WEEI>On Demand>>Howard Bryant's column on the Patriots treatment of Aaron Hernandez makes some good points, but generally misses the mark

Howard Bryant's column on the Patriots treatment of Aaron Hernandez makes some good points, but generally misses the mark

Aug 6, 2013|

We discuss Howard Bryant's ESPN the Magazine column in which he accuses the Patriots of crass and harsh treatment of a murder victim/case. We break down the piece and take some of your calls on it as well.

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Always said starting off the shouted -- Michael that it was a show about radio on the radio. What better song at 348. In the spirit of radio. And the piece today -- ESPN the magazine I guess yesterday by. Howard Bryant. Former writer here Boston called the price of leadership. And it's about. The two guys who were pictured at Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. How Brian's point I mean I read this article you and I both read his column it's short it's not long piece that's not one of these long columns. It's very very short almost feels truncated and almost as if I was gonna -- you Arab -- to return. I was almost thinking that there's a longer version tomorrow it feels like there should be amended I was in ESP in the magazine to maybe he didn't have enough space like you would on the Internet to really make the full point. That he's trying to make but I ripped the -- this. And I understand that it's critical of -- I'll check. I understand the last lines saying maybe Belichick was never leader in the first place I understand that he's taking the Aaron Hernandez stuff and more specifically. Radian Belichick's comments were first public comment afterwards and saying that Brady just talks about moving on telecheck. Jumped over the incredibly low bar that he are set for himself and saying it's not good enough. But I'm not entirely sure I see I see. Evidence laid out the way I think it would need to -- for such agreement claim. That's pretty well set of -- for it that is that's pretty well sent. I was going through like. I think there -- a couple of good points and here. -- the one get the point about Tom Brady. Saying. There. He's moved on. But that was not yet when he said it is not ended at the top it says that's a putt that was -- -- remove little. Moving on what you know is moving on there as we talked earlier about. Deion Branch -- being here and David Givens not being here and moving on from that Richard Seymour and normally this is a little difference -- thought. We're moving on was just an odd phrase from. From Tom -- Because it's almost like -- Mention what happened first deal with what happened before you move on we know you got to move on her pro athlete this is the patriots. To a please just say that we understand this is a big deal. Deal with it for a day and then move on joining us -- it that today. If you just look at that caller and operate which he didn't. The government sure -- -- -- a serial. The other fair point is that we have such low expectations were Bill Belichick press conference. That when he actually gives the decent press conference we overrated. And give him credit for things that he may or may not answer I think -- in that spot. Absolutely. 100%. Accurate. But here's the problem. Those are just. Good points floating around in a solar system. They don't connect damn thing. It doesn't connect. Those are 20 good point spare points but then to make it into this. To make it into that column know. Now the column did not live up. It does not deliver the punch that is supposed to do it is it doesn't have all the elements require for real punch there's noise maker here. -- two good points an -- want to work and those points come with some pretty big assumptions -- him after reading the -- after listing the Brady comments saying they've moved on Brian -- subsequent Brady comment after the organization got its story straight at least allowed that the situation was quote a terrible thing. But his first unscripted words spoke loud arrest in other words tough break -- whatever your name was but -- as game film to watch he's moved on. It's funny I didn't read them now. I understand that that they did strike -- was -- struck me as -- we've moved on the I'd really public dealing with what's happened but. I didn't think of them as Tom Brady is heartless soulless I thought of them as the patriots general rule of thumb is don't tell the media anything they're the enemy. Do not answer question especially on this topic which is as explosive. As any could possibly be. Keep your comments were just a football don't mention anything about Hernandez you're terrified of lawyers and subpoenas and anything else that could come your way. Until we all have a chance to talk about it. Don't say anything what's the thing -- the end of when the wolf has -- get ready to go and at the end of pulp fiction it is a public you lash -- Did you keep your spurs from gene -- and England and what's the rule don't do nothing until I do it first and is -- kind of the patriots rule. Don't say anything. Until Belichick -- you can have your Tom Brady in your asked about this what are you gonna say enough. It doesn't mean your callous it doesn't mean you don't think you think him is old and whatever your name is it doesn't mean you're not horrified by what your teammate is supposedly committed. It means I'm not -- into the -- to -- checked gives me the permission to do so. Until then the -- we're thinking game on game -- moving ahead this is what I do because I don't want Philly when he. Well I ended -- in how you could draw the comedy conclusion that he does but I don't drop the same conclusion at all. From what Brady said that they are just see a guy who knows not the same getting into Belichick tells them to. Yeah and the the last sentence. Is. Well last paragraph. As for the media they were in effect making the argument that the patriots have historically set the bar so low that no one expected any humanity from Belichick. That in itself is an obvious indictment. Here was a coach who talked community about disappearing from it and if anyone was surprised that a murder could actually get his attention. Maybe Belichick was never a leader in the first place now -- now. I don't think any member of the media. I'm them I'm particularly -- I don't know this to be troop -- is gonna guesses that dentistry. I don't think there's any member of the media who thought. Bill Belichick is not paying attention. Of this murder. I don't think there's any member of the media who thought. That this is the Bill Belichick didn't spend some time thinking about. The murder and what he was gonna say about it I think most people in the media wondered if Bill Belichick was got to address it publicly. I think it's a huge distinction the save -- -- guys not paying attention to what. Is one thing. -- -- This is how we've got to handle media why is something. Completely -- at that that the fault and -- argument is that he believes would build cheap but what Bill Belichick says is what Bill Belichick thinks right. I don't believe that I don't think would Bill Belichick says to the media is what he really believes in his I don't think that I don't think -- I mean maybe I guess he. I guess he believes that it's all about what will help -- win but I don't think the fact that he chooses to talk about something or not talk about something doesn't have anything to do with its importance to him. If anything I think -- in general he -- -- the -- us about things better -- more to report to let him. He has a very strict belief system. In what helps this team win and what does not what is public information and what is private information the fact that we weren't exactly sure war. Where this hit on bill Belichick's view on what belongs to the public and what belongs to himself and the team. Doesn't mean that he doesn't know the difference between right -- wrong but he doesn't know the difference between the a murder and a guy leaving to go to another team. We just didn't know whether he believed we deserved an answer -- I don't think anybody thought he was a bad guy because he's so callous that he didn't care I didn't think -- I I it never dawned on me to think that I just don't think he feels like letting me know or even though or anybody else exactly how it feels. And that's a very different thing that Belichick's not a leader because of any what was surprising Merck and actually get his attention it's the big shock while. -- murder would get his attention just to know whether he'd tell me how the pretty good experiment on his part and it just isn't enough evidence of that statement. -- -- I I agree with the one that it where's the evidence. -- where's the evidence that that's truly how it feels we'll get to Samir calls on this in a -- 6177797937. Up plus sport for. And speaking of -- A guy upset with someone else for being callous when his entire reputation is built upon being callous it's coming up talking all WE. -- in the car hi Bob. They -- sorry it mr. -- what happened was first of all and you know I haven't. I don't know I don't really read much power abroad because it's like a little forget that contentious trolls are currently see a cease and eating like I respect -- -- -- -- exit on the radio. Really love your show dress. In used to say you don't wanna that all because it would happen. I really respect you -- myself I can see this thing. So he really arrogant releasing that you like brings almost all the contention. For the full situation. So I just link below lake and what apple would just domestic but let me say something. If so if I was meant well I'm I would never even I -- -- I would who originally it will woman to I was portables will sign it. And my volatile -- replay and you would give me back -- -- so I just wouldn't do a -- -- well our -- Emotionally charged with a drop -- this issue brought and really the official he stinks from the head. So I -- -- I don't know why all the stops coming up to lead a global project why it wasn't. You know we have blog we have -- tweets are completed real loose up when the situation happened to begin. That's a good question I don't know the -- -- follow on Twitter you know he's on -- so maybe he did say some of this stuff. I'm Michael -- on the on the domestic violence thing I don't know whether he did it or not but I think the fact that as you said the charges were dropped it does. Does it -- don't know much about the trajectory you know you don't know -- can't comment I don't even read the police are. -- the police report was you know I remember when it came out and and we did you read it and we talked about it. It was a case -- got a lot of attention on the western mass for obvious reasons and he's the celebrity. In so. And in high profile job. So it did draw some attention and it did not follow all the way through so I don't know what happened and they said. That's our information was missing or or or whatever but the bottom line is he's still working ESPN -- Just address the comments that addressed -- -- -- like we are here restaurant that the the magazine article. Subsequent brief comment after the organization got its story straight at least allowed that the situation was equal terrible thing. But his first unscripted words spoke out -- in other words tough break -- whatever your name was. But palm's got game film to watch he's moved on. Rating -- eighteen gates being charged with the murder. While also being linked to rise by double murder year earlier -- no different from overcoming Richard Seymour is being treated the raiders. I just don't I don't know that's I get from Brady. Right. Try to move on -- your job is to win football games IC Brady again as saying I don't speak to Belichick tells me what. That's my job and I'm not sure that's true for for ballot for for Brady because. In that case he wouldn't be doing an interview with Peter King if if he's waiting for Belichick to give them permission. Well I guess what I mean is are Belichick or he has great respect after hurricane -- if if that's the case he circumspect -- to hear from objecting to get the talking points you know we're dealing with -- I -- trying to say is. I don't view Brady's comments as necessarily indicative of how we truly feels a lot Aaron Hernandez and Astro maybe an especially man. You know what might have happened. Initially. Told the appropriate. That the column as a whole and little by. But I do I am not gonna dismiss it entirely and say there's no. There's not a good point -- -- -- good point there and the breaking point. Is a decent one because this stood out to me and just about some other people as well it is about. Maybe Brady was guilty of doing Belichick better than Belichick early. BP property it is you know much Belichick -- he assumed he assumed that they okay this is what Belichick well this is where Belichick will go. Because -- -- after word different that actually led some credence to what Howard Bryant to settle -- in -- that's a -- pour it over the columnists. Aren't you -- the call from what you just stated it much better than he did now actually understand the point OK that is point. And that was his point I kind of understand it but I guess -- to literally -- point as. Maybe -- six or 7797937. At the translator today no we got a lot of calls here on Alex Chip -- being apparently mean to -- -- the -- the dad embarrassing himself afterwards and embarrassing in the process. A Red Sox calls Mike Napoli in the five spot like it or hate it welcome back to some of those as well plus. Michael McCann with a fascinating little piece of information possibility of good lie ahead for Alex Rodriguez the Yankees and MLB read that next assault and volley on WB.

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