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MLB is on the verge of making a great decision concerning Alex Rodriguez

Aug 4, 2013|

Dale Arnold and Rob Bradford take a look at the delusional demeanor of Yankees’ slugger Alex Rodriguez in the midst of reports of his potential suspension. Reports also indicate that the Yankees will not escape their large financial obligation to Rodriguez.

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She not much going on this Sunday morning and a football baseball. -- Or deluded character in sports than Alex Rodriguez right now now. And and either he is the dumbest person on the planet and I never got the impression that he was. So we see the dumbest person on the planet. Or he's just whistling past the graveyard here and Chicago. Work out today in -- you know playing go to Chicago and you hear what you do it for should go and auto that's like the Yankees tomorrow so much. I'm gonna -- you got a better chance of playing for the Yankees tomorrow and A-Rod you know until we don't like to why don't like to look and play error athlete early human being in there and judge them by their mannerisms. When you watch those press conferences and threatened. He drives me nuts. I can't stand -- at -- that it's only that the -- a lot of -- thirty you don't buy it you got some guys get away with. Where is being a generic by being alone presenting -- the right way does the heat it's the question and any quickly with his head around. If it is smugly looks at the crowd at his old deal bugs me. Always had this is even before all the. There are there are still some law only survivors on the A-Rod support island very long. And and they're the ones who will immediately tell -- nobody never flunked a drug test you know as though that's the only thing. That Major League Baseball can use to suspend a player for performance enhancing drug usage. They they hang their hat on the fact that he -- -- blow to drug test. And they and they wanna just ignore the reams apparently of other evidence that Bud Selig and Major League Baseball class via while it looked like as you said de -- Good luck my friend -- -- that yet how that works out and -- very private jet and go to Chicago him. Yet another error but that those rehab games in Trenton also reminded me of the best rehab outing ever recovered. Which was in Trenton. Clay Buchholz. Vs Roger Clemens while I'll. You act clay buckles was pitching for Portland. And Roger Clemens was making one of his fifty comebacks at a big Bruins they do ones. It's funny -- you always think that there's that there's no way in the world he will ever be able to rehabilitate himself. In the court of public opinion known as time has come and see I don't think that's true why I saw Roger Clemens here make the triumphant return a week ago. I mean he's on radio always talk and -- ever made it loves Roger all of a sudden. During the course of his of his hearing and all that stuff and and trial. And everybody hates Roger Clements and now he's like our Roger again by by here's the difference -- yeah he's gone public he on the radio A-Rod that is. Ten years from now and people will be nice to -- but in terms of rehabilitating. His. Is or Sauna to have the level he's gonna -- hall fame now. Trying to hide at and I'd I don't know but that's what it gets when I was talked to god I'm talking about the court of public opinion. Rogers here and as they celebrate you know the Morgan miracle team. And he's just as popular as Joseph Morgan is when he's out there he's. -- is being applauded by the band cities on the radio with Joseph and David their -- talking about how great it is to hear from Roger again. The time not too long ago when we want Roger to just go away but what are they gonna do bill read he's -- he comes up to the Booth. For the interview withdraw and I'm not blaming Joseph Dowd notes under snow or even the press conference. If you go to some questions were asked the answer them simply when he was up there you last year didn't answer any thing -- -- sounded like a rot. While not saying that he answered the questions like you wanted to but he I'm saying that he answered questions. He he went up to the press conference just like he did last year in the back of the press box and had group reporters that there in the asked him some some big questions about PD's and things like that and he -- from what you wanna -- -- say no comment. It was friendly enough but he told some stories and that was it there is no different than the last few years my point is. There was a time not too long ago when we never wanted to hear from Roger Clemens again that time is apparently passed. Believe it or not that time will pass with -- Alex Rodriguez and I know it's hard for us to picture right now. That title pass for him as well. He'll be applauded by the that faithful at Yankee Stadium when he comes back to visit and he'll wave and tipped his imaginary capped everybody -- It's hard to picture that right about argument with that how are better than that -- had argued. I I would also say this and end. Set aside. The fact that if you're a new Englander you're listening to us right now chances are your Red Sox. Set that aside for a moment. The best of all possibilities. Is what Bud Selig is about to do two more. It is not a lifetime ban. Which would give the Yankees the very real possibility of get getting out from under the Alex Rodriguez contract in the remaining. Hundred million dollars -- and the best of all possibilities. Is the 214. Game ban which is about dubious that yes. Because they're still gonna owe him sixty million dollars at the back end of this thing. They're not going to be able to get out from under this the luxury tax implications. It is the best of all possibilities because the Yankees are still gonna have to pay a price as well and did you. At the sentences who's going on that bill lifetime ban once -- a possibility just because there's. There's such an outcry I think throughout baseball of not letting the Yankees off the in this whole thing. He saw Buck Showalter it's comments yet today saying absolutely yeah sure that we -- is gonna play -- a couple of years of this happens. But I think there I think that the bill world of baseball. As much as they come down and A-Rod would also come down on baseball for doing this for giving yankees unfair created for contract. That date obviously should never signed into it basically if you did that. You would have said okay yankees. Here you get the best of what Alex Rodriguez gave you by cheating and now you're talking to pay the price when he actually gets caught. Four I don't actually want the Yankees to pay Alex Rodriguez the sixty million dollars that rubio at the other end of the steel when he gets out of his suspension. I want Alex Rodriguez to pay a financial price but I want the Yankees in the same way that that the Bruins still have Marc Savard it's. Injury money on their salary cap books I want Alex Rodriguez -- money on the luxury cap books I don't want the Yankees. To be able to hit the same reset button that bench Harrington allowed the Red Sox to hit through legal means. A year ago when he made the big trade with the LA to okay here's your sport's -- ethical question -- boy if you had that choice. -- getting paid all his money. Or the Yankees. Getting. Giving -- chance to get out from under. Their contract so which would you prioritize. The top one that's a good sports ethical question is the -- I I. I I would probably prefer our. It can't separate the Red Sox fan in me. The Red Sox fan in -- does not want the Yankees to be able to. To rebuild as quickly as they'll be able to rebuild if they're out from under the onus of this contract so you would say. -- -- have -- money yet let -- -- money and the Yankees. Have to pay him yup via if I had if if you beat you forced me to make. One of those two choices that's the one might be kept it I probably agree -- you as a reality is that. A-Rod is he has money he's gonna make more money in the minds that keep coming not a doubt level with the utes if they take that contract the money gonna keep coming oh final -- I mean really and think about this. -- there will be an endorsement dollar out their -- from any source put it this way to hell he got enough money that I agree so he's got the money. But what I don't let's -- -- sixty minute hundred I don't see -- going to be able to make anything else going forward. I don't see that anybody's gonna pay him. I don't see that you know it's not gonna get the endorsement -- not gonna get to he stuck at it and even you know all he can do sightings -- I mean compared to the money that those guys make we're talking about chicken feed here via cell relative. I mean I'm not saying -- -- is my point is he's not going in the poor house nobody gets a hundred million dollars or not I think you're right that that's not gonna happen but by. In terms of the impact so we're talking about impact of what that decision had. The impact of a -- and paid is not a huge deal. For A-Rod he's cut because he already have a ton of money the impact to your point on baseball. -- the Yankees but on baseball on the swing a power in baseball is enormous. If the Yankees get out from our news conference. Now the question is why has it taken this long and and I will admit even on Twitter I've expressed frustration. At Bud Selig and Major League Baseball for this thing seeming to drag out I mean the Ryan bronze suspension came what two weeks ago. Right why has it taken this long. Four A-Rod and the other is supposedly it's about a dozen guys we're gonna get suspended. Why is that why -- why -- it they've had this evidence they've got their ducks in a row at least it seems as though they have their ducks in a row why -- this take insult. Here's the gas. Completely gassed up but it was it was negotiating. It was bombed. -- come -- some sort of deal with the A-Rod people I don't know I mean that's that's my only guess and that's what you hear from all these reports. Is that they were trying to work out a bargain they were trying to figure this -- and and and maybe -- with trying to avoid doing a lifetime ban some way in. So I don't that's bad that's my only guess -- Ryan broad and you go back to what happened there and I don't know how much negotiation that ones I think I think that he did to get some sort of deal cut to a certain degree. But this is a lot more complicated -- was the got right Ron wasn't the guy Iran is the guy Iraq is. By all accounts Bryant runs pretty close to a -- no no well it didn't hit it this is an MVP who who stuck it to Major League Baseball who got out on a technicality. Who might actually be less popular among his fellow players than they -- -- that's why he was first by. In terms of being the guy the reason but by all accounts that -- is the guy is because he was the pied piper. He was the guy leading everybody else he was the dealer to a certain degree. So was the pusher right. That that's why he was a guy in and buy everything we -- here and that's why baseball is so. Yours of course the theory -- bid they're prioritizing this so much because A-Rod was the guy who led all these other guys or want government. Somebody asked the question last night tonight I'm sorry I can't tell you who like other people ask him on Twitter as well I sought for the first time last night. Slowly but surely for a portion of the population. Has a -- become a victim here. No I mean it not for you and -- obviously for Stephen bass master or there there is a portion of the baseball or sports population. For whom it -- now victim. Which is mind boggling to me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. With I think at times he just does stuff just -- -- the I understand his hold the electric columnists job is to you know get people talking about something they don't have to necessarily believe what they write that's sort well if the whole thing about. Gay -- people. Called me multiple times after midnight in -- people by the way you know they erupt people. Called me I I don't know from it is clear but it of people called me. Just in case and get at the -- six or seven times that we get a and now you're gonna give. This being devil's advocate year about Iran because it lets people. Had -- had called me. And they present a different case sort of say this could happen for a it was fun watching baseball at Fenway Park last night it was fun watching Jake Peavy. Bring what he brings to the table here. And and I should probably make this clear at the start. I like Jose Iglesias -- I think he is a defensive -- the likes of which we haven't seen around here. You know long long time he might be as good glove man it's the Red Sox have had come through here. Since Rodriguez play here well Gonzales yeah I'm not Gonzales was he was the best defensive player. Of my Red Sox like it always is probably had better range. The good Google's had better hands than anybody I've ever seen. You write those two. -- -- list having said all that. Do do people really think he was going to be a long term solution shortstop for the Boston Red Sox I love these and there are people who do but that's for him. He might be a long terms solution with the -- Detroit Tigers shortstop. But these people I love these people who are analyzing this -- and how this line of thinking. That Jose Iglesias the first thing you hear is Jose Iglesias. All looked at his batting average. And then year he's so good defensively which is absolutely true but every time I hear this argument. From people who are paying attention. To what is going on. In regards to Jose Iglesias in what he uses a baseball player which isn't demeaning those big places at all. He's what do you think is all glove no hit it a fine. But. The fact wise is that Jose Iglesias had -- second or so PS for the month of July of any Major League Baseball player. And before that he went on a very impressive -- Still surround at a press the run was the reality of Jose Iglesias. I'll say it again. He could have a very very good career from Detroit Tigers he could also go on fire and I think he will be energized by the tigers and being over there. Initially. There's this whole thing about how can you give up Jose Iglesias for Jake Peavy Jake Peavy whom. By all accounts is gonna help you this year by the way if it was a rental for this year -- bought. As if there -- if you if you were only going to be dealing with Jake Peavy from now. Until you know September October I might have been able to by the argued by Uga next year and yet the potential draft pick and justice comeback is this the -- those -- reality which is if you said. Three weeks ago two weeks ago a week ago. That you're going to be able to get Jake Peavy for Jose Iglesias. Everyone would do it. Almost everyone would do it. Because the reality was the asking price from the Chicago White Sox was along the lines of the Mac -- to deal and even then some Jackie Bradley Brandon Workman somebody else. It's just -- -- I don't mind people debating this trade but what what drives me nuts is when people. Look at Jose Iglesias and they -- the shiny object that was his glow. And AC. Last Friday night when he made great catcher Mitchell but that's what he -- delivers there's no question about that. But just take two seconds take two seconds to look at the big pitcher. And the other untold story about Jose Iglesias when he wasn't a great fit on this team either. They got all there was just a lot of issues in terms of getting through to them which -- it changes young player. But you add everything up. And this becomes a very tradable player for the Red -- and we nine including. VD players that they have behind a -- -- shore a of course you know you're of course you're agreeing with the Red Sox doing mr. If if anybody did this trade. I don't know how you can look at it. Reasonably and say well that's a pretty good trade for the Red Sox just like it was. For. The White Sox I think to get the outfielder that he did. To me. The Detroit Tigers were the ones that took the -- here long term. Well they didn't have any choice because of the Jhonny Peralta the situation they had to do something they've got a World Series contending team. They had to make a move that that probably they didn't love. But they didn't feel they had a choice auditing blame and -- two years in a row the Red Sox have taken advantage of market aberrations. Which is last year with the Dodgers you have had a team in the Dodgers. That want to spend money. More than. Any other team in recent memory. They had to spend money they wanted to make a big hit -- a team like that you take advantage of it up and -- Genesis and we took advantage. 6177797937. Is the telephone number if you'd like to join us we got a lot talk about. Patriots will not play until Friday but you'll actually have real. Well someone real. Exhibition NFL football we haven't even discussed. What was a remarkable show last night from Camden Ohio I have to admit I watch more of that than I normally would primarily because of Bill Parcells. But I got sucked in and it's like tweeted at one point last night Major League Baseball. Cannot find a single. Candidate worthy of inclusion into the hall of fame this year noticeably and I watched seven guys last night go up and speak. And got chills from every one of the seven I watched the NFL put on a show that was remarkable television. But Major League Baseball map work -- into the Baseball Hall of Fame recently no not recently in I went to the hall. Fame and I take my kids I was disappointed. Because it. It's basically. You go there and it's -- would get every all our plaques look at this look at that. And yes appreciate us yup where you go to the basketball hall fame I think the hockey hall of fame is the same way. Lot of interactive stuff. Basically inviting people into their game inviting people into their history the Baseball Hall of Fame is stuck in the mud. And you saw a little bit of that with the we've the football like you said what a great -- all wanna shell last yeah. Every single one of the seven. And I was gone back and forth for parts -- I was trying to watch Jake Peavy and try to watch some of the hall of -- I watched every second of Bill Parcells presentation. Ironically he had the longest of the speeches by a little bit. But you couldn't you couldn't turn it off yeah and it was just it was great stuff but major and our work cut. In Ollie don't really need a hall of fame thing this summer whereas now work side. Another reason why the NFL is kicking. Major League baseball's rear end around the parking lot to -- its commuter manners and just give his follow what that we get up 6177797937. As telephone number. Rob Bradford Dale Arnold we're live at Fenway Park on a sports Sunday Sports Radio WE.

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