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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Joe Castiglione

Aug 4, 2013|

John Farrell talked to Joe Castiglione before the rubber game of the Diamondbacks series. John told Joe that Jake Peavy passed his first Fenway test with flying colors.

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-- happy birthday and finally he celebrated that last -- would like to celebrate another today. You would be it would be -- to get a win today finish off a strong homestand certainly win a series against a very good team in Arizona. And give us that continued momentum into this ten game road trip because we're gonna go through a couple places where it's going to be challenging force particularly. When you go to those three cities stops. You can't take anything lightly and continue to to go out and battle and prepared -- ability. Last night it felt like such an important game because of Jake Peavy start. And then he did everything and I could've expected and probably more heart. Well he passed with flying colors there's no doubt in coming off you know last that was the first time -- started in nine days because of the trade he was scratched last Tuesday number of reasons for that. And I think once he got through that first inning it was command was good three quality pitches that he was able to -- and swung and missed and get some strikeouts with. But I think the one thing that people are gonna become familiar with is just that tenacity on the mound -- competitive spirit that he has. The self talking and yelling at how do from time to time to get himself fired up and I think that can rub off on other guys immunity he carried some momentum to the amount of movement and energy and we'll certainly feed off. And watching him he looks like he has the presence of the guy who's been a number one starter in an ace of the staff. Well he's had a long track record of success so whether it's the mound presence -- body language he knows what he's doing he's well prepared. You know it just a short time Sergio would get an understanding of you know his. Two days leading up to a start and and don't know the physical work but the other preparation go through with the video review the -- in the game. There's a reason why he's been sought after and so successfully it's the work that he puts into his craft. -- and Patrick Corbin pitch last night and really promising young pitcher with a great great stuff. But it looked like a relentless lineup finally got to -- that seventh inning guys. I think we -- you know finally warm down a little bit today even when he was at the hundred pitch mark which isn't a whole -- it's not an abnormal number of pitches thrown but. There were a lot of stress pitches inside that outing in and to be expected you know you're you know a -- run game -- one nothing game 11 game. He's got very good stuff and for people that don't see many of the National League. Players or -- pitchers. This is one of the best left handers in the game when you think that a lefty up the 95 miles an hour three define pitches a good breaking ball good change up. He's got plenty of weapons to attack -- -- and we've finally broke through victory -- home run was key. And then Jake after struggling the first couple of at bats against him and it's a little bit of flare base hit to break the tie him and were able attack on some runs after. Clay Buchholz who will throw again today yeah you see progress. Yeah very much so there's increased intensity each time he's been on flat ground were hopeful that when we get down into Houston. The first series on this upcoming trip that he'll start to incorporate some more on the mound and and start to build back in the slope. Because when he was getting to those bullpen sessions before. It was the angle the mound -- that. Increased extension. That every pitcher goes through that he was still feeling some of those symptoms so. That's why we kind of step back and rebuild some of the volume in the intensity of -- first but he's moving in the right direction. How about to Alex Wilson Franklin Morales -- -- to a third last night you know he's a little bit of good command is getting some swing and missed was fastball. You know it was up to 93 miles an -- we've got another -- planned on Tuesday for him to go two innings again so his time is getting closer to where he's going to be ready. So the repeated Mercury news coming out of it feeling fine physically. Alex Wilson -- two innings tomorrow Pawtucket. And likely 35 pitches he's had two outings already in and he's come out of that -- -- has -- had no issues so. As much depth as we've tapped into with guys coming up for the first time we've got a couple of veteran guys -- guys have been with us for the majority -- the year started back in the mix as well. Today Felix -- -- goes against Brandon McCarthy I was quite a story -- very serious injury last year fractured skull. We hit by a line drive. I take a lot of courage to get back on the mound well there's no doubt and when you're thinking the severity of which he had to go through there with being rushed to the hospital of this surgery or to relieve the pressure after being. Hit with a line drive you know there's always the physical side of it to to get. Recovered and to build back from that but from a pitcher's standpoint. It's not uncommon in the situation like this for years you might -- you guys get a little gun shy from a ball that -- -- in the middle of the you know back to the box and it was such authority so. You know it's setting aside today's performance I think when you see guys go through lesbians from get back on the -- it's it's a victory in its own right. And you gotta put more left and that's in there yet we are righty you know Mike -- will be in left field today. -- called me back over third base so won't -- a little bit more left him aside in this. Our Mercedes-Benz manages question January Roger Clemens share the same birthday. August 4 1960 to tell us about your are facing him when you're with the Cleveland Indians and Rogers with a Red Sox. Well -- you know other than both be in right handed starters in saint birthday I think the similarities and you know you're talking about a 300 game winner you're talking about you know incredible. Performance over the course of a long long and successful career but. Yeah we we had that series in I think it was 1988 and was actually on the day game it wasn't I don't think it was August 4. But it was a day game in Cleveland that we had we had a game the night before are on -- Saturday night. In Doug Jones are close are the tar and he threw a changeup up and in on Tony Pena. And a caution comes snapped back and and kind of hit the deck a little bit but it was a change but wasn't that tense it's a ball out of and I think there was some carry over affect the next day because. Stand Jefferson who was our leadoff guy at the time. He took him Clemens fastball to the back of the -- -- back in the arm that. My gosh I thought he almost threw it throws -- what one thing led to the other need to protect your teammates so I've got to go out and I in the -- and rich Kidman. And we are talking about that in spring training as well we're gonna laugh about it but the book before you know the benches are cleared. Places going crazy it was it was kind of a melee but. Yeah I didn't want to I think the three times or Roger and I had started against one another you know in here in Boston or Cleveland so. I think we came up in the short at a bowl goes through the outcome of the game I don't think the brawler too well either hopefully you celebrate your birthday with a win Jan fifth thanks Joseph I appreciate it. Our question with a manager was brought to you by Mercedes-Benz. The Mercedes-Benz C class sophisticated elegance with supporting style top rated safety with thoroughbred performance visit your local Mercedes-Benz dealer. For more details -- -- the job.

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