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NFL Network Analyst Michael Irvin with Salk and Holley

Aug 8, 2013|

The playmaker checks in with us, and discuss the comments made by Wes Welker to SI about Belichick, the new look Patriots offense, Tom Brady and a lot more.

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Football starts in New England tomorrow night with a patriots and Eagles I told -- almost irrationally excited for now want a chance to see. -- just what Belichick's team is gonna look like without Aaron Hernandez without gronkowski. Our first look at. What some of these. Young defensive players will be in their second or third years depending. How else can't wait to see which you can always club looks like looks like Michael Vick is gonna start. Although nick -- starting game two for them. Will they be running the read optionally be runner all over the place with the hyper speed offense. Work in the NFL their first glimpse of that a lot of good stuff to see tomorrow night the NFL network you may know Michael. Is the only place to see all 65 pre season games including a record thirteen of them life. And they -- guy is Michael and NFL network analyst the former cowboys receiver ticket few minutes to join us here via the AT&T -- Michael how -- I feel well Mike Michael how are you guys. I'll -- very well last time we saw a year. In studio gear ever what we're talking about -- -- to a story. On us. So funny -- a little outward during the which will restore yeah. There Wes Welker now what what did you. You think when you saw that Wes Welker went to the Broncos would you think for the Broncos and would you think for the patriots. Or will hurt it'll. It's reported that we're absolutely legal I just felt like this so a little bit enough of it and more. -- judge's decision career -- So great success well. And I fit into a year ago where local belonged to the -- of pictures. Where you shoot view should be finished his career but it didn't work out. Now and sit at all. So. It's important anywhere. To continue without success I'm glad you look at. You -- A place where a record of that there's. -- you hit it keep lending and you know Powell you'd see you'll hear it as a pole record somewhere else. In the cold autumn quarter that doesn't go out. Through. Not so much is skilled. But the guy's -- a sensibly command here replace -- that's Danny Amendola and in his. You said Wes Welker is the best receiver in the NFL. Is the best receiver in the NFL or is Tom Brady throwing to Wes Welker the best combo in the NFL. Does that look now known for for the patriots. While -- and then here we go real real real or wherever it was well -- -- -- in the industrial uses. 05100. She's -- kitchen you're also -- equal. Opportunity for me now now Danielle looked over. All that -- ago. Syrian. -- one of the guys that I'm sure during the -- would be a good -- exactly what he was due in -- first. You know. -- out with a -- with live conversation with -- no. How much you reminders works well -- you want you to be where Welker I don't know appeal that the longer get that opportunity actually feel. What what -- that the role could be here and now because you have to kill. Yet she yet but from uncle killed it. But there but I don't know that we up to you get into situations unique you're mentioning. Connection. People who are welcomed into any tournament over and number two shouldn't be any Kia. You of force C and notebook in the -- -- Now we are certainly not aren't as it is where local -- -- So reported the uninteresting lot but I think he's got all the talent. Yeah. I give us a sense of how hard it is to get on the same page with the quarterback. As a receiver I don't reviewing -- return replay -- choice of many years. You guys probably just were able to communicate without saying words sometimes but. On average and what's it like for just from a receiver standpoint to get on to get on the same page with the Tom Brady how long does that take. What it is -- -- -- -- -- -- And who spiritual life is the Bible says that intentionally. So let's welcome to -- Brady. You know that secret beat out there you know they've already been beating effort body through each week each time -- step on the field. That's what they were silky. Aborted -- you admitted that actually they came out and bring you feel right now gaining in tall. If they can only hope they can beat you like that all right and he chipped it that that they don't hear it sure they you know it all because -- -- the army. Yet and know what you think it took a -- of knowing. It's -- going in the game and eating it on under the old situation. So and it tore -- lightweight fuel spill it all out your jets here argue its -- because of back. The rate for child war portrait dramatic if -- no. Didn't hurt me. They will be -- church is here and giving them out here now I need to do over -- to defeat its key into war in my view at all. The only way to start raping and -- doing that trying to -- history that we're talking about especially. For 32 because. That didn't not a -- So you know could be a very director. And gain beer per site they're finger movement being. They're from compete got nowhere else see that they are breaking out right now or times. -- -- and I don't know what we replaced alone America electronic I would be in the middle upon row and saw that model with news. Child who would since some publicity. -- -- Recall and I will be Portugal. And -- all of which -- right at note that. Such incredible go away. Is not being on the field. Getting old real Quebec court because they're worn out repeal read here too older to appreciate them and hopefully. -- have some kind -- which record by targeted directly. Would you tell me that Michael Irvin with -- -- NFL analyst former cowboys receiver when you tell me that story. And the time and the energy and how long must hate to work out that kind of chemistry with the quarterback and receiver. I guess it makes me think Tom Brady's even better than I realize because. The UN -- Troy played together for most of your careers Peyton Manning played when Marvin Harrison for almost the entirety of his career special while they were together in in Indy. And -- it seems like every time he's worked up that level of consistency with somebody. The patriots take them away and whether it was Troy Brown who ultimately retire Deion Branch -- they traded away. Randy Moss who kind of went haywire Wes Welker who they decide not to resign. They keep taken away his weapons. And intent at all to continue. Too -- to Ito's order and -- that former actually look at the product. The poor Margaret in the process through which storm has gone too though he started off early. They can really weren't Super Bowl winning getting a good shot at Renton -- from pretty good defense. You know for being -- with commercial and in. We're -- -- walker in old -- -- random law. Then intermediate which are tightening and that mean he just changed toward different that is great. But he got just appreciate the -- are you what -- label which just. And -- in -- week. Sucking -- or see. Who it you know when you look at it that any. -- destructive than -- was talked about any period -- Voters just player -- -- first -- -- rebel war intrigue here. All excited. And so will complete -- your -- and the receiver. You're aware that animated. Low level quarterback accused -- termed -- very excited vocal competing. It's that you look it made you want reform keep people more in check. My quarterback he becomes Mike -- Well Jamal ward bought. -- ask -- or you know to me it makes for different he had a way. While bringing new league and making you wanna create fear all four -- -- well look from. I think guys are quote from you on this but I wanna I wanna get to take on -- right now what would you have done. If you are just put yourself -- -- Philadelphia locker room the big story in the patriots are in Philadelphia right now we're gonna play the Eagles tomorrow vick's story was Riley Cooper. And he used a racial slur and it was went out on video and he had to go away from the team for a while. What what would you do as one of the leaders on the team how do you handle that situation. We're in this election which -- destruction that meant that -- so -- -- I'm not run implement a -- discussion of the fortune good people period that we got a lot to discuss what we go into this -- first of law. Let's be real. There's no such -- I saw the video. And and I heard word pieces and all of that now. I look at a couple. -- I wouldn't that it would love wars just lovable couple weeks ago some traders -- Barton should you know. Appeared in the current about. We walked by the pool. Everybody. -- -- Washing your missiles that BP do clinic in urban five worker -- supporters. What's the inward I'd like rehabilitate all rocking out Woodward nobody fighting. You know what I mean social one million. Were profiting millions of dollar off in the word you know the net result worsening Olmert go to I'm sort through -- -- -- not -- people are getting different. I'm just seeing we are typical all our look at that situation. We've really athletic are we cheered very. Well I think -- -- right this year are big into right report the increased -- you -- it will all our. Contribute there's just -- ought to assess that. Ultimately I will -- you were putting iron into it what can we look at intent and it doesn't intend to have something to do that. Yeah a lot yet if you -- but now if we. It differently. That we create the word if so -- So there. -- we can't it is in salt because. What it's an art in the wake up let me -- that. And how will I -- -- me for the and I hope nobody gets rid of it but I myself. Send our god know it. At a wake me and call poker. You're well in that article are a lot of -- But we -- -- like four. Let me let it Wear their portal or will it all while we're going to be. I understand what I loop so where were you at all so much geared to Alter or -- if you anger. You -- -- -- -- -- African Americans. Took the part of your life. Any work or an hour or so where you're in Spain were so deep and -- sphere. And all those would have written by now. -- I feel a great story real well reading. But we've got to shoot down -- crack open our school and do some real thinking -- -- -- -- -- coming out of me when I start talk like you're. On Michael local Ctrl+Alt at all. You know my jaw. Or will it hurt it could ultimately it's well much much better or keep it that all of our job here. I -- I'm not. In the world that your old. We built for and we want a fresh I'm not sure that didn't happen. I'm Russian market cap. I won't bottom now will -- on the trot. You've got on the spot. Like you -- fight and it is that we still have to fight a war. All we wouldn't be a little working checked out there for the better golf ball -- the important thing we are questionable national. Well that you can only people would kill me my initial -- -- or you were pulled markings here are you know laundry social and that was a tremendous. -- -- -- And an -- meal -- wait -- shield workers all of why do you describe firm in all -- hit the ball. -- -- -- you know. Let me and I -- remark or -- Like a million. Try to give them -- got an opportunity crucial week. Mean he would without judgment and can't that's exactly what about you know to do for a living. Just took me let me see -- they're that you may have -- -- entry. And culture being put it that way now. I didn't get in Russia on an upward of million people killed me a million people show -- That's all actually we've got -- We -- all got a local subjects like it is -- wherever. More it to make you a better place for -- -- an -- -- you know I saw him. Very well said I wanna ask you this do you ever. Did you ever play with anybody. That you thought to be a racist or that you knew was a racist. I know. I haven't been around anybody's. Anywhere that I thought what's operations and I've been around the world wide merchandise. And they called immediate word and I called -- The word whatever word war you don't joke India and all the old Spain. And we each up -- -- and reach out but -- and I'll always treated at the rate at all. About a lot -- That we take away the so called power of these -- trickling -- there a while walking around the street and I -- see somebody in the industry. You start -- all the anywhere in the world. No Michael the only -- that Michael would -- in what -- scale. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here and -- do what you want which you wrote for Richard front and you work. You know and -- the -- -- -- at all onboard -- straight and I'm born to keep. I don't think I've ever heard that -- -- that off that is no Michael -- with us here on WB -- course Michael -- have -- network. Of rants all. Does that Wear red intercept Michael what -- -- -- -- -- that's been -- she's speaking averaged a what Roger Goodell. I thought well I'd love watching. A lot I look I -- the conduct policy and not -- that that I'll bet -- that that question occurred to what is your. I thought it would -- it will post. They deliberately ugly exchange is at 2324. No I do -- -- -- idea that 43 your forward for. Our current apology. Maybe that helps you from making its original -- -- issues in this game. I understand truly the safety like that lead to a mall or sixty a -- fortunate all the way around. But it celebration. What you lost your. Level here because it it celebrations. It. All of the shall be the ultimate kick it out among who. Don't stop me from doing my first now bring those stopped -- celebrate at all. Because celebration is how the player who feel that we're seeing it in distinguish. I'd love -- doctors. Removed what Michael. Quote forgot. How important assuming that you. It'll -- emotional connection city and for the field work or all the way through Busch Stadium. So I I'm -- the comport. -- -- -- On the her paperwork we didn't start from a Michael -- We're -- -- form -- not about talking (%expletive) out of you that you yourself from our president -- -- out of my state. It's literally I say OK that funny. These are -- will take. Action in the if you go out there all the legal burden not execute that's all you can eat -- All of that -- I must say that. But I think. OK you can settle. A little debate we have we have here now I understand okay you're still cowboys and right now it's it's OK your cowboys are correct. I'm sure who you are what are not. Looking objectively Cynthia. -- -- Are still but you know but this guy would get his take on he has seen this player more than both of us we had this conversation about Tony Romo and I said. Romo is a good quarterback now he's prone. To make some big mistakes in big moments. But he's a very good quarterback and the numbers would surprise people in -- say what is he -- Jersey underrated overrated. Tortured what. A deplorable in that race is. What are restored and in -- fail you know holy oil -- great great story. -- got -- got which is on pretty when -- measurement. And -- and it went exchange -- That in -- was huge party and tell me where you want where you -- Tom Brady directed -- seventh round. Bring -- actual vocal. As you can get in trouble and not like you know any. First hit in both it will all get through a program re Super Bowl only got pushed or. Told the story you know show your first victory. Won't at all. Tony -- Undrafted. Drafted. It took a quarterback where -- quarterbacks are patched every -- is truly at Spartan. Actually. Had been in the top Indian -- On throughout the water. Matt Hasselbeck was -- brought his team to a Super Bowl. Actually incredible story now what told you need. We're told me. Oh culture neutral -- 2011211. -- change -- retreat -- reporter for. -- former Russian government or should we -- ought to child would would follow the warning that -- Only to -- not much follicle. Like -- -- breathing treatment we can think and doctor treat those pain in the book talks. We control feel like Dick Cheney's solid running. Gained and that just happened being there. Cone of dreary cornerback features movies. -- running regarded as the healthy and stayed on the field here. That does not similar debate no way I'm not taken that from Michael Irvin a cowboys receiver the Tony romo's settles our debate Matt Hasselbeck wouldn't he be on your list. Sixth round pick. To practice squad guy who ends up picking his team to a Super Bowl. Don't get -- -- -- that they got through the right now that's where it is in Israel great on the map but don't -- equipment now. -- -- -- -- Career repair we just got forward and Seattle. In our. Or rail. You have hurtful just Abiola in Arizona -- just got back for their feet. That out about should have been chilling that is what lol got to be real. But we go out now we got a -- really got to open up -- bring out troops there shall we heard would you want to play for Bill Belichick. Barrett and that in. I know when that promote the alleging that vision. How old YouTube and Leo were corrupt and now we're all all on how much -- low which -- I was disappointed. That works well enough about the -- Out to the right I -- Knowledge. Yes or. Explicitly. To bring about. The financial fool can either -- -- -- all you. Stock at the -- and the -- if you can move would six. Neitzel. Who all were out of work nature and -- all -- for hours or should she. -- leaders did not always looking. Such -- -- history talked about how great you work just talked about how great we're going to be diminished I don't know what I read it. And what we're -- it. -- about who. All of Belichick cheating on me. When -- -- She had gotten on you before you into this place now all the work that you want and stop. Law why I use Siri is cheap more true whatever you do in order is obviously didn't work -- what was -- stop. That's where we start listening. Where people are telling us about how greatly. You know if you didn't go. You being our first thought that Belichick. We're prepared for -- To it and leadership putters today or natural tree which Lombard. It's that nice to lead -- a lovely. We we could spend all day talking football -- Michael earlier appreciate you taking the time if you like listening to Michael talk football certainly NFL network is pleased to see it. -- 65 pre season games this year every single one of them you can see in there and thirteen of them will be live that's a record Michael thanks very much as -- Michael next time you're down. He didn't do -- to -- -- what it is that he proposal crucial world -- that you know what do it. Semi close look at Michael next time you're down you know we're gonna be right. We are out but you gotta come Mumbai would do it again but that they are. Are they out thank you so much as Michael -- join in as a from the NFL network like all guests on the AT&T halt line. It's an interesting a lot of interest in stuff I can't believe you're gonna use him as a the way of settling a great debate about a cowboys scored out -- should not settling to contributing to control everything. Category -- -- true voice he can't settle that's kind of settle a settlement. Because my -- little to -- the mob war fought through it at all. -- -- Thought they -- there's a lot of really interesting stuff there from Michael -- overreact to some of that from the Riley Cooper conversation that stricter to the end with Wes Welker in the idea that Welker says the ballot check. I thought I was over this I thought it was over you yelling at me. The really interesting relationship and you wonder if that had more to do with a that we realized that the time. It into that nexus alcoholic talking football here at W via.

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