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A-Rod returns remains defiant

Aug 6, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing Alex Rodriguez's return to the Yankees. Both Dale and Dino were amazed at how unaware he is to the public view of him.

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It's Dennis and Callahan and here's the grieving Graham runs not bad don't forget we're in Chicago and it is very nice crowds to be back now -- -- would be done. There's a lot of people standing here really are. Which I'm Dennis painting that we have a process that is America you have an opportunity to defend yourself. And I think the process like all of us Americans will have an opportunity to defend ourselves in -- due process and I think that's what we have today and I have my dad Jerry Kill. I can imagine being the pitcher you know there's -- there's. Is on your program your -- Battle right there. Hey Antonio was startled remember when we competed for a job in 2011. Thanks a lot. On 93 point seven WB. Hey -- embarrass themselves. To the moment if they don't I just heard John sterling and Susan Walton. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I watched it on Major League Baseball beautifully they've I watched the whole of batten everything and the only people ice. Well a lot of people were standing. The only people applauding -- wearing yankees -- and it -- a lot of those in Chicago and most of the other people who were wearing yankees cart cheering. There's a lot of people standing and cheering him. Really are. Now standing and booing. That say -- That thirteen. Cheaters. Were happens suspensions by Major League Baseball. Well of them almost immune system like -- like 888 church choir all saying the same song and that is you got me. Got good. Got evidence but it take punishment like command and go quietly and what -- said. Opted to do understand here and be smarmy. -- shoeless disingenuous. -- fabricated fraudulent deceitful. Dishonest deceptive delusional. Is delusional as mr. it would work on the air. Amateur record second save this. And have make any sense. But there's almost a small portion of me. -- Myers a small portion of am. That he has the error the golf perhaps to say. Stand up here. Suffer the slings and arrows and the score and the ridicule and all are used to it we all know why he's doing. Out the stones. To do what he did and is doing and will do apparently through the entire rest of this. And and and step up there and and suffered the abuse that this guy is putting on himself. I guess you'd you know in some weird convoluted credit is that I mean I'd I don't -- event. But here's what I saw yesterday and I watched every. All have -- -- I watched I watched Joseph Girardi. Parse every single -- that he said I want to anger him he's the one guy out of this yeah -- legitimately feel bad break our. I watched every single -- here's what I found out yesterday. -- is is guilty is the other twelve. He knows he's as guilty as the other well what he's fighting is the length of punishment that he got he. This is a very simple concept OK even in the in the in the idea of due process. If you didn't do something. That would you say right. And it -- yesterday -- was asked several times did you use performance enhancing drug not go out you know I'm I'm I'm gonna get into any event today. Here's what you say if you didn't do performance enhancing drugs all. And as Curt Schilling said afterwards. Any answer other -- no means yes. He admitted yesterday he did performance enhancing drugs he just -- 211 is to state. Did you think of any other reason besides sixty million reasons why degrees why he is doing this. Army or if you were asking my advice I would -- or myself in the mirror and say. You made 353. Million dollars in your career. -- -- got divorced wants out you know some money involved but my guess is that he's invested wisely he has a very nice portfolio he's got real estate holdings. The is that there is no way on God's green or abortion or not. Are not drug addict or not what ever new -- for. Exactly that you can blow 353. Million dollars one wouldn't. And yet for the sake I guess to let you go up another reason why no other reason why he is doing this this this is trying to preserve as march. Up his money as he can preserve that's what all of this is about as -- it. While the money may be preserved the legacy as bad as it is. Is getting even worse. And I would without question and accept the suspension. Gone away I guess I felt like it at age forty. Come back and -- and probably get another sixty million jewelry and you save 38. 377. Of the case may be 37000769. Dollars the Yankees will save it to eleven has held up. Other sixty. -- always thank you are much -- just head for the hills and tied at this. Point. Yeah Mike Lupica said. You know didn't -- didn't learn anything from the whole Lance Armstrong thing it's not -- the performance enhancing drug because other guys have done them. Done their may have Culp the guy who was the starting pitcher last night for the Yankees. Did the mayor Culp a continued on is just as beloved today probably may be even more so in some cases because he had the courage to do the Mae culpa. All you have to do is say you know what I did it -- out once he admitted it wants. Went back and started it again. And he just can't do -- again he cannot say the words. Gagged I did it again -- be an opportunity to do all of that. It's possible. That he is an attention. Addict. Good or bad it's almost as if it craves this mean from the from the beginning of the day yesterday. They had Cameron -- canning well there there is this so psychological. Need in some people. To find themselves at the center of the spotlight obviously their preference would be. Applause standing ovation. I dug out call her call those kinds of things. But I think are probably -- are sort of psychosis. Where people crave any kind of attention even if it's bad. We -- starting at the beginning of the day. He -- out of the hotel all his teammates are hurting left and getting on the bus he comes out and is well it would suit. No time waves in the crowd gets and a out it's in well. Which by the way is not that unusual for a lot of these guys are many of them don't take the boss to the ball park. But it just it's stuck out like a sort ball exactly watching -- separate. I'm different you know -- happy will they probably didn't have a problem with him not being on the bus had tagged a hole. By the way just the fact that probably sent -- today apple -- and as the army and upset I I have been traveling with the team I have been on that bus certain. Because I can tell you perfected the guys are generally on that bus our. Are the guys who you know -- the big star yes. And and it's the same in every organ was -- and poppy wouldn't necessarily be on the bus they're on early in Pedroia is K he's been a ball park for hours by the time the Bosco is yeah. You know many of them. Have that same travel arrangement. But yesterday was the -- if I was a -- -- gotten on the damn -- I -- the guys you know I'm one of the guys even if there were three guys actually on the on the bus and play. Can't think of anybody in the history of sport that I have witnessed all of these years whether it be. Barnes and wire Lance Armstrong or. Anybody that you look at what they negative light. And again. That even come close to rising. Global level. -- fabrication. And disingenuous. Behavior. It's all process that's all pasteurized. And and I actually thinks. He's selling people on what is he -- No I think he knows full well yesterday not stoop okay he may be a lot of things -- -- logical. But again he's. Were trying to save our portability jobs here to -- -- try to save my phony baloney money. I have to do this because I got a lot of money tied up in this and Democrat like money. He he admitted yesterday he did the deed heat he admitted in the same way everybody else admitted it. Because it was a very simple question did you use performance enhancing drugs. Allen but -- -- that now. Simple answer right well so not it's like when Jerry sandusky was asked by Bob Kostis. Do you enjoy having sex with young boys. -- to answer ball timeless laws the laws. 22. And remember idea -- -- no. -- that was worse than they rods which are exactly right if you're innocent. And he knows we know he's not. So -- -- writes that he is willing to pay. He has hot humiliation. And being held politely screw. And having the entire nation having entirely. The tiger team having higher. MLB look at him and say this is without question the biggest phony. Who has ever played this game and he's seen and I Armstrong are all in an editorial Adler and it's going to stand there. And ask the questions and the spotlight and have the cameras birds and the rest of it. For the rest of this year because he wants that sixty million bucks he's got 353 in the bank I don't get. It's it's a lonely island a texture here from the 860 it was a member of that it's all and he's on that island when he says the problem here as -- snapped -- six notes further down. Who said you know here's why he's doing this because he got a 211 game suspension Ryan -- got 65 good for re rod this isn't there. This is someone who obviously hasn't actually follow the case. Got to eleven for several reasons. One of which was he tried to hinder baseball's investigation. He tried to purchase. The materials which ultimately brought everybody down and -- to destroy destroying right. He he recruited players. To go OC Tony bosh right it wasn't just the fact that he used performance enhancing drugs. Oh by the way this is at least a second at fancy party admitted to the first affect race. So at least -- second offense which is a hundred games. It's probably beyond a second offense and he got the larger number of games because of all the other things that he -- Ryan -- didn't try to obstruct the investigation. He lied absolutely which is why he got more than fifty. But he didn't try to recruit players to go see Tony -- A-Rod deserve more of a punishment now if you think 211 is arbitrary and too high. I don't think it goes far enough but the B commissioner wanted to whack him with a lifetime ban knew that he could never sell. I suppose and we agree that is about saving money. And I suppose he's going to fight this because he thinks he can get to eleven reduced to a certain extent. Perhaps he can -- 179000. Dollars per game. 211. Games missed means A-Rod will lose. Almost 38 million dollars be precise 37769. Up. It's probably got a lot about this cup which I just that will reduce this to. Get -- Horwitz at some point in the fall. 211 and say at the steep let's knock that down to an arbitrary number 162. Which by the way I think some pretty good possibility 62. So 162. Times 179000. Dollars. Is 29. Million dollars on top sixty that he's gonna say -- overall once the suspension ends up you'll save. I 9000009000009. More million and so that's the price that's the price. Of of humiliation and embarrassment and scorn and ridicule it's worked for him. Or not four million dollars the stand there and just be -- that as the biggest. Fraudulent. Deceitful disingenuous. Lot disingenuous. -- -- Wells -- you know let's be honest to be worth it for us. Nine million dollars if I had 33. Do -- when you don't you don't travel 353 anymore obviously. I mean first there's taxes and allowed other stopping you spent a lot of it the fact of the matter is it easy for us to say I would. That nine million yes I would. Yes that would not currents certainly -- so I mean I -- so what most people asked that most people didn't make. Close to you all three -- -- billion dollars in their career. And you say he's -- ought to be lost some in the divorce. Don't think he has it in a coffee can and is an as yet as he has a lot more money than any of us will ever have I understand that but it's easy for us to say. Just walk away. And you know why wouldn't. And I don't want us we don't want to admit that that that you know we are all for rent we just have to decide the price tag. I probably would suffer the slings and arrows of humiliation for nine million dollars why I certainly would do it. 37 million dollar why didn't the other twelve that's intact they don't have as much money. They have the investments as they have the bank account they have the portfolio and yet well well only one out of thirteen said I'm fighting it. The other twelve said. -- got I have yet idea you showed me the evidence yep I'm not gonna fight me the hardest part to figure out because. Now he wasn't gonna get fifty or 65 games. He was not gonna get right I mean that was never going to be a possibility where he could say look at the same 65 -- you're giving Ryan Braun brought out sign on the dotted line. That was never going to be an option. What they negotiate with the number of games from the very beginning. He knows they've got him he's seen the evidence he knows everything that's in the same with those other twelve guys now. He's just trying to get to a number which makes it more palatable for him I. Heard TJ Quinn and it will play a cup in just a second say they he believes sources have told him. That the number he was seeking 100. And that if Major League Baseball would have acquiesced and said OK Andre. You would take -- -- gone quietly. It may be the number I don't know what the number may be right which I think to the to the hatred and distrust and just like but MLB specifically bowed slightly for this guy and what is attempted to do. Obstructing justice trying to destroy evidence intimidating witnesses all those kinds of things but could have made this go away. Easily add on Saturday night went -- Reps who called Steve and -- missile the world said we're not negotiating we're not negotiating while I don't negotiate negotiating. And set a hundred. -- Do so but in -- in a similar kind of situation rod said. Well will suffer the embarrassment we suffer the protracted -- That this suspension that leads to an appeal will take us through the off season. Because I'm not at all comfortable in saying a hundred games is -- based on what you Alex Rodriguez. Several techsters made it on at exactly the reason why the other accepted the punishment and A-Rod didn't. Others have contracts still to come. Iraq never appoint. This he's never gonna see another contract to elect you PCs the end of this one. You know guys like Ryan brawn and Nelson Cruz in Jhonny Peralta especially -- temporal they -- few agents they have futures contracts. They're gonna make more money. -- never gonna make another dime as far as contracts or concerns so maybe that's why they accepted an A-Rod didn't he was the guy. Who knows full well. He's gonna sign his name on another contract ever -- -- for this discussion and -- now the number is 211. Games my guess is that the arbitrator. Frederick Horwitz may reduce that at two -- 16175. Or whatever number you don't have to get reduced some some. When you -- -- The only guy whoever got out of an a suspension was brawn. And he got out of it on a technicality and even now people are mystified -- what that arbitrator was talking about -- quite a buyer base also so -- by the fire that. But -- As an example. If they fought this and let this thing runs simultaneous run along side of -- appeal. Fifty knocked down to 35. I don't think thirty and they couldn't take chance anyway those two especially. Because they're free agents at the end of the season and what team. Well Melky -- -- team yet rated comedy teams are gonna go out and sign these guys knowing that they're gonna sit the first fifty games so it was at their best interest to get it over with star athlete in the east. All right TJ Quinn -- and why Nelson Cruz yet. He's only slightly below A-Rod. On the creep factor are you kidding gas -- intestinal crap because Nelson Cruz a multi time all star would have been cut by the Texas Rangers -- showed up. You know forty pounds underweight because he had been sick. At the Texas Rangers wouldn't have moved heaven and -- To get him help begin the best medical care get him the best doctors everything because pretty. -- investment and stop with this dog ate my homework crap Nelson Cruz. -- -- -- I I didn't want to tell them stop hash tag a hole yeah TJ Quinn why 211. Games for. They're going to be asked to explain that arbitration but where it comes from -- combination. Did you parts of the policy that that what is the drug policy itself that there are alleging multiple violations of that. They all the drugs said he doubted they say they token and gone from Tony -- the founder of the body Genesis clinic. Seattle longstanding relationship with him taking sophisticated drugs for years. But what takes it to this whole other level more than three times suspension that Ryan -- got and four times what any the other twelve players suspended today got. Was the charge that he instructed to baseball that was something else he's being punished for that under the conduct aspect of basic agreement not just the drug policy. So let's say two violations based on the drug policy that's a hundred games that's another 111 games. Based on just the commissioners believe that he tried to struck. Now baseball believes it has sufficient evidence to prove. That A-Rod tampered with witnesses attempted -- with -- witnesses tried to get destroyed documents. And for them that's the reason they -- so hard after. Eleven record -- -- will certainly reduce that and that's the price that rod is willing to pay that's the number on his sanity on his. Discomfort level. How much he's willing to find himself. You know under the cat calls in the blue birds and the microscope in the camera's and bright lights and all of that. Because he wants the nine million dollars or the thirty million. Thirty later he and his lawyers are gambling a write in and and I write that it's gonna get -- yes. And they sit there in a room saying let's let's say he gives you -- let's say it's one succeeding to. A -- fifty games. At a hundred and setting up by the united votes out of that that thousand that's worth. Yes it's worth it to listen to the -- birds and all the ball parks to face the media and all the ballparks and by the way that that's coming to an -- The -- -- the Yankees come here and a weaker cell. Today -- and hold another press conference in front of the brick wall and and face the Boston. Yesterday was the last time you're gonna seemed. There's a lot of people standing and cheering you really are. I don't know -- I I think there is say. Couple logical craving. Of attention by this guy what do it yesterday I mean I know the rate million demands. Would you not just issued a statement if this you would you press conference and subjected yourself to that. And got up there and said now's not the time I I will have my game or respect the process of not talking about. Who has it in their best interest for me not to be playing based on that that actually statistic is that. Because I am appealing. There's nothing I -- or will say. About my situation until Frederick Horwitz examines. The information and hands down a ruling sort of like can't comment on a criminal investigation C. Erin -- well it may just beat that -- at a two part reason why -- one now the Yankees public relations staff. Hasn't within their capabilities to tell every single city that they go to from now on Iraq thirty talked about it now we're not do anything else. He's done it -- he answered all the questions in answer any you know what else. No we're not gonna deal. Second ball from his perspective. A piece wings anybody. Based on what I've seen in the text machine he has swung a lot to tell you of course he stood there are people who are thinking. But Selig has been too harsh. An -- rod is convincing people that Bud Selig spent too hard on. -- that regard -- ports. What do you think Gallup would find it took a nationwide tour people who care or know about Major League Baseball what percentage of people. Think 211 to heart that but has overstepped his boundaries I would say got probably the -- -- open to single digits. I do something against and single digits for this. I think I think you missed judging. I think 99%. Of the people pinkie should be suspended for a lot of games. I think 50% of the people think but went to Arnold. I think and I am looking at that stop on the text machine I've listened to the callers. It's arbitrary it's too it's too harsh -- got 65 or fifty whites he opted in to eleven. Yeah I I think that there are people who think that bottle overstepped his bounds here six. 1777979837. Fault lines are open you can also text custody AT&T text line at 37937. One of our favorites at this Stephen A Smith join us in the 7 o'clock hour. He Pamela as well in the 9 o'clock hour hot tubs in New Hampshire the rest your phone calls -- and back. A close question I heard again and again and again yet. As it applies to -- a Major League Baseball and what everything that happened yesterday means in the big picture -- --

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