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Celtics Summer Cooler - When Will Rondo Return to the Celtics' Line Up

Aug 10, 2013|

Sean and Max discuss Paul Pierce's recent statements on former teammate Rajon Rondo's injury and the time table of his return. Pierce said this was a factor in his off-season move. Sean and Max discuss the future of the Celtics with and without Rondo on this second hour of Celtics' Cooler.

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It's time. Boston Celtics basketball which ingredients -- -- -- entity similar Cutler. Radio WE. Our number two himself summer cooler. Funny how. You can't get away from Rondo even if he -- he can't get away from bill and you know in a way he religion because he is essential figures about Paul Pierce is comatose state it's. And the funny thing is do you think about even Paul Pierce ended up referencing on the injuries being the central point -- gave his departure. Brief interview with the Boston Herald yesterday malls and now finishing up -- basketball. -- mr. -- call 6177797937. About Rondo and the Celtics -- Celtics oasis before week. The back to the business of the Red Sox holding on a first place in the -- recent patriots opening up pre season last night the Eagles sign their minds are little. Celtics oasis for the next hour -- this just occurred to me literally. Ten seconds ago as I was thinking about it in your mind. What is the moment I mean now Rondo to me was a universally. Popular player in this ten. And maybe he was looked at as that fourth guy I think during a run in 2010 he had some. Ridiculous. Games mean to me if he doesn't have the game he had in game four. Against Cleveland when the Celtics tied series and obviously upsetting Cleveland and changing face of the league -- Ron out. You know there are just -- after game is game five signature game in 2012. In Miami when -- took the 32 lead. These are amazing moments game three to Jason Williams play when he dove to forward it to -- 3:0 lead in the Eastern Conference finals. In your mind because I don't know the answer to this I I really have to catalog my mind. When did it change when that Rondo go from -- in the guy everybody loved in this down. In the end this is really divisive 5050 split. Just some of the things he's done. I would -- -- you know they when you're giving great power. Or perceived great powers that -- that was given this was it. I think that people -- take a little bit more go to. If things had changed. What it maybe some of the things gotten it is over India over the years. I think what are they probably at -- -- Rondo back with the perception that he. He's out with her role on the ball that the refereeing or at least this that he accidentally. Popped into the refereed. Thank god and died on in Iraq to right on point out he got suspended for a deep playoff game. He had to get bailed out or Paul Pierce had a huge game tonight the 192. In it and a last yourself is going down 10 and -- get suspended for games -- You know and go out there so there are things I think. You know it. It wasn't just one saying it it's been a multitude of -- I read read. That would. Be mine that was the brawl. In the year two bit he. You know where it all -- the you know. Robert J. -- -- all down at the end of the game that supported this in your injury this -- I think things have. Have probably. You know. Gotten to that point. People decide which it -- -- net. You know all that seeing it happening LB if the L all this stuff I don't think it's one thing shot up against the multitude of. A lot of it is you know just kind of glancing at tax a lot of it is. Playing hard the concept of playing hard every night which is interesting topic when it comes to you and there's an element of -- everybody. Approaches that different ways and means different you know you know you're gonna get a certain number games from guys that obviously. You know needless to say I I stumbled on this thing. A in a way I feel bad that I did Kazaa I started this whole bit with the national TV games and triple double but it was just so obvious to me. Win it it started happening it Rondo was having his best teams in the biggest games. People cadets -- different ways and of of all the people and all the world to be speaking on this topic. Your greatest gains -- some of the biggest games the league has ever. Being -- but -- older. I'm later. Some people here today is -- bit of the greatness of Larry Bird being with a -- every single night. He can go well indeed -- this effort. And that to me is it doesn't work for everybody. As much people want -- say oh my god he's got to get paid millions of -- is it just doesn't work like that. You know -- all -- everyday when you need. Great job -- we might see you -- -- you're broke for me now from beta well that's what happened so guys you know are -- -- that once but it got -- -- bill that was it that was my. Mostly it's still as and I says -- text of -- by definition of the schedule. What does it mean now that you're only gonna have like 45 games on national TV instead of twenty would -- does that mean these are gonna -- is as many games in the spotlight says something about 2617. 7797937. Steve from Fall River Europe next. I want you are going on these. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd like it not yet so many -- -- -- Eric let me read well. -- can't ever agree to it up by the that -- It's that while -- while he I -- or. That's right in black and won't go directly. To the issue. Thought it is I get to. Active. Shot hit. We had played at that at apple with that but surely appoint accurate it will -- That it see. About that beat the bat -- all of this. Site well. We -- guys about it they'd been what couple went out with. The shot up so we couldn't do attract well you know. I I don't know what that -- to. That they that they should it at two. Pop up at the network -- -- The colts Q what. I think automatically. But I. It ought to have a but it they should I don't know why maybe that's where the look at how they're all org. Baby's just gonna happen that. I want it they want that well I hope it -- apparently you're welcome the incredible. Bet -- you're fuel they have. I hate that kept -- -- -- network that awarded the -- with a little run at that -- all chipped it. And -- if you look at all okay by me that I expect it to play that would reward -- that it lightly armed. I said he would -- except that it's -- -- war but he stopped the that he didn't have gotten what. I can bring up throughout all by the way they broke the ball back or if it's awful lot of bets placed a feel a little salt. I only point like that it wanted pretty. It's that it ebitda and that real quick which well we had a that it I feel about it one shot one you'll want to. You can't call the guy award is what is back. At it back and -- the -- war. Doggone mad Max and me. Then -- wouldn't. -- well that's forgotten art history and yet that that defeats the argument -- that -- defeats this argument which I promise you we ever have again. On this particular program because traffic to. Is one of the most I mean we think about. I went all it bring you -- it was. A little guys did not question. His effort I I don't I don't know. You know where you roll it again. Good job and you know he refers you like Kevin didn't give it couldn't. Come. Even eat away at notre or whoever people all the feedback -- People of -- their pain that -- for -- there -- And there are certain guys look at it and go. What happens when Larry did not come back we have a back injury when he was out for -- -- -- Kevin McHale and an ankle injury that put him out for a while so I don't understand how we did. How we questioned. There you know pressure gala garden and I can understand your question in my effort from around the basket. Brinkley with black. -- -- -- -- -- -- Albert -- in the I'll watch you know almost every day if you put in the work. At it and -- it would lead them. I think it's safe to say we spent far more time on that topic than than it has -- Interest there a couple of adjusting Texan and one I wonder how much of this touches on a sentiment that any of you guys have which is. People who don't wanna see Rondo played this year because what is the upside of Rondo playing this is who you know where do you fall to you gonna get into this team -- receive them. Prove everybody Ross this is to me when I believe is gonna happen. Is this team stays close to 500. What you're gonna have is rallying around you had the initial phase were Celtics fans that well we're going to be bad this year and lose like games -- But then when the expert started saying. When everybody starts out -- going to be terrible they're gonna win twenty games all the since I went and we can talk bad about Iran team -- you can't say. And I think when this team and you start seeing guys you're gonna want to root for like -- sellinger plane every night and Kelly Atlantic is gonna have stands right away. And you know you're gonna listen you guys gonna get a kick out of Gerald Wallace this guy plays heart. He's gonna wanna win games and all the sudden this is gonna be seeing you might want a rally around. And the whole nonsense going for a lottery we discussed ad nauseam here it's just it's just ridiculous but the issue when it comes to that. To me is wrong though. Are you risking you take 1% of any kind of long term risk with Rondo to bring him back. Well I'm a little say this and I hope that it was by is that. You have to go back in late in game. You're not gonna come back in their equipment and you'll want to come back in increments. And you're competent and -- back the same way. And that the latter piece struck the light. I think that is what could be a good situation -- the because now are you gonna know. The ability in a vacuum away what -- keep him out for years it brought the question when it comes back there. You know I think that you have to go back to -- not to -- to you every single. Season's going to be a lot more interesting than people think 6177797937. Bob an average Iraq. Hey guys -- you and Bob is going on it not too much and before I get to batteries the main micro which is Reggie Lewis. Sure on and again its audience the way you handled those technical difficulties earlier you may get a Marconi -- I was gonna get selves and how might his matter Spencer. You get a mark on -- and I'm in Mexico the macaroni. -- I AM. About Rondo he has so gifted so -- so Smart but so down stubborn. Do we have estimated time timetable on his return. It's funny you ask because originally it was not really thought I mean one of those like twelve month ACL injuries and while training camp I thought was optimistic. I am just I'm not a ban on all of putting a timetable on things I think and by the way it's really funny because you have a guy. I could be able to communism I subscribe to his theories well alumax what do they do in your day when you've got hurt when the notion. When the concept of oh that sounds like four to six weeks when was that first introduced because why would you tell somebody. He's gonna be out four to six weeks just say you're not playing today. And the -- -- be a mental thing right when you're sick if I tell you you're out for six weeks. Then you start your going to a mental framework of like shutting herself down while Jeep into. Well I think one of the things that that is the -- what factors that it was because. But the -- forward almost every aptly they were trying to rush you back. What they're in or you'd see it tried to wreck you back into the building supply. Now. The -- The Arab leaders felt himself is I think is. Garnered a lot more because it's like or you weren't able to get a second look it. Like okay. This game opposite the -- it all week. So it. Could be that you don't know the book written so it doesn't work like would most they come back would there help. And I think that's one thing that people. Out of me out. That. Back in the book come back at their old. Brent. It has to be an average in its efforts for six weeks that could be a little it could be that low. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bobby you have some real quick on the on the documentary to lose yeah yeah I actually went to an event at the regular sort of this morning and got me -- -- after watching net. He was on the way to talk to a halt in Korea I really believe I mean this first step. In Kuwait EE action matched up Michael Jordan is diagonal jump shot to bite somebody stop on a dime. And elevate and he was really unstoppable. And it's just really really sad that we -- receive the most important thing is that -- is still keeping it for this family. But the sultans and really got cheated on on the halt tinker -- And they absolutely did you think about was what he would've done with Len Bias it's just as such a painful what -- and hopefully you Willis. A couple of it's gonna twentieth anniversary. Doing the show here on Saturday that the you talked about documentary -- against Gypsies because -- -- or champagne. Early advocate -- job putting it. Think as much in this is not the end. All I'm trying to be sensitive about this. Obviously not -- that the game would not order the rock of -- process. Mean think about it got -- the -- -- -- in the well when you leave. Your changes. Every team is we go through. Very very well. It would have -- -- actually. In other what is well. I think that -- saying about you know their bias when he passed away requests that what they're -- group with a bit longer get what you -- it. He would take it and you know those minutes away from Larry and he would've been much -- Reggie you know you would have -- he was. Or. Where the whole nature of sports itself is constant change. And what really what to give back -- all year. As as much as I think about all year. And we -- or Rondo right now it will like -- rock. -- -- Peter's -- many years. People view all yours as well. Here who couldn't get -- -- all the way because you're so self senator Robert suddenly became the low bid of the self. It just goes to show you how things change for later in the reception. From saint. And now the question is can the same thing happen around us were document on celtics' summer -- I'll take no true meaning they have their their scuba a lot of little moment and not -- -- Agents are that there is a -- thing. Over the last two years. They were a little movie. Turns out the video. A guitar player person actually you know if -- stay cool you know like our relationship broke free of charge you know they're -- they're pitted out but over the left over the years worker road trips and a population are ultimately a little bit -- Oh. Paul Pierce still media this week that was on a Michael Kay's radio show in New York on Thursday time about the relationship between Rondo in Doc Rivers so we talked about this that. It was so -- you know he had that father son -- he had the difficulties at first to Paul Pierce making reference to selling Macs and I've talked about a lot which is that. It was a difficult first year with Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers until dot to a at a five year contract just like you know a new coach. You know I'm Bret Stephens -- as a six year contract. He had the ability to sit him now which she did in that and very memorable night against Milwaukee at home game fairly early in the year. And now you know authors eventually got onboard because he had to get bored -- Celtics history was changed. As a result of it and -- will the same thing happened in the similar thing happened with Rondo when he starts over with a new coach Larry in a car Europe next. Larry -- weekend. -- -- -- -- Aren't there it I think. That's footballers go to India. There and what made it special already yours is disabilities. Record an activist let's record. I'm on a apps with you know -- -- -- it but court order. Perhaps opposite Robert. I mean the guy is really it has special category. Now may be seen whether that look real. Be that way actors injured her. You're ready it is I think you're -- it and the only vote. We're charged in Europe it that we yeah. It cheers -- there's no question that he would be an anchor. This gene. They need some other role players now I. -- -- Want special -- Well I you know. I don't think anybody would disagree repair you know I think -- earlier. But you know -- -- is that we think about it Rondo. Sean -- and Dominica ritual where we used to go what they were Rondo. At what point taken to the next level. Added point to be his ability to string things together Sean said that it -- having. Thirty minute thirty unbelievable game each year. This may be having. He just real -- to. You know the consistent. Level I think is one of the things that it would -- and let's -- -- what do about where Jacques Rogge that. And you know we stumbled onto it but really Rondo as a rookie year. Is the only year that the Celtics really weren't in the spotlight and he was fighting for job if -- inning when the job. In training camp he lost the job Sebastian Telfair obviously was a rookie and to offer little by the time. In the league but we don't -- was fighting for time trying to find his place. So this notion of gearing up for the big games the question on the week that the schedule is released. Is how many big games other truly going to be again let's just assume for the sake of this conversation on those back. Fairly early in the year or type about what he can be this year when he should be what he wants his career to beat. Now without that notion of what you know what or plan on TNT tomorrow and and we got Miami on ABC's Sunday. There aren't going to be as many of those nights this year and maybe things are set up. Even better than we thought for that transition. -- to be in that 6065. Team a year guy and not having did you know -- for the big games which don't really exist. -- -- if you were wrong though. And he still be here right now. What you want the best and beat it out of the spotlight or a little bit because you're so our special specialty. You know when you go round -- -- -- so. You know I love -- Logan there at the Celtic person personal. Personalities or their what do people in the office. You know came up with the most -- I am itself. I am a built in America from being there a lot of -- and Allen brought to. But because the so it's not going to be in the national spotlight this year. I think it really gives the team may be a little bit more opportunity -- some kind of you know. -- the if that a lot Symbian throughout the year in the expectation level of the -- won't be at how the issue but where they've finished. I think he -- won't be bluntly I think but what surprised. And maybe enjoy watching this team because right now. Everything is abstract you knew the the 07 only team was going to be good but we didn't know how good because the idea of all those guys playing together. Was new and all you have here is a collection of players and to -- or something I don't know let's hum. I'm a play by play guy from a play by play. I was more prepared to move on from it because I really have always been believe that we had a great debate in the it was on basically my Twitter was 5050. Last year with the -- this general concept. Was last year the sixty year. Of the new Big Three -- or was that the first year of whatever is coming next and to me it was pretty apparent. That it was the first year of what was next to me the runs the Garnett pierce Ray Allen running and the thinking seven. In Miami and last year there was I think the illusion that the Celtics were still that team when obviously they -- in the Rondo injury. Change the dynamic of it because it put more weight back on Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett. But to me there's something. -- -- there was always interest. Knew was always good new is always the -- in May not turn out to be successful I don't know how we're defining next -- being successful year. But to me and the reason Rondo was the -- part of it is because. I wanna see Rondo on a different Candace and I don't think we can fully judge. The career of Rhonda what kind of guy he is like everybody has made. Very strong opinion and believes they know the guy as a player and as a person. I don't think we know yet until we see him with this -- to. This is normally where you would say something. Well world's our war. Got to report these you know get sick when -- went and that is the moment when you know that. That's true this is why Yahoo! is a different dynamic and we're now in place like. AA. The I -- -- and him and I yet everybody's paying about sixty. Let you know if people continued. -- -- municipal that they think all the animal what do you think about this thing. In my big thing is impacted the evidence -- about. -- but the so. Because -- actually had heard a how old beater -- John tablet chip was the in -- why is Charlie stop all these great all the paid me. Ian essentially you hit the turn. It to the next eight of the next layer would be pretty late you rate. Deeply at itself. And as what do well all in -- what happens I think. In that a big degree if you think about it especially if you commit -- it here. As much as they will be asked I think -- will be in that every bit toward the team you can ever be. They are. What you which you determine. In your rearview mirror all the -- right now what you want to read it so it. You want relativity it's so minute. Over the -- won't won't take you in the future. And that's what I liked about the need in the transition now that they're what make all -- washed them. By every week I Celek -- cooler we had little treat for you we're gonna go back into this last 56 Iran and find. A particular night just stuff that maybe you obviously we all remember stuff you know memory that will. And we're gonna go back to championship night and I June 17 2008 because we've dugout with are the highlights of that game we've listened to a four. -- we dug up some of the stuff that we did in the immediate aftermath. On the broadcast -- now they're about an hour afterwards. Where I don't know you -- I don't remember that happening that's actually in a racial mr. -- -- The pretty go back through history have the ability to race parts of -- and like the first hour of the show -- sort of race from history well as -- Does that you know we're -- lecture me about them you know look at what we'll let you want something -- you know. John has been saying about it you know our yearly rate call which I happen to. You don't know Celtic history I happened to other match on the -- bit about it. -- embraced it because you're always the point is because like Imus booted up. Only get better future when he embraces so let this problem -- the work I'll let you know on the show though we we. What -- do. I I actually. I didn't embrace the reaction to you have to that's that was my concern I didn't I didn't hear how the call went. I didn't want you to be remembered for getting the ball -- somebody had to microphone up. And he shouldn't. Now what you don't want to hear -- river episode. They're they're all well quote if that while. And I headed in my Indians. Sold at bat -- from the light there and I -- that they go all -- He made a. That's frightening gave -- the ball you know where we should probably get -- to sell on at some point we can actually we can relive that moment anyone out there are out there. All one you know one and one day we'll tell you guys will title story of what actually happened WiMax ends up in the baucus is an entire you know it's like most things it just happened black's -- back story movements. Led to that particular moment but we have. Led to the moment -- -- summer cooler when we will relive one of the great moments of last 56 years and Celtics just were gonna go back championship nine will do enough to. As we've arrived to the final segment so the summer cooler for this week we've been doing. Or requests. It is going back to pick out some of the great teams. Moments but it would to stumbled on something I promise you we will do this. As some would -- title story the real story. What was behind -- getting the ball. And -- call in 2008 because a lot of things that happened. And go wrong for that happened now since the sort of -- history -- -- -- story. And the activist do the June 17 2008 was of course tonight Celtics won championship with this -- highlights of that game. It's one of those things -- fun thing to do for Celtic fans is such an easy game to watch blowout lakers. But no we haven't done is really ever is gonna go back and listen to some of the stuff we did after the game. Because we stay at the table for about 607590. Minutes Max is back in locker room and champagne was. Was flowing and now we just you know we had a lot of content we have listened to and walked jobs -- that if you wrap up. And then now with the setback to a regularly scheduled programming because the Red Sox are still the best team the American League east in the patriots played the first pre season game last night. And it's that -- to move on crystal on it will be on starting it topped the do seventeenth 20088 perfect way to enjoy the final minutes Celtics who. 42 years but the game's original monarch -- The floor it's. -- and how much money do we -- say it is the very definition of full circle. It is banner seventeen. It'll only want. Him out there today. NBA champion. With a seven thing they record. -- -- -- They play like it the -- of a one point. -- You almost want -- to blowing the game maverick. We the game open that if it is true. The end game of the 2000. Where -- it from a year ago well that's good today celebrated its. Limits them. What a great year was this -- I just I've got got the owners. My teammates they're body of this -- felt good well on hard. I know we have a lot of goodness. Of god why didn't us when. Now we really don't know is it. We talked about the adversity all year. And we -- we kept saying. That it it had become our William we have to accepted and embraced it. We talked about that before the game this morning we're sitting together no excuses. And don't you zoom we don't need them. And I just thought we had a very mentally tough team and that word. I was doing papers that's what it's about hockey where they're using -- moves its own. I'm not playing well and I was send me the best you know the China try to get to do obviously is all about. To pressure their anatomy. This team effort and my aggressive like racist it's fifteen guys as they take. As you can score reborn you can drive the whole dog you can make a free throw. You can make great pass. It anytime anyone of us did any of those things. They really didn't matter because everybody on this team everybody is building that they expected us to do that but. When some guys don't -- ball vote for -- on the ground photo of a loose ball with somebody got a blocked shot somebody boxed out we get a rebound program. Those things that made this team better. We congratulate us be here at this point it's just -- you. Those are coming to a fact that you know runway there it's just about tradition it's about team. This is so much motivation covering every day with a pin is on the wall that. Sooner and other experts come and watch practice. There's so much responsibility putting these producers and -- and only. Think she does understand how much responsibility is to come here it's carriage tradition. In Celtic pride guys dropping that he goes from good teams sacrificed so much -- known to us. Look at Kevin myself and ray we sacrificed so much. What we do it two on our careers to get to this point because. We've done everything we've we've never do individually one on top awards. We never made it to them on time and today. It's not rushed for a profession. There was that label -- -- TV. Newspaper or traveling another city. We just we we did our best. Is somewhat downplay it because Big Three loses big fifteen we have. Fifteen at -- contribute all years. Well mean the goal is to win the championship. There wasn't. When he peers in this league championship. So. Mess that we felt it was fun I think. A lot of people enjoy this there's a lot of energy unit and got a chance to visit a lot of classic confrontations from the pastor. We do those in the series and the -- -- chants -- -- and it was fun to be a part of wolf we have another opportunity at this thing. Psyched Arab leaders to go to school every day you know when you've got -- -- of cause you know you guys who knows who she walked in front doors. In recent that is -- -- -- you'd have to pockets and mess which it. There's like one day you say to yourself you know what disclose stuff to me he sort of congress should occur as you know what. He's just not the blue -- -- Neuheisel called back. So the next morning you comment. He -- this like. A sigh of relief. Those are much to say actually is the end of this except to recap. Season which we felt like remarkable one for us. Mark for the Celtics congratulations to them there's doubt that he -- -- arrow straight tonight. It would be decisive game. My first year wasn't bad though we won our division. I thought that you use in between this is when I appreciated Celtic fans. More than anything. And really on the role. You know some homes that didn't -- but most of which are. I just won't say. Other than my Q do you -- There's got to be to have Tuesday in my life. I don't play and also before we can months. They'll look for -- personal friends among them was about -- change. Blinded -- cannot explain to build it out volatile right now the filly that I haven't. That's the -- in the world. When our government and -- on guards are you do studios you know steal of the atomic Claremont. I didn't tell -- school just playing basketball you know we we ruined because we'll we will be looking at the score paying attention to a person. There's there's -- -- You know they would tell you cannot have -- LA we're business inning. We got it you've got a lot better able to block this bill. Hopefully we'll have been afraid game -- remarkable month old man now we'll have to build great. Are you talking. John. Cousy. Tonight we come out of -- out of -- -- -- you know. -- -- stand up and let them on around us and we we constitute. And even with a three of us we knew it is going to take more than three of and we had -- really make our teammates. A lot of them is that magnitude of what we're we're faces old. We just ignored the Big Three talking you know people awfully sadistic -- -- -- -- everybody's going to be filing because I didn't. And ourselves -- -- -- -- that you want to give it -- -- home but this is real tall. So it's awesome news content. Indoors and she -- -- -- to -- jerseys and the pictures but. You don't -- -- -- especially -- is -- I I just think we government the right time. You get three guys who have accomplished everything in their careers and accept or that you know and we talked about a -- that money can buy everything except for Detroit. Can't say enough about this particular group but the authorities. I've. We have we have -- -- all the right mobile replied. It's gotten. To. Where players. Play it. -- -- -- Now don't go what now.

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