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Ryan Lavarnway with Joe and Dave after the Red Sox beat the Houston Astros

Aug 7, 2013|

Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien talk with Red Sox catcher Ryan Lavarnway, about what it was like catching for Steven Wright in the first inning, and the teams mentality when they come back to take a lead and win the game.

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-- Lamar where the -- through the game Matt Ryan that. The double that drove home the tying in the go ahead runs. In that rally in the -- fifth inning. And the way the games started that at the Felix -- great. Yeah you know I was in the way would have drawn it up. Ortiz they're resilient and you know we never give up we always know we have a chance to win. Our offense can do that at any time. Boy does exploded in a moment's notice and and you know everybody else knows that around baseball that the Red Sox are still hard to contain. And tonight was a perfect example on -- Yeah I mean. On fallen behind early never -- and never a good feeling good no we have the confidence knowing that in the back remind you know we can give up nine as we're gonna score tent. I know that the right had never pitched inside before it that I have an -- to make that knuckleball moved so much. You know I'm not sure. It today there was that was the most of overseeing his knuckleball moving obviously had a real hard time -- and in today. But you know I think that's kind of the way the the knuckleballer some of their lives is feast or famine and you know they're gonna get everybody out. Or you know they're gonna have a hard time denounced you know Lester Lester times -- -- -- brilliant nobody can touch him and that it wasn't that. Fascinating to watch him early on and you only last one inning put. Then everybody else pitches inning he got a really nice performance out of Britain again who continues to impress. Yeah I mean. Think it was a little funny that I and that you know the young guys today -- guidelines -- -- early in the year. But you know they did a great job on keeping us in the game given our office often the chance to come back. And how about -- dollar Rose it was lit up the radar gun. Yeah a first pitch he threw her my handle bitten on the radars and nine new line. A two they look back means that there wasn't anyone that. We have 98 a little later. You could hear it up for Iran it was like bang bang and -- ballpark and emptied out a little bit by that time and -- that sounded 98 or ninety plus. It is the real -- and of course this was such a team effort and you get a guy like Jonny Gomes coming off the bench for pitcher -- -- that incredible. Yeah I you know we've been gone in the microwave because you put a man and it's instant offense. Like to you consider that stolen. All right well said Ryan and congratulations. It was great to watch you have come back there with that big yet thanks thank you. It's just so Red Sox win it here fifteen to ten and did with Tampa Bay losing -- have a chance to have a game and a half lead but this night is over.

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