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Stephen A. Smith on Alex Rodriguez

Aug 6, 2013|

The one and only Stephen A. joined the show to discuss the A-Rod fiasco. Stephen said that Alex's people contacted him many times the last several weeks attempting to place their spin on the PED drama.

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I'm I'm not saying that anyone can make anything I'm I'm not saying anything about. And mobile or anything that's going on I am saying that we have a process this is America you have an opportunity to defend yourself. And I think the process like all of us Americans will have an opportunity to defend ourselves. -- due process and I think that's what we have today and I have my day. All the events of yesterday proved a lot of things not the least of which is some people just be embarrassed some people just be ashamed. Of the Rudd certainly fits in the group joining us on the AT&T hotline one of the favorites -- this program. Our friend eighteen dollar and four GL TE sea -- after this morning Steve are you. -- would -- very well Steve I was fascinated to hear you speak of the A-Rod camp. Reaching out to you this weekend what they saying what was there intention to reach out to you. While they view anyway spotter reached not the media about three weeks ago that -- Ride. Out the crew at duke then it. Live in Miami that I own committee here and so after blog about three weeks to go in groups support -- went all the news started circulating. And not issue a light on this was broached. Reached out to me and I get the view on the people and you know they wanted to make your case. On behalf of Alex Rodriguez. Started -- -- than that at weekend. Went into that and then it became clear. You know -- -- his suspension. Was going to lead and uprooted keep out of fourteen feet. They would make -- -- that all the talk about negotiation. It was in the negotiations because they're very very clear. That small penalty that he was going to -- was going to call and spend that -- got 2014. Either. It was something that they were going to go for. And as a result. Our home there was no deal that was no negotiation. Position all along with that they were not going to accept the deal. We will see you in federal court. And that was the message that they won't send had been at bat Saturday. I was told that Major League Baseball initially. At thrown out -- around Thursday or Friday. They've -- the pension which is associated with. The all our problems and let that it would be lovely if he didn't pitch in which you can and that he. In an arbitrary -- BK. And as well arbitrator would have the light to. And that the man who bought beyond it began. And they will likely would not doing that would -- -- it and well let's go to other local. But did reiterate. Was there about ultimately a gain some form of negotiation in the eleventh hour I think I heard yesterday -- -- TJ Quinn said we're talking about a hundred games and he would have gone for that. But the Major League Baseball said no we're not reducing it to a hundred games. The ball the garden between Adam and about folks when that report. -- -- know what to look. At that it would never that it would negotiate. That. It would now that's what I -- Steven -- I have no doubt I have no doubt that it was some sort of a negotiation -- and -- and there's no question about it but not a good read a lot. Q what I'll call them a -- is and what statement and that of course we did all -- What we'd been no no no you will see you in federal court that -- negotiation. All -- in the look at the ultimate. All week that predicts. And I think that in light of the fact that he's. An -- going out on field known treatment. An attitude that what he beat a human being there. -- you told me with you yeah you know weeks ago. That we call a lot and -- because they what they told me and it looked at what. Stephen if someone asked me a flat out question if I did something or ask you a flat out question if you did something and neither of us did it. Would not rants are immediately beat no it wouldn't be well this isn't the time to talk about that they're still due process it's a simple question did you do PTDs. And the simple answer should have been no. Isn't it pretty obvious that they've got him he's just trying to figure out how many games he can say. -- -- -- get out -- it's pretty obvious but I don't think there's any question about that but again. I'm not gonna not get to take this yet they let it -- on pit spot. You're talking about going in federal court. You know usually. When the court on -- any capacity. You'll always struck this -- and political could be at stake as possible so you can't beat out in the court of law. Not diminished New York. And -- are clearly. I'll believe these two -- and believe me. The war believes he -- He's so I'm not gonna knock him for not admitting yet they. Because -- -- the concern if you build on that blog about a lot out you have meant it at the beginning of the. This is probably unfair question to ask you to ask you to read the mind of Alex Rodriguez Stephen -- but. Is a -- sole motivation in your estimation. Saving games and saving money he's not delusional enough to think that somehow some way. This due process -- re polish his tarnished not tarnished legacy you think. Everybody that I know all bolt dot that the senate in regard to Alex Rodriguez. Swear up and down. They have never met anybody who. Love the game a big ol' boy he did not want to go away from the game now obviously he wants his money there's no doubt about that. But at the same time he he -- for what I was told you read the report. He's been offered the opportunity. -- -- Mention you know and that ultimately retire or keep all his money. And he turned them that Bob nightingale. By noted based all right USA today came much -- New York when nine point and I've spent yesterday. He says quote. He says we got to put that in the proper content it would come out try to get it we can acute Monday. Not love and gave an update all not one of them because that's that it got X that are retired -- app and that is it surgery. Out of money the Yankees would have guys -- with their permanent cure. And he could call the day you walked away with every penny went out and playing another game. But disputed split open to scrutiny to come back because he wants to. And that's what it -- that might be just -- -- in the world and out of most of -- But he QB did not want that he loves to play baseball because he could've blown away. -- got -- all of his money. Scot free without go to any of this scrutiny but to be retiring in acute does. I'd like to change horses here before military gonna know Europe against the clock I was very impressed and and enjoyed your -- take. On the Riley Cooper situation last week is that possible Stephen -- in your mind. But his career is over -- his limited production that he might provide on the field just isn't worth the distraction of the Philadelphia Eagles or anybody else for that matter. What part of a lot they it would Jeremy Maclin going down yeah -- tropical. One number two let me go -- they bit. I'm black men who would -- and about what he's an obligation have been spotted but the commission are completely -- -- Mike Lowell -- It felt -- does that -- them a couple of games mentioned. -- -- about it the black community specifically. It right there's no way hurt that this that this young man. -- -- -- -- -- He made that kind of mistake but they don't -- -- -- that word. Absolutely not a lot Nicky came out of that not relatively he wrote that he got to. You know something everybody doesn't grow up and -- everybody's objective. The level of education on certain issues that we would like in the treatment. I do not believe it got -- and -- And more importantly the black community. -- in the back that we can point out how it was small. Why it was all and we want some kind of reprimand to serve that are -- not to do. But that should be bought the -- all day. And give to remove all and it is that that I'd do not believe I read. I don't believe should be suspended more than a couple of days and the fact he'd do what he's been emotionally. The optional contrition some -- -- personable humble and incredibly apologetic. I accepted the apology club -- don't. Anybody that -- did not pigmentation pop culture should have the exact same way about all -- now. He's the -- always Stephen A Smith always a pleasure talking to Stephen appreciate the time this morning. Much to you guys on the AT&T hotline with dale and you know AT&T four GL TE back your phone calls DNC straight ahead.

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