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Celtics Summer Cooler with Grande and Max - Hour 1 (8/10/13)

Aug 10, 2013|

In hour one of this edition of “Celtics Summer Cooler”, Grande and Max discuss the change of heart for Paul Pierce this week and how he is finally moving on. They also get into Rajon Rondo and if he in fact can be THEE guy in Boston. They discuss all of this with CSNNE’s Jessica Camerato as well.

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Now -- do I have nothing against the National Football League I'm I'm a red blooded American male I love the National Football League I love everything about it. And there are people that shrugged their shoulders in the pre season of pre season football games I can't bear to watch. -- -- everything is going on with the NFL with pre season in the NFL has become. The way you watch and I only noticed now because -- a small child and we have a small child when you have a toddler. Everything you retire reaction to everything is like. It's like you wanted to hit his hand on the coffee table or fall over and that's the NFL pre season is now one. ACL away your tire season being destroyed -- -- into a priest read him practice all these team is hoping to get through it. Without some major thing going on easing to me. How many marquee players get off season that at some things skiers that's the first 32. A Celtics summer cooler and this week now last week was a landmark week is a very important week or special week. On this very new experimental. Program to some because Macs are in the same place. At the same time which is summing it is not supposed to happen really over the summer but it did last week -- that streak of consecutive weeks that was being in the same place. Is over Macs -- -- you today. And it will hear a lot. The Mac world -- evidence that would be or. Maybe you'd be. -- that's unreal. -- playing football. Yeah he's. We'll deal about it and hopefully you -- college. If you don't well you you did pretty well I would I happen to be with you. -- media. You know the volleyball scholarship organs that was what seven years ago six years ago yeah about a year ago -- here. Now as a huge huge day like that it was real line. -- Marty what it that's great that is that is what I'm. Among us about some might I guess the accounts of mine who's going to be the way the way we. This was uninteresting -- week as far Celtics are concerned because this whole thing has been this split we have our our. We have one foot. All of us as Celtics people -- what we do that weren't voices of the team. When the -- fan of the team when you work for the team it's this summer of having one foot. On what laws and one foot on what will be and this week. In which we thought was going to be -- literally quietly turned out to be just that because we have now. An actual schedule the look for two easiest schedule it's got real gains on you start looking at doing that thing you normally do which is well. That looks like a win that can be a loss does this team look like while that's four games in five nights while that's five games seven night. There are some very normal things about the celtics' schedule. There has been released that we've been used to a lot of those. The old school Friday night home game Saturday night road game think there are some very unusual things are things we haven't seen in awhile which is. Obviously dramatic reduction in national television games mean. Virtually no Thursdays and obviously one Thursday game all year of these two games Chicago. Interesting that the team we sort of told you about last week. That win Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. And the nets are coming to Brooklyn we assumed it was going to be an ABC -- acting didn't even making BC's Celtics won't be on ABC Asia it's going to be Sunday night. ESP and it's -- -- -- -- level Celtics lakers that have been AT&T exclusive last two years that's sort of bumped. Now two was ESPN but in the same way I'll get straight. But more here's your favorite part here's -- dream come true. I don't think this has ever happened four in NBA history. We will travel to do as broadcasters and the Celtics will play the regains. In Canada in the month of October. Is that that tested that is your dream come true. Yeah you know my nightmare thank you a pre season game you know the -- or interest in Christmas bewildered -- -- -- the schedule. For the first look at what I'm. Because traditionally over there and Brittany. It'll give you what this season right thing and that was I think all of and also I was market up. When he won game in the open. It's not toward doing games in November waited actually is is what you start on October 30. What you've got is you've got -- when he if you start on October -- 1821. But just the fact that they're -- yeah. There early in the normally doesn't happen for the so I have a test is set. -- -- achieve a secure and feel they all they'll wait to see this is still the board directly into the world outlook for the gap that we always. Traditionally. There at the early in. It's been an -- that it is that all it seemed like it was like -- every other day in November either all or what. It's more obvious it's more than -- it was a at twenty games in the first five weeks of the season. And December is very quiet is going to ball games in December including the unprecedented. Step I think he's basically once or twice in the last 25 or thirty years the Celtics had not. How to gain more flights. On Christmas Day itself the home the entire Christmas week -- now. But what makes an interesting from a as fascinating as your interest in traveling you -- in the season is what it really means is that. Brad Stevens won't be able to ease into the season and with a new roster -- New collection of players are trying to put it together and again when is Rondo back. You're gonna have a colleague teams right away with what -- seniors think about this a quarter of the season a quarter of the season will be over on November 30. And so that is a very short amount of time to cram all these games in. And for a coaches adjusting to the NBA. For players who were adjusting to playing together to have all of these stretches of you literally in November you've got a five game at seven nights stretch in the second week -- When you got four teams. In five nights including that -- Houston San Antonio trip. Comes right away before. Before Thanksgiving is on -- road games are playing at this early in the year -- in the first two weeks of the year that's going to be. It's going to be a challenge and. Well you know speaks on one of those things about being the challenger also look at this season war in like. And what you you're always mention. You always talked about these these last go out -- That was his services -- Suspected Al practice. Mean you have situations or you could go what you you know simulate some -- that you would you wouldn't regain. War game -- kind of you know you're here well. So you like -- solar -- or a young team that. I'll have to get pictured in this well be like a dream come true because it gave we gave up again. Or younger -- -- -- rare. Problem in black who aren't clear he would have been together you know it -- -- or debate on the -- And a coach who has had two games a week and 45 practices a week and that's been his life and listen. I mean obviously as we're going to find out. Brad Stevens didn't stumble at his job as an extraordinarily bright guy knows exactly what's coming -- On this all year. You don't work. Much we talk about. Don't look that you really know to actually keep him. Because I think he would that are Smart guy in and it really liked them but he has not the end. In the pool -- eight -- -- in the regular. That is bad. It's shocking. Dude it was shocking to me into a later young player when you first get in Italy. And how we you know -- the wall or hit the walk out the 34 games because. That is probably college season where you know WBA. Just lol what should know what season is so prosecute -- to be or probably rude awake he. With the number of gains the -- -- -- -- Must I say it's an interesting point and I had a conversation -- John Farrell doing what the Red Sox games this year we were talking I asked him. It was a young pitcher another pitcher may be used Doug Fister in Detroit might even now more Tampa Bay. Tonight about how he what is the difference when a pitcher gets that second or third year. Why do their numbers jump off. Why -- what is it is something about command summing about working the plate. And he said it's really just. The comfort and he was a pitcher himself in the major leagues for many years in the eighties and there really is that that feeling. About it being your junior or senior year and knowing your way around the halls knowing where all the rooms are known little lockers -- and those little ways that you can cut corners. Make things a lot easier and it is it's interesting because we've been through this schedule. So many times. That may be just seems easier to us because we know. What's on the flights are gonna get in Reno and hotels are we know what place is near the hotel that we have to go to get the thing that we forgot to pack. And all those little things it cuts that are comfort. When you go Linksys but that I think it is to me somewhat eyebrow raising and -- -- -- the that there are so many teams as you. Yeah and I think what happens is that when coaches from the Internet situation. Eric you'd QLA. Insert a -- -- commit to you Robert -- as well -- same where players. And coaches. Is there also the fact that they ought to learn the official in the officials. Thought to learn better. Eloquently waited out rivers was given as say a guy who knew who -- -- newbie refereed. So the younger coaches want to ethnic element. You know draw is that open to I don't -- it -- might -- The other thing could happen this week and this will be you know one of our topics as you know I I Beecher stated. To know what you guys think about it. So what's the schedule the schedule I think is a lot more adjusting to us it's more testing to me is -- at the Max sports and those of us that are lived through it. Although you do see you know one of the games that interest you EC hate this teams coming in this a team -- embassy. Really when I look at a schedule what -- really does. As a fan. It brings me back to the fundamental question of the season that is to come for the Celtics which is. Where's this team go to finish and how many teams -- you I look at the schedule. Just as everybody else is doing right now Philadelphia Orlando Detroit Atlanta. -- -- Charlotte all these teams are looking at schedules and what -- a lot of wins to be. In the Eastern Conference and of course you know what somebody is gonna go fifteen and 67 in the -- somebody is gonna go twenty and 62 in the east but one of these teams that are -- thinks is going to be. Atrocious. Is going to win a lot of these games he's 5050 game and as a result. I think we agreed let's start with this we put aside those costs. Miami Indiana. Chicago New York -- those of five playoff. All right after that. Everybody thinks that Washington and Detroit are if not locks close to it and given the east I understand why they would say that. But after that everybody is sort of you know in this in this jumble. And then what happens all the sudden when your halfway through the year. If you're twenty into when he what are you trying to do what he's trying to accomplish and that's why this whole idea of going when he and 62 -- Jarrett soldier tell that Jeff Green. Until I saw what -- I I laughed because I think about you know how we predict they. And I know that you know now that you are. Best that a lot of baseball -- -- what your prediction this year. That's the way it should be no work but what's your prediction this year when you thought about -- -- -- like -- -- -- Toronto they are low pay it to see that we. Mean I don't work now form right now. Mean doesn't detail that was a poorly can I almost think you talk about well you never know NT UK incident minutes. Of the season injuries and all the things that the couple. Actually we should find some point be used to be arrested here back if you and I December. We had a conversation. Into which you really war remember. Going over one random. Jonny Gomes Ryan Dempster all the veterans and did. Clubhouse guys that the Red Sox added throughout the course of the -- -- -- That. -- now because it is is the point is the just. Everything is just on paper but to me are you interested in what's happening on paper or are you not 86177797937. He's 17777937. Just camera from McConnell Cassel take for turn. Joining us as we but that's basically everybody throughout the course this summer and get their thoughts there was a different perspective on what the last few weeks -- it. Today we have a different perspective on -- appears at least to give you paying attention because Paul Pierce who looked Max and I both talked about this and agreed. Shell shocked what is the word we used to describe. Is look. At the first news conference wearing you know in Brooklyn all the flashbulbs going Paul Pierce still in a state of disbelief would be hard to use because you know audio yeah that it's in Iowa's much of this belief that this whole -- was actually happening. Finally let me play is that these shots. I would to the clippers. When I left itself. That is the shock the -- the model that like. It to another team might whip up another scene as Paul Pierce's -- -- -- -- I must be like you know condition. You. Know English and at the -- that you -- -- I don't how -- it would be -- -- -- you know you know a couple. I had a conversation -- Paul last year they've been suffering. To. Be. Sit there in the first aid training camp and it becomes by. -- we were joking about it. And is it being like Shawshank for him he was saying he was like he was like -- he's used it in -- proxies institutional. He doesn't know anything else but to go -- for the first. And I think that was apparent. In those first public comments at that first news conference but this week. Need to separate interviews and the second one was particularly of interest and it was an exclusive PC didn't in the Boston Herald. That you may have read you one last a couple of days yet is basketball camp. Basketball city Tomlin lost a great job talked. And there were some new things he also is Michael Kay's radio show on Thursday. Am really for the first time will we got the feeling if you -- nine Celtic fans out and they would tell you that Paul you know didn't wanna go and and even more than ten no you know in -- do it in this is the way. Worked out but although I think most of -- -- an agreement that. They found a better home. For Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and it's going to be great year for them there. On their polling in New York they're going to be Celtics fans second team that they're gonna root for against the Nixon against the heat. There was that element I don't know circumstance that they wanna Goebel Paul's comments yesterday. Really Trace everything back to the Rondo injury which is we all know was the seminal moment of last year and that. -- Sunday afternoon with the Celtics beat Miami without finding out in the third quarter and on the would be lost to the Doris Burke. Breaking the news to Paul Pierce during the post game interview he didn't even know everybody in the building new fans knew because everybody wrong when he was on their phone. You had gone down during a commercial break top Toronto when he came back to the building and we have been talking about it. Line all over Twitter Paul himself did. But he said this week he knew from that point on that this is the direction this is gonna go he used the word mutual several times. In capitalists which is not. Surprising some level at camp and the most post change any human being I've met but for Paul. -- say this week that this really was mutually he did not wanna be apart of rebuilding. I think it was it was interesting to finally hear games -- dad and I think it. I think it's just -- more truthful approach to this whole thing and I'm glad it's more sort of in the open and everybody got what they want. Outlet like the group. Doc Rivers got most of what he won at least bit. That all about it -- didn't know all of it. Believe me. The only thing we got -- You know witnesses it was straight. In the wake of geometry are of the elected not to -- I just. Bill that not. -- there right it goes doubly so if you want to. Because he's been recalled in -- is that look. He's not want. You put this -- out back but this should. What he would not like about it worked at stockbrokers ultimately. That it typically. Is it seems like he did not want to just say. That the pretty girl. That I would go away. It's. Well they're a local. Or Huckabee get it up Bob let me. If not is not was too good to. Let her active or. Especially the way you looked me up lead everybody but apparently you like it. And you know -- it's interesting because he's the exact same way in that. In that regard which is why I think the thing affected him a lot more than he admit there -- people realize because. LeBron James is a cartoon character he's not a real person but he's the same way. That's why every year and he'll do it again this year I guarantee we'll float this idea. About going back to Cleveland one day finishing his career in Cleveland by the -- he when that happened last year. It's sort of got leaked out. And it did not resonate at all and he had to go out of his way LeBron to bring it up again. To get the thing to sort of circulate and create this sort of hope and believe me when I tell you there are people in Cleveland -- are sort of believing in this fantasy he's gonna come back Wednesday and finish his career there and everything will be the whale was but I think he was the same way as dot he didn't want to. He he just. You know if you're going to leave for the prettier girl leave for the prettier girl and standards I think. And I think believe me this is most people would tell you they would rather just take the two by four to the face and have you -- around it and you know. Just just you know be honest about it that was the most jarring thing. About doc I'll be fascinated on December 11 the action and it's it's a week by the way that this is one of the fun parts of the schedule that. The Celtics will go to New York. For two games -- -- the knicks have a day off and they'll play the nets in Brooklyn that will be the first regular season game against Paul against him and the very next night. Back to back games at home against Doc Rivers and. It is being the papers that he. Actual web site and -- Helping. -- I think it's like -- -- thought. Why did not beat the -- where. In Britain. V -- that the -- in the I get -- -- really think it's -- it is Beatty. You know it impacted you -- -- -- my bank -- the well. You know without that cutback cutback in a little -- you beat the fate for the -- because. I think -- already -- interest there with her back. All right this is your little -- Celtics oasis in the in the wake of the patriots starting their pre season the Red Sox stumbling a little bit on their trip -- great comeback win this week. In Houston and Jake Peavy had a rough start last night -- your little Celtics always is here the national bowers oh. Doc Rivers is on the table Paul Pierce is new comments are on the table the schedule is on the table. Do you wanna see this team make the playoffs eager to get into it as we move forward how many more roster changes are there and more of the bigger picture. Are you kind of in a weird strange way you looking forward to seeing with the Celtics are going to be. In the next two years as the transition from what they war. To what they will be the Paul Pierce comets have in front center. Talk about them as we continue war to war around the that beat writers that cover this team just the camera -- From CS any dot com we'll join us next and then your calls at 617779. 7937 on the latest edition of the soon to be award winning Celtics. Oh well you think about it. You know are usually so. Crater you elect to the metal values -- -- where -- will -- the relationship built over the years. There are Berrian on -- in my career. And three or make sure you're left almost. And our culture and -- definition and New York where it is so did you order the -- virtual. Rebuild and other -- emotional too they're not doctors are on the culture so. Other chime in there up until just that's how. Wasn't exactly a media tour for Paul Pierce this week Dow was him on Michael Kay's radio show in New York on late this week and there's a little peace and -- ball -- -- back to do is. Basketball camp -- basketball cities he continues to fulfill the commitments in the you know it ties in this ties that bind in the roots and Paul Pierce as -- or -- -- are you know gonna last a lifetime so. It's not surprising -- see him around from time to time but he -- -- things to say. During a conversation with Tom Lehman for the Boston Herald about the I was in the decision to go to how he feels about it and that now I don't think it was as one sided as it seemed when it happened a month ago. This is the latest edition of celtics' summer Kohler says Maxwell is in Charlotte we continue or to work. Of the mines that cover this team throughout the course of the years or stop this week is its -- any dot com and our Francesca camera joining us just Oreo. Yeah well you know what I am mine in the middle of this seasonal confusion stepping back into this two hours a week for the Red Sox you know what that's like you're covering the revolution this year at. Don't think anything about that that is adding adding another -- -- Mexican government to MLS game absolutely not. Ever gonna go to an MLS game absolutely. They -- -- -- in -- moment with us to be playing we make one of those three trips to Canada. It. In my old now. I just suspend you know we every Saturday were spending two hours sort of this therapeutic. Mode trying to. Figure out the transition from what was to what will be. Dot interest in place start this week world or Paul -- comments what was it what was going through your mind having covered him for so many years here. When you were observing the news conference in Brooklyn and the photographs are going off Ian Kevin or sit there talking as members of the nets. Well I'm lucky that I'm thinking. Whether he's not and at what they keep on I'll set the record he is. On the Detroit in Portland trail later Paul -- has hate it. And at this point in his career. He deserves to be an -- this year we're at Atlanta. I started covering the team are not equal in street they'll impressed with related up here. That's in every -- and really it's how he handled everything. Over the years I think certain players. Predict timing it predict that he and went click click content to. If you're a chance for them to win a championship at the end of their career and yet every right -- Yeah you know what a lead and it also aid as distinctive. People steal some of the shock right now in I think a lot of people a mystery in the terribly. I didn't really you know they KG but. Paul Pierce's pull through retire so that would. Or you know we would -- -- -- would let him go. Again. A lot of great players never finish their career who would think you can look. And also to. Or their career. Yes were you surprised at not -- leave. Although you could be surprised -- that the way it happened the more we find out about it. Were you surprised that not Doc Rivers is not coaching the Celtics but analysts that he is coaching someone else and how it happened so. I was surprised how quickly everything happened. Because after they won a championship you know they had a few more ears very very popular Billy Carter -- -- when he. For the past year that we feel has been clothing every trait that's fine. Eric -- and accurately -- be treated struck out here can be treated it -- always round out there and talked about but it never happened. And because look how are still aren't. -- didn't act I it would it surprise or how quickly everything relax and at least they were so I really think. It says you know it's not. -- or not -- me and I'll see that it helped you got your jet lag it. Teetering or they're rebuilding it but you're not very actually think it was that really part of it and everybody thought I. I know and -- set up here in here. I think -- a step back and look at what is better for up here you're huge popular and what do you want for more. Why can't -- -- championship by addicts or have that opportunity what you want is Celtics. Our. You know -- they -- the public ever. Could never went in the either -- got some people who are just like that is about bill. And as much people. -- did this so they all -- years and saying you know albeit it's great and I app that -- want these people. You know I am I am really happy for all in KG. In this situation though in Oakland all of that movement although it did it -- another avenue really becoming. You know -- -- a lot people still don't believe. That that should have been kept. And you know wanted to community easily. It's easy to say now you don't want all the when its image of or remember. Appalling cavity could be for champ B chip that means that probably gonna knock off Miami on the way and I'm I'm projecting ahead on CNN. A Miami Brooklyn playoff series next year in the second round maybe in the Eastern Conference finals. That Boston would really have something to rally around assuming that the Celtics are out there which is the assumption. That we all naturally make that we don't normally maybe just you have seen the the roster overall you've looked at the players you've covered a lot of these players. That have been on different teams that are now Celtics going into this year. Is this team as bad as others seem to think it could. I think you have. When -- really healthy. I think that it won't be as good as I don't want and see how he can control of these scenes. We've seen what happens when he turns on I don't think this team is as bad people are saying I think it matters a -- However they know they're -- I mean that I was at bringing back from last season. They're not at players Jeff green is not a bad player -- -- at -- that -- and it really. Think he needs to step up its -- leadership well apparently had a bad players are silent or an at bat and not act. And you guys are gonna tap it see how -- -- -- how are you get that but again dug up on that coming act. So much that there is that I believed -- and on how healthy he's going to be which direction it goes. I think is the biggest question. -- mean the biggest. To me when you project how many games Celtics -- there's a huge to high and low the gap between those two numbers. Is huge he could be a 25 win difference between the low end of may be thirty wind and low winds and high and to me the biggest factor is. How many games is -- and and a point when the salsa and done and depending on where you are in the season how many games do you want him to play a lot of factors that. Go back to 07 when everybody remembers it as is atrocious -- Jesus referenced eighteen game losing streak. And -- it was a 24 win season by the time it was over but that team. At the beginning of the year was a team that -- hung in the playoff race they didn't have major injuries and you had. Paul Pierce lost first significant amount of time Wally Szczerbiak didn't play most of a year CTO -- but I think was there the day that the team picture. And that was about it -- those are three key guys and this year you're gonna have three key guys have had major. Injury or health issues that are your Big Three Rondo Jeff Greene injured soldier so -- a wide variety of where the team you know could end up finishing. Max over the last few weeks as. We've talked about listen we all know this about. Rondo is the guy the biggest question ball is is Rondo gonna beat the guy win this. Little cable car term is over any start replacing the extraordinary accumulation of assets or at least piling up with young players and draft picks when no star being replaced with the next wave. Of all star players that people try to bring in by trade or free agency is -- still like guy and max's point. About Rondo is not repairing his relationship with teammates it's not repairing his relationship with fans it's repairing his relationship. With the media. You were you're in the locker room more than we are we're doing our pregame show were doing our post game show -- line the next city. You've spent more time and -- as much time in -- locker room. As anybody over the last couple years Rondo being the central figure do you think he has it in him. To be a true locker room leaders that helps teams went. -- -- You know what maybe it's maybe that's a -- does Rondo have in him. The ability to be as someone who covers him in the room has seen the things that we talk about. In the room. This he had the ability to be that -- I don't think it optional for Iran air anymore yeah I I. He wanted. And I ooh ooh. But technically should just all part of the award winning program that they put together force on now on Saturday police entity and -- I can hear you fine I think that what happened was -- And the road not optional for -- at this point you know it's going to be I -- If you want to be accompanying media if he wants to be wary eye at this point it does him no -- -- don't -- up. In hand not. Acting out Q. Giving one word answer at this point I don't see how that helped and -- -- I think covering handset -- eat -- and there are so many moments when he should be. Get a car. That burn and app that they gave you. What is your gut feeling. When it comes to him coming back from the injury. All right now it seems are you back just. I'm back. I just wanna say I think this is really going well this is just another one of these moments I'm glad they came up with this because I thought was a great idea when they first came up with it and today it's even going to a just an entirely different. The question is about Rondo we all -- Iran that was being the same guy. That we seen the last two years and our I think you putting out of her mind. Not the notion of the injury in terms of the number of games he's gonna play the mental element. Of a player going through a significant injury you were in the locker room with Tony Allen he watched him go through this entire process. This is a guy now -- around the US do in addition dealing with everything else you with a mental element of coming back from an injury. Knowing him as well as you do after all these years could this be something that changes a little bit his mental approaches you know to say the word humble. I think is only staining it. So Iowa let's not tried the bit with the phone anymore let's just say that we don't have anybody right now everybody is gone. That's fine I will do my little speech about -- since guys it is just you remain if you stuck around long enough through this monstrosity that this first hours band. You've -- it. The questions surrounding this team this year is rush around -- ability in the locker room. To be a leader a leader in Iraq -- we know what he can do on the floor now what you're asking him to do. Is an entirely new set of players and an entirely new coaching staff. You're asking him to be the best player to beat the leader in the locker room and to do it coming back off major ACL injury which to me is fascinating story line. As you could possibly. Be dealing with going into a new season and that's why. It's easy to say you know what made his Celtics are one of the top two or three teams going in to this year that's certainly possible that certainly would TNT thinks that's certainly what ABC thinks that's certainly what he has the Olympics based on the games that they chose. On the schedule this year sort of on Celtics on national television set for years and years. The NBA is like Premier League soccer. There is there's a relegation -- And for a couple of years the Celtics for many years the Celtics were -- that relegation pool before Kevin Garnett for rail and -- Paul Peterson of this new Big Three -- But now. The national spotlight is gone which to me except for mortgage because the question on the floor and maybe the most interesting thing. Fascinated to know what you guys think. Is Rondo the guy you want. To be the leader of this team not necessarily 2013. But in 2014. In 2015. And the cable car turns again. And any does this thing with the roster again is -- the guy. You want to lead this team we'll talk about it with anybody that we can get on the phones to work next on Celtics cooler. I'm torn on torn about something which use going on with the show because I don't know how we're gonna top that last segment. -- when you hit sort of the heights. Radio was broadcasting was around I really don't know sometimes if you should go when he got to leave on -- That's who we always learn when our NAFTA all the great entertainers equipment from George to stands on -- to leave behind. It's gonna walk outs and slammed the Mike down Def comedy gentlemen and move on. All right Celtics -- gonna continue here -- Max is back with us up from Charlotte and let's not waste anymore -- let's go right to your calls because. We found a hot topic we have stumble towards it obviously this whole thing was always going to be about on going this is. This is where we're gonna be some Mike in Connecticut you're up first on Celtics over cooler. -- there. And listen -- when it comes around over IE. I mean admitted homer and I think Iran that was easily erratic and we did he or. You look at it. In my opinion I think he's the best after the game aids institute and it was a crime. I think we got the nominal. I think athletically he's you know one remote that -- -- point guard that we see in this -- for a -- at it -- that bad rap because. He's he's such a half -- point argued that that the 25 point number like -- Westbrook and rose to I think it the pat Rapp says that. In these kind of more and -- -- player. I think that that's you know worked well because you look at that we have -- crappy game suffered rat beat the on the offensive end or. Without Rajon Rondo next he's not a -- he played it once or you can create his own shot. 90% of the game so you need to garlic on Jeff green is great off the ball. Accurate older I think -- we re seeing a lot of where it is not -- the ability. I think he's going to be -- play a lot there -- Rondo anybody that they Rondo automatically become a better player and I think that when you have somebody like that you don't. -- try to do a Q and you've written and I think it would Rondo. You have a guy who easily -- that up to a three point arc in the NBA. And I think it's such you know work and now that we haven't seen that kind of built for Rondo. But I guess who waited because a lot more younger a lot more athletic. Not to be quite as much -- or I don't see you mean obviously we don't know brat he'd system but. I think with Bradley chip Reid the -- on Brooks I'd bring about tiger -- we gonna get out and go. -- happy that we need to score I think it's such you know working. And -- those benefits and working this topic and if we eat. Or you know I have to be on their some of what he was saying. The only disagreement out at the you know you say that your your that would rod so yeah you are the other way -- out instantly he probably didn't see it. So there's something that you look at that probably -- right now that you went out there for a lack -- And that I think -- here at the ability to do. -- because. KG in the background anymore. I don't think you're able to gamble that much I mean so there are a lot of things have only changed about this. If you don't -- great he -- stopper in the background. I think it's it's actually it's a great point the optimistic side looking at things it's really interesting when you realize that. As great as hall of fame player is Rondo is playing that they weren't necessarily. Players who were tailor made to play with. Rondo there was a game or early in the lockout year. That Dallas Dallas came in to you to the garden. And Jason Terry who would become a Celtic the following year was interviewed at halftime music player in Dallas leading in the -- Jason Terry is an interview and he. It was sort of coughing and coughing because the older guys seizure remember were struggling coming back. Into you know into the MBA in an early part of the year including the celtics' Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett they Warren and you know tip top shape because a lot of players thought that was going to be season the the teams that younger guy here Philadelphia and Portland. Two years ago they got off to better start. And Jason Terry was sort of huffing and often say it it just feels like were all out here kind of jogging and Rondo is running everybody in circles. And the one thing we really haven't seen yet we didn't get to see it because the injury happened. Is what happens when Rondo all of a sudden has guys that can gallop with him. All the time like Avery Bradley like Jeff Green and all of a sudden you've got and you you know -- Brooks is it kind of an interesting player to play with him as one of the many. Interesting elements of this -- 6177797937. Topic is Rhonda guess what it's going to be for the next couple years David and a car you're next on celtics' summer cooler. David what's up oh what's up. -- Thought Rondo you know I'm gonna use all appear set to do it diagnosis -- it back. Early in the year -- Something about cops and the kitchen too many crops and and I think now that. That -- veterans are gone I don't think it's Ron those seen yet I think -- as city and opportunity here. Two to make this team. And you know and -- -- and what do I think you might see it different. Where a few different players here are not like it cinema I'm taking this from Paul Pierce and I don't think he net. Intended. For me either use that message in this way but I think it's pretty close and I think it's relevant. Whose team is -- I believe in this thing you know one thing we're doing Sean in all all -- right now on the caller. It worked -- pretty. The the court and -- of course. It would mean that is the injury itself. As they were here we come back from injury -- here who you walk -- -- you all. You will always. Or west junior still eat meat. Because you don't. He just trying to -- ilk -- the last few -- It and I think one of the things it would have to see how rivals want to change is hearing what is at. What effect he has tremendous would be in court. How will that be effective if in fact -- points after a break on me which he probably would -- war a year or half. So I think a lot of things that you know we're we're taking ran over our rob built so we've actually do this they can do that. Well acted you know you as a former player. Being in that position -- entry in a major injury like Rondo. In my in my it will questions. About how -- -- if I could be -- other catalog that. Where is his greatest Kevin was when he came back to me is that initial injury. I think what that thing Sean that we saw was the fact that he you can kill. He won't question evening is the building or how you want to video or how would be certain things. But he used to take great. And you think doubt will affected that trickles over into if you're not comfortable physically. You're not in that place mentally where. You were comfortable running a locker room we're as comfortable running the team because -- is foremost in your mind is getting yourself. It's one week we saw that with the players -- remote worn down to. I think it's that time what they'd be the -- ever a basketball camp anyway is down in a lab face so listen rolled out. And I went to their basketball camp and this is the first should everyone coming back from injury and I remember -- -- In the position where he was trying to do certain things and he wasn't able to -- in active -- that frustration on the I'm interested in seeing and what -- helping Toronto when he cities that. Certain things he used to be able to do right now just right now that he won't -- ebitda is that he is what tab for. Asked on just glancing down at some of its next that are coming in Rondo is so. Divisive when I mean it really is it's fifty -- our idea of a bid to beauty of it is it's not. It's all right well he sort of could be one of the other it's like you what Rondo was -- universally. Upside popular player. Now is truly become a lightning rods to what you think is -- to me were the reason I've fallen and it was because. To me I wanna see how he comes back on the other side of the injury bowls mean physically obviously carries a winds can be able to physically can be that guy again we've seen guys come back and be better. He can be a better player even if he can't do all things physically to do when he was younger he could still be a better player. Good point guard and a better leader. On the other side. Harder later you'll understand. A thing as much as we always talk about. Rob -- -- map Google map that much more when you have a tree in your tribe on -- -- -- -- well what it would be. 6177797937. Rondo in the present and the future -- you're next on celtics' summer cold. -- what's up hey. Federer a break in particular -- -- I like you are you know what they told me up let's listen AP hang on just what. I saw your name up there are some can make you wait to break we are running shall -- -- Macs are running the show if you let. A play by play guy and an analyst loose in a talk show said and there's no telling what we're gonna do we don't play by the rules play by our girls eat it as much it's very. Particular car -- Thought on Rondo on the I'm remembering back to when he first went -- And suddenly. Everybody seemed to be contributing a lot more as if -- Rondo running the cheap. People were taking enough responsibility now our top change to keep saying that he got the ball spread around a little bit and in the end it in and out that. I'm just. Think it actually you know those that couple weeks where they went on that streak. And what it was like to have. Greater participation without everybody focusing on that one guy elected you know develop players who -- on the -- -- Are wondering what that's gonna look like when he comes back yeah obviously it's gonna be younger cheap. But I you know that was you know Warren sort of blip on the screen about sort of Iran goat cheese. Sort of wolf what we -- about there and one that they I think people he immediately jump on the fact. The ball will lose so much better this opens the door there. There's so much that it without Rondo. And it -- Herbert really question me about I've said. Right now they're playing about it without Rondo but they're not better with out Rondo like. In the almighty god you're not also argued that as the belt in the short term when you lose -- -- The audio itself and they play really well. In the long that your essentially it's always catch you by with the part because. Can't replace some of the things he was able to bring in the -- As some worry you know we get a lot of things wrong sometimes you get lucky and -- -- well OK you're you're never wrong. It well I wasn't wrong on that particular day because I remember leaving because I've done you know I did all those interviews the next couple days limited the BS report with Simmons and all these different things and I just remember leaving the building -- And feeling. And energized about the season more interested in the season and it was before because what I said. Again turned out to be lucky that I was right and this is what I said that I didn't think the end result of the season. Changed the date Rondo got hurt I thought the Celtics would probably lose in the first round. Anyway but I thought now is going to be more interest in champ or pattern that days everybody thought -- which -- gonna go south and academic the playoffs and -- this could do that. -- absolutely gonna make us that the gonna play better but we saw how it played out exactly which are talking about. Because then you get into a playoff situation where Raymond Felton is playing out of his mind. And you don't have or are Rondo to match up and now I wonder if I was wrong about that statement to the Celtics with Rondo. Beat the next if they have run the audience felt that maybe maybe not a similar though it doesn't really matter in big picture but. To me. It was just the way. It was such a heavy locker room in the first half of last year and to me well you could say one now it's gonna be heavy again because -- will be back. All of the other things around him and two games I think as bizarre as this may be the idea of Kevin Garnett not being there Paul Pierce not being there. And yes wait for the biggest one of all Doc Rivers not being there. Might be to the benefit. -- as the first hour celtics' number cooler and we are short teed off. Our number two warrior calls on Rajon Rondo on.

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