for basic so it wasn't like they were to just lighting up the Red Sox pitching some timely hitting a string together hits and you know they they take away yet you end up losing one that you feel like you -- -- now what I will say bigger picture on last night. In the same light as those who work anti Jake Peavy trade urgency pro Jake Peavy treat you like the deal you'll like -- -- was coming and or Jose Iglesias. You know those people shouldn't really been just pounding their chest after the first game we're peavy threw seven strong innings and gives up two runs. The anti peavy trade crowd she'd probably -- last night being a referendum. On why the deal is complete and utter failure. I mean neither is you will see is -- what PV can produce consistently throughout these last eighteen games yourself. And then into the post season where we expect the Red Sox will be. But neither is a referendum on the deal whatsoever and I'll say I know it's but ten or eleven days but -- we're still talking about it quite a bit. I had a chance to say except on vacation. I loved the Jake Peavy deal I thought the Red Sox it rates. I thought they did as well as they possibly could have done in adding his starting pitcher out -- give up nothing. Jose Iglesias is not enough that. You know that's not a small price to pay but I thought it was a fair price today. And it was a position especially when you look at -- Bogart's what he's done in the minor leagues. And all of twenty years old got the projects is your shortstop for the future and I know I know we heard that about Lacey as we heard it before. A position -- revolving door for the Red Sox since Nomar Garciaparra was treated in 2004 but. That was I thought as well as the Red Sox could've done in order to at a starting pitcher. You trading glee in -- and it comes together if your pro peavy trade you could say Tony botched. If you heated deal then you can curse Tony botched it's about a simple as that. Because without the -- Genesis suspensions without Jhonny Peralta leaving Detroit for fifty games they don't need a shortstop. They are willing to part with -- -- Abbott still Garcia -- top power bat. They're not willing to part with Andy and include him in the deal and get involved that didn't happen until the day the trade happened sometime in the afternoon. And then the whole deal -- come together because Chicago was looking for a top level prospect if they're gonna trade Jake -- that's why. When the conversation started with the Red Sox they start with -- Bogart's restart which Jackie Bradley we only talked to the days to start with Addison Russell they started with non starters. And with PB having another year left on his deal after this year about the Red Sox did. I thought it was great at -- with a fantastic deal for the Red Sox and I know that there are many who. Cling to the idea of Jose Iglesias. Being the shortstop for the future. I don't know what Iglesias is going to be long term is a major leaguer and I do notice. If he shows. An ability to consistently hit at the Major League level and -- those who think that he can be. A Major League shortstop on a consistent basis for the next ten years defensively. -- one of the best shortstop in the game. And be even adequate offensively. I can tell you it's not based on anything he's done over a long period of time at any level professional baseball whatsoever. It's just not. 12100 is so minor league at bats barely 300 on base percentage and every level of the -- he struggled to hit. This June. And really came -- a junior 46 at bats the first two months disease really became data June when he was playing every day when he was in the lineup every day. Yet a ridiculously high batting average on balls in play. And he was able it to skyrocket his batting average and in a very small sample size he was on eight there. -- -- -- -- And that came crashing down earth in July and ease sitting around 161 Saturday with a home run so far for the tigers these -- were five itself. So it's not like he's been lighting it up with Detroit is so if it does happen. It happens it happens but if it happens it's -- to be based on anything he's done for any appreciable length of time at any level of professional baseball whatsoever. And for me that's why I'm comfortable on the Red Sox even though it's not an insignificant piece. I'm comfortable parting with Jose Iglesias to bring in -- starting pitcher Jake Peavy and send the message a very palpable message that they're going for it this year 6177797937617779. 79378. TT -- -- 37937. Your calls your tax all the way up until 620 -- with your Sports Radio WEEI. At Steven Ridley part of an impressive patriots rushing attack last night the -- We won their pre season week one victory over the Philadelphia Eagles Chris body with your Sports Radio WEEI 617779. 79376177797937. We -- that's quite a bit throughout the afternoon as football's back. Pretty much everybody in action over the past day or so in pre season games across the -- we get our first look at Tim Tebow in a patriots uniform. Each and we got our second like Jake EV last night in the trade it it's going to be polarizing and I was actually a little bit surprised to be honest and any trade is gonna have. A percentage of people that are just very intense on one side of the argument people that are equally passionate on the other side of the point. I was surprised this one with as polarizing as it was gathers this much of the -- It's very -- tie. This deal anti bringing in Jake Peavy and parting with Jose Iglesias went -- scary TT -- line. I dummy in the long run to try to be better at their shortstop in Boston will be with their pitcher pray you don't see him in the playoffs. OK well first of all your operating under the premise then Jose Iglesias is going to be tigers shortstop one term -- that's the case. If you can't get his way out of a paper bag and indeed he looked to -- they needed an immediate stop gap solution somebody anybody Major League ready. Right now losing Jhonny Peralta for fifty games they needed somebody immediately. And Iglesias doesn't have that there isn't that the pressure -- it. In Detroit Agassi could make the same case to an extent about Austin but actually Detroit they've got such eight. An effective offense they've got such firepower in the middle of our lineup you've got to be euros a Iglesias. Somewhat adequate somewhat serviceable. Maybe just -- -- plus war player overall he's merely -- that. Because he's he's been terrible offensively. So I'm not sure that he is going to be a long term solution at shortstop Detroit and the second point. You know pray you don't seem in the playoffs. Ask yourself this question which you have more competency. In a playoff matchup let's say the Red Sox and tigers duke player at one point. Jake -- starting. Game Watergate to all the playoff series against the tigers or Jose Iglesias coming up to bat late inning situation with the tying run on second base. We have more competence I mean in the short run this makes the Red Sox a better team and -- detector from Connecticut points out first time in a long time. The Red Sox had serious gap. At shortstop either the Major League level or close to it. And they take advantage and I think that's exactly right this organization. Were the first time since at least I can remember. As a tremendous amount of organizational depth. Especially at the top of the organization guys that are close to Major League ready or guys that have already made their Major League debut may be playing with the the big league club right now. And they've also got especially on the left side of the infield. A number of guys throughout the system from high eighth through double. And that that rejected at least among the better prospects in the organization and some of the and a better prospects in baseball. You deal from a position of strength and that's what the Red Sox did. And that's laugh -- like the deal. And if Jose Iglesias does turn out to be any kind of -- Serbs blocked and supplier while admitting defensively he's -- it's absolutely defensively he's probably big league ready since he was sixteen years all. But if he turns out to be a serviceable -- pence of player maybe he'll just figured it out because it's not based on Andy thinks he has done. Over any appreciable length of time at any level of professional baseball. Yeah had a great month of June that's it. 6177797937. It to call before the break Tom on the South Shore up next on Sports Radio Etan. I -- skeptical -- some of those outspokenly before the popular. A product like Cabrera Colorado Sox mama about but what currently the PGA championship and I have to plead ignorance epic that's in an avid golf or -- handicapped. The common phrase or other body these Yahoo! in the galleries on the east tee shot eat mashed potatoes. If you summit that's -- -- what's the significance of mashed potatoes white yellow that I'd like to know. I I have no idea I'm still trying to figure out why they yelled get the whole lot of bordered a seven yard par. I -- that I -- I'm I -- -- in my mid fifties on the jump out of that that state titles generally. But the judge ruled that a little bit lower -- and optic -- I -- an and that's probably what it -- time he can't senior right now and actually Iraq and golf short and I golf certain golf shorts I just got off the course this morning in. After around my around this morning I can tell you decidedly I am not a twelve handicap. But we'll keep working -- -- I would like -- on the spot in the -- Other one Achilles heel of this they can -- -- and I think that I don't know what you kept blew up put some of the autism walk and yet that's what it set a terrific job as a pitching coach. It's kind of equipment is there a purely because there's an all runners on the given up wage but he stole a base and I'll say that right now. Up -- but I'd say about 75%. On the pitcher's. Not a problem by the way and not on this sort of about usability throat -- I think they really need it short that happened and tighten that up. -- teams have brought on in the -- and I agree Q I think it's more so on the pitching staff than on the on who's ever been catching typically it's Jarrod Saltalamacchia I think salty and actually very good. I defensively receiving -- article one of the better guys. I agree I click on -- I real I would say either one before it you know what will probably changes in personnel. One -- to be around for about three or more years I think right now they really. Each are at essentially the running game a lot more I don't think you -- -- him get him back there all day. -- top 45 but not when you've got what you got that's probably -- -- ten and thirteen years is that. The small solid running back -- -- at. I would like to see the bread -- ball would stay -- team might not I think that probably only able to you know we need some insurance it was currently operating get -- Like it before and currently biggest markets such. Belichick of course but those guys that it ebitda -- Hudson wrote in a good not special insight into doubt it but I think that right now. You don't rap -- Brady back there an empty back field constantly relevant while I don't out of receiving corps which was up at its work the problems with guys like out without atop its employees. End end end. And Poland and you're -- an adult like an -- by about state happy but I think the running game. They can place national football I don't obviously we all vote to pass happy league it's such -- the running game like an EU -- -- relegation. Erupt at the line really. I think he's capable of really thought -- any other team so upfront for four or seven. Four run the ball and how did not. Yeah I think -- your rights on it and like I said it does come back to that offensive line and -- balance and the depth that they have at running back and he mentioned a bunch of them there. I you'll see Steven Ridley you'll Selig -- -- Shane -- Leon Washington got a third down backs may be Brandon Bolden will see. -- there's a lot of guys especially bad offensive line performs is we think it's capable of we think it will. And honestly -- -- left to right. It's as strong as you're gonna see it's older Sebastian Vollmer at the tackles. Logan Mankins Dan Conley Marcus -- battling at guard spots. -- Ryan went LA at center and -- yep there is well. They should be able to run the ball ball consistently and that will. Not only extend the the potential shelf life of Tom Brady but also just put yourself in a spot we are a little bit more balanced offensively. And maybe take some of the pressure off of they could be very effective and I think they will be especially with Brady getting the ball. It needs some time to assimilate into the -- -- to get. -- kind of comfort level that Tom Brady had with Wes Welker -- -- gonna get obviously Rob Gronkowski back is well. And as that stuff starts to happen over the early part of the season. You keep running the football consistently. It's just it's an obvious truth in football the patriots and for everybody. Wind up front with the offensive line if you can run it's going to open things up -- your passing game. And he needed stitches can make things that much easier and it's important for the patriots and especially this year when you look at the number of new pieces on -- that's like I said beginning right. Two biggest concerns keep Brady healthy. You'll see it that first round playoff matchups can be excellent stadium in January 617. 779793761777979378. TT tech slide is 37937. Your calls in your tax. Bristol on your sports or UW yak.

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