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Drake Britton with Joe & Dave from the dugout after the Diamondbacks series

Aug 4, 2013|

Drake Britton talked to Joe & Dave after the last game of the Diamondbacks series. The rookie Sox pitcher hasn't allowed a run in his first seven games.

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And that made -- great play at a strike out in this battle our Robin. Great enough pitched five innings in the major leagues hero. In the run column that's what a great way to start out. -- I mean it definitely that the feels good to be able to go out there and can contribute a positive way. -- off knock off a full grid out there. You know we got an amazing guys went behind us are swinging the bats well. You know I couldn't be happier or more you know just in all happy you know to be on this team to -- to be winning like we are. Greg do you feel old the club and John Farrell you know having more and more confidence -- every one of your outings because everyone's been raving about. You know you're stuff and electricity in the arm and everything but this is this is another level beyond their business. Com. And had to sit outside look too far -- relatively you know just one running out of time but you know it's it's it's a great feeling you know -- You know one of the main things I wanted to do. Throughout you know -- in the minor leagues -- -- -- -- one of the game you know the trust of the team the stuff back. So you -- I'm going out there on selling out you know every time like in the game. And just tried it's not just to contribute to the two wins in the game in any way possible -- the figure feeling. -- -- -- those guys you know are perhaps -- Wear them throwing. You know it's it's it's more it's more fuel you know from my motivation from what you've always been a starter at Drake and this has to be an adjustment -- had it done it. I wasn't too big of an adjustment like. The run up the you know on -- going to be relieving himself like I didn't know what was typical of this. I just kept an open mind. You know whatever they needed me to do what are they asking -- -- I was gonna do it and if I didn't know how right -- I would finally them. You know got to find a way it was time to get it done. But it's just an amazing you know you know nothing's really changed my mind -- nothing like. You know it's just it's it's it's a good fit for me right now but you know whatever whatever you know the Red Sox but this organization. Decision it's it's gone wild. During what is it like being a part of a group -- guys like this that when they need data peace they don't just add anybody they they -- Jake Peavy who comes in. Does it does last night and you win again today in the Red Sox win another series announce on the road. With a one game lead and being part of what's going on here how special is it -- It's it's amazing. You have to come up to the Red Sox organization you want to of these guys -- You play with now watching on TV. We're not really in the -- around in the clubhouse so like. Once I got there it was unbelievable team chemistry. You know every one comes to the field -- but it -- after and budget to to the rotation justice. You know he's an unbelievable pitchers and we will keep in. It -- -- and the duty did last night you know -- -- game and still won and you know he'd fit right in. You know with what was going on you know with a lot of older guys to Sonoma the world just put it together right now and I could be more important. Who's helped you especially -- Obama talked. Jon Lester. A couple times assessments of him there when he's in the dugout with the times Austin on the much like that the Bruins. Of correct and map out and now both lefties. Out there and stuff like just ask him questions here in the about that it is these days. You know made a routine that it's again it's on -- the relievers -- -- like. So just those guys in just the lefties -- It's been huge so you know there's there's some things that I didn't know. That a father and ask them I would never known. You know it's little things on those guys -- -- -- -- should probably. You know little annoyed if you ask them questions and limited and you -- on there off. They obviously a quick learner congratulations on another job well done it's been a terrific watching you work thank you very much.

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