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Decision day for Alex Rodriguez

Aug 5, 2013|

Dale and Dino opened the show discussing the impending suspension today at noon by Bud Selig for Arod. The merits of a life time ban and his salary were brought up.

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Well far be it from me to throw away wet blanket on your -- -- Floyd excitement about what is going to happen with Major League Baseball today at new. But sadly I think dale dale. Which on -- Ecstasy at the Whitey Bulger trials sadly will come to it and long before this Alex Rodriguez. Sandra comes to a close unless there about winnable August deliberations on the planet yeah I heard a case that doesn't seem to warrant that it's closing arguments today at Moakley and and a jury deliberation of -- 101520 minutes the market that. Depend that if they want to get a supper and to -- to -- a little free lunch here unfortunately. If you think the commissioner should note. Will suspend or rot for 214. Games I believe it is and then that closed the books. -- -- By most accounts by a lot of sources by everybody who is connected and tied into this thing he's not doing the auspices of Major League baseball's powers from the group of the game type of thing he's gonna do it on the drug suspension situation. -- means a rod is going to appeal. While he may hand down the suspension today talking about the commissioner this thing well is going to drag out for another week or two or three. Until he takes -- front of an arbiter named Frederick Horwitz sometime down the road. But you know if you are Red Sox fan if you grew up in New England -- among listed there or worked most you're like canoeing down like it's -- -- Isn't this like the best of all possible. We just like about it prevent it yeah they gonna take the field in Chicago tonight she'd be happy is why -- our -- If you're thinking about in terms of what can cause the most pain and suffering. But the New York yankees' yeah just might be well -- but on the other side they're saving some money here. Gonna save some money I -- but they're not gonna get out from under the deal that -- lifetime -- gave them what I fear would have been -- hundred -- on a -- sure exactly the same reset button that bench Harrington -- -- that trade to the LA Dodgers they were going to be able to do with -- And I didn't want a lifetime ban this is almost the best of all world yeah now that you just make it happen the date all the way. Second thought totals suffer for a couple of how does it lets him take the field in Chicago I just think it and and even better than that I wanna -- and take the -- back in New York. All I wanna see -- go back to Yankee Stadium and play in front of the 151000 people who'll actually legitimately be there. And I wanna see what it's like then this might be the best. Franklin laughter haven't heard from. Yankee fans I thought. Koch tweeted a picture of and so you're still alive he's alive but there's a lot of -- Now popping up by by Yankee fans right now on -- and I am not sure why this is. But don't you get the sense in the pantheon. Of of guys people love to hate and let's narrow it down the steroid cheaters people loved to hate. What has somehow. Superseded. Bonds and Clemens and certainly Sosa and Palmeiro and McGwire why is that. I mean it is is that his. Arrogance the narcissism miss out the -- of the -- the the beat the phoning us that he is the same reason people outside and hate Tom Brady. Just -- the ground he -- it's a weird sort of thing I think the people we Tom Brady don't -- him because they think -- that I think they just think he's too perfect while -- got it all go and no doubt still thought it was a kissing a -- for a teacher team fifteen times in a -- -- -- what are you beat your -- fifty that I turnaround might not get at us that a summoned to not -- August 2 very separate things that somehow some way as -- some. As bonds was. He had fans in San Francisco. Get supporters yet people said well. He may be a cheater -- are cheater we love Barry Bonds we like to see the splash in the bay all that sort of stuff I don't think there are many people in New York -- -- The bishop of Alex Rodriguez in the uniform. I brought this up yesterday with Bradford and I felt so weird happened here last week. On the Red Sox at Fenway Park had tea on a commemoration. Of the Joseph Morgan -- yes yes. Patrick Clements came back to a hero's welcome. I mean he talked with with David hole and and where promoting -- I listened to the audio and an -- and I heard tapes -- Jose yesterday he's gonna visit with them again when they go to Houston this week. -- thought Roger had passed the point where there yet there was a whole lot of old does yes yes yes. And it was like. Pale blue of the returning conquering hero -- oil can go a little larger applause than that he did it but you're right it's it's it was not what I expected yeah yeah. You don't think he was salvageable. But he is that apparently is this like Nixon eventually everything is forgiven I mean twenty years from now when Iraq returns to Yankee Stadium for some commemorate the -- and rather. Is it going to be the wave in the tipping of the imaginary cap and everybody applauding and standing. In fact it even worse John when nickel back to Yankee Stadium. We get them would get now. Article be -- now I think so too yeah. Yeah you know what's amazing and how Iran in his in his private moments you know when he's when he's. -- talked with the of the -- to shore. And he's telling her what he really feels does he feel like he is. Loved and -- or hated and despised because keep in mind while we all think the easy answer to that is hated and despised because most people despise him. You round these guys long you can club -- you've been at batting practice you have seen the love and adoration of the signed boys out there we sat aside I mean you know Pete Rose was Las Vegas at Mandalay bay over the weekend. And thousands and thousands of people came by it. Had their picture taken at an upbeat admittedly screwed up he lied all that sort of stuff actually did any of those photographs on the market is joining -- and sell well it's a couple. Johnny thanks Johnny trade -- Or Yankee Stadium when he comes home. All the personal connections that he has when he goes to a restaurant when she's -- It's all this -- and British love you exactly so I'm much Europeans aid disjointed or or or just come populated you'll what people really think of him. But by and large I think he has he has more. Dislike and despise the bonds and Clemens were on the worst days -- now. I mean you can't -- that that self absorbed or that stupid to not know what what most of America thinks about it. I mean he has to have some sense. Although I will say this the phony baloney threatened press conference where he sat -- acting like nothing to see here. Yeah and smiling everybody questions and and putting on the front here's a run at the press -- Can't wait to see my teammates I feel like -- I can help was when I can help us get better team. And -- -- out of my brother and long time. And they're dying to see you that's wouldn't you love to know what it's going to be like in the clubhouse -- yet he will go into the clubhouse before the mean season. And so it'll be a little more private it'll be a little more behind closed doors. I'll be curious in and -- leak would get word yet you all know was like he never left or. The little chilling account. Couple little little uncomfortable and I would guess it would be that. This is a -- probably. That people are going to look at Bud Selig and say he's doing a good job he has turning this around he is changing the legacy that had. Overseeing and supervising the worst drug scandal. Of any league at any time in any sport in history to the guy who is now somehow someway instituted. The toughest drug testing policies of any sporting. Culture with perhaps the exception of the Olympics. The problem I have with that is. If but and -- -- an and it I thought about this before and it really occurred to me when I read the hero story and Mandalay bay in Las Vegas this weekend. If Bud Selig really won it. Get rid of steroids it could be done. And this fifty to a hundred to 150 to 2141 of the case may -- do you think there's anybody based on what has happened to Pete Rose 25 years now he's been -- Not -- five games not fifteen games policies and on behalf not to fourteenth 25 bleeping years he's been banned from having anything to do a Major League Baseball. -- -- baseball comedy major leaguer company organized professional. Baseball players do you think it last calendar year bet on baseball I would bet none I would bet none 200. Not worth what exact. Exactly now what they are making so much money. And it they do that in nineteen of them do that addicts I mean why would I why -- I take that chance -- battle and you know. Pre season football right and so while writing -- brawn has suffered a major public relations and will lose wow what is -- 3.5 billion bucks. He may moderate. He made a hundred worth so -- You know going forward if the if the army's war as they are from gambling on the game of baseball you were done for life it is an instant death penalty no return you are dead. You cannot be revived you'll not be resuscitated we will not to -- a heart and you mouth the mouth your god. I think and does not we would think that would be the case and ironically. I don't think it's the commissioner that's gonna drive that bus I think the players. I heard buster only talking about this on -- on baseball tonight -- he said. Players are really -- and players want harsher penalties and this ball. It's the players who were gonna push for harsher penalties it's the players now who want Yunel basically two strikes around yeah. First time hundred games second time -- later. That's what the players are now inching towards. Because. Finally got the point where the majority of the players I think not right and I don't what could be and they don't want be victimized exactly. Victimized by the guys who are so I think it's the players who pushed the you know what screwed -- and the players. Almost unanimously our soul -- Ryan -- Alex Rodriguez and and they'll let Nelson Cruz to that list in Jhonny Peralta to that list. It's the players who were the most steamed right now. I I assume I don't know this for a fact that. It in the hierarchy Major League Baseball from from ultimate superstar down to these jags just another guy. They're probably is steroid use and an amateur that I can forgive the jag more quickly than I can a bonds Rick comes but I think I can I think I can't. But but. Why is it that the guys who don't really need it. To establish their place in Major League Baseball and I know Barnes was jealous of McGwire and Sosa. So that was his motivation but don't you look at them as as much more -- some much more self serving much more greedy much more. Reprehensible. Then what's the bright and drawback who spent what five and a half years ride buses -- minor leagues. And just trying to get to the big to make you know a million or two million bucks. As opposed to bonds who was a great player Clemens who was a great player. Sosa McGwire Palmeiro was a great player. Tree and Rodriguez is a great player. -- -- career numbers yesterday -- and yeah I mean unbelievable numbers. And you run through the and you say you know this is first ballot unanimous hall maybe -- He will never -- all -- know Roger Clements will never see the hall of fame Barry Bonds will never see the hall of fame without buying a ticket. And and maybe that's part of of -- that has the -- yeah map. If they have it and apparently you know they don't have enough all the days and wasn't that long ago. And it was win all the bonds and Clemens and Sosa and McGwire stuff came down. All of us on mass looked at Robinson will at least as the -- -- we got this at least I got it ain't gonna -- all bonds' record exactly looks and he's gonna do -- the right god bless him he's gonna knock blogs category all the categories and he will do it correctly she says he's -- -- century remembered that he might not have been cheating. I look at this as if we're talking about Jose Canseco junior this sentence if I I don't know that his -- her house and then using performance enhancing drugs I mean. I don't know if there's ever a time when he wasn't playing as a -- in my mind. Now I don't know if we have despite an -- like right to alias I think. Brought at that press conference actually said at one point you know we all want if we want to get CD -- game. -- -- That the gathered masses not just laughed in his face at that isn't that the same now. And this -- to stop violence in our society or Whitey Bulger saying we know we've got -- clean or are you -- right exactly I I just think that that criminals and and not put too fine a point on it but this is criminal behavior as far as baseball is concerned from Alex Rodriguez. They get this twisted warped view of things where it's not it's not wrong. You know I think it's like I bust into your house and I steal your -- via -- but I needed it more than new. Insurance what's -- -- right all right yeah and somehow in my head rational way -- and white -- I think it figured out a way to rationalize all the stuff he did and and you know actually -- the judge last week it's a sham trial right. I don't get I don't get to make my -- really well if you go testify why you can make whatever defense you want what this whole thing wasn't as he put his PR campaign over the years in South Boston well you know he. You know stepped over the line here in their loan sharking a little this little back. But he kept heroin he caddies cleaned up the streets of our lottery I felt awesome there's no heroin and because Whitey -- is -- Robin we can Betsy and it's the same thing they get things turned around in their head. And somehow some way. Doing wrong in. I mean we had a call yesterday it blew my mind at a guy and I remember because I remember his name and everything got -- martial. Who actually called and was dead set serious. That -- all of them the information was gonna come out in its Major League Baseball was at fault for what's going on -- Alex Rodriguez the Major League Baseball made him take this stuff. That Major League Baseball with forcing players. Because they needed at the home run race the attendance they needed that but at the interest in the game the NFL I -- I'm. Adding to his -- and here you know kept pushing baseball with a back. And in the -- was dead serious this is. Eight rod is a victim here -- going down that road about the most like you possibly say he has if they knew back during the whole run -- 99 Fenway Park. Home run derby all that's at their like you exactly. The Major League Baseball was enjoying that show and probably thought there was a problem that turned a blind eye to it that's different that marshall's argument however Nell now and and now I'll tell you how far it goes John. I remember this call vividly is really had a call yesterday from jail in Atlanta certain. Who told me that Aaron Hernandez was innocent. Because he's too nice a guy. And easy. He is her daughter's. Favorite player well and that there's there is no way he could have done this there are black jobs out there are -- it totals. The once or out on the street out front of so Karzai and I asked exactly and it's at all freeze. As well -- and there are whacked -- -- out there and my theory is somebody like Jill will be on the Aaron Hernandez jittery. Some like Marshall we'll have some affect on out on the public opinion of a guy like game. But aren't those people who say that are the jewels of the world's those -- of supporters the people out of -- the people who were at you know at his arraignment supporting him the one woman who flew in from the only influence from -- -- states. To support him. Aren't they armed with a tremendous amount of no information zero information they just not. It's dated July said had actually -- yell at the bright I I said it's my guy the guy I city to see the picture of him holding the gun she said. I'm not sure it was a good enough. I mean you got to try solo art and I said that to Marshall I said. Have you read the deet tails the information of course that NM and when he was saying that Major League Baseball made Alex Rodriguez take this stuff yeah in Major League Baseball make Alex Rodriguez. Hate Tony bosh to come to his house and inject him in the ass with stuff. Did that they can do it and -- the. -- suppose all of that they all Chile show and they knew right from wrong and they saw the exact convict being. Aaron Hernandez are set to work. If she had made the argument your innocent until proven guilty. We have no further discussion more absolutely correct correct. But it wasn't that it was he's not guilty innocent. He's too nice a guy which he likes to our -- that never met -- well but. I'd seen him in two niceties to go to guy. I'd like to think that -- or hours based on the information based on what is presented to the -- trial I understand as the OJ Simpson case and a bunch of others to just make you roll your rise. And Jordan and and just you know. Look at this and see the details and find out all the information and are not big rain misses like Jill or Marshall over the case may be. You need is one ignorant I guess so. -- 61777. -- 7937. X line 37937. A Gordon leads joins us at 7 o'clock as we assess the Red Sox. Am by the way our expectations of this team now qualifies in your mind as -- expectations for this baseball team. Since they're on pace to win we checked. 97 and a half games and you do it every every day I listen every day you update the number 97. And half they -- project the playing 602 baseball their 23 games over 500 if they will -- and will will see what agents are. Michael McCann on some of the legal issues presenting itself -- yet we do need to talk to Michael unable join us in the 8 o'clock hour. Fault lines are open will -- -- you next.

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