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MLB suspends players in biogenesis scandal

Aug 5, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the players suspended for using PED's and talk about the decision by the majority to not appeal.

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Butler got a 37 WEEI names starting to leak out. The players suspended by Major League Baseball want it. Take couple -- to make this list completes like it read to you. But a couple of major leaguers on this list that you know I had not seen before. Including the labor Philadelphia. Antonio let's -- -- had a really good year this year 47 years old pop left handed reliever. -- is now analysts wallet Nelson Cruz and others but I like. Give me a couple minutes -- -- to get as complete list for everybody's we go through it and obviously Alex Rodriguez among those apparently. Not surprising office with as well -- -- what 777979378. TT tech slide is 37937. Adam on the -- Waiting patiently talks with fully with -- live ID 37 WEEI at a power you. You're. I didn't call your. Would -- them before for Wright's interview and job I didn't it was here and some good teams that. Lou was thrown out and and it seized from -- you know potential. Play off the team -- bid and it didn't seem like I heard. Even pay for this -- were the dominant going to -- potentially then -- -- blast in Seattle. I don't know they have run for the championship but even guys like that comparison -- -- like Aaron Rodgers you know they always. Might be in for some reason I think he'd parable Brady in the sense. It does make players better and the last year they have. We BJ -- heard they had -- people down -- I just you know the beauty and a thousand how many teams could be any leader. Acting like a way and -- -- you know -- falls short when it comes playoff but it is always have the potential. So I just wanna make political blow up there team then just. I edit in that Adam. Yeah real quick the fourteenth that mentioned in the NFC worst Seattle San Fran Atlanta in agreement. All we're OK please forgive me I heard New Orleans and and when you're talking. I've looked at probably I heard about yeah about an FC east with the giants and. Not yet those those little four teams that I -- you know -- team like New Orleans who knows maybe team from the NFC east comes up who knows but. Those little four teams that you just mentioned Seattle San Fran Atlanta in Green -- Those that -- on your list. Patriots. Stephens Fall River on the patriots -- Pauses lately we oh we lost when you go to Steve is not there you got to move on Laura. The games start to leak out analyst in front of me here so far from Major League Baseball. Players who are all going to be suspended except -- fifty game suspension. There -- some players who. Were unexpected. But it sure -- valve was. The Mets utility guys been up and down yet this year he's fifty games Antonio -- start 01 of the top relievers in Philadelphia that -- couple and it's not very good. He gets fifty games. At the -- Sergio asked alone. Well not definitely where he gets -- games here today Ken Rosenthal reports that those three as well as previously mentioned players Nelson Cruz. -- Cabrera and Johnny roll out. All except fifty game suspension the same as they failed test under the joint drug agreement. Additional players facing punishment we're waiting bought the what apartments going to be Casey's on -- Francisco serve belly. -- -- -- -- -- But you know Bela -- Santos Fernando Martinez and Jorge Alberto. Off -- called eastward out Cologne Cabrera. Randolph. But faced further punishment as they already served if the gates expressed previously. Perfect the for fifty -- spent and obviously they felt those three timeline wise. Already served his suspension for their involvement. It have been different if after they serve the suspension. They were still involved but I think it suspended guy another fifty for the same front. Washington it is GO Gonzales and multiple or any Valencia this according -- -- put together a list here. I despite being executed early about Kansas -- Robert GO Gonzales came up but he used very adamant that. He should have been there have been cleared of wrongdoing by Major League baseball's investigation. So apparently all these players are going to. Except they're suspensions today. Except for Alex Rodriguez all these players it take fifty games. And they're all gonna say you know what I'll I'll take it not gonna fight it. -- Is below what does that appeal suspect what is it just it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ralston Nelson Cruz because of. -- -- The implications right Jimmy ever Cabrera San Diego is not really going anywhere -- the guys you worry about their teams involved in Houston Oilers are fairly even in yankees cap -- yankees are. Now nine and a half back. Texas has exactly fifty games left in the regular season. Detroit. Has 53 games left in the regular season so Nelson -- regular season is over. That team. Is on the fringe right now I have been playing good baseball. Lately now they sit next you come back a little bit now they did play well against Oakland but. You know what you do beat -- misses fifteen games. We've seen this before mayor mayor's been fifty games he had a rehab assignment he was that he should be allowed to -- her. Well mid September your minor league system is over. You know there's no minor league games. You know ever playoff start 1 September product over so that final ten games two weeks week before the -- the playoffs start Nelson Cruz. It is going to be down instructional league try to play some games to try to get something to get involved with the got -- -- say is that -- collect the Florida Arizona his face like the ticket but structurally that I had -- there. And that tax rates make the playoffs we saw last year. Giants going no part of Melky Cabrera named him a playoff here. Now as it grows this -- heaven and hell of a year if you make the post season and you don't want him on your team. You would think now. Jhonny Peralta income back the final three games of the regular season and be involved in the post season as well so these guys can still play and play out. There we have it. We haven't got the official word on A-Rod apparently because if he is going to appeal it in baseball -- it's not that what belts. The suspension. I guess that's the only thing that we're looking at here because you basically. Every other day we know and as Joel -- points out you know you're gonna have twelve players except fifty gave bands today. Right brawls ghetto is already accepted the 65 game ban and -- appeal. That about Rodriguez. But it doesn't say here technically yet they've suspended Alex Rodriguez through the end of next year that's the that's the feeling right now right if he's gonna get it to -- -- games suspension the rest of this year. All of next year. And that it would be a look back at the 39. And it's contract at that point I would still be impacted. By the New York Yankees but I'll always don't now is it it'll appeal it. Which if your baseball and this is a good thing because now we get to see all the evidence I think. We gets all the evidence Major League Baseball coach has that is about to read. There -- reports that some lawyers they'll have to reveal the evidence. If they -- take the next step maybe maybe you know it depends maybe trying to work this thing out to try to. Minimize. The games try to get the Yankees on the hook for more salary who knows. A jump Rosie John rose zero point ago when I was just saying oh last year. Melky Cabrera was eligible for the postseason and the giants -- not put him on the roster. Even though he was eligible did not put a month. What the tigers do you know what the Rangers do to make the post season they say you know what. This is while we traded for Jose Iglesias. He's playing a stellar defense you obviously maybe that the rest the year what he does it shows that might dictated. But it is it just you know they have an opportunity put back on the roster and the giants that -- -- what would that mean. In the case that -- at least they have a guy. What's -- is gonna do they try to make that deal that deadline they. They have nobody to replace the office I think it's it's it's it's much less likely they make the -- this point than Detroit does what. We'll see if that's part of today's announcement that this stuff leaking out now. In the -- people teams acknowledged. They're not gonna allow other guys to play like halo with swayze also somewhat on the says give a little with a life -- to me is very frequently and -- the year ago. Really I mean because I've always felt they were six teams in this playoff race for five right three east of Boston Tampa and Baltimore. I at Detroit essential and Oakley at Texas in the west. It what does this do to the Texas Rangers lose and a guy Nelson Cruz the year he's having. You know does it put. Now do you include Cleveland scene at this seventeenth this team Cleveland's. 62 and 49 as of right now they have that second wildcard. There one game ahead of Texas. You know they are two games ahead of Baltimore. Cleveland Indians all of a sudden feel pretty go with that the news of Nelson Cruz let's do this -- -- catch -- to -- -- they are we come back -- precept the list that his. Leaked out here today and some surprises on that list of players -- able except for the game bands. For Major League Baseball and the one info -- we don't have yet. Is that details what Alex Rodriguez he is set to appeal but what is the suspension. Until we do you have. Is they rods comets over the weekend ran this quiet out of this line we'll talk about that with your phone calls next.

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