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Salk and Holley’s Answer the Question- 08/05/13

Aug 5, 2013|

You ask, we answer!

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So to answer the question. It's time for answer the question -- answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. Your questions right to buy -- restoration specialist that your property your facilities manager. Very well could be more mature and broken wrist injury of the disaster restoration game plan and please call 877461. Of our casts -- -- -- Gentlemen on my own show minus the view and Lenny Clark do you answer the question together lobster Lenny it's funny is funny. That it would -- much. What's yours -- I would just automatically take a backseat as he -- he makes me laugh of the day would you -- let -- absolutely he's a funny best development while he's. Nice things dropped. People -- and certainly pounds under -- that are really is led us. Here. -- -- -- -- was never part -- yours I don't know but he just looked real weird with the chip here what you think of the via the -- aspect of -- -- -- that six of the twelve. Dominican. Three of them Venezuelan one of them. From Nicaragua and it went from California and -- it was Dominican -- despite heritage. It's from New York City you -- -- Americans. I don't. Mind on the part of this do it suspended today. I think it wants a guy does this legally in. I think it has more to do it once again I Gates's books into one guy in her pocket. After that if they were plus the different. Anti aging quality in this particular witnesses gives you more to think that America's. Maybe lose his legal their doing all along since they even left that country. And that's I mean it may be whether in the major leagues. Some food for thought that it was going to go the first question that. -- kind of lighthearted if anything they're gonna go to Alaska heavy. About which I was most responsible BP. Me ask you remember him with the way to go the way you get all the state case without all these dangerous rare news in the -- and I'll take it where where the public rare the rare sight I'll take deliverable veto where your problems. But the -- side in the mediums and it still -- the media music. That's -- Guys deal. One the army office that you prefer to use when you need to be in there for awhile -- -- -- executive suite do you call your -- -- -- We told. Leaders and the two shangri La. Yet where is second floor you know. But now we haven't used -- one that we're not telling us out of there I can't you order a -- -- clubs can't do it here are out of your comfortable as it was you have to. That's a pretty nice process. That's right and the whole thing on. You used to have the oasis in the -- it's the worst is when you're trying to go in any public -- like your office and craft. Our -- every -- -- or yours you're sitting there are some treatments will be Watson knows it's okay. -- you like me grunt. One driver knows wouldn't Wear it while working at the zone better than. The -- during the show and that was a problem that -- decide to figure this during the break don't discount extended. If you don't make it back. While I have got to go got to don't know -- -- and both listeners noticed -- have to drug control. They both -- a lot of -- I know one of our listeners but it was Caleb. -- in Cambridge he noticed. It would be all right you have the producer to it would have him on roster who would have applaud for. Who together get two minutes twenty minutes that wraps for McDonald's it's that is right right there is an average now is that -- -- -- Q UNESCO and our guys that sixteen and it was in my mom's old governor Romer. Next question. The bill college graduate in 98 overtures because it was quote fake do you feel the same way about breast implants you don't enjoy them because that thing. -- why and I didn't enjoy the ninetieth homer to chase because I didn't know what the time right now that I know what it was his left and present. -- -- It's too I don't have to deal with it. Progress on me dated Davies is that a few I don't know what to tell you hooked up with a girl had expressed muted note that time later you realized it would it. Can -- -- of what it just kind of dividend currently at a level of honesty if you didn't notice of tell -- -- time could you tell me all of that until it was just creep out that I have to like I was deceived. Here's the thing apartheid -- isn't as opposed to the home run race they were both fun to look at. But when you get down to really kind of feel him out check -- out what's admits bullet look at for the jiggle and he. Serious. That's it was a fraudulent home run chase any of you we see those fake -- all the time but it's just for show. Next question besides that -- Drew Rosenhaus it's a silly question in my legs and asked me what. Who -- better dressers are all. Different styles different Michael simple problem next -- on a day to day basis. Probably so. The winner Michael dresses up. No one in the office that's that's exactly and I think I dress up more than Michael but that doesn't -- that are addressed my dress like first day of school I do yeah most days first -- -- Pretty -- and Crowley Jessica last is. I. Next question that that are aware of where this otherwise very well through good yeah yeah. What's better bedside when any baseball player iron or -- Baseball bat bat and thank you for what it's a golf -- higher iron -- iron. But you have been you have a tyrant has a sharp -- to wedge off the hubcaps you can really proximate size not -- actually use the parents like an early statement here I don't know I don't golf club -- my -- and yeah is that it was -- -- -- -- -- I can't do anything you can hit a little. With sweet spot but still I mean you. Good Tibetan community -- accurately designated somebody gets inside -- on the on on the golf will be just and again. What are the problems with the tyrant no opinion would it can't -- president has said bedside yeah so you have a higher right or you're you're walking about your how he needs crowbar. -- our senior political -- better. Column -- that it -- when I wouldn't mind them in the gulf I'm gonna have a golf club will put our thanks again for what -- with a golf club and excerpts you wake up gripping your shaft. The next question. That coming up next the genius and the company islands and yeah I'd love to come we'll be back tomorrow. Looking forward to it here.

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