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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 08/06/13

Aug 6, 2013|

Before we go home, you ask us, we answer it. End of story, end of show!

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It's time for answer the question jerk -- answer the question -- sergeant Alex is the big question. So -- -- be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question look. Do you let me let me get riled up by the Yankees fans they drive me Craig -- who is of course the first one did. -- anyone's first question. First question probably read this first. Answer the question as you should know by now the opera -- by accident restoration specialists counselor. At your browser Al -- as usual order for. Us. You're -- badly -- -- facilities and editor doctor -- -- to injury of disaster restoration place that it's 774611111. Ayers served dot com first question yes. For you as -- radios is worse. To talk to you. -- advantages. And lost game. Virtually the same -- -- usually yankees giants Mets jets. But. Zemeckis who do you prefer talking to at router where I'd rather talk to jets fans because their cause for yankees fans are just so arrogant and they want more Egypt's answer -- it. But the illusion -- just start out of it that's kind of the if you're going to be Erica have a vision that -- -- -- -- like -- and sort of -- -- feel -- -- or their franchise pathetic yankees although they've lost as many -- here is that thirteen four World Series but there and most obnoxious group of people that have won a World Series in your lifetime -- that I watched it was jets the jets have not done anything in your lifetime. I got so many Mets fans an inference that they are just salt on it like them -- so saddened by the three weeks in -- they -- thirteen like eight. We're gonna out of the park together you know -- the team it'll be like hey dad wanna go -- the Mets yes of course I do like that not capable of but it. Is our next question on a percent. Classic cars are newer cars. S.'s new car pulls. Out the means to -- You. -- to get -- Weakens -- Has -- navigation -- that antique license plate on it. Lessen the insurance to. But there's something that you don't have something in the as far as talking about a car it's more fun to talk about classic cars probably like old cars that -- -- great character. Why -- part of my grandmother had a 1978. El Dorado with orange leather interior. -- -- -- -- an -- husband used to wash the car and every weekend and maybe take a few hours to wash your card that you could eat inside there were terrific. Whole feeling tired of my interest in cars has to do with the technologies. That that to me is by far the most interesting thing and it's Joker in the old cars don't have any kind of technology only -- technology more fun I don't care at all or something and question -- You fold your socks or make soccer and it. Economy on -- -- useful meaningful -- fortress like people thought the economy but also hope that global you do get you do. Protectively. To travel system we've won your. -- That's when you've been using for unclean purposes that's the one that sticks -- some -- for. -- It's whatever you do don't trust the trust. Next question what game show host is the biggest jerk in TV history this Dexter says Bob you. It's not my image will outlaw trio while lecturing his favorite Altman -- tyrant would actually did Richard my favorite shot dawson's. -- It's a -- mile Richard DOS drivers in the running man succeeded Richard Johnson did it to please -- and Julian who. Which a cooler when he did. Com or some lumps or did he did he -- -- -- connection but he also did Nam. -- You -- scrabble with chalk coloring on what -- it's rally -- the -- -- that's the 1234500. Details hundred dollar bills. And and you know it apparently involved in Bob Barker was -- and it was. All visitors via eighties already -- -- they didn't actually arrest -- -- Bob Barker try to get -- thought command with and Bobby had you probably have priceless priceless presence right phrase when I it has come for me tweet out all our Q. What food you. What food that you just -- what you eat on the way home for me grocers. None. I militant. And never to I won't ever go into the food on the grocery store about in the -- in the store and it now you don't. Check that you like to essentially -- this stuff now I won't need anything to wanna I I don't know I don't I don't like eating -- I wanna heated. In a comfortable on. Your car. Now I want to go home now I don't like it in the car driving them -- distracted and openly to -- each -- she's -- in the supermarket on your race your way of -- pleasure to what you are a lot -- break it's very true -- Very wanna have a rule like that -- but I don't like I don't think we have every sport yourself. The pool because of political it's great that the show is called a connector -- will be back in two into every. -- -- -- -- Better movie wider work tombstone tombstone quieter so of course as anybody receive -- I watched the first two weeks this stuff. Why did you watch the twenty years he came out at the same time as to why. -- it was so much better is. Held in quieter. Too but they should just eliminate the whole stupid story makes no -- itself a bit not that -- -- and murdering. -- but Jason -- Lot of weird people out yet Thomas -- churches in it. Com what is in the -- elite -- yet Billy Zane is it that Michael be the next question in Ottawa Michael. Not Reese's pieces are Eminem's. -- -- Now I mean -- the evidence here I don't know what -- -- now agrees. He. Reached dispute. Is this one kind of -- or loses all -- -- That too much -- Reese's peanut butter cups Sunday or Reese's pieces Sunday -- Cautionary move for a pair -- the low for at least top. I mean that cup is good that to go cup but the one that you get there in the in the Q and did you cute one basket I just like the pieces on that question. You you get real friendly gift card good to go are you guys go to the Justin Timberlake cheesy. Question. Where acknowledge it or -- Michael. I know but what's your problem would would that JT. Engines and he's too popular for roster right. He liked him way back and reasonable doubt liked -- and now good and also. Other people and other people like in my other escalate them with Marco like give -- such easy to call will be on now. He's there to two. -- What ninja -- would you be. The most. But he was sort of the in knowing comic relief wells and I was like -- -- but he was cool. It was disappear -- -- At the top assist each launch at some point next question. Is is pretzel and an answer epic I never heard of that kind of good heartless the ever like those in over spiders that chocolate covered pretzels that's you don't like all I have six -- longer. Now let's pitch so he got those of you got those at the store. You wouldn't just opened the back home all I love them I'd wait to get archived on the bag of chips all -- chips especially. Michael it about that yet. I am able to was viewed as cute as your mom and you'll bunkers you are properly it was a good lesson quietly not gonna go to the store doesn't mean you're gonna be buying everything leading in the yard drives me crazy is my wife will like she will open and I'm like river you're eating it but by atomic -- -- there's going to be left for this -- and that's -- five years now. What was the last time he sent or received a fax. While that's. Had to do one for insurance via its team when you have to do with the -- to -- office. I had a to a disputed jurors expressed ones -- one reason documentaries. Eighty pages. -- -- What about an -- now that's. Come. Worldview of seven. In this case you can go back to sign anything three schools purchase you can sign at all online -- that document signed on her acting is unbelievable -- make a copy of your ass crack in that actually. Used. Back in the good old days you could still do that the planet Mikey -- cancer in that -- still stand -- in Atlanta like show. Nice long shows Aaron you know it's -- -- maybe so yeah -- -- open the phones are recognized current good chance to talk to Mikey. You can do that coming up here just a moment -- we got something special tomorrow yes we do it yeah he's your guy. Marge Marge caller better Byrd Barbara. We're not good baseball. Michael Irvin he does he need the extra Cumberland farms -- -- -- need the extra companies. I think it -- big guys every Reese's pieces 3053. All. Do you have a problem. For what -- -- basketball hopefuls. 305 Michael -- and John Carroll had 235. Tomorrow monitored do you think you Quincy Carter join us tomorrow at two of I'll be fighting with much tonight on -- in Mikey Adams comes up next the team. He's a very clear threat.

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