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Gordon Edes on the Sox continued hot play

Aug 5, 2013|

Gordon told Dale and Dino that the deal for jake Peavy has already paid dividends. Gordon noted that as a former Globe employee he would have a hard time working for a John Henry owned newspaper.

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-- -- with 84 points yet I think he's gonna finish third. I think the team that wins -- division probably won't win more than 8889. Games. I like the evidence. That was February and don't feel bad Gordon needs because everybody was on the wrong I don't with details Gerry Callahan actually -- I think this is going to be a break outs approve of the year for will -- -- and that's exactly worked out either according Gordon needs no -- -- Big part of all the things that have surprised you about this baseball team and I mean just the big picture where they are on pace to win 97 and a half games but small stuff. David's recovery from the Achilles lackeys resurgent as a pitcher do Brock came to camp fat in -- worked out great. You are hard success as a closer -- Hanrahan and Bailey go down the cultural club while actually changing things and anything else you can think -- What surprises you the most about what this team is done. I mean think of the -- he just read through it I mean all of those certainly qualifies. As great surprise it's I suppose for me. Lucky. Lackey emergence as as such -- -- I. After we side you know two years of nothing but misery and then a one year out. I'm not taking it public -- the surgery. To me that's probably been the biggest thing. In any other thing I I exit policy in terms of the surprise. When you have got much roster turnover. That this team was able to come together as a team. As quickly as they did it really shows -- hearing came in and his. Is baseball ops people did their homework in and really brought the right kinds of people here you CPB is geek yeah -- right -- You know Gordon about a 100% of the people in spring training and early on in the season laughed at scoffed at this concept. That good character guys in the club house would make a difference and is it turns out the Red Sox were right about this. And and we laughed and -- were wrong. Suspect that's going to be 88 new metric. Going forward in terms of acquiring talent by this team and others are much -- much of a copycat league Major League Baseball is -- is that for the Red Sox a new metric going forward. Well I think the Red Sox have always paid some attention to visit to the idea whether. A guy can play in Boston but picnic -- Yeah. Over the years ago it directory or want Culpepper was certainly another I'm. I think now this reinforces even more that that that's going to be. Something that big factor into this as much as there. War or their old PS. Gordon up Bobby Valentine certainly got his share of the blame and deservedly so for the failures. Of a year ago how much credit does John Ferrell get for the successes of this year. You know it's funny. You know like I what are -- going to lead a -- too much credit. A recount trying to search term Felix DuPont and if you remember about a lot of I wanna. But besides I think being. Accomplishment -- insight into that painting that DuPont had a chance abuse a pretty darn good picture edit. Can be -- Spring training in 2012. But because you're quite cynical about -- it and of course -- deserves a lot of credit. I think. He came on a -- -- so little good little one because you -- and Bobby Valentine. You can break the voices was a -- at. In his favor. In two it is. The fact that he had a lot of pre existing relationships. With guys including maybe the most important guy that's -- Pedroia who loved him when he was here it's a pitching coach. You knew that this. It was going to be concrete. Two except John and that's certainly been the case in in -- scandal. He hasn't created a single -- -- my knowledge I can't think of a single site -- That John -- as created here. Since he became an entry he said he would keep the attention on the players it was all about the players and he's lived up to. Gordon I don't know what the accepted number is of games a manager and win or lose based on his in game decisions. But would you not agree that at least in this case. He's winning more games not how he manages baseball players on the field but how he manages personalities and people as a whole on the organization. Yeah an in depth in -- big Saint John you know -- at the exit you know there really isn't a huge amount of difference between. The thirty guys who occupied big -- back -- but it's its ability to to create an environment. In particular player that's can't succeed. -- can you -- we have to. Contributed to that. So what -- -- Interact with bench Harrington in the way don't seem to be bought and then it sort of all the all the evil. I didn't meet. In. In the -- too much and it's -- content -- Uncle who -- an independent. Treated or early on because -- -- and we're on the current. And imply anything about other content. You're going to have a platoon in the Olympics right now we're probably ultimately and -- which frankly surprised me. I think -- They're scoring you wouldn't you know it continues for -- at least -- don't -- the media interest. They reached out on the marketing end and bring up you know Oak Park middle works. That statement a very harmonious and well. You know you mention a specific managerial knowledge and and it is not that big difference between wins losses -- what he does in the field where you'll where Gordon that a manager accidentally raises his left arm and points to the bullpen he has to bring the left -- in 'cause I certainly wasn't. No -- in you know -- it is introducing. I was fascinated by Spitzer the cute as can happen -- or meet Terry patent and satellite -- -- into the ballclub when he didn't have anybody warming up and the umpires to this beeper or the there's been a lot of discussion from what I understand in Major League Baseball. Seeing that happen. And from what I understand the crew chief server -- -- -- the basically -- -- evenly almost evenly divided. -- whether or not the right decision was made by Gary darling that night that. I mean it there is absolutely nothing in the rule book correct that states what what what anything about you know. Pointing at the ball. I'd the only thing the rule says is that -- a pig reference to informing the umpire. We substituted scored to patent. In. A number of the crew chief says. You know what they think should have they should've let that Robby Thompson. Correct his mistake it was just a simple mistake. He corrected it in from the others said no no that's absolutely. Out of the way it should be. And you know if it is we change it and John welcomes right and out of the -- as a way to check in a -- All the while -- all. That's when things are going good for you don't think that they're trying to break into your favor and and and thinks there obviously are very well be right back pieces. -- Life as a series of career decisions and we've all had career decisions that we've had to make at one point. Are you covered the Boston Red Sox in Major League Baseball for the Boston Globe now for ESPN Boston. Have you given any thought over the last few days of what it would be like if you were still covering the Red Sox the Boston Globe. You know I I I think that the running joke of course is set. John Henry standing I'll have money. So he could fire on these. I'm waiting for the announcement that -- at the end henceforth will be known as the the columnist who shall not be named. As is being used to refer to look Grady Little. The name that I mean it is it's. It's going to be very intriguing to watch how this plays out I mean we Chad. Situations like in Chicago the Tribune Co. All the right track let me this -- This is like the baseball team is is buying the newspaper and if I'm John Henry you know. And I know the red sack and what I wanna beat scooped my home paper would not. You know we trade Manny Ramirez or something it beyond that it'll be interesting to see beekeepers. Those -- upgrading but since they. You know it's it's I got to. Think there are few lucky folks on -- Morrissey boulevard and you'll -- I think that that perception of conflict of interest even if it is in real. I can tell you this that the folks at -- and don't think they get any breaks in terms of breaking news. While being in the being history in its -- over the years. How many times has -- broken a story. Whether they just sit on up state that they know and Inco were I don't know it it has a little. I don't think that's it by the it. I I think that there's been such an attempt to make sure there isn't the perceived conflict of interest that the go the other way it goes the other way sometimes. You know I mean it in and that's possible but -- I guarantee you mean that's -- that's -- bad part about being. He gave him our our -- -- right now. Hey is it -- -- breaks stories there's always going to be good news -- -- you know John Henry at a Mets story or whatever it's. If it's hard it's hard to overcome that that that perception. We're talking -- Gordon needs from a ESPN Boston Gordon are you aware as the -- about him down on A-Rod head at noon today. Of a cultural cede change within organized baseball in particular. Among the players where they are now looking at steroid users differently than they did five or six or eight or ten years ago. Oh there's no question I mean. I think a body check in in -- in the past and wouldn't -- -- which would spilled the head of the union and all. You know for years suppliers resisted any kind of our testing has as a violation that a part in the Olympic they felt it was so guilty until proven innocent to have to submit -- -- Now the players that are are the ones who seem to be demanding that says that -- wield the kind of temporary it's right now and and I mean -- You would not have seen. Other players publicly castigating riot prod for example the only they did after captive by came down on him and in Iraq it's going to be a -- And -- net obviously it's a sea change. I actually think Gordon did in the off season. The players association. Are gonna recommend stiffer penalties to Major League Baseball. They could I mean -- -- they decide that that -- the only way to really. Clean up the game is to make it one strike in your right in in in bringing in a lifetime ban at all and you know to me what I. My hesitation about all of that is. It got to wonder if twenty years from now we're going to look at things like HGH entirely differently. And they considered as something. Isn't this. Evil in and that it's going to be in that society may end up being at a a big old. Tactic how many people actually down in Florida luck obviously. Are doing something to look to turn that turned actor -- clock on on aging and Olga. You -- wondered if it will be. More generally accepted as a way to treat injuries and are incapable all the and so that we do now that the data that are accepted like. You know the blood. Spitting blood replacement therapies that people like Crawford -- other players that. Which -- sleep -- it it's -- you know there's some in line separating. What we we take a permissible and what what are our rejected at this point. You know Gordon -- it seems to me that -- really wanted to wipe out PTDs just as you said a lifetime ban would do that think about this Pete Rose -- -- register about this weekend. -- Mandalay bay. -- -- out that he has been banned from baseball for 25. Years my guess is I don't know this for a fact nobody in Major League Baseball has placed a bet on Major League Baseball. -- long long time and if indeed there would be support. Lifetime bans. Up by the players and by the players' union why would not go that route. Well I I think that's I think -- what's right and when when you said. It -- will be discussed. Obvious winner it and and I guess the reason. You hesitate. To do something that drastic is because. We as a society tend to be a little on the forgiving side. You know me you make one mistake OK we'll give you another shot but this would allow. No mistakes. In your right maybe that's what what it would take. For two reduce. And that conversation entirely that the nobody would even think abusing. PEPs put. It is a pretty drastic solution. Give us an update or let you go on Clay Buchholz do you think he's. Probably pretty on point accuracy wise with I'll see you in September -- -- is he up to 91 feet now -- -- light brown and 81% intensity. Yeah you know what -- I think he's actually going to be the September 1. -- protections. He had his -- and -- I know how many times we've all heard this. He had his best throwing section to date yesterday. That close to operate the bush really worked in. Atlanta -- Pretty well from 98 Eaton also group from 150 feet. The next step is -- again and -- Heard the cycle so many times you can get up on the mug in it its -- does take place. In the coming days. I could see. With the rehab stint doll that incoming before the the end of pocket by it seems like everything's trending in the right direction. But again you know we heard time and time again so who knows. These are forever espn.com ESPN Boston Gordon needs gore and thanks for the timely information always a pleasure talking baseball with him. Eric Gordon needs with -- or Callahan actually -- -- on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LTE. Speeds up to ten times back to the three GAT and T re think possible fault lines Opel will talk with you next Michael McCann legal issues in the 8 o'clock.

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