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Johnny Gomes has some strong words against A-Rod and the other cheaters

Aug 5, 2013|

We check in to the Red Sox clubhouse for some candid comments from Johnny Gomes on the suspensions of Alex Rodriguez and others int he Biogenesis probe.

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Basically it's an interesting sound just came in from the Red Sox clubhouse Jonny Gomes apparently going off. On Alex Rodriguez and him playing for the next couple weeks while he suspended -- -- that's how we're just just trimming out some of the details. Every minute and you mentioned. That you -- been Bud Selig was able Tuesday. Okay arbitration hearing is tomorrow -- more or Wednesday. In the based on what we we've we've been able to find it doesn't look like either side is able to do that they have to wait I'm probably at minimum two and a half weeks three weeks. I just wonder best interest of baseball. If you can go there and say. No he's not playing or or what you can do it and maybe this is unethical for commissioner to be taken these liberties wanna go to the Yankees and say -- The plan. And you do there I think the I don't know why I want I think the Yankees. Well I feel like the thank A-Rod would have some sort of a lawsuit against the Yankees I don't know what it would be but I feel like you you're not ready. Joseph Girardi -- in -- -- but he is right. I mean he's gone through the rehab and I got him he's done everything you need to -- it was an irony -- South Africa not -- with -- and I think that would create another grievance through through the players' -- wouldn't. I would think that would just create another greens are so Jonny Gomes. Apparently was it was very vocal today in the Red Sox clubhouse concerning concerning the A-Rod suspension and whether or not he should be playing for the next few weeks we have some of that as. I think it's sad -- -- baseball for Warren who think you're talking about you know less than 1%. Of major -- players. That being said you know it kind of shows you know. It's real selfish act you know those guys. So with the suspension coming down -- Good to him on these guys wanna put the drug testing policy and in. Me too -- look at it shows it's working but it shows you guys are store and picked chance. So. Maybe that risking their reward of doing steroids in the suspension which you know might have to. It with guys still -- take the risk. -- Davis. You. Yeah. I don't think so picture I mean I I can imagine being -- pitcher you know just. Knowing this guy is our nor has done steroids I mean that's not a -- -- -- You know battle right there. So. That would really -- ago. There. Yeah I mean it it it doesn't make much sense that. You know he's still playing. With the players that. Yeah I guess so you know a little bit you know because we do you -- you know dues that go to. You know that gave her you know. Are you guys to battle for you know our insurance and pension and travel around pictures we're doing okay. You know that's Purdue's go. You know hopefully it is -- go to his lawyers and you know means. I think there's still so much until we don't know -- You know -- you lines and street and be prepared and guys. It's. Any Gary you know me like this off season you know me being free agent you know being you know not a a year B class created you know it turns out from those AMD's -- steroids you know. So long. That he cares you know -- -- I think it's a good David -- says -- his cup but I think it should be a good day baseball. You know I applaud the clean guys in the game. -- -- think. The penalties should be increased. Yeah it's it's kind of interest -- yeah I think I don't really care bellies are the benefits. You know. First time -- lifetime ban it doesn't affect -- it's there it's you know I'm not. Trying to keep the penalties down because nothing about you know -- -- So I mean I don't really care. Would the penalties are do you think you be -- August at the steeper penalties coach still does -- me you know play this came out. Ellis started -- clean. And he Jonny Gomes speaking in the clubhouse today saying that he doesn't believe Alex Rodriguez should be playing as one and the pitcher facing him. Knowing that the guy is has been using -- it's hard to blame. Attacks Tuesday -- A-Rod -- hope every pitcher. Throws their fastest fastball. -- as in Tibet people do that at some some some probably -- yeah in the corners there's somebody out there that would -- yeah. We talked about this earlier. Usually those talented guys those those transcending guys have some degree of popularity think that the he is. He's unpopular with the umpires protecting Iran from. What do you think if somebody keeps throwing it -- quarter mired in evolved and give -- warning it both sides or -- -- just like get enough -- -- you wanna raise that little bit higher that's fine with -- within.

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