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Dale and Rob share memories of Hall of Fame Head Coach Bill Parcells

Aug 4, 2013|

After an emotional induction ceremony for the 2013 NFL Hall of Fame class, Dale and Rob take a closer look at Bill Parcells’ time in New England. Dale recalls his interactions with the iconic coach and gives us a glimpse into Parcells’ unforgettable personality.

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Our number two sports Sunday Sports Radio WEEI our thanks to -- Lavelle. Red Sox bench coach who came down our studio and took some calls from you guys so it's fun to talk baseball with -- as we began the show by telling you it is expected that tomorrow Bud Selig will announce that Major League Baseball will suspend Alex Rodriguez. For the remainder of this season and all of next season. Jim -- Tweeted out just few minutes ago just in case Alex Rodriguez has played his last game in major in the major leagues by the way that's a pretty good -- But let's assume that's the case. His career numbers 300 batting average. 384560. That's the line. 512 doubles 647. Home runs 19150. RBIs. 3M VPs fourteen all stars. Ten silver sluggers. Numbers by anybody's estimation. Guarantees you first ballot hall of fame inclusion. In fact it's one of those -- we always wonder who's going to be the first unanimous choice for the hall of fame those numbers alone don't say that he would have a a chance at that. Back to the batteries he'll never be in the whole thing he will never. Ever Roger Clemens will never be in the hall of fame. Barry Bonds will never be in the hall of fame despite the people in bonds' case disable his numbers before he started taking were good enough. In this case -- they rod it would appear. That they have proof of -- using 2009201020112012. So despite those gaudy numbers for A-Rod he will never sees the inside the hall of fame without a -- Before this latest. -- vote allegations came to era and I actually thought there might be chance he might be the guy. He might be the -- opened the doors of the hall of fame -- steroid users because like you said his numbers are so over the top. He did his own little apology thing early on and OK you moving on and as we I think that we've talked about before. Once you get that one guy. The the conversation changes if you get that one guy in the little things are different -- no chance no chance now. He's not going to be don't want. Not only -- get suspended tomorrow. Bud Selig will use the commissioner's power. To ensure that he has to sit out even when he appeals and A-Rod says he will appeal. It was pretty obvious yesterday that A-Rod and his advisors wherever they are whoever he's listening ones that are calling Stephen bass -- yeah. Those all of a sudden yesterday -- -- crap we've overplayed our hand here. We'd like to talk. And Bud Selig said nah I'm good thanks no no thanks and good for him he said enough is enough. You know see you Monday. Coliseum but you know -- and the announcement will come Monday. I'm frustrated that he didn't come before this but it'll happen tomorrow. And A-Rod will be suspended for about 214 games there and we're so focused on -- rugby and we talked about the other reported twelve guy Jhonny Peralta. Who yeah just the reason this whole Jake Peavy trade came about unity no guys we're gonna impact this race Nelson Cruz Nelson Cruz yes absolutely. And it's it's going to be fascinating and you don't post makes you wonder. Why there wasn't even more actively trade deadline week we've talked about why there is an -- much activity trade deadline. But for teams desperate who know your guys are gonna get pinched. Who are in the pennant race -- think they might do a long lines of what Detroit did but he didn't. I don't know if they could be all comes down over and we understand. But you know the Rangers for instance. There's a big hit for them. As the team's three and a half out of Oakland certainly right in the middle of things went out and got Garza. And they weren't able to get that other -- humane emitter mayors certainly don't think if the fail -- may have hoped he would be I'm guessing probably another guy you'll never see the whole thing -- nine and again and I really really regret that. -- at the speech. I just wanted to manners beach I bet it would have been better than the seven I saw last night right and I I know I keep harping on this because it. In my opinion it was such a great show that the NFL put on last night. I would say of the seven speeches I heard Chris Carter was probably the highlight they saved him for the last spot and probably they knew what was going to be the highlight. Bill Parcells was was not far behind in my opinion. A remarkable speech by Parcells and his as he sat there talking. I tweeted this out last night every Monday. -- I had the pleasure of doing Bill Parcells radio interview via and we would tape -- before him on the air at 10 o'clock. We would take at about 915930. Because obviously when we played the twelfth he was a little busy. And when it first got announced that he was gonna do a radio thing which shocked everybody that Parcells had agreed to do. The phone rings my house. 1 evening about supper time and it's August and it help ourselves on the phone. -- says that -- this Bill Parcells. I understand we're doing a radio show together and I said yes coach Jerry so remarkable idea. I'm not sure this is such a great idea but you know they want me to do what I'm gonna do. He says I just watch and one thing he was dead serious so what you know one thing. Never ever ever be afraid to ask me anything. He said in a worst case scenario I'm gonna tell you I can't answer. But don't be afraid task and in it was that way all along via now initially. I would watch the games on Sunday. Thinking about what Monday morning was going to be the patriots would stink and I'd be on -- guy I gotta walk into his office and take this thing tomorrow morning. And I act quickly learned it was the exact opposite of what I expected. They would stink on Sunday and I go in his office and he'd actually be kind of up beaten chipper via and they play great on Sunday night when his office and he'd be a -- And after we got to know each other a little bit and had worked together for awhile I finally. You know. Had enough comfort people -- I can ask you -- off the so I can ask your question I said you were the exact opposite of what I expect and I told him about I'd watch the game on Sunday and he said dale. We lose -- game yesterday. The last thing I need is to -- here and be all hang dog my job is to get everybody back up again get them -- because were on the road for the next week's game. He said now on the other hand we -- their play pretty well yesterday I don't need these guys think and they're all back then. I gotta get their feet back on the ground and it make total sense when I thought about it from the head coach's perspective. I hadn't put it you know in his terms before. And his speech yesterday was remarkable he was one of two guys. Who went out of their way to thanked their ex wives. He he and and his ex wife was there the mother of his daughters. And he went out of his way to -- -- for the remarkable job she did raising their daughters. He said when I was not he said and and sometimes. You know. East when I couldn't be there and sometimes just wasn't there in other words there were times when he may be could have been there any wasn't. He told the story of you know every couple of years having to sit around the kitchen table with his daughters and tell them that they were gonna move again. And how much tore him up to see the look on their faces. And Warren Sapp was the other guy who went out of its way to thank his ex wife and said that she supported him when when many people wouldn't. And that was when Warren -- finally broke down and everybody was via the hole when -- Warren gonna cry thing yeah and it was when he talked about his ex wife. Yeah but it was a remarkable show and it just. To my mind it gave me even more indication of the separation between Major League Baseball in the NFL well let me ask you this going back the Parcells thing. Was there any time the you remember -- being even with that main -- from him. Saying don't be afraid after anything that you were uneasy about asking him -- no because he had told me. You know it and there were times when he would just flat out say look I can answer. Which I understand there there. Certain times when coaches or managers here at at Fenway they can tell you some things in their something's they can't tell all the time I mean the whole thing. Around the trade deadline while while widely widely polled oppose vaguely gas well I just wanted to get -- come. John I mean we all know that's not true and he knows when he says that it isn't true. But there are certain things you can say and certain things you cancer. I I love dealing with Parcells. And ultimately you know out and as as time went on I had the opportunity to work with Tom Coughlin. When I was doing BC football and he was the head coach at BC and he is Parcells -- they they are the exact same guy. But they -- the classic don't ask the question if you don't wanna hear the answer kind of guy well Parcells. Right when he was here for writers this was the equivalent of going through a good movie. Every single day. It became an entertaining. Thing the press conferences it was great. And the funny thing wise last year when Valentine -- A lot of people said this is going to be like Parcells isn't going to be how it is wet every single day is going to be. I standup comedy routine it's going to be entertaining one way or the other. And it became entertaining to a degree because the chaos and -- the holes he would take for himself yup but Melton went out of his way I thought. As the year went on also to be less in the last entertaining lasted less more importantly lesson last insightful. And I think that that's a good thing about Parcells. Is that you could ask him something like as you said. And you can get some insight from one won his decision was or -- you little thing that's what made him great I think that. That's all you asked. Also say this site I I found him much more. Giving. In both the press conference at a radio show perspective by a factor of ten than ballot check it. Belichick does the weekly radio thing on this radio station and in my opinion is subject of the weekly thing on his radio today he doesn't give you much and and -- this whole idea what you just have to read between the lines of well off. By biggest pet peeve -- I hate that and because there wasn't anything now to this -- lines. And and again I understand how he operates I idea I appreciate that on the other hand -- Tom Brady on. In the mornings with John and -- have to dance that fine line that -- does but does so in an entertaining and and giving way. Much more so than his head coach in that regard now Parcells. Wasn't gonna give anything you do like give either. But he didn't know much more entertaining fashion and a much more. -- it was fun it was fun to listen to as you -- the press conferences were must listen the radio shows or must listen. Because he he got it he understood it. And I tell it would. Think that Parcells did that Belichick does on occasion which is. When you tell stories you'll have to be specific -- -- tell stories entertaining stories entertaining anecdotes. And every service can be a two or three times a year but Belichick would Belichick does that that's he's so good that's the past. Right it's the frustrating part because he can beat that. Yeah. And -- by the way a couple of times have been around him away from the set. Was at a charity golf tournament with a one time. He was funny he was friendly. He you know he he has all those things that he's not when he's got that. That cut off hoodie on and you know when he standing there at that podium and guys who know and certainly much better than I -- Lenny Clarke says the same thing he said he's funny he's fun to be around -- he's outgoing. He just he. When he gets in that setting he -- to -- no. How funny years. It's -- all in relation to all proportion right. But they can say let me Clark and say Bill Belichick it's funny but does he really think he's funny he's funny compared to what. He -- in the press conferences I don't know but is he really funny. I I find that hard to believe that Lenny Clarke as a pretty -- stated for funny. It helps you go pal Lenny says he's funny. Will let the -- refute that but I am probably both bill ballot Jack and pepper Johnson where their last night the went practice yesterday. My guess is Robert Kraft gave them the use of his plane. As they hop on the plane flew to Camden Ohio where there. They showed Belichick a couple of times they didn't show pepper but I read that he was there as well. And and then while they have the day off today so the return wasn't quite as big -- deal although I'm sure coaches that work to do well and you talked about the difference between the football hall of fame presentation baseball presentation obviously there wasn't any marquee guys going in this year the baseball hall -- done well. I don't count the media guys and and I mean you don't disrespect off to Tom cheek or anybody I'm just saying no it's not the same -- I understand but even if otherwise you look at the football. How the present and it not only speeches but the day before. Where they get up there that put the jacket on him and Warren Sapp is up at Jack in the price measured for a few years ago. And it did that whole part pomp and circumstance the lighting stage everything is great. The whole show the most out watching them thinking man Major League Baseball has got to think about their hall fame and think about whether they wanna just. And this stick to the NFL the way they did this year because this year they just gave it away. Our spectacles we go 6177797937. With telephone number -- on the cellphone taken I don't. Hey guys it's an all out. I just really really love the way to -- as -- or and -- the ball collapse started it but what do you think their position. That that is one thing they are an extremely likable group and they -- a group not just because they came back from six runs down in the ninth inning earlier this week. But they -- group that acts as though they are never out of the game ever. You go at it and I figured -- Torre let -- hit on this a little bit but Jonny Gomes such a huge part of this team. And the best becoming more and more and more evident as the year goes on. Is in this is what this was a guy who signed early November. And usually you don't sign that type of player that early to those type contracts by giving the red -- credit for this. Because he has been everything you want as advertised. -- -- only performance wise guys batting average could be a little bit I -- understand that. But in terms of what he brings to the game you talked about the compete level. I am telling you you talk to those players you talk to those coaches. And I think they bring up from the first day of spring training with his presence in the dugout about getting on guys always being in the game talking about baseball. I think that but that leads to the kind of competition level you're talking to. I think about PP. We all of these picture quality years ago I've always -- been a real guy you might -- or. All -- but he somehow manages -- to say that I think battle. That's a big piece of that trade. I don't know if you agree about the other eight speeds are up -- I think the competition level blasters seem pretty much on the sixers haven't they were out of there. You know and I think that they end up -- college. -- I think that's a huge difference between -- -- in clusters and they want. Extend the game -- want to thank. Well I mentioned Jim Bowden a few minutes ago because of the tweet that he had out but he was on station earlier this week in and I was talking about. The job bench Harrington has done rebuilding. And -- forget about on the field from moment just rebuilding. The character of the clubhouse. And you think about you know the guys who he got rid -- not that everybody was a bad guy I don't mean to make it sound that way. But but when he went out to have to rebuild this team it was obvious that that he was looking for a certain type. A certain personality type a certain. Inner drive tight and and every one of the moves that he made this team seemed to fit into that category. And by the way I think Jake Peavy does as well which. -- challenging thing because you go the trade deadline and you don't have like treaty do in the offseason right. There is that you murdered getting the best talent you can and I mean this point announced yesterday. Our regard. Was a talent guy he he had gone on a pretty good run earlier off on the 2011 season. So you can see what they were looking out when they said we have to get a number three starter. We have to. But it's not the personality is exactly what you want fitting in that time a year. They didn't really work out either so I've become very fortunately getting peavy the talent. But also the person now. I heard Kirk arguing this point with John interior organized argument when public the chemistry argument I -- a letter like the magic well magical wizard hats in the unicorn and I do believe that overall in professional sports that biology beats chemistry. Okay you got to have talent -- matter how good guys who are that you have or. How much they get along if you don't have talent the biology part. In the chemistry part won't overcome it. But I don't think chemistry. Take say a good team up and watch him and it probably can't take a bad team and make it a good team because of old biology thing. But I don't think there's something to. A group of guys who care for each other who who wanna play for each other and the example I would also uses the team that I follow all winter long. It doesn't take too many trips inside the bruins' locker room dressing room to see how much they care about each other how much. You know they don't wanna let the guy sitting in the stall next to him down. They don't wanna be that guy who makes it you know bad for that guy sit across the the dressing room. And and I do think that it helps inspire team sometimes two to greater efforts and I think this team genuinely like each other we can republic team. -- morning go last year but the year before last. I mean half the time not only did they not like each other yet to keep them separated since its. Minute hand is out at dolphin camp at SeaWorld right now I will play the role of cartman okay. And I well I agree with you dale but Kirkland and Wednesday. That win. So and so is up with a note to count they're not thinking about how -- get along with a player I agree I I typically agree with -- in this argument. But I do know this is that. When you like coming to work. You're usually -- perform a little bit better. Not only that but if you're preparing for war. And and you are preparing harder because the guy next he was preparing harder and you don't wanna be the weak link in the chain you don't want to let that the group down. And and you see how hard X Dustin Pedroia is working. So you work your beer your butt off to so that you you're not the weak link. Then that preparation leads to better success when the game yeah as long as I said that the I -- knows that and spring training that's what you guys are talking about the first spring training game. They were talking about the guy for getting on the younger players for not doing it the rest and it yeah. And I think that that does make a difference absolutely. I mean I talked to. Doctor Cody Ross yesterday discount reflecting on. This the coaching last year not necessarily just Bobby Valentine. But the difference when you have a coaching staff you talked about preparation the preparation of coaching staff a coaching staff getting along. The coaching staff being be able to guide the team and just years coaching staff I think is one of the most underrated stories of the year. It. That's a really good group they get along they worked really hard and they have this team really prepared us for the players will tell -- But also how damaging that was last year couldn't -- and Bobby valentines that wouldn't talk to each yeah well that's exactly what it is the quote was something along the lines from Cody Ross who has. It's hard when the coaches aren't talking to each other -- literally and and what he reiterated which I knew the meeting the famous meeting that they had. A big huge part of that was about the coaches. And -- -- it's so damaging. When that dynamic is an implied. In so I think that that leads to the chemistry that leads to the preparation. And that leads to. Guys wanted to come and actually be led by someone and and feeling good about themselves 6177797937. Is the telephone number. At you like to hop on board we're here I don't know 1215 year 1245 somewhere around there Red Sox baseball coming up 130 this afternoon here at Fenway Sports Radio W media.

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