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T.J. Quinn on the A-Rod suspension

Aug 6, 2013|

ESPN's T.J. Quinn joined the show to discuss Alex Rodriguez's suspension. T.J. told Dale and Dino that the appeal is the logical course of action for Alex.

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-- last we -- TJ Quinn a symbolic -- summer vacation is over now that this is dragged out through November may be TJ can get a little time off. Once the dust settles according TJ join us on the AT&T outline how -- Did anything surprise you in the course of yesterday I mean you know I I assume you -- well we're gonna say yep you caught me and what was gonna say no you didn't that's the way it played out -- anything raise an eyebrow TJ Quinn yesterday. What they did nothing that you know nature Archie action I would say that. The fact that cruise and don't see cruise ended up. Please take his suspension because the hearing that he will not that you appeal it can't keep up on the field. And gave -- sense. Some other talent have you been sent -- that he was really at 74. That they thought he was going Q. To appeal so he could stay on the field this season. Beyond that not really are asking essentially he was. The players association apparently. You're called during the day to try to see if they couldn't straighten deal for -- apparently they've really don't want this to go to arbitration either. Up maybe you can answer this question it was my understanding yesterday and and we got this from a number of sources. That the timeline going forward teacher would be the arbiter arbitrator must hear the case within twenty days and then after that. As 25 days to rule. Which would take you to mid September now hearing November and probably the formula change in terms of the timeline. Well actually work heard just simply chases them unsure of what people are so merits of the 45 page saying that it's it's. And not the case like -- Michael Weiner from union did that even the officer came in the these cases it would be resolved until after the season was over. If you look at a guy like your -- on carpet hot or he was passed in October of 2011 notified. Of the -- in November. In this case what itself of February. -- it's like a lot and especially one like this in this it's not debating what is it -- -- accurate this is going to be. Witnesses. On the evidence that that can be examined and then. You know during the arbitration hearing. Can you get there that you could strike a deal by the way. Was being kept arbitration. Fit it into effect criminal case essentially baseball the prosecutor. They bring their case before the arbitrator. They -- And they get to challenge. All that evidence and cross again witnesses. And then the arbitrator renders verdicts but it's rendered his verdict -- so yeah -- take a lot. TJ you have seen some of the evidence you've talked about it in the past twelve of the thirteen guys who were busted. Have seen the evidence and said will take our punishment walk on down the road A-Rod as the one -- -- appeal it. Isn't it obvious he knows they've got him what he's trying to do is mitigate the 211. I don't -- form and say they know he knows that -- I'm proud to say that -- you know if from what we're hearing the union and perhaps even A-Rod representatives who -- willing and take a hundred game suspension. That's significant that means that they knew the evidence against him checked for -- consensus -- -- And that means actually thirteen out of fourteen if you include caught yup so and that that's that's quite streaks so. -- you have to really -- glorious past week I think three different firms are now in. I'm sure some pretty Smart guy and then they can figure out just how much is there up against but. Yeah I think that this figure is. The the extra charge of obstruction. That that really at essentially another 111 games this station that the eagle at Tibet. And maybe try to knock down some of the evidence itself and hope that the arbitrator agrees. Baseball was too aggressive relied on unreliable witnesses. And will reduce it somewhat. I don't. I don't know I never thought LeBron would overturn deposit. Never say never but it is it's really hard to see how Iraq. Reduces this to anything beyond a 150 gains. Ticket do you think of any other reason other than financial that -- wants to do this I don't think he has to be delusional but I don't think he's delusional enough to think that if he fights this -- -- a chance to win and be somehow he's able to polish up. His tarnished legacy is this about saving nine or on your thirty or forty million dollars is that it. I'm I was motivation I -- that's that's that's a that's a pretty good motivation and I -- Yeah. It's east he does wanna play obviously kept fighting to get back on the field -- -- all the injuries that he's got. Yet so -- that at the end of -- career what would you know what. -- would he do besides fight. You know if you just took the suspension ban. This career is pretty much finished anyway. The money yeah I'm I'm sure that that obviously plays into it but the people who speak it who might say. He really does. He had earlier this week or last week in Sports Illustrated saying. I just wanna be a role model. This doesn't sound guy necessarily get to the public as -- right and. Right they as far as you can tell is Major League Baseball and the players union. Really interested in getting the TDs out of the game will there be open to discussions about. This is what the policy should be going forward if we want to wipe us off the face of our game. I would have to say that they've done their actions yeah. It's. He can get their opponents are only alike. I know a lot of people think that Bud -- is just really concerned about -- seeing. Again which isn't bad motivation either. That he doesn't want to be remembered as Eric commissioner wants to members -- how we became not. Fact is you'll never completely get -- -- this game or any game system possible. Or you can do is. Control as much intent. But what is blown -- way in this system it is not so much. But -- conversion to anti doping which -- sequence you know complete and intense and yeah it's it's more the change in the players' side and that's why it's been talking -- -- College Baseball and I know we you know when our first every article every baseball 1996. There's no way players ever created some kind of test that they would they would never do. And when it was ten years ago when there was more pressure. On the union -- absolutely not but the pressure came from the players -- players through soon now want tougher penalty. -- guys aren't they on the record all week as you know by general last year. You guys on camera saying yeah we get these guys out of the game will be tougher penalties need. To consider having two strikes your out. That's remarkable change and that's why the union works work. Almost in lock -- with baseball at certain times. That is just a complete shift in culture of the game. What it's too much to ask bit and need Major League Baseball Bud Selig player's union and the players were real serious and interest in the and removing -- from the game totally. Music probably rightly so it will every move. Completely why -- a policy of one and done accomplished that. I'm pretty sure Pete Rose. One and done 25 year ban is betting on baseball and -- teacher. Well. I don't know if there is typically because a little. And that that felt in the next investigation I don't know. The reason there are reasons why not to do one's diet shake. Ones because people have. Total liabilities whatever -- up and her body there are cases where people are sabotage. When Ben Johnson says. Yes I would open but I did not take that truck that day in the Olympics and that you can see the sabotage actually believe it because the quad cities tested positive for it not -- -- -- During competition in just weren't right and -- he hadn't -- throughout that was clear -- -- books -- watching him. There and other cases where that happened got. -- -- -- Olympic sports world -- most the average fortune is not known but let captains do because this -- is so important Zach lie in the US skeleton racer fixture in the Winter Olympics. And yet this the last games to get tested positive for the sterilized. Which is a drug in Propecia and he parred all the problem. And the world ultimate you know final authority on this court for arbitration of sport. Look in this case he says yeah this was an accident. This is not a guy trying to build it -- -- CH and so it's not like he's gotten a spectrum of but the rules of the rules he got a shorter six months -- the stillness the Olympics. You have to have something that allows for mitigating circumstances. And doctor Curt Schilling last night who's saying. He. -- you keep player representative Baird but you need early on that the struggle Pol Pot with Israel. Much less likely now than it was in the early days of testing side. Yeah I'm I'm not advocating just tell you what you know people of the anti doping world say that yeah even a tough test you have to have some -- there. TJ we know that this case will be heard by a brand new arbitrator the last one got fired because of his Ryan -- decision. We also know that he can mitigate this the suspension he can knock it down. Can he give more. I I think he hadn't and I think it's extremely unlikely. I think a couple of -- incident the other day about it and yes he has not worked with this arbitrator when he was Commissioner of Baseball. It was different -- he's not totally up on all -- you know every -- in the collective bargaining agreement -- -- he -- so many years ago. But -- -- is just the nature of arbitrators that they're going to get a somewhat. You you bring a case before and this is not salary arbitration -- they say it's a year the that it. Now he can reduce written the expectation is that he was. Just because you're asking him uphold an unprecedented. And from baseball this is the longest. Orange and and hit in the history does not related to gamble. And your hat in the got a lot to -- -- say -- that you know commissioners got this new arguments that he can punish a guy for. All these other activities to obstruct the investigation. Is just that kind of natural tendency again this is your. -- a label on Saturday. Saying -- the likelihood is he would reduce it somewhat but that -- but still have a -- suspension at the end of the day. Just TJ -- he has done yeoman work on this story continues to do -- he's the go to guy for all this information TJ continued success a great job we appreciate your input and your information has always. Territory could be very deep Jake and with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT caused the Davone -- -- take a break -- Good morning. -- first time call a long time with what have you board thank you okay. I wanted to bring up the back did I believe you. On boot you're right what went on it will win the game will be cleaned six months. Oh man you brought up acted. In -- might be tried the it is that it didn't -- -- -- -- 89. That's always trying to do here yet he knows they've got him. Wolf my point is that they were clause in his contract somewhere which did did he get another five million to beat that it will remain -- -- but what. -- six and actually more than that he gets six million dollars each. For his 660. Home run 714. Home run 755. Home run. Tying and breaking the Major League home run record. -- -- wouldn't give up Ed peck and the money antidote. Equation as far as him what do we do you suspect. Well I I think he's thirteen away from the first six million dollars or sixty an idea that I always gonna get hit get that would get that we can't reach in 714 correct. So you're right there's another six million dollars and played day. Appointment to go put your do -- -- couldn't he like he did -- get -- people result achievement he might be able to get. Pin number and this season and won't have to worry about next he's a good bet that he's done. I I just thinking may reach one album and let's be honest at six million dollars is a whole lot of money you would meet Dave. Yeah but but for this guy he's not he's not doing this but at six million dollar bonus. But think about this and and and we did we ran the numbers he makes a 179000. Dollars a game org right game. Right now at 211. Games suspended. It would cost him just under 38 million right in Los wages if he gets that reduced to 162. As arbitrary number and -- -- pleased. Then goes down to 29 million we say it's not yet and he gets the six when he gets to six whatever it is sixteen. If team right there -- fifteen million right there I mean not much for you but I mean it's a heck of a lot of money at us Stephen A Smith joins us next -- able SI and final five.

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