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Larry Lucchino: John Farrell was always our first choice

Aug 8, 2013|

Red Sox president Larry Lucchino joined the show to discuss the Sox continued hot play. Larry said that they are happy with John Farrell and that he was always the teams top choice to replace Terry Francona.

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As you wake up on this August 8 2013. York Boston Red Sox with a record of seventy and 46. Have one more win than they had all of last year are tied with the Atlanta Braves for the most wins in Major League Baseball. Are tied for the second most road wins in Major League Baseball as well. And -- by the way have the second most home wins in Major League Baseball. Our front office reported brought you by vita Coco Newton Wellesley hospital and by celebrity cruises and joining us on the line right now is the president of the Boston Red Sox Larry Lucchino you probably don't mind listening to those highlights their -- as we really let -- and there. Now I love it it's great way to start the day. Hey I know we've talked about -- I always give you credit for this line because you're the man who taught me this line initially where you said biology is more important -- chemistry. And I and I love the line but chemistry does matter too doesn't it. Yes that was the put in the context I was I was talking on a first got in the in this sport that was the position I held. And it precipitated this serious debate without Bobby better than the general manager of the Redskins. And and Bobby took the opposite position and I came over time to realize that he was right then I was wrong. It's a great piece on mlb.com today written by Richard justice -- says. Red Sox bass turn around a thing to be Holden talked about the the offseason shopping list of bench Harrington in the positions that he had the bill. But it seemed pretty clear to me based on the the decisions he made that chemistry figured in every single one of the acquisitions that he may. I think that's right -- but again that we weren't trying to put together a a team of night -- some kind of got along we were trying to put together a team of less talented baseball players who also happens to have. The kind of personality characteristics that we thought were important to winning two changing the culture that we -- here that developed. Unintentionally of course over time. And so there was a real examination Jonny Gomes is a prime example. Of both player who's. Whose personality characteristics and and and is likely impact on his teammates and they his clubhouse demeanor I was that was only part of of the equation but it only party equation so that everywhere he was it was a winner. We we we we knew that he was duties it left handed hitters and the -- pitchers and so well. The -- he added dimension that we wanted and now. Still there where there is. But if you're you're absolutely right it's Thursday. That kind of determination was made in every personnel move -- that -- we we eat cake in the offseason. A great trade in my opinion by bench Harrington just before the trading deadline you had to give up a good young slick fielding shortstop and Jose Iglesias is part of a three way deal. The two acquired a savvy veteran. Tough nosed pitcher in Jake Peavy more importantly for me was that this wasn't a rental through the end of the season he's under contract for next year is well. With this steel have been looked at differently if the EPA's contract was up at the end of this year. Absolutely. Absolutely -- it was very hard to trade. Iglesias oasis has seriously upset because he was -- being you know we invested heavily in. He was a player who played with such. -- field that's Iran he was he would say -- fabulous he ordered to watch and he was coming into his own as a hitter. But there's an old saying in the neighborhood you know you don't get -- you have for the price of baloney -- -- you have to give us something to get something. You know I think fans are probably anxiously awaiting the arrival of the next big thing witches and -- Bogart's. Do people who were within the organization may be in the front office of the organization have the same anticipation. Oh yes. Oh yes he's the youngest player. An internationally right now. Andy's doing extremely well and those who have been there for you relatively short time. And he's got plenty of tools now and -- oh over hyped. Any anyone. But if there were -- -- that you would be tempted to over right it would be it would be and there. And he the massive specimen. And plays the game was was again a lot of excitement and joy. So we -- it will be it will be great when his time accountants. But we certainly. Thinking that he's going to be appear at some point this year. And even deeper into the organizational depth chart is -- Marie -- another shortstop. When I look at that position within your organization I can see why a guy like Iglesias. Nobody wanted to give him up what you felt the cut. That's exactly that's exactly the process to that took place. Besides of course the heavy examination. Both PV. In weather. He had still and that is that the stuff but he said in the past that our scouts for a unanimous that he is this is his stuff was still good and that the extra dimension we spoke about earlier his personality is great -- it's it's intensity. And is clubhouse presence. We're also very positive on the checklist as well. When you guys made the very correct decision that you had to make it change at manager after last season and Bobby Valentine had the gulf. At that point you probably didn't know whether John Ferrell would be the manager or not he ultimately was. Did you expect this much of a difference within the clubhouse within the organization the difference that we've seen between barrel and his predecessor. Well I don't want attributed all to to the difference between. Bobby Valentine John -- John Ferrell set a fantastic job he has a solid leader it was our first choice last year we just couldn't dislodge him from my. From Toronto last year you may remember we had a little -- -- This year we tried to to get into a second to get a pretty good Major League player in order to get jobs are. But he John is that is that everything everything right no question that he's one of the things he did right. So it helps elected coaching staff that is dedicated and now are working as any coaching staff in baseball. So there is not just kind of chemistry among the players but there's chemistry among the players the manager and the coaches. In being in that clubhouse and not the people who are there every day I of course not it's. Tell me that that it's palpable -- There's there's there's difference and and it's reflected in a lot of ways terms in the activities that we ask the players to engage in off the field as a willingness that it did do it Tuesday. There's a comparative. Maturity about this team. That's that I think is. Israeli -- praiseworthy. Talking with Red Sox president Larry -- on our front office report Larry I am absolutely convinced that if your hitting hero from last night your shortstop. At a different last name he'd be looked at differently by the fans of the Boston Red Sox if his last name was Lucchino. Or Arnold people would look at him differently but unfortunately. I think his last name and his brother. Gives people a certain up preconceived notion that I -- incorrect. I agree with that tiger effectively -- and looked -- of course -- had been dead head injury problems didn't get up to a great start to. But boy he says some real supporters. In the organization has people who had great faith in him. And they happened to beat people like John Farrell spent Carrington and now. And John and bring -- you're gonna have three supporters who who would love the way he had plays he plays Major League shortstop that makes -- placed. He he's got great strike zone judgment he's got the power as we saw last night. So. We're counting on him to -- -- to be a key targets we he has -- -- double life. You gotta be very careful when you give -- long term contracts in any sport any player you've got to make sure it's the right kind of player you've got to make sure that you think that players going to be able to fulfill the obligations of the contract. You made that determination with with that Dustin Pedroia would you like to make the same determination in the offseason with your center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury. Well. It would I don't think he'll do much good do to talk publicly about. And upcoming negotiation we're gonna make an effort to. To be sure we tried to two. Ignite some early negotiations on -- ten and they were unsuccessful. So we've got not interfere with cities with the remainder of the season and at the end of the season and we will make an effort both before. And if that happens does the does select free agency during the free agent period as well. We will try to keep him here under on the terms that we -- are fair and and and and -- For the team and -- for for Jacoby as well but you're you're actually right about all their contracts thereafter are for us they are the exception. Not the rule and we try to avoid them as much as possible I think the. The decades of baseball history demonstrated that the prudent course of of action and -- Seven and a ten year contracts. Can be quite detrimental overtime. -- different sports are obviously different I understand that do you think baseball's a sport that bit. Needs or should have a team captain. On this situation things. And historically the Red Sox have not had very many and most baseball teams do not have have captaincy. I'm thinking of the things that I didn't listen. There have been very few years -- we had Jason Varitek here and and he -- -- he. Got himself elected almost by acclamation. And I don't think every sport is the same. I think you're right about that. I think it's it's a designation that should be used from time to time. That is not as essential in baseball. I think. Hasn't proven to be part of the culture. But that nonetheless there are some people and who who fit that role perfectly whether designated as captain or not. And doesn't Victoria is one of those guys. Obviously you -- -- I was going with it and as much as I hated the seat on Jason Varitek Jersey. It just never sat well with me I thought he was the perfect person to hold the position and I think Pedroia is the perfect person to hold the position now. Yeah it was real little I should say I was a little surprised when my embassy showed up party uniforms. I mean Europe or copycat DL you know the debt. I don't mind it -- hockey -- He he like hockey belongs to it then their forever. -- -- it does seem like we just like crap stated on there from the -- talking experience. But I think that was a decision made it in in in the clubhouse. And if that happens next time the -- at least some discussion about how to be designated. Jon Lester goes to the mound tonight for your team he has a lifetime record in the major leagues of 95 and 54. A 638 winning percentage and yet by anybody's estimation including his own. He's put it together back to back years that are less than what he'd like to say have you guys figured out how to fix this yet. Well each time he certainly is gotten. Better in the second half he had period for a really quality starts. Again the first step started the second half. And we still have tremendous faith in him he can these cities are of course on the mound yeah he. He has that this stuff and the and the presence to depicted to be an eight we still believe that. And I guess I am optimistic every time he takes the mound. After we saw the photograph of -- in the flannel shirt led me to wonder if we're gonna see you and it talks after this weekend's -- concert at Fenway. Or April black Adidas tracks. And one or the other yeah I think. We're we're excited about daisies in gate JT coming to -- this week and they at this stage configuration was just -- done. So that there are still some assistant to a premium seats that are on the market then. So people want to come particularly. World post post game -- -- -- -- nights but I think there is a few more for something in. So I haven't chose -- a wardrobe but it won't include any hearings again. Now probably got too much crap for that one right. Yet they get plenty of that but stadium adjacent -- so in other words do what I had to do. My daughter and her friend where it Jason all being and she raved about it from the minute the show started. And Sam Kennedy himself only the joint was rocket. Yeah it was it was the the of the summer counted to -- Have proven to be. They've all been special bit of sense and -- -- -- real well. Positive vibration but what you're seeing is that each of them brings a different demographic -- To the ballpark. And date that we welcomed with open arms the. The country music fans many of whom or perhaps making their first appearance at Fenway -- -- the problems that they were. And I guess we're gonna have they different. More sophisticated. And they different demographic. Characteristic. Well Larry we appreciate the time is always loved watching your baseball team this summer best of luck the rest of the singles and. -- out -- thank you very much and by the way why do we need Dennis and Callahan. I've been saying that all morning long that's a break and. You can say without them. The guys I hope you're feeling better during your vacation to where you are but that's there's -- Wally -- element to this. Preaches Larry. Daycare that's Larry Lucchino. The president of the Boston Red Sox front office reported brought you by vita Coco Newton Wellesley hospital and by celebrity cruises will take a quick break. Next -- of these sound stupid. Misty is all right hockey but not baseball. Every team in hockey history -- had a guy with a -- on a sweater every -- How many teams in baseball history of -- a guy with the C monitors yeah I do think it's different. Sorry that's sensed that but I'll live with it quick break right back to the culprit on the other side it's -- in for DNC Sports Radio W media. I hate Gerald.

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