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Celtics Summer Cooler - Doc in LA or Pierce and Garnett in NY - Who Has a Better Season Next Year?

Aug 3, 2013|

Sean and Max take calls this hour and answer a wide range of questions. The most interesting is who will have a better season next year: Doc in LA or Pierce and Garnett in Brooklyn? They guys are split on their opinions. Listen to the second hour of this week’s show to hear their takes on this and other Celtic offseason topics.

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It's time. And Boston celtics' best people would show and green in Cedric Maxwell. Celtics' summer cooler. Radio WEE. I guess today it was a good day for the Miami Heat out -- -- to -- Greg -- thing. And it's interesting because the self -- -- it earlier. Like every day six months ago to say good day for today is going to be good plan Austin -- -- that would be that might be -- After BP -- as the Brothers says dog. You know. And I arrow samplings from the mine and I'm just telling them just tell me who who who who people think. They're listening to us right now -- as -- Brothers yet the camp to one vote for the as a -- and thousands. Thousands with the Gaza brought snow. You are used knew what will you will be shot lion man. Like -- new changes nine Snoop -- shot line 6177797937. Greg Oden go to Miami. Seems like there's some -- the downside there's there's no downside. I don't think I mean other than fact that. K he fielded Bil for what they did his your member of what they do really well zero. Is he a runner is he a guy who gets up and on the polls will be Obama is it with a column he's not a warrior. In the enable them -- the -- because he's gone from a no -- -- -- we initially total nonsense come. Station back in the garden on nine is that he actually people forget that he came back. He tried to come back about 56 weeks after the injury was a road trip the Celtics were in Florida. There were in San Antonio he put a game his first game back was in San Antonio. And he he played already played limited minutes in the first and third quarter that was a great irony there because people remember. That the Celtics signed Stephon Marbury for the remainder of them a year and Garnett and Marbury would be and you know African -- Batman and Robin and coming up together in Minnesota. We're on the same team again. After all these years they literally never played one minute together because Marbury play in the second and fourth quarter and Garnett that week. Played in the first in the third quarter he play the game. In San Antonio he played not a game on that road trip Texan marcher were oneself that one -- playing very well with him. And then that was -- ENC game Thursday night game in Orlando and that was the one when he's just he couldn't go anymore. Dealing the next -- and -- literally end and you and I think describe them are members sent. -- he's he is essentially right now carrying his -- yes he wasn't like running me he was just slightly and now the flight that passing so. For people think they you know talk about gotta be in the warriors and in plain and paying your -- trial but. -- it the you have to concedes sometimes that. You're the best benefit this she'd -- them in and get to sell -- Roy an actor in your -- until the summer groove. -- away. Yes -- go ahead and patiently waiting. Technical. Am I disorder test he which can't. Would think if you attempt here Garnett and I wanted to propose this scenario. It doesn't flare at the side and trade. Back steadily crowds ever since before he's done with the bobcats. And then you have our lineup of Rondo Bradley -- soldier injured epicenter. And then you keep. Terry pierce and Garnett off the bench and then your point guard would be -- You know Terrence Williams are. So prescient when you're sitting there would be -- like Randolph indoor. -- Atlantic if you think of that. Well lots of fun scenario. Let's play let's pretend -- is that like mr. Rogers neighbor revenue goes into the the land of let's pretend as to make it -- and violation of Reynolds there's. He did Boise get -- we were kind of joking around in June that what are we gonna do come August when there's nothing really don't know in the NBA in the primary Celtic stories week. Is that the Celtics did not pick up the option. On a ship aground off submission of golf error has has come to an and Ahmanson. -- -- a -- myself run I said I'm upset and by the way I -- obvious -- castle is that I got inserted Nikki Pierce Garnett and jobs of the roster of things by. The Charlotte -- -- not in the did not bobcats and warm Atlantic at the the -- -- are going to be hornets now that. The hornets are now the pelicans and the bobcats performance of these are all the fun stuff -- to go through to get the deal. -- -- The -- you reloaded that was mine how -- it is sadly I guess that's what I've ruined it to personally I think that was my big joke of the year would have to you know season ticket holders in the same thing. Reliance and in exchange for the pelicans -- See the -- Mike in Maine you're next on Celtics have a great. A little -- -- on the trolley trot to the land of make believe people's. And by the leg of the Stanley -- -- what kind of team -- lives next to the railroad tracks. Still the king of the land of make believe -- Respect Kevin Garnett has awarded. Or what you what you crazy as a group wasted enough time and -- on the notion. And then -- -- Ron -- I I think you know it just say he's a top three point rapidly -- I think that's a structural. A blueberry. Yeah -- -- the top five I mean he's been playing with two of the greatest players in the last you know -- -- a Garnett pierce and Allen. In -- was and Pataki was surrounded by a bunch of talent. In -- static view each candidate -- shortly Michael Lafayette lever or actually much any type of -- I'm basket of the junk shot. Do know I never I never thought about that but you're you're right that's that would be the guy. How would more or less compared to BK is a fast lever was a guy who was almost every night almost a triple double. In the night you saw him but he was probably a better job should do what I think I will definitely agree which he was the fact we -- so I think the Bubba top point guards in the NBA or in the east. We got Derrick Rose carry her yeah there that's my. -- -- And you -- about missile Rondo you know I I think that's a stretch when you say he might be the second best point guard in the Eastern Conference. -- I wholeheartedly agreed that trade and -- out as a spot on the -- and that that I that I don't know that we don't agree because the answer because the injury we didn't -- because he's got a good nobody's coming off ACL we don't know yet or run those -- at least. Physically because the value of Rondo could be in -- it will go we go either way with this could be much better much -- -- stays healthy he gets healthy -- proves he's healthy. His stock is going to rise instead of going down -- now you're right in effective if he comes back and he's not right. The stop hobbies is on the remained -- But if he's healthy I think that you know you'd -- trading late their denial. I can't help but think. There's almost been. Too much of return on the other way on -- I think you from a from a negativity standpoint maybe the stuff in the locker room and he talked about his relationship with the media. Meaty doesn't really protect team anymore and I think he has. You know people have seen the warts now more Rondo with his last year when this is more on the orient year in 20122013. And it didn't go well. I think it's almost shifted. Too much of someone who was a I just do you love you because you don't you hate that she'll when he goes goes to laugh at our -- to the -- eight you know especially for team broadcaster Iowa is. Probably I was probably one of the more. Classic critical people of -- I was just I held him to a different standard I never treated him. As this 21 pick in the draft they can't shoot because I sat. Courtside back in the day too many nights to winning games to winning a -- games to witty. Huge NBA games in the playoffs on national TV where he was the best -- on the floor -- seen it too much. Where. I I hold him to that standard and to me. If he could beat -- guys 6090 year instead of 3035 nights here at him he's the difference between Rundle crisp all -- -- -- it's almost like he's not what's new anymore. -- Rondo isn't new anymore he's been in the league now for seven years. I'm doing it so I'm guilty of -- who were looking like carrier ring in this next way justice they beat right but you don't see -- you have you're watching Ty Lawson every night schemes a year. And I think Rondell it's probably more dramatized the disease there's greater detail Oklahoma would love the single ports would -- A bit when David Greenfield you're next on Celtics -- Don't let's go man. -- -- and center of her partners six months and I think he's done or -- talents I think you're gonna move on to something bigger and better not that this city great -- -- area. You you. You have a lot of insight to the game it's. And I appreciate -- thank you very heartened by the -- Mike Mike Mike callers about Doc Rivers. And I'm not trying to go back which -- not -- I used placed fortunate you don't tropical backwards but man. They should've made and the GM -- -- and you talked about that's the nation's cities. It was reiterated earlier in the show you really think he lost a great guy. How much inspired -- shuffles some paperwork. To what you have to do I think. You know it was a big mistake a lot of like that get away and in and I'm not down Enron that we -- ala ala former. Pro player but plates and different sports and it's you know athletes look at things much much different from the media and. But don't let me ask you this question a mansion this question in which is that this is a question I'm opposed to you what's good Doc Rivers that went totally absolutely. An and app I think that's what you you you almost like the summit should've done something I think that they did everything except. Hold Doc Rivers hostage. You know by sending him papal works and we don't want to go your obligation but at the end of the day it was Doc Rivers that would -- wasn't. What OC you know I don't -- all the time or hum and that's why I'm saying in all not to launch don't current thing. I just think if you want -- most personal like. Then then that it works well -- we all wish people bet on him more on our. The -- -- you know I think he you know in if you want to coach and what results that we wanted to. I -- and eventually. He should. Ecology AM yeah and I think he'll do a preacher. Not a lot out -- Celtics. India we look forward to this coming season. I think -- he's he's right on that point about doctor is becoming like EGM -- like pop. Yet like -- -- in that in that vein is almost coming happening though like that it got out of that lightness but I think. What what people and I've heard people say this that and the outlook group one think. The Celtics did lose a great recruiter if you were going to. You know bogey free agents Doc Rivers was one of those. Ships which would have allowed chew maybe. To get one -- those top three just the way he has. Britain has with opposing players which is why the Celtics made him one of the highest paid coaches in the history of the coaching profession. It wasn't his win loss record by the way I mean let's let's look at what. Doc -- win loss record is the last three years compared to Gregg Popovich or whatever. Doc Rivers was made one of the highest paid coaches for all of the recent your type of the intangible alone. -- -- I'm so I. I was I was where you can get more of those magic statute -- -- like on the issue Danny doing and not shooting magic when you have just -- like that Twitter because that is now that -- what's sexy well would Rawls and this news when you give them that can information that they cannot. Look at the -- all know your raw milk. Here -- the numbers like via the view that the numbers he shepherd and -- first and shooting threes oil true lower each separate talk about the general manager Omar are radio station that was something tells them what in the world you'd think about some time to -- -- 6177797937. We're taking your calls himself the tumor called -- promised we would do it today is today were Warren throw. Were lined up right now 617779937. Right back to deafness. Now that's. The Celtics summer cooler tonight -- Music is an interest in choice. Program like this -- numbers were still feeling excellently it is commendable to later before wrap up today every week we've been. What is it again little hustling again and that's a little white yeah. While. Have moved. It -- more than -- grows like well. Like yeah yeah note here is that going out there I parts unknown and a look at and I just enough to salute him like who I know doling them out of my like my son just with the C -- -- him in my my oldest son in my youngest son. It would to the show in the ice to get killed at the end of the should. It's -- it's a good it wasn't a good day and it is at IBM (WSJ) LA Eddie eagle and he goes why Sarah you know those zone. -- by 6177797937. Before we go as we do every week we're gonna relive one of the great games. Of the new Big Three era the one you guys have chosen this week is one of my favorites. Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals in 2008 the Celtics have three games to two going into Detroit trying to close out series remember how much trouble they had had. Winning games on the road in 2008 in the playoffs Italy got. To that conference final series but in the moment for the -- will go to your calls as quickly as we can on this edition of Celtics -- Merkel arrives in the car your next. Now aren't you. I wasn't that -- on Rondo let me jump shooter and I think people -- -- -- incumbent on -- was -- -- about games and certainly it is important biggest reported that -- And you know I don't want out what are they got a back that he would not you know -- -- out. Flat -- Well you know people for a and a variety also hits you. The -- threes at the end of game seven of the NBA finals in 2010 member there was that furious. Comeback after the sell to fall behind the final minute. And it seems like like a lot of guys who people say can't shoot. It's those moments when you're not -- thinking about it yeah when you have to shoot he made these with those ridiculous plays. You know maybe it's hard to pick the seminal -- game because he's had so many brilliant I can't national city games game five in Miami and Julia in 2012. That was was that -- unbelievable like the way dean he's ever given number labeling game to commemorate got to get fouled and that he carried the Celtics and they almost stole game -- -- Dale was remember his jump shot after the jump shot at -- I mean it was a real life and I'm glad that that Brian in Springfield Europe. Get a younger and in -- -- comment they just aren't they got a great game that particular call you that. They I'm very excited to see his team played defense like that that's the new acquisitions aren't gonna lead to -- top IP -- the team in India. And -- who's -- middle in this top five defense team. I don't know just. I know like the acquisition of Chris Humphries you know despite the ridiculous salary but I think it'll be very interesting to see him play were Colorado. But I gotta say I don't know how that he was gonna scored ninety points and against. Then we have a -- -- let me ask -- question points let me ask you question -- you going on here. Why is it that you think that is wise to curious about him playing with Chris Humphries went around. Well they had the other -- -- -- what I don't ask don't own. Anything me. It it's not. That was like the worst fight I've ever seen in my -- just baited him -- you want to go on. Was no words of by I've ever seen in my life. Duke has it will. -- farther than that no middle infielder and. There the question -- -- running truck or -- -- is looking at. I'm not how we wouldn't be eighteen picture and take our superstar and her. Usually immediate change. To NBA championship Kareem. You know real bill. Which only Anthony -- And -- -- the game six. My question. -- -- advocate that we have to put you on the -- excuse -- tiger will. I'm trying to (%expletive) it's my ticket to courts that -- and Michael and really. -- are we going to be good builders and support her and I. You know he -- this is that thing that I think Europe is -- in the man's 65 or not far away from you but. The game has changed his shot on set. You know you don't necessarily have to have a superstar superstar similar to winning in BH membership -- my -- So I don't think you look at it in and focus on the senate focus on the best player you can -- and the game -- really changed to where you don't need the big deal though the big -- on the inside anymore and whatever whoever the big -- is out there in two years the Celtics are going to be in a position in the next year to. To make a play for whoever that is and that is because point ball market -- car you next. Markers up. The problem. I don't know I tell you want it to eight street and in. Yet it would -- lead in the weight at week -- of course -- let it happen. Thought it could do in the west. Paul and Geary Claxton self identity. And better. I think that it. Shall be up there at all I think at all. Smart play is there are veteran and you know so I'm up and that -- -- -- back -- -- public radio background you know yeah. That is very told us he got -- -- -- delay he won't you know he was getting Hamilton he's -- his -- -- Kyra well the reason I agree bottlers I think it is that I think is a good question but which one would you agree on. The U greatest nets have been the clippers. I really well I've seen I till I elected this team but. What I don't like about the amnesty is the culture the fact that they don't hang out and in I love Jason Kidd as a player. But in the amount to get Lawrence Frank's comeback that's I -- that this a great situation but again. To me eat he doesn't have the experience right now. And you -- -- Bob utility is a very very small wooden with Garnett. And pierce because of their age. What I'd like about Doc Rivers on the flip side is that Chris Paul is there. He's attracting other players to come there blood. I'm gonna have to go out on the limb here and I'm gonna have to agree with gentlemen -- I think that Celtic nation is going to Rupp for Paul -- -- -- out and they're going to -- but Kevin they're going through if they wanna championship. The so that there's a -- like -- you know like they want. A Baylor and Andrew yeah but by definition not only will Paul and Kevin of one you know what that means the means Miami did win means New York. Didn't win as the enemy of my enemy is my friend clearly -- Bargnani you'd like that -- This. Jack in Salisbury next. On the subject. They let -- They originally corporate Boston and so forth but now I live in Fort Lauderdale. And I know a lot of criticism both Miami Heat but I have season tickets for the Miami Heat and I just want to -- relay if you think you've got to. Every playoff game that I went to the Miami Heat. Including last year and this year. They gave us free beer at every single playoff game so I would win in that Mike opinion what was let me. -- the other ticket would get to create Beers. Now we also were able to carry the -- entity. You know -- arena. And -- we get twelve seats we get freaky -- You free beer man -- Never heard of a submarine that all the deep deep ruby embassy there to me this is Sally get this is how to get get the thing is this is not ringing endorsement from Miami he sees. And I wanted to tell you because I brought some like friends from Boston down to a couple of games and they were -- they were actually stunned. So making the violence in the -- they hate. Which now -- -- can also happen to me last year right after they want in Dimon brought in now so when I go back -- while we happen again. They came up to my house I live in Fort Lauderdale they drove up they had a big pet they make my doorbell exit Jack and I says -- -- Inside the package I had to I got a championship ring. Or being. You want all of the yeah you the wrong way. Man I democratic side I -- it they gave me the heat in Miami Heat watch. Miami Heat sunglasses. In three more patriots. Angel brought -- -- let me get this the poor quality house LeBron. -- No it was a woman at work. It she drove up always from Miami. On the -- -- penetrate this season ticket holders really Intel. Obviously. -- should be perfectly clear right now and now we know. As. We -- drug and lets you are in lead and lead them if you buy as seat like on the part row. They they give me free beer Miami and they come and they give lead teachers image at least 88 championship ring. Well I remember a Miami playoff game which you and I guess free beverages -- how about this by the hughes' work crack. Crack is whack. I decided next week. What we will do is just talk to Miami Heat season ticket holders the entire show. 'cause they're delusional. They're also very easy target I don't mind advocates we did the other night when. Red -- game crazy. That was the princess for coming back in the big comeback in Seattle author of the things that you could come back to Miami fans trying to get back in Fenway since the end. In any case we are approaching the end of the latest edition of celtics' number cooler as we move along throughout the summer. Long form conversations with Danny -- Brad Stevens goes really enjoyed spending time with -- really not that Alaska. It was different now aside I I can't say the guided by Kevin Garnett was that a warrior wasn't even odd that we -- I can go bill that would that would then they they give us. They gave us free beer indicated in my house the gave me chairmanship. Remember my favorite my favorite -- thing we ever saw in all the years we've games we were their for the final night of the regular season. At Madison Square Garden was the end of the tumultuous with -- Isiah Thomas. Era. They do or couple things that were just prices number one they were giving away free food had never seen it isn't Fan Appreciation Night. They were trying to get a break here -- go get me into pretzels and August of -- you could just go grab as much as you want. And they did this thing at the end Isiah Thomas being booed so it's a -- That they did as recently announced that starting one of them announced and the coaches and -- -- all the assistant coaches. And then head code they did it so fast in a way. And Ed -- Isiah Thomas. Gone next things have been able to and that would prove itself. He DC absurd things from time to time every week until the summer cooler because we can't do this online you can only do it. -- on you can play the highlights doubled games on the station you can't play them. Online so we're choosing as we look back to the new victory or over the last over here for choosing some of the games. Dad or your favorites and then our favorites to listen maximum highlights and enjoy them again because we really get to do that in 2008. We all know the end result was the Celtics -- championship but throughout the year. Detroit was considered the team cleaver was actually the reigning Eastern Conference champion but Detroit had been the team they'll eastern costs those voices -- Stephen A Smith. Told -- -- an actual before that series under no circumstances. On the Celtics can beat two great pistons in 2008 member Detroit lowered notes lord -- what he says lord knows those boys. Are gonna lose to the Celtics and remember Detroit. Took home court advantage they won game two. In Boston's office got a backing gained three series came back to Boston Kendrick Perkins -- -- great game five. To get the Celtics a 32 lead in the playoffs earlier Celtics at 32 lead Atlanta. Could close 32 leading Cleveland. Could not close at 32 league going to Detroit most people felt it was gonna be deja Vu all over again and it would be gained seven. In that series. Instead. The Celtics got a few days off they went into Detroit but which is the yes that the -- that the animated program about the Stephanie yes the singer you know now she you know she's gone out to become she's like the sort of Internet sensation pop singer with a big future should be playing and when it back you can look -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he sings a song. Once on -- Stephanie K music. In any case we're -- we're not make enough that your story she's digital you're actually thinking of 2002. When the Celtics beat the pistons in the house she was a young girl that's on -- for a crime because the team Austin, Texas third round of the funniest thing. On the on the shy UB she'd say she was heckling me and in the -- deserved it denies that there. Like Coke and what was the other's games ago that when the Celtics won. Well as great a voice as she has big future -- has. 2008 games 6 Eastern Conference finals was not a great night for Stephanie K or any Detroit Pistons -- As the Celtics went into the palace won the Eastern Conference championship stick to listen back have a great we get along with hockey next week celtics' summer cooler. Ground balls wakeup John were -- to -- good rebound can't tell privacy while. He's gonna break -- accident that killed just today. At the different game five that tonight the rebounding was dominant. For the Celtics Kevin Garnett handoff Paul Pierce lefty dribble around the ball -- rip Hamilton moved away Allen and Jim -- got three online back. Men that have came off a boom. Our balance because that. When you're shooting like that you could knock down shots played with that as real look like -- -- she felt for the middle now that's back to Egypt wrapped up now with just a big buildup after. Basically about -- but -- he would only play a big night out of the way for the little -- McKnight did you wouldn't. It would lead to go to force snapped Boston's -- apple itself into the reality catches -- I've got three got another one -- Personally -- the first half of the Celtics got their largest lead up accidentally -- -- you wouldn't really get hot sometimes get hot at the right with Johnson goes right not if you. Get back in the day but Saunders doesn't have the luxury that. It was -- -- it was not because of the -- seriously. Itself across half court. It's stuck. We don't have enough mystery next move its movement back and -- more open bogeyed three got a really great that I did. Look we roll it that you had -- -- out that would not what -- you have sworn I'll put you you're gonna have to step slow backs everything is right in sync. Rondo -- -- down last night under the basket. -- went back out to keep it reality -- ripped -- -- into what happened to me goes to the core market it -- the shot -- -- -- market -- -- market. From sixty feet over -- -- Rasheed Wallace and the Celtics believe that -- big but a lot of what did you give -- quack quack like about one. Wow. Kendrick Perkins it's like -- now he is starting to believe. Like out with thousands -- losses could improve left PJ brown replaces Garnett was 533 to go in the third. -- Garnett probably seen throughout the regular season and the playoffs they celebrate like that greeted guy this guy. Yeah. -- -- And -- -- game. What they did a good place. What the hope we will do that don't get this crowd back down what they think you hit that shot they wasn't. Two right. I'm an aggressive gambling -- as a result. That you. Appears to get rid. Of them to -- and what that would let me. Until for the month of -- -- with a right hand right now and well that's not what the Wii -- -- ground my problem was that we he would radio maybe going that you wouldn't the it's it's just like the black vote -- to go to -- turnover here before the start the tour. Rondo if you ask me about the greens that -- -- -- -- that basket. -- it plant and the clout and welcome back in the game and immediately ignite the spark it was outbreak related. Give the well let me would go about it we'll round there he witnessed Ronald toward that lives. Rondo and Garnett makes it your plan up the -- ghost appears people left. I've got to get -- -- Celtics down three here's the entry here's the director of the base on Jason Maxiell started aggressively toward the rams game -- ten feet. Celtics wouldn't want that would step brother to me this next video could jump but he just let that happen. He's waited his whole life is 1065. Game in the NBA game Kevin Garnett can smell the finals for the first time clock -- six the ago I gave -- -- The -- on this puts it up more runs over. -- call the WiMax feels that. But it's aren't they. And they don't want. We're going to keep unless that was the floor build the near invincible -- for example the free throw line big thank to him what Jack. But what appeared. Incandescent with the -- -- by -- the but what a blank. I don't bouncing seven feet in the air and get away from wow. Has gone and what's dribbled to the free throw line speed and noble ranks in the -- guy. It's not the right to. The thing that. Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce on the floor. Closing in on their dream on their gold Celtics -- five and the ball went rolling through 48. 47 to 46 to -- in game six. Rondo for -- earth straightaway but just the right -- played varsity club back out towards Davenport throws the gonna. Now both acts of -- of the court Rondo for the shot clock has elevated long. You yeah. Yeah yeah. Rondo and Garnett could not hit shots from anywhere in the first half. Now with the game fifth quarter. This series and the NBA finals on the line. They can't miss Garnett gets the rebound the free throw miss it is in the hands of -- the pistons are not going to foul in the final ten seconds. Will -- off the clock. It's still the -- opening round crucible they eliminate king James and tonight. They have taken that George from the Eastern Conference standard bearers and -- one year ago. What pure basketball fantasy. And impossible dream. Has now come true bill lakers and the Celtics. The NBA finals are going back to the future. Quit your Jersey it carries a lot of great tradition. So let's go Celtics beat LA -- congratulations -- if you -- -- news thanks for. Three together. They're starting with ball hit us we got -- we got AG everybody. Our fans are behind us that these men on and off the quarter champions and if you can get the -- you -- today. We've talked about this in the game you done this myself -- the whole team. -- -- it done in the past doesn't affect us. And we had so. Do things that -- someone out of out of character for a lot of cost of building towards team in the league in both sides of the floor as a team and forgot the best way to make the team. Forward. -- Thought well I've -- star. When I'm the crazy thing about this while grew up watching Boston LA and also got me in the basket on the outcome will be -- part of history is going to be. Some I just couldn't imagine and and is going to -- -- Toronto welcome almost an announcement. I'm just happy. To be in this position still with the Boston Celtics and it makes me think about a year ago today when I was going to be in this position with the same team going sort of -- just. It's not a lot of room boomers when there's a lot of pressure -- -- comfortable and an excuse -- Erica -- I was just really proud of our guys fight back and keep their emotions I guess you're gonna go to the finals I don't know scripted a better way in the way we're going to win the title. Or to have a chance they had to forget their press. Didn't matter that they were great didn't matter what they've done it's gonna take. We didn't all the stuff don't want -- about the history of what you've done you have to give yourself to this team. You have to trust my system in some of the -- -- which you do but it's gonna be good for the team. Yeah -- into this team we have a chance.

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