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Pete Thamel on Johnny Manziel

Aug 6, 2013|

Sports Illustrated's national college football columnist Pete Thamel joined the show to give the latest on Johnny Football. Pete told Dale and Dino that 4 games is likely the baseline for Manziel if he is found guilty of selling autographs.

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The fact that our police and enable -- -- cracks yeah Obama I just happy -- stated about me that's sure. I'm for the guys final hour Dennis about Callahan Dale Arnold alongside joining us on the AT&T -- and AT&T forgy LTE eight. Effort from Sports Illustrated -- it covers the national college football. And basketball for Sports Illustrated he joins us on the AT&T hotline good Marty -- how aria. -- I we're -- fine pay the NCAA. To tell you but everybody's talking about this. Is -- Johnny man's all the Heisman Trophy winner for selling autographs for cash how much trouble in your estimation is he facing your beat. You know. Could be significant if things are never black and white with an -- day at George archer reached after the precedents that every every case is different via. The only two things like an effort -- -- investigation has won there will be slow and it's like 100% always strokes. And then two -- absolutely impossible for what. That they basically do reports from -- analyst at. They've got an -- Five bigger flat fee to autograph. That was an item nine and I have been in the beer airborne and it cover up there are on number really pure tragedy -- body should remember them 199. Because it would. Very likely people noticed that you're doing. Oh it's our job is is in the in Iowa storm right now interest in Tynan and -- course and then that unit at the pattern they've blocked artery. Keep people around that -- -- circuit historically impotence and in the case our current Shapiro has there's really turn around that bank unit on its at a certain time in college sports. For the highest profile I can be under investigation or something that. You know the report made it clear that he did this out that the question -- in -- the -- I don't have a a gut and in a lot of times these things come down some sort of suspension that the capacity and -- her for go to college. Cover college sports is that. We re of this EU and Alabama and a rematch as you know the latest game of the century in college football. The first student into an hour right in and -- -- state like that are basically on the. Then you have this you know to be at eighty billion dollars for the war games like. And I -- Alabama in Enid at an anatomically it's probably a three point game. We go and play and have probably fourteen point under. So I don't eat it certainly classic college or under there's hundreds of millions of dollars its stake in in you know an -- -- -- undermining. If indeed -- it is a slow investigation and spreads into the actual regular season college football. Would Texas -- and MB taking a risk by putting him on the field if only to find him in eligible later and they might have to vacate. Even those easy early wins. Yet it -- it -- to be to be honest with. And a lot of time and CA because they don't have subpoena power and there. And I think it is unit is quite correctly -- good. What they'll do is still gonna use time on their side to. Squeeze in probation out of people it it is the case Serb property turn bought an important hurdle should needless. 18 and number one ranked. Scratch and didn't in the old country in basketball and panic at college measures such a train -- ever Atlantic and but it's -- -- -- -- literally under 2000 hours they wouldn't turn a bank records over they can't hurt him with his huge punishment and meant talents you know to some adults too to turn it back records -- -- thing that Lieberman saying there. Is that only lever ever and it eligibility. And he obviously wants -- -- should take all battle hours and it. To -- dean and ancient but. I mean what when Cam Newton situation arose. It was in the November. Auburn's national title -- and I think those three years ago now. And basically. Auburn and take calculator grants and -- we're gonna play man an epic fight -- retroactively. Ineligible. Will look at those gains but. And that's kind of situation that you -- EU's role on the backs are on. -- athletic department and you know he beat her integrity college sports but it that would it's gonna come down to it would be fascinating. You know -- policy and the -- earlier if an -- and louder -- that guy. Pete there is no doubt that the the volume of rules and regulations that the NCAA has. Brett student athletes is beyond what anybody could probably understand easily or not. But there's one that everybody understood tense and that's that you can't take money. While you're competing as an NCAA athlete so the one thing Johnny -- -- not going to be able to do with say a -- just never realized. Your -- Iraq in. They're vicious certainly in the college sports will reopen. April played debate should should at least be able to prop up this -- -- it's pretty simple. All these guys. In particular -- All these guys know exactly what the rules of engagement are -- makes it. Can you comply mean. Shore in and out -- -- that we don't complain quite frankly can support base that we comes out of money oil money drivers Mercedes. Or old Texas money and the end of the day. You know you're signing up for public. And you're getting at 200000 dollar education here and act after the outcome and yet are they making millions for the school what kind of embellish or other. You know seventy got character probably -- -- a lot of markets were ordered their -- now. The end of the day I've always that. You don't like clear rules are you're you're you wanted to agricultural or go to cantor you and attracted eighteen Oakland CA FL you are in the sport. -- professional three years. In an area. You don't like it -- -- At end of the day. It's they're probably not put it the way the rules are. And complain about it that's fine but you know what good candidate you don't like there's there's other options just like -- in -- electric -- plenty of places you can go. You can be perfect. People defenders of -- man sell and maybe Johnny -- sell himself try to force this to be a component in the Ed O'Bannon discussion for what to just loosely referenced in safe in all. You're you're profiting off of us -- profit off of that obviously he knew the rule he broke the rules I don't think that works but they gonna try to dovetail that -- the O'Bannon case. That would be unbelievably passionate. If it. It -- is being in in Egypt it that it workers there lightly and Michael and excellent blocker actor Kirk. They're actually doing legal arguments hey should I be able to prop up my harmonica you know I would think in this country attribute in healthcare but the the rules that he signed up or. I know right now. -- we're well on the on the cops put seismic change -- really think in college sports there's. There's just too much pressure from the billion artillery and Eagles and in the inappropriately. And in there will be significant and that's it for -- juniors. And that is an organization that -- and that an ITC to dampen our two and a lot shoot and take all the in nineteen. They are such a side that their model is antiquated it will hold up in the American courts and they are -- -- -- -- getting shoot they -- risk -- And. I really think that it is -- and in case I don't think this case ultimately is it. It's gonna end up resulting in significant change everything but it certainly just it's certainly another talking point it's it's another device two point saint. Indeed it is -- on the beach and when the commissioners are making millions athletic directors are making millions coaches are making millions. And you know it's that it can't. And -- aggravating it certainly. At a very core now isn't there. We're talking repeat they -- from Sports Illustrated and Pete I'm wondering any theories. As to why Johnny football and Colmes Johnny train -- forward seems intent in getting as close to the edge as he possibly can. Almost on a daily basis whether it's not showing up for the Manning passing camp rumors of being hung over it and tossed out of Texas a University of Texas. Frat parties beer parties. Flying all over the country to go to. Concerts in just sort of you know not -- the Heisman Trophy too much. To whom much has been given much is expected line. Sheer it's on Johnny Drama it is just one thing out turnout we kept the week after week it and. I don't have -- like nickel pop psychology period I just think he's kind of an apple and I really think that tactic and I am. Blue blue chips away before this -- in the initial charter and -- -- there so he added element. Can he really counted it eat at an aquarium and didn't do anything else. Violate maker has heroes for the next month like I mean mock. I guess I just really think that he -- -- -- And then at the mr. X and I am or spirit and has a link and -- to everyone remembered that this it would didn't actually hit and collapses. Because he felt like he was getting swarmed to auction so he took classes are mop. Did you monitor that -- regular quarterback you can get the eagle scrapped it next year. That regular army Malone and Philadelphia. And it's now like people are knocking on the war constantly -- In public all the time -- bringing he's bringing in on himself is a sort of classic mom -- I know that in the current atom. Call. One thing we do know is that if the NCAA did bring the hammer down and tell Johnny -- you can't play this year. He can't go into a supplemental draft because he hasn't been out of high school for three years. Is two choices at that point would be to wait for the NFL draft next April. Or see if he could talk a Canadian team into taking him now which of those two avenues do you think -- tick. Well don't don't forget it in -- and it's apple and came and so I'm -- you know let you know what summed one hero role in the you know -- -- don't think that's likely. He and I don't know if if if he can't play or eighty suspended at this he would just yet about what. Quite frankly at this kid and what you think in English Bible that 84 other scholarship. I was just reading so nobly and well on the shivers down Arab. Four before I -- on -- given someone a coach reminder that this from the independent -- remind reporters that. It's in his dealing with the after the debate it's an entire car. Like it's still don't act now man. In congress and the questions are out there isn't an even walked acquire neglected to -- -- -- -- I just. I just think he you know -- add edit it blows up it's gonna be really really ugly so that's separate company. And now. It is that this and and well and I could totally see and take it off and on on that -- -- suspended cursor clear that and I just. The dynamic internally there can't be good -- -- as far as you can tell does the NCAA have more incentive. To pursue high profile guys like Johnny amends Zell as opposed to in -- the 81 get on the roster. Sure I mean at the end of the day it's an important part department and crisis right now out of school and I did didn't extort a net. There a couple of months ago and in Sports Illustrated and they have a new director and now they're losing they're losing investigators left and right. You kidney don't think they launched an alcohol. I mean of course it. Using the Ohio State cases that as the -- the melting point here the jumping off point. This would likely be -- 45 game suspension right. Yeah -- it's hard to eat it like. AJ green integrate receiver rhetorical clear that are in the -- now. And you're atop our players' shoulders jury duty to Egypt for a thousand aren't working. -- So it's -- who. Which in its partners no actual paper trail leader not and the sorcerer's that you helped. There isn't anything written like this over the years -- it it's -- and the end of the panel so. Asia proving is that it. But if they prove he took and out now are more importantly can -- -- -- and enterprise partners about our earlier Oklahoma State and he -- advise. He would he would like the next bubble -- I can't see them. Did you know if you take and -- are signing autograph can't eat Hamlet and it. Will open. That's going to be -- -- It's -- -- it's going to be where. I do that -- into the apartment in the sense where. There you know there -- charter investigating -- in -- you know 109 arbiter and not. So. You know what you would assume it apparently iron and a picture I mean there are prepared to call it enemies that are. -- beat -- -- question has anyone you've talked to in college football or maybe even pro football shed any light on what football people in general knew about Aaron Hernandez win at Florida. It's seems to me that that that kind of pot talent fall into the fourth round. Would require more than a couple of failed marijuana test have you heard any rumblings about what other people knew about what the -- was capable of or doing while at Florida. You know it can do we get a big story that has and I talked to a lot of a lot of the people who were around in order and not. One of the most archery responses I basically -- life. And we look I was Hernandez therefore other tiger got -- -- we'll come out at. So I mean it was it was a very it was a very weird time there or are alike. Nobody projected air and poor like Diddy Diddy had some sort of Merrill on prop David Nelson -- -- teammate on the on the record yet like it was. You know -- or go home and be all be all. How he you know when he come back and you know we got an app -- get -- demonstrate basically get stops ultimately -- But why. Put it in the category -- pretty much carrier -- you know I mean like there's that that didn't stand so. There were there was no one like art -- what you people out there who ever -- projected. Is able Sports Illustrated covers a national college football and basketball for SIP thanks for the information good conversation that I enjoyed it very much. The example Sports Illustrated with -- -- Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LTE was speeds up the ten times after the three G. AT&T rethink possible fault lines open -- back in with you. When we come back.

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