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Former MLB Pitcher Dan Meyer calls Bastardo an #Ahole; joins Mut and Merloni

Aug 6, 2013|

After the biogenesis suspensions were handed down former Phillies pitcher and teammate of Lou Merloni, Dan Meyer, tweeted out his displeasure with Antonio Bastardo because he competed with him for a spot in the Phillies bullpen.

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Hey Antonio was startled remember when we competed for a job in 2011. Thanks a lot. Hash tag a hole. That was the tweet of the day yesterday. And it got Bob leader -- -- that game hole the afternoon sports cinema -- 937 WE yet to -- Came from dilute you know very well he's Dan Meyer in a pitched. For a wild pitch and plate. Was he on the Sacramento championship team the people still talk about to this day out it's a lot of discussion to this day -- don't tweet yesterday from -- Martin went home and I dusted off mighty -- 2007. Not specific closely championship Sacramento River cat ring that I duel and I know mr. Dan Meyer yeah. -- so proud of the union the tweet of the day yesterday body. What was it like you said that to weed out and pick what response. You wouldn't quite expect and I mean that's -- -- that he tweaked out mile nobody ever spot and that's what it. -- -- Well I think what. Resonated with a lot of a stand because it just felt so honest and a lot of a lot of guys in baseball ball in and out of the game today price felt the same way -- you -- had the guts of thought that out there and I'm curious the response you've gotten from other -- other players former players players now. Has that been pretty positive like guests that speak like that people work pretty happy with. Yeah I've got an overwhelming. Response to support from guys in of people disagree I haven't heard that. Yet but I. A lot of guys you know contact the other -- -- and no they were like it would I'd mention it well you know people thinking it could you know nobody saying. On January 1 round pick by the but the Braves Saddam back in 2002002. OC EU came up. Now that big prospect and you I'm sure you've seen guys along the way that maybe then at the stuff that you had kind of maybe not pass you or equal union got to kind of shake your head during spring training even. During the testing period that you were plain. -- you know. If you played the game and you and you dollar -- and violet light you've got to the grind you'll he got struck your career that you go -- this -- now -- And it -- guy who. Clean player who has -- opportunity taken away from him from a player who would go at the wrong way on is that there have been I think that lot of perky too many. When you look at now the the chances that the major league baseball players are given it did you feel like yesterday was a good day overall -- talk about. Fifty games for twelve guys now one guy appeal that certain dynamic Iran but that the feeling from a lot of baseball -- and is overall a good day for the sport to take a step. Towards I guess trying to clean it up altogether. Oh absolutely it's a small step in a long process and I think in the step in the right direction and that you know the further we -- down -- -- -- -- game at. I'll give back to you know the court and -- the nature of the game anchored. You know it's all visiting playing in the minors and seeing it happen are seen in the big leagues it happened that obviously did that. The penalty is not stiff enough you know it's this is not -- people that the games will be up -- shot. Amid an up and it gets an up -- a shot -- don't you think that it's got to be stiffer whether. Are absolutely the report -- not equal or mean you know you guys to me what fifty games so what chance -- you know. And remains a dollar I mean it's just that should it work it struck at some guys the you know. We worked our old access they had the ability to do it. Well I guess the only reason I wouldn't say you know AA lifetime ban of the gate would be. You is there -- player Dan that there is something that happens it's a one time thing maybe it's an accidental. But in baseball the players union got together in the offseason and said first. Burst death penalty not as a full season where I forgot fifty gains 162. And a strike to you're out of the game altogether with the contract voided. As a fan of the sport. I'd be all for that that's a penalty that -- would really start to get guys that that to recognize that they can't take that risk. Yeah I think. I think that's a great point that I I think that you know everybody makes mistakes and whatever situation their car but. You know I think -- got to be archer and you know the risk list was too great arena for two great -- Now when he came down you with the start going in in camp was it between you and him and in -- that you're starter appointment. Moved out of the bullpen needed -- had a couple good years in the minor leagues as well what did you see out of him. You know he had to stop arm under the wanting a little about and what it -- an injury you know it. An injury throughout the year and that's something that. Target -- at your health. And you know. I did that light up when that job I think that looted you know not only -- There were other guys in camp that agree camps that were left and pitchers or you know how does that effect I mean. It's 81 mile to debate lately tried to talk and 4050 -- and good help certainly. That -- of a lot of people. We're talking to Dan Meyer for a Major League pitcher you played with with -- You mentioned yet Achilles snapped back in the day -- following day say you you -- -- -- -- India. A real market. Read what are your quotes yesterday Dan we said he never said it was good enough. But but what about the players that never got their chance their lives could have been completely different. Is that something you think about is it every day is it every other day was it just yesterday because of the the start oh. Suspension it just got to you and we talk about the other players that they're lies could have a completely different. I mean I just think it's something that. You see playing -- you see how much got much work I put an outside the field. I mean an early morning work out sustained light to work on video or -- -- -- -- military got to be lectured to succeed at that level. And that you guys that might not a -- is one chance. Her a great career for money on the table read -- get this Selig put on a big league you know -- certain guys are. You know you can park and don't -- career I think it's just it's brawl. You jumped up to admonish pretty quickly point to -- already and in and AAA in dealing down there and then it became somewhat of a struggle and it ever attempted a nose during the steroid -- -- was are very discussions of a come across. I never thought it would never really accessible to an early on about it. I always kind of just. Can turn to Obama and I just kept working. And I hope we struggled I think daily levels for me personally who has. Without when the level where I would had to grind and continuously try to succeed. You know that was a critical for -- and it would it didn't mean I understand my own limitations but. That should stop the watch other guys in on how well sex. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which is poetic. I mean I. I hear more from people talking about I believe my -- -- northern. It was a great passionate one of the best of all time I guess I get done -- yet you responded directly to. The start ago. What you think of A-Rod yes hash -- a hole that's what -- what he typed the nets would probably -- week -- react -- a lot to -- That A-Rod big slot these guys the start included Dan took their suspensions. A-Rod it'll appeal this thing and probably play out the rest of this year what you think of his response in the press conference yesterday. -- -- -- not get -- -- -- he's keeping her excitement it's amazing theater I'd be on Alina great labor. I mean is -- one guy that east east Bannister out early at its interest in a lot in the enemies and helpless. Nonevent like great moments you know in your career but would you put the brick down showdown maybe is number one was -- has to be -- champions dinner with the -- -- want to watch and memory -- and -- it. -- Obama factor. I would think it's going to be you know 2000 stuff. So we roll certainly any he still tells how he went to that team and keep -- blue turned that team around to see you know. But he got there and he was the veteran presence he needed when that -- it. I mean security is coming out of -- now but the blue. Our role Dan Meyer joining us his -- yesterday. What work we find on Twitter people wanna folly of the rescue baseball coverage -- him. He lives with the very. I want to. I would deliver this type of attention but I got it now so I guess -- it over you -- thousand -- -- yesterday macular pony -- thank you tonight and appreciate. I appreciate so. -- in -- -- any theory from the hotline if he had the four GL TE XP that the ten times faster three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible. -- confirmation that you carried that team. Confirmation he stepped in. In 07 the veteran presence. And let that team through championship. From what are your team -- at the rink we gotta get that I know that's a picture that aren't obese in Sacramento. Applebee's are one of those restaurants are still picture that -- championship team up there but goes Disney is me grief because he -- of the YouTube video. -- -- Lewis -- -- guesses like YouTube video of a -- of some of a lady on Sacramento. Before like the finals and it's going to be one a year biggest moment your career playing in this game and as a is there a. And they really learn anything. And make -- Is Tripoli championship was a great teams -- -- -- for -- last year so we have a little -- Maloney who was actually excited to play in MacKey was the big pitcher in the big hit off is that the big star the other team. Little little -- -- -- not the actually excited there you tell me if I if I YouTube Lewis Maloney that your. And a put down a reporter out of play on up and put it down just kind of it was kind of fun. We find that and that's the real. -- New Hampshire wait patiently dander up a model of. Yeah I don't I didn't. Get a couple things for them a lot question I'm pretty curious well hold on to. I I really and that on them and I -- growth in baseball. Now in an obviously the kid growing up -- baseball out on I feel like Major League Baseball card in polite. Hash tag real people that MLB. It's so yeah I mean these guys made much money opt in -- McGwire on the and they all knew that they were doing duties. How you do not take a look at these New York Yankees McNamee. Where -- -- and there's ninety million turn around because their -- that. Attack them and they're gonna get 39 out books for next year. I mean -- out to be amazing to me. And we all buy into the we're talking about blob blob everybody knows that Major League Baseball making money is music. I'm totally out they are Nightline got me out there ought to -- this -- mean what you want not a common element and on the. -- I baseball. At one point and turned a blind not to it but going forward may -- -- feel like they have tried their best to clean up in what happened yesterday is his strongest -- any league in May in Major League sports has taken in the sports in this country. Well baseball that yesterday yes they're still making money. They're taking a stand against it and it might not be perfect. But I give credit for dropping the hammer yesterday. Why it you know what I feel like they were they were pushed into law means that you know that. All the at all that came all would not give a Major League Baseball addict and knowledge that somebody in there like -- man that finally came out. Not true. And I -- -- baseball but not true baseball went to some crazy links mean there -- gonna pay Bausch and his associate a ton of money. To get this info before repellent to their hands today they tracked this down they wanna they attacked while Genesis they attacked this story is involved in the lap they went after. From everything I voted this story itself. It did fall on their -- but. You know day. So when you bring you read some other stories however you know coordinates it Fisher who was that the the got it leaked everything. But the report of Fisher was the guy that what came sporting gave them all this information was the source in the Miami Herald story. He came -- said -- there's at least a dozen other athletes. That no one's even questioning of other sports. You know that so. Nobody else is diving into it. You know -- match and he said there's twelve other. Athletes from professional basketball. Boxing tennis mixed martial arts and perhaps most entry intriguingly the NCAA. If you're David Stern -- it is there ornament professional basketball. In my athletes on this thing. -- any other -- players on this night reports that as far as he knows of nobody NFL. But he could also want to do this much Google. Mitchell reported pro football a year ago -- -- that it -- the 2008 story it's -- -- San Diego Tribune theory. Where where they start talking about it. The NFL look at that. Now no they didn't. Mr. east at least baseball did look into this report folks you don't know that the -- across the -- Lou as for the NFL at this point is the NFL. The NFL's -- -- you can't take down our favorite sport well we're gonna do on a duck and sister's opponent but it's. Now at every sport it's NHL it's MBA it's NFL. It's every sport. To give them credit for is looking into the report. Well this has turned a blind -- we're up against that so we had to let the caller goal we'll get back to more your phone calls here more your reaction what you heard. May rod yesterday what does baseball duty take a step further Lou when I seem to agree on this. Stricter penalties open up the CB in the offseason and the players and the -- ownership. And the league. Stricter penalties I'd go 162 for lifetime ban for number 26177797937. AT&T text line. At 379370. Additional all of -- A-Rod by Genesis steroids stuff I do you wanna come back. And talk about the Red Sox and talk about a -- I never ever ever thought I'd feel bad for you -- last night for the Red Sox used to keep it here.

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