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Howard Bryant rips Tom Brady and Bill Belichick for their handling of Aaron Hernandez story

Aug 6, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss Howard Bryant's column about Belichick and Brady's handling of the Aaron Hernandez story.

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Young man lost his life. In his family's. Suffered tragic loss and there's no way to understate that. When Ohio was out of the country. I learn about the ongoing criminal investigation that involved one of our players and I and other members of the organization we're shocked and disappointed. In what we have learned. Overall I'm proud of the hundreds of players that have come through this program. And I'm personally disappointed and hurt. In a situation like this. Well I think that everyone has played here as you know played. A part of what's in the patriots are all about guys like Jeff said Kevin and Rodney and Larry and Mike and will again. You know guys like that that are you know everything that you want to be as a football players off the field on the field. People that represent the community represent you know our city Foxboro Boston everywhere in between so. No we realize that. Light of the recent situation that you know people probably. Do those things get overshadows him. You know we got to work hard to kind of reestablish. You know what we're all about it. You're there the comments. First comments that Bill Belichick and really only comments he had. About Aaron Hernandez. Awaiting trial on a waiting game murder charge you heard Tom Brady is well what Lou -- three point seven. WEEI before getting to a column written today by Howard Bryant or -- in appearing espn.com. Today or late last night. It's gonna appear I guess in this week of ESPN the magazine. And I -- some questions about as the questions for the author Howard Bryant. We asked our -- to come on the -- with us. Said no uncertain terms it would not come on the station has issues with this radio station I would not come on talk about which is too bad because -- I wanna give him and anyone we -- -- time -- being critical something and asking question about something someone row. You wanna give them the opportunity to respond. We gave Howard Bryant the opportunity. He did not wanna come on the -- -- -- early today said thanks but no. I say that as I read his -- sort of shake my head and it's. Sometimes something is recognized wonder you know way about it can ask Howard Bryant why why why. -- what he wanted because he writes a very critical piece today. On Bill Belichick and operate Andy writes to start most days -- sports industrial complex merely nauseating. Where it's overheating cliches of leadership and diversity respect and disrespect with -- inappropriate war analogies routinely transportable English language. And any sense perspective. It too self indulgent much. When Aaron Hernandez was charged with murdering June Bill Belichick and Tom Brady the public -- of the patriots. Initially said nothing -- -- was on vacation. Here's a player he scouted drafted and -- with a forty million dollar contract being connected with two shootings and three murders and apparently. The coach and think it was important enough to return home. He writes when Brady general the reds' own father of three finally did speak about Hernandez nearly a month later. L a -- he couldn't have made its first public comments sound more in -- Andy writes the quotes that the Peter King comments. In a subsequent comments he says -- your -- got its story straight. At least allow that the situation was a terrible thing. But the first unscripted words spoke loud in other words outbreak. Loaded whatever your name was but Tom has a game film to watch he's moved on. Brady made -- teammates being charged -- murder while also being linked to drive by double murder a year earlier. Sound no different -- overcoming Richard Seymour being traded to the raiders. He goes on to criticize the media saying that the media defeated its applicant. All the tripped over themselves and lauding him for being forthcoming candidate heartfelt. If this had not been so disgusting. It might have been funny. And goes on to be very critical of Brady and Belichick for the way they handled the Aaron Hernandez. Situation. And a big take -- wanna wanna ask Howard Bryant today Hulu and and maybe you can help because you read the same story that I did is. How would Howard Bryant how should the patriots. Have handled this situation how should they handled it differently that would have -- Apparently Howard Bryant. Apparently that there are people that agree with Howard Bryant patrons not handle it correctly. And they made a mistake and that somehow. The Belichick on vacation or Brady with three kids somehow has an effect on how they responded I don't do. What. That we did what I graduate -- -- which one do how would you rather and handled it -- we we we talked about Tom Brady's initial comments you talked about -- comments. About the Peter King in the initial press conference I don't think he was great. We reaction reference -- things he says Richard seem will be treated the raiders he did he sound like a free agent. Had left one addressed Aaron Hernandez and bridges up and -- -- -- things Wes Welker. Humble wanna see a lot of things lot of changes. I I don't know what Howard Bryant wanted you know is the day you was arrested for the -- the patriots to just. Open door give all their comments right away or let this thing settled get more information you address to prop linked. We -- one of the people that we're talking about you know they should address this thing early. You know Andy -- especially Robert crash ended at it two days earlier press conference the next day the captain spoken a -- and camp opened up and you moved on. Now assess -- what I heard from Bill Belichick. That some of the similar things here. You know you get the media applauded him because he sounded human. I said before that if any other manager in this town is that we would expect. Just expect them to handle the way bill do it because it was bill you don't know what Uga again. So with that we sent to him while he showed his human side I don't know what our one. You want -- to come back from Europe or is he Croatia was probably -- we heard all -- countries around the area. Meal because it is conversations on the fall maybe get information back and forth and Robert whoever it is try to find an -- the -- on the fly all the way back home and do what. How's that gonna help the case houses that the cause everything would -- to go to jail visit Aaron Hernandez and -- to chemical was the family -- I don't know what Howard Bryant wanted here how we want this team to handle it. I think he Dixie huge leap. When he says all Tom Brady cared about was watching film and -- whatever his name is that he didn't care about the death of old -- huge leap. You know it just all of did I I don't understand what he was looking forward bases the this is the extreme guy. Regardless of whether we thought the Belichick should address the media not guys to people took a step further -- callers guys like Howard Bryant whatever. That this is the extreme. They wanted more. Where was enough I was good of the Brady was grip that Wilfork is better but it was enough move on -- -- Belichick admitted. You know he's not proud of this and it's sad day and everything else what. We want to from bill if he wrote later on his pieces Howard -- peace and espn.com we asked Howard commodity. Says thanks but no thanks. He writes had heard and it saved eight toddler from drowning. Instead of allegedly putting a bullet into friend. The patriots would have claimed hero machine would have turned applauding itself for giving the pork -- from the top background a chance. First to take credit for the sunshine. But since Brady who is squall moved on and quote I use only victory. Maybe the publisher not care about his golf tournaments charity events and foundations. The image scrub eggs that are part again hero game huge -- huge. Huge -- right there. As for the media he wrote they were effect making the argument the patriots have historically set the bar so low. No one expected any humanity from Belichick that itself is an obvious indictment. Here's a coach who talk community while disappearing from. And if any or surprise that a Mercury actually get his attention. Maybe Belichick was never the year. In the first place and look I understand that people are going to be critical way Belichick we've been critical of the way Belichick handles things. Like such a drastic. Such a drastic response of this enter the right -- about -- that the owner of the team. Was the first wanna -- now Robert Kraft would go came back and first they Robert Kraft was back where he was he sat down with. Three media members reviewed all the patriots B I thought it should -- war. Like -- -- the thing head on right the he talks about leaders a year. -- there and put enough for him the ultimate this mention Robert crap that your next disingenuous to me can agree or disagree. He doesn't even mention that Robert Kraft the owner of the football team who signed the contract. For Aaron Hernandez. That that guy did speak back I didn't sit down and talk about this that he went. You know right after it say what you want about how many guys he talked to that date and -- and -- And Ron Borges. But he didn't any sat down and had that conversation and since then it was gone on ESPN radio right Howard -- here and talked about. It was just would have -- in the -- for and that the price of leadership. What debates -- you -- put our -- Howard Bryant in the I hate Bill Belichick column. Right because. If he sat there and and I don't know -- was there enough I guess maybe he was at that press conference. -- Bill Belichick was done maybe you didn't -- applaud too loudly wreckage just thought that he should address it or anybody else would have. But when he was all done with that press conference in his opening opening statement. I don't know how you could sit there at 61. Enough. We heard people say I'd never mentioned golden boy's name. I -- you can sit at you to really must hate the individual. You have to. Is that I was impressive I thought it was well done well thought out. Good told everything away spoke. -- was perfect it was perfect but it between daily -- perfect well done. It in for you not to be enough. You just fall into the I hate Bill Belichick. And the patriots it matter what Belichick said Bryant written and they still would have felt this way about because you're right there's no way bill could've could've. Said what what how could he gives an outright nuts. IPod legalities of a full legally what more could well -- says that's what you wanna -- What did you want. I want him to come back from Europe and then watched what was second approved. Iowa among -- nowhere in Europe right now political blogs Aaron Hernandez allegedly -- arrested and allegedly murdered somebody who we gonna go back wanna go back I really don't know. Home. I don't know I guess that could make a few phone calls trying to find out what the hell's going on we should go back now -- addressed the media and you know now. What you wanna come back. I hate it that's the question I would like to ask our -- and it's frustrating that we can't Islamic on the air I. Not sure I understand why won't Kamal Abbas on ice time that's why wanted to know I never got that is part of the peace he writes this column. And there's never a yo what what they should have said it. Other than he should it come back from vacation earlier. In -- that radiation to mention that he's moved on. Like how should have been approached like I've got to write the column. Explain to me is the reader how which of course you're waiting for that paragraph tablet this is this this how much is it hey this is what would have happened. I never got -- Completely give me complete in this remedial updated. I learned from this terrible experience. That we had will become better team from the lessons. That we've learned. We have so many players on this team. That work hard. They do the right thing. And it's set a great example being a professional and being a solid represented of this team and a community. I don't think they know the whole thing perfect if you look back on to say boy what they have a better clue as to what Hernandez up -- away from football but I mean you talk about. I don't know just the idea where you you hate -- hate without having. The facts of this that's I felt about Howard Brian's piece and I detectors they're texting and he's not coming on to respond he will not -- models. We asked him to he won't do apparently. Got to do those personal. I don't I mean -- Lou I don't care passed. Station and people you write a column in ESP nobody ESPN's that they couldn't ask this are so Howard Leslie Samuels. Talk to -- -- give you a finger and say no not the money or the no but once again paper prices. I've. Got to try to come on at least is stanza what did you want help right to -- Hewitt we see you guys -- lined -- we'll get your phone calls your reaction. Started doing pages to move on and that's. That's what are jobless and as -- set our goals the same title winning football team to vehicle and a community. That's what our direction as that's over and do. Bill -- Jack talking the one time he's talked about. The Aaron Hernandez situation -- -- 937 WE ER reacting to a Howard Bryant column which he says. Brady Belichick did not do enough not enough and Howard Bryant's case sportswriter and and public relations expert on how it should have been done although always he doesn't -- how it should have been done loved ask him become all of a -- They're not gonna have urged the rigs have a good point oh is it or hold on John wants second. This article will lead. Well maybe it's gonna hope here in the magazine the magazine only comes out once a month so they wanted some this is his right does he write a monthly column we wrote like ten days ago. -- -- -- could open I added it is the August 19 college football preview edition story appears in subscribe now exclamation points what appears there. At the top of the page. So. Not a sense in his public radio or radio is better Johns of California Zhao what are you got. -- -- -- -- Is it all you can hear me our audience. Invoking the sport industrial complex and get it I'm type of an analogy to the Vietnam War and military industrial complex out there. All -- anybody in the sports world is a multi media. Actual global conglomerate. They copper it like this so called the court and patient. Popping it up. And and operatives on the team and all that they did make a ratings are not at -- after the paternal -- went out. -- They also for years have been calling people mind -- you're out. Work like white guy you're -- air lash out for -- and air act. I ordered a stop watching are there -- multi. -- conglomerate. I saw -- -- That got the pulpit it's an option. And made the cut and. Well I mean it's like the job. John thanks your call I would -- ESPN's like a lot of things there's good there's a lot of things are good about ESPN TJ Quinn reporting. -- lights out guys like Bob Lee professionals copy impound angle and have a list of things that are good. About he has pianist -- bad ticket prices have money you want accompany you wanna set about how to listen it's I don't wanna put and didn't they have agendas shore. You know every company -- Jane gesture Tim Tebow thing last year routed the majors have slowed that down this year. But it did -- -- they don't have hockey. They never talk about hockey sure. Absolutely but you can't generalize absolutely everything in our -- might not agree with the article would. -- give an incomplete because I want to hear what he wanted those guys did do. But he does have a job to do. You know it's just like guys around here in China's human rights often controversial got a job to do. Our -- got a job to do so we wrote this I just think it was a complete -- have liked to. What divert a blueprint what you want -- would you want a deal. I only get talked to -- body in a car driving around he's up next -- Lou buddy with scorn on. I don't -- a lot. I mean credit yesterday and I I was gonna work and I wrote I wrote out front and now I'm not respect are earned Uga but. I'm court opinion these may not especially especially but the one thing that I really hurt me. Especially from somebody like our Brian who you know is a senior writer in the you know. The future. Media outlet of sports it. In talking out leadership just -- -- broke out there. I -- In -- leadership from -- -- so what Scotty -- Now. How old you basically get away from me and I'll eat and I mean it just. These -- -- that I had any -- I just want a product. That these two utter a quick. But first that got Peter -- house he wrote you know one of the best books on leadership. And literally all. -- promise you now on that is not. To mention it to accomplish activities. And after -- Where it do we need to influence for a greater good. So that -- the oil -- it because clearly you know. Managing editor. Let's have a show Vermont but I mean you can't dwell on what happened yet it's the nature of the beast. And I'm calling out out Julio Brady bill checks out. Cadillac or whatever they want this I am like you keep saying -- -- on the pack up and he would then you're you're writing. And it. I'd seen it you know in my past few years but it hit and garbage -- hat and it's not important it out about what you bought. -- want. But I wanted. I managed to accomplish activity and MasterCard -- -- But the second one curious but he got there. Yeah we get there like this leadership stuff. Other leadership comes straight you know it's. It's. Just basically I'm I'm so like -- so I'm gonna cut I don't want to ask. -- -- I don't watch Democrats accepting that -- 379837. Am curious that second goal put. I know -- of the opinion articles either I think they're great you know it. No problem even if it brings a promotion. Just wanted to game plan. I just want to know what his opinion was. Is -- -- you like the way they did it all in your opinion what should they have done. And get it and kept waiting for a the punch line but -- thought that was leading up to it and that was not part of his his column today I Josep in New Hampshire -- what -- sect. It sounds great -- say they why nearly 200% on the way the patriots Belichick. 380 its political thing was handled. I agree a 100% I'll go all the -- any differently. I've -- outsell the normally you would let's say. It's a player and all that and let's -- here you -- on the side there. You know manslaughter. Flight data like any other Hernandez. Wonder what you guys make it it would have been handled many here. I don't know what way Agile enough additional what it in what way what would have been different the minute he was arrested. They cut him. They waited they spoke with its you know its -- the part of the Bryant in the navy you know is the most. Silly Khamese it Belichick and Brady all the public far more than what they deliver global guys. Legal counsel from the team and we're told what they -- -- what they couldn't so they were going by the -- the teams are directed them to do. So it was somebody else. How would have been different you know if there was -- -- ugly scene Friday at the build in hold that press conference on Wednesday and Friday morning it was a mess. Artery was born in their day of the first work out and in bill's response to all this was. What we're saying -- when he can't do it is no longer member team rhetorical players in the field. Then you would expect a lot of power Brian articles. You know you I would think you would a lot of them. It in Europe or elect. I just Austin which come from Jonah is out Northampton talking about this what's going on John. They got Korea pageant I tremendous respect for the show so I understand -- and my piece on I don't know if you guys actually read a lot of power burns articles. On but I I do and so I would I actually look forward to hear what he had to say and them he talks about the issue of race and sports a lot that's probably is. Central even when I read the article yesterday I was probably equally flummoxed but as I thought about it more and more I think. Sort of a subcontractor was talking about here is she's. I think he want to ask the question of you know what what what the responsibility has its own -- was in the black and and and if Brady -- that -- quarterback is in this white guy trying to talk about it so I. You know I I think that that might have been something -- what you're trying to -- that because otherwise you know. -- you got to clearly articulated. Brady can handle -- super well but as an organization they they did a pretty good job based on. There are legal restraint and and the fact that they do have a season to prepare for. So I mean it's something to think about but I I do want to point out that power Brian. Is an African American odd journalists that talked about race quite a bit and and in this situation has. You know three very prominent white figure trying to discuss. You know a situation of the merger between two. Don't I never I mean I never and never looked at it that way and and and look at some of the stuff before reading it again it's. Do you think it that way I still don't see it you know it was never usually that be some kind of line in there or something that would. You know at least say Oden Lloyd you know African American. Like I agree and now I'm just I'm trying to rationalize because -- like both of you have I think that was. Quite confused when when I read the article. And so that trigger didn't I wanted to bring it to your attention now all what you guys handle the -- but -- it's just something maybe that that you want. Et -- go back and re read it you know I don't read I'll be honest and read everything Howard Brian writes. I see him on out outside the lines. I see him on. The sport to pour some Sunday morning on sports reporters talking about the treasurer Bob -- Mitch album. You know I watched the entire thing and this is not. Not out to Syria and power bright writes I don't like this with this I would love. Yell what he would at what would have been better you know how should the patriots have handled it and a little up asking the question I would love to have -- come on here. And talk about it he went. So -- How many people agree with Howard Bryant I'm reading the FaceBook responses that they posted on their their story. The this thing based on our phone calls and text there's not a lot of people powered patriots country maybe this is somewhere else. Outside of patriots fan of people agree but response I'm seeing our tax on Twitter the 400 plus comments on the story itself on their FaceBook page. They're very few people that agree with Howard Bryant also asked the same question what would you like in the and it gets in next month's issue is that extra points or maybe two weeks from now the next issue comes out Lou he'll explain how they should handle it. Maybe that's the Newton and the gold again -- that the buy again. 61777979837. Texas show AT&T text line. Is 37937. We've talked about this for a little bits -- time on A-Rod. The John Lackey outing last night the Red Sox struggles in the fifth -- all those things available for your phone calls we come back. We spent some time yesterday talking about. How the patriots might look differently. In the no huddle offense this year Chris price WEEI dot com makes it very very easy for even a guy like -- to understand. Talk about that next.

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